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The sound of people talking gradually grew louder as I lolled against Skye's chest. I was too weak to do anything about covering my modesty. I didn't really care anyway, these people all knew me, As the reincarnation of the moon goddess' first daughter, Kendra is coveted by many for the powers she is fabled to have that would be shared with her mate. After being kidnapped at a young age Kendra must find her way back home to her pack and discover who she really is before an ancient curse can take hold of her once again.

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My father never wanted kids but he couldn’t stop my mother from having me. And once I was here, he was wrapped around my little finger. I was his baby girl, his little princess. Everyone missed my mom, the Luna of our pack when she died, but everyone loved me just the same. The entire pack treated me like their own pup and their kids treated me like their sister. I was always happy. Our pack was happy. Happy until the first full moon after my seventh birthday when I was stolen.

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