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Post Game Chaos

“I’m going to go find Ray, see you later.” I pulled Skye along with me towards the football field while he cast nervous glances back at Thomas who waved encouragingly.

“Come on, I’ll pay.” I smiled at the man taking money and showed him my ASB card. “That’s five for you and seven for your friend.” He said cheerily. I handed him the appropriate amount of money and he gave us each a paw print stamp on the back of our hands. “Have fun!” He called after us.

There were already people trickling into the fenced off area. “Come on I see Raven!” I dragged Skye along the track to the bleachers where Ray sat across the isle from the empty section reserved for the band. “Hey Kendra! Who’s your friend?” She patted the bench next to her and we sat down. “Mew meet Raven, Ray this is Bartholomew, Thomas’ mate.” Raven’s sunny smile split into a huge grin. “I knew it!” She shrieked. Skye startled beside me.

“Knew what exactly?” I asked. “That he was gay. Thomas never once looked at a girl that way.” Skye blushed deep crimson and shuffled awkwardly. “Yeah I ship it.” Raven declared. “Eh ship?” I asked. She builds boats?

“Ship, as in relationship. It’s when you pair two people together.” Ooh... “Okay that makes sense.”

I smelled him before I saw him and smiled. “Gabriel is here.” I chirped. “Hello beautiful.” He came down the bleachers behind us giving up on trying to sneak up on me. “Hey you.” He sat behind me and I leaned against his legs taking comfort in his warmth. I tilted my head back to smile at Gabriel and he kissed me gently.

“Aww... You guys are so cute!” Raven gushed. “But I don’t ship it. Can’t say why right now.” I frowned at her but turned my head back to the gate at the sound of drums.

“Hey is that the band?” I pointed to a group marching towards the bleachers. “Huh? Oh yeah, they’re great! They’re music choice is awesome!” The troupe marched to the front of the bleachers now full of people and halted on a whistle command.

“Band left face!” As one the band turned to face us the red and gold stripe and accents on their chests glinting in the field lights. “Band horns up!” All the instruments came into a playing position.

“There’s Casey.” Raven pointed at a girl with short brown hair just visible under her hat. “She plays French horn and Mellophone, that’s what she’s holding now.” The people around us cheered briefly before the drum major called the band to play. They played the school fight song and then trouped up into the bleachers while the drum line went back to escort the football team onto the field.

“Hey Ray!” Casey set her instrument beside her flip book and embraced Raven quickly. “This is great, you guys are right next to me!” Raven grinned back at her friend and they launched into conversation after introducing Skye, Gabriel, and myself.

“How’s this football thing work?” I asked Skue watching the people milling about. “Not so sure, let’s see if we can figure it out by watching.” We didn’t have to wait long before the crowd leaped to their feet cheering as the football team ran onto the field.

“Woo! Go John!” Raven yelled from beside us. A voice came over the loud speakers and announced that we should all stand for the raising of the flag and the singing of the national anthem. “Oh joy look who’s singing, cover your ears.” Jensen stepped up to the microphone and started to sing while the NJROTC kids raised the flag. Immediately Skue and I winced and covered our ears. Jensen was a terrible singer. Off key and without a tempo, she started too low and bottomed out then adjusted to a higher pitch and almost shattered our ear drums. “Boy am I glad that’s over.” I nodded my agreement and watched the team get into position to start.

The game lasted close to two hours but by the end of it we were winning 43- 26. The band stood and played the alma matter and several other songs waiting for the crowd to thin.

“Well that was fun.” I said lightly standing up and taking Gabriel’s hand in my own. “Its like modern day gladiators but less bloody and no lions.” Skye chuckled and stretched, bending backwards to pop his back.

“May I escort you to the dance milady?” Gabriel asked, a twinkle in his eyes. “You may kind sir. I’ll catch you guys inside the boys are looking for you.” Raven and Skye followed us down the steps of the bleachers but broke away to fling themselves at their mates.

“Aww...” I cooed. Gabriel chuckled but led the way to the cafeteria where the dance was being held. They hadn’t opened the doors yet so we stood patiently in line chatting about weekend plans. Raven, John, Thomas, and Skye found us there fifteen minutes later just as the doors opened. “Oooh... I can’t wait!” Raven squealed. We laughed and headed inside.

My eyes adjusted to the dark and the laser lights quickly as the DJ threw on the first mix to get the dance started. Bodies moved around us, swaying to the music or just jumping up and down like they were on crack. “This is really loud!” I shouted to be heard over the pounding bass. Gabriel nodded and smiled a strange glint entered his eyes and I didn’t like it.

“Apparently its senior slut night.” He informed me, leaning close to my ear. That would explain the apparel. Booty shorts flooded my vision paired with crop tops or worse. “I’d love to see you in something like that.” Gabriel’s murmured his hands found their way to my waist and he plastered himself against my back. I really wasn’t used to the close contact after the treatment of the Shaded Paws pack and it made me uncomfortable to have his erection pressing against my butt.

‘What the hell? Shouldn’t I be craving his touch like a junky?’ I mentally shouted at Silver. ‘This feels wrong.’ Was her short reply. To the music he ground himself against me his lust permeating the air along with the lust of many other teens. Sensing my discomfort, Thomas caught my eye.

‘Are you okay? What’s wrong?’ I choked back a sob and forced the memories of the son of the alpha of the Shaded Paws pack deep into a dark corner of my mind. ‘His touch, shouldn’t I crave it?’ Thomas nodded frowning. ‘It feels wrong.’ I whispered.

Slowly Gabriel slid one hand from my hip towards my inner thigh. I froze but he kept going. “Hey Kendra, come with me to get a drink!” It was Raven. Coming to my rescue again. “Sure!”

I looked up at Gabriel over my shoulder and forced a smile. “Be back in a bit.” On wooden legs I made my way over to Raven and then to the small alcove where chaperons guarded drinks and snacks.

“What’s wrong?” She demanded as soon as we were out of ear shot of the guys. “I don’t like the way Gabriel is touching me, it reminds me too much of when I was abused and raped. It just feels wrong but I know I should be craving his touch.” Raven poured a cup of juice and handed it to me. “I have a theory to the whole soul mate thing. I think its the wolf part that gets reborn and finds the soul of their mate in the next life so technically... shit.” She didn’t get to finish because Gabriel and Steven were both heading our way. I didn’t think I just acted. The apple juice in my cup sloshed out and onto Raven’s front making her jump back in shock.

“Oh crap! I’m so sorry. Let’s get you cleaned up.” I grabbed her elbow and headed for the girl’s bathroom. “Kendra!” They were shouting after me but we made it into the bathroom safe and sound.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know what else to do.” The paper towels made a shushing noise as I pulled them out and began blotting off the juice. “Its okay, I get it. But you need to get out of here.” I nodded absently and kept blotting until Raven took off her shirt.

“I’ll wear your shirt you wear mine until you can shift and run home, send it through the wash and get it back to me Monday.” My hands trembled as I took off my own shirt in trade for Raven’s. “Text me when you get home, kay?” I nodded and slipped the wet shirt over my head grateful she hadn't commented on my numerous scars.

“Thank you Raven. John’s lucky to have you.” She beamed and shrugged my shirt on then hugged me. “I’ll cause a diversion so you can get out.” I wrapped my arms around her and took a shaky breath. “Okay, partners in crime.” She smiled and left the bathroom. Two, three, four, five, go!

I dashed out of the bathroom down the hall and out of the cafeteria sprinting across town and into the protection of the woods. My nerves were too shaky to go home so I shifted and just ran.

I yawned and opened my eyes to a grey morning washed in mist. I didn’t want to think of what had happened last night. ‘When’s the next patrol?’ I blearily asked my dad. ‘Five minutes. I’m surprise you’re awake.’ He commented idly. ‘Can I go?’ I crawled out of bed and stretched cracking my back, neck, and knuckles. I needed something to do. ‘Sure if you want to. Paul is leading eastern border. I’ll let him know.’

I mumbled a thanks fighting down another yawn and shook my head. “I’m awake!” Leaving my room I padded down the hall to the stairs, where I slid down the banister and hopped out the front door.

“Wait for me!” I jogged over to Paul and his patrol group and grinned. “Good morning!” I sang. “Good morning Kendra. I thought you’d be sleeping in.” Paul said with a quizzical look to my present attire. “So did I but I woke up and decided to tag along.” He shook his head and smiled looking a lot like Thomas.

“Okay shift and let’s go.” Paul told the group. I shifted and shook out my fur waiting for the others to strip and shift. ‘That was fast.’ Paul murmured to me.

‘Everyone ready? Good, we’re tackling the eastern border. There have been reported sightings of rouges so keep a sharp eye out.’ We set off at a quick trot with Paul in the lead. ‘At any sign of trouble I want you to head home.’ Paul thought to me.

‘Why?’ I loped alongside him breathing in the cool forest air. ‘You haven’t been here for the last ten years.’ No shit Sherlock.

‘There’s a lot of battle training that you missed out on.’ Oh that’s what he’s worried about.

‘Run along home to daddy little princess, let the big kids deal with any rouges.’ Jena said snarkily, her brother laughed and I felt a need to prove myself.

‘I taught myself to fight in a life or death situation, I can hold my own.’ We reached the edge of the territory and ran along it heading south along the border renewing markers as we went. The fog swirled around us as we ran muffling our paw steps and breaths.

It was the fog that let the rouges sneak up on us. I had taken the lead running for the joy of it when I heard snarls from behind me. ‘Rouge attack south eastern border, we are outnumbered!’ Paul shouted through the pack mind link. Almost instantly my father replied. ‘Hold off as long as you can, we’re on our way. Keep Kendra safe.’ The snarls and growls intensified as I turned back to help my pack mates. Nine rouges had the patrol circled. Four on nine isn’t a fair fight, I guess they were counting on that. I stepped out of the fog and growled low in my throat. A warning. I felt the waves of power coming off of me and grinned to myself. This was who I was. I was an alpha. I was the moon goddess’ daughter.

I am the silver wolf.

‘Get out of my territory.’ I snarled at the rouges taking menacing steps forward. The four not busy fighting my pack looked shocked. ‘How can I hear her? I’m not pack.’ They heard me? Wait I heard them! Whoa!

‘Get. Out. Of. My. Territory!’ I leaped at the nearest rouge before he could process and ripped his throat out. One rouge turned around and ran while the other three sprang on me. They reeked of fear but still they attacked. Bucking two off my shoulders I flipped around onto my back, pushing the rouge clinging to my shoulder into the ground with all my weight when he let go I sprang up and tore his throat out.

The female rouge howled, a keening wail and rushed me head on. I had just killed her mate. I sank into a crouch and let her get close before springing upright underneath her. She went flying into a tree and collided with a crack. The last rouge whined and rolled onto his back showing his stomach in surrender.

‘Stay.’ I snarled. He whimpered but made no move. Paul was finishing off his rouge with ease but the two others looked like they needed help. One rouge leaped bowling Jena over and going for her stomach. A kill strike. Bitch or not she was my pack mate.

My muscles coiled beneath me as I sprang. I landed on the other side of Jena from the rouge and headbutted him. He stumbled away giving Jena time to stand up and finish him off. Jeremy was faring better and got a kill strike in before I had to intervene. My father chose that moment to show up with reinforcements.

‘What happened here?’ He demanded looking over the carnage. ‘Nine rouges attacked us I don’t know what happened to get to this point.’ Paul said bowing respectfully. ‘Kendra, are you alright?’ I nodded but still my dad had to check me over. ‘You’re wounded.’ He accused, gently nosing my shoulder.

I yelped softly when he prodded the deep bite. ‘I forgot about that.’ I muttered darkly. ‘You forgot? How can you just forget something like this?’ My dad raged herding me towards home. ‘Well I was a little busy at the time.’ I didn’t realize how big I was until I stood beside my father at the same height. Alphas were larger than regular pack wolves in order to protect and command them.

‘Nine rouges attacked, one ran away, I killed two, and the last is laying where I left him as a prisoner.’ I reported shaking my father off. I walked to where I left the rouge and he immediately dropped his eyes. ‘Stand up.’

He did as I ordered and followed meekly behind me as I made my way back to my father. ‘One rouge for questioning.’ My father huffed but started to lead the rouge to the dungeons. The rouge’s eyes flicked to Jena and filled with a sort of tenderness I didn’t expect.

I sat down and licked at my shoulder cleaning off the blood the best I could. ‘Here let me.’ Looking up I saw Jena crouching beside me. ‘Thanks.’ I lay down and let her lick the wound clean. ‘Thank you for saving me, I’m sorry I was rude earlier. It’s just that I’ve been training so hard for so long to be a warrior I wanted to prove that I could fight and protect my alpha. I guess it came out wrong.’

She sounded sheepish and I couldn’t help but chuckle. ‘I get it, I really do. Want to train together? You can teach me whatever you’ve been taught and I can teach you what I discovered on my own.’ Jena wagged her tail happily. ‘That’d be great!’ I nodded and stood shaking out my shoulder. It was almost healed and only hurt a little bit.

‘Go on back to the pack house, you kids did good today.’ Paul said trotting off to finish the patrol with a few of the pack that came with my father. ‘Okay.’ Jena and I headed back toward the pack house accompanied by Jeremy. ‘That was totally sick!’ He exclaimed voicing around us excitedly. ‘We totally kicked rouge ass!’ I snorted and shook my head.

‘I don’t know why you’re so thrilled, you only killed one, Kendra took on four by herself.’ Jena smirked as he brother froze. ‘No way! That is so cool!’ He began prancing around us again.

‘Stop, you’re making me dizzy.’ He stopped prancing and walked beside me. ‘Sorry alpha.’ Jena shook her head but grinned. ‘Race you two home.’ She took off at a sprint with Jeremy close behind. I laughed and took off after them easily catching up and passing them. I got to the pack house and shifted into sweats and a t-shirt then plopped down on the steps to wait. Jena and Jeremy came running up panting and flopped onto the ground at my feet. ‘Damn you’re fast!’ Jena exclaimed. I laughed again and hopped down the stairs to rub their bellies. ‘Oh man! You are the best!’ Jeremy yelled happily. “I try.” A smile found its way to my face and I didn’t bother stopping it. ‘I’m going to go get breakfast. Catch you later!’ Jeremy trotted away to find his clothes and shift.

‘Hey Kendra?’ Jena began, rolling onto her stomach to look at me. “Yeah?” She dropped her eyes then continued. ‘Can you do something for me? If I asked you get the rouge out of the dungeons would you?’ She looked me in the eye and I saw what she had seen. “He’s your mate.”

We approached the dungeons warily. Jena cringing at every yelp of pain and every snarl. “Come on, let’s get him out of there before my father beats the life out if him.” A soft snarl came from Jena making me arch an eyebrow. “Sorry.” She muttered. “Stay fast to my back.” I gave her a pointed look and entered the dungeon. The walls were solid blocks of stone, the bars, pure silver. “You will not lock me up like some animal!”

“Until you behave like a civilized person and answer my questions you will be treated as such!” Loud growls erupted from down the corridor and we took off.

“Stop!” Everyone froze. The rouge was chained hand and foot, wearing a silver spiked collar like the one I had worn. I hated those collars with a fiery passion. Behind me Jena whined. The rouge’s eyes widened but he relaxed. Three pack warriors and my father stood around him trying to get him into a cell.

“That wont be necessary. Take the chains off him.” My father looked furious. “I will not permit you down here with that thing.” He said pointing at the rouge. “His name is Drew. There now he is a he not an it.” My father held up a hand motioning the warriors to stop when they were about to obey my command.

“Both of you outside now! The torture chamber is not a place for children.” Jena touched my shoulder lightly, she was worried for her mate. “I think you’ll find that Drew will cooperate without the chains and without torture. Am I right Drew?” He nodded his eyes focused behind me.

“There you have it, you can let the poor man go.” The warriors did as I bid them leaving Drew free to stand without restraints. He rubbed the red blisters around his wrists and smiled brightly at my father. I nodded slightly to Jena and she ran from behind me to throw herself at Drew. “Mine.” She whispered. My father looked surprised then annoyed.

“Now, Drew, would you like to answer our questions?” Drew nodded holding Jena close. “Ask away.” He smiled down at her completely lost in her eyes. “How did you become a rouge?” Drew sighed but looked up at me, not meeting my eyes. “I was the son of the alpha in my pack but my father exiled me so he could remain alpha. I joined up with a small group of rouges trying to find a home.” Jena made a small cooing noise and brushed the hair out of his eyes.

“Why did you attack this pack?” He looked to my father who had spoken and met his eyes. “We were offered a home.” Honesty and regret colored his words. “Who offered you a home?” I frowned seeing flickers through his eyes then I gasped. “Were his eyes green or gold?” I whispered. My father looked at me funny and crossed his arms but remained silent. “Gold. He said that if we attacked this pack and threatened the silver wolf then the alpha would force them to mate for her protection and he would find us territory to live on.” Gabriel!

"That son of a bitch! I knew something felt off!" I raked my fingers through my hair and exhaled noisily.

“I need to talk to my mother.” With that I left them and headed into the woods. I spent the rest of the day running through the woods familiarizing myself with the territory and ignoring anyone’s attempt to contact me.

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