Wolf's Fire

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Chapter Seven

| Kat |

Louis is eyeing me as if I’ve angered him. It wasn’t me. It was Kat. She doesn’t know what that Western Wolf is to her. She’s not very smart when it comes to personal stuff. She may seem drawn to his scent, and I may like it too, but that doesn’t excuse him. That wolf is not an Omega, yet he acts like one. It’s sad and pathetic. And weak.

I’m distracted, and I just barely dodge a tree as I hurtle towards it.

My parents are in the clearing, one white, one black nuzzling each other’s fur. They want to hunt tonight as a pack. Snag a few deer for the thrill of it. They turn together and head further into the woods.

Louis jogs to a stop next to me.“What?” I seethe.

“You’re unbelievable.” He responds lightly. Despite the taunt, a growl’s rising in my throat. "I want to talk to you.” Cocking my head to the side, I listen to him, still prepared to run. It’s what I want to do. Talking is just boring. ”I don’t want her near that wolf. You can reign her in.” I snort. ”He’s dangerous.”

“Why,” I ask. “Would I help you?” He moves closer to me, so close that his fur brushes mine. He nuzzles my jaw.

“For everything we’ve been?” He says. I step away from him, uncomfortable. Despite the feelings I’ve had for him, the feeling we’ve shared, the new wolves presence has made me nauseated. Since I’d looked into his eyes and known the truth. ”For yourself? She is you.”

I step even farther away from him, the cool night air encompassing my body. ”I think you mean, for you.” His eyes don’t give away his emotions. ”You’ve always wanted to be Alpha. Always wanted that power. The Beta position holds a lot you know.” There it is. That spark.

“I love you.” I snort.

You love Kat.” Louis blocks my path as I try and walk away. The growl I’d been suppressing comes to the surface, low and lethal. He fights the temptation to lower his head. ”Move.” He still fights. "Get out of my way or so help me." Nothing.

I’ll give him to three.



I lunge, wrapping my teeth around his neck and throwing him as I roll onto my back. A fight for dominance. That’s what this has turned into. Louis shakes out his gray fur, blood dripping from his neck. Just a nick. He’d survive.

"I will not help you on your quest,” I growl, lunging again. ”Move or I will tell Kat about our late night antics.” Louis pulls his teeth back into a snarl. I can have him pinned in four moves but I want to hear him say he'll let it go.

“I'm giving you one last chance to walk away. One last chance to let this go.” Let me go. He doesn't move and so I attack, and in four moves, I have him pinned under me, his neck in my jaw. I can feel his breathing, and taste a bit of blood as he goes slack, relenting his control to me. “If you can’t learn to take orders, you have no business being Beta.” I walk away.

I wake up with a start, curled into the covers of my bed. That hadn’t been a dream. It was a memory. A memory from last night. My wolf growls within me with content. She’s proud of herself for standing up to him. While upset that she hurt my friend, I agree with what she did, what she said. But there were things there. Keywords she'd used. She's the reason Louis has been so overprotective. She'd given him reason to believe I was his. Even though he knows my personal feelings.
He's dead.

Louis sits at a barstool in the kitchen, an icepack resting on his left knee, and a huge red bandage on his right neck/shoulder area. My dad stands in the kitchen, talking to him.

Louis sees me first. He studies me, gauging whether I know what happened last night or not. When he realizes I do, and that I'm fuming, he blanches.

“katalina!” My Dad’s voice booms across the large open floor plan. “What do you have to say for yourself?” I walk forward, jutting my chin out. There isn’t a scratch on me.

“He deserved it,” I answer. Wincing, Louis looks towards the floor. Malcom walks in from the den. He doesn’t look pissed in the slightest compared to Dad. I can see they both are waiting for an explanation. “May I be blunt Dad?” He nods slightly. ”Louis has been an overbearing territorial male. Last night he wouldn’t let it go." Not going to emphasize "Was yelling at me and when I wanted to walk away, he stepped in front of me, blocking my path. I asked him to move. He did not. So I fought back.” The memory she’d given me as I slept was true as day. Including her insults toward me.

“Louis,” His father asks softly. “Did you corner her?”

“Yes.” Malcom runs a hand over his face.

“You don’t corner an Alpha.” The doorbell rings. Cameron. It's Sunday. We'd planned to meet here around noon... Had I slept in that long? I can already hear Louis growling.

“And here’s the source of his anger.” I sigh, walking to the front door, ignoring the fact that I'm wearing sweatpants and a loose t-shirt. Cameron stands there his brown hair shining wet in the sun. He shifts from one foot to the other uncomfortable.

“Hey,” I say, opening the door wider.

| Cameron |

I can smell blood, and combined with the pack's scent, I'm completely uncomfortable. Actually, I'm fully prepared to go back to the car and apologize to Kat. But then she opens the door.

She looks like she just woke up. Her straight blonde hair is pulled into a messy bun and her face is bare. She smiles at me as she holds the door open.

The interior of the house is what smells and it only takes a second to see where it's coming from. Louis has a huge bandage on his neck, where it looks like he was bitten. A large bruise has formed under his eyes. He growls when he sees me but I ignore it, instead focusing on the man leaning on the counter.

"Dad," Kat says to the Alpha. "This is Cameron." He forces a short smile before walking over and extending a hand. I take it quickly, a firm grasp.

"Malcom," He says turning to the older version of Louis. "We should head out." His Beta glances at me before nodding, following him out the back door. Louis watches them go. He himself doesn't move to leave.

"Louis." She says, lightly, before adding with a bite. "Get out." Had she done that to him?

"Kat," He says, sliding off the barstool and wincing as his leg makes contact. "I don't know what she told you-"

"Get. Out." Shaking his head, he walks away. The building setup is similar to mine, with a line of smaller houses surrounding the field. However, there are more, way more houses, that disappear into the woods. How many people live here?

kat watches until he's out of sight before turning back to me. "Sorry about that."

Kat and I have the project finished in two hours. No part of me wants to go home to Eric and his list of chores. And as Kat closes her laptop, she makes no move to usher me out the door.
"So," She says setting her computer on the glass coffee table. "Where are you from?" I check my phone for messages. Nothing.
"I was born in Montana." I shrug. "You?" She smiles. I like it when she smiles.
"Here." She gestures to this house. "Where in Montana?" This time I smile, leaning back into the comfortable cushions on the leather couch. "I'm sorry if I -" I wave her off.
"No, no. It's fine. Just, no one's ever asked." She watches me. "Flathead National Forest." Before she can say anymore I add, "I was born a wolf." Her eyes go wide and I find myself chuckling. "What?"
"I've heard of Wolfskin living in the wild." She says. "But I mean I guess I never thought it was real."
"Really?" She shrugs.
"A see it to believe it type of thing?" funny. She's funny. The front door opens, and a woman Kat's height comes in. She has her blond hair, though a bit darker in color, cut just above her ears. She carries bags. Another woman follows in behind her.
"You can just put them on the counter, Sarah." The woman, maybe in her twenties, smiles. "Thanks, hun,"
"No problem. Is there anything else you need?" I can tell immediately that she's an Omega from the almost lazy way she's dressed. But the way this woman talks to her, Kat's mom, is kind.
"No, thank you." Kat's up in a second. The Omega gives her a nod of the head, before disappearing through the back door. Unsure what to do I stand, following Kat towards the kitchen. "Hi sweetheart." She says, kissing her daughter on the head.
"Hey Mom," She answers. "Do you need help putting the groceries away?"
"No. I've got it." Her cool blue eyes study mine. "Who's your friend?" She knows who I am.
"Cameron," she says. Her mom smiles. I expect her to put her hand out, as her husband had done early, but no. She pulls me into a tight hug. I can't even remember the last time someone's done that. Kat's got a smirk on her face when the Luna pulls away.
"Nice to meet you, Cameron, I'm Shira." Her smile's contagious.
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