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First Shift

The forest floor was soft on our small bare feet. This would be my and two other children’s first shift and the whole pack was here to help and encourage us through the process. I was literally bouncing with joy I was so excited. Our feet made little noise on the forest floor. The rest of our pack was silent, their paws merely whispers between shadows and moonbeams. Lily looked a nervous but her twin brother Thomas held her hand and looked brave for both of them. They were my best friends in the whole wide world, we we’re the three musketeers, inseparable. We were also the youngest in the pack and so we we’re the last to be connected to our wolves. My father had explained it to me. When I shifted for the first time I would meet my inner wolf she would be my strength, my guardian, my guide, and my best friend. I couldn’t wait to meet her, I hope she’s nice.

‘Children.’ It was my father, standing on the other side of a puddle of silver on the forest floor. His wolf was glorious, huge like all alphas and black with a patch of white on his breast. Some of the pack elders say that the moon goddess herself touched his heart and that was why his wolf had a white patch.

We were surrounded by giant wolves sitting or laying around us in anticipation. ‘Are you ready to meet your wolves?’ He asked smiling down at us. I squealed happily while Thomas only nodded. He’s so strong, he’ll be a great pack warrior one day. Lily looked afraid, and I knew why. The first shift was supposed to be incredibly painful.

‘Come forth.’ Slowly we walked into the moonlight and waited. The tingling feeling that had been running down my spine all evening intensified until I felt like I was vibrating. I could hear Lily and Thomas crying out beside me in pain. The vibrating stopped after just a few seconds and I watched with fascination and horror as my two best friend twisted and contorted as their limbs stretched, their joints reversed and they grew fur. I wanted to help them but after taking one uncoordinated step I flopped sideways.

With a shake of my head I examined my new fluffy silver body. I had shifted.

I sucked in a deep breath of forest air and let it out in a gust. The most prominent smell was my pack with undertones of night mixed with trees and small animals. I looked over at Thomas and Lily who lay on their sides panting and trembling with exhaustion. Thomas was sleek and dark brown with a white V running down from his shoulders down his chest and along his stomach while Lily was a lighter brown with a grey left ear. I waddled over and flopped on Thomas, chewing on his ear happily. He growled playfully and we began to wrestle. Soon Lily joined in once she had recovered.

Our high pitched yips and barks echoed in the silence as we tousled across the ground, leaves got mixed in our fur, especially mine which was longer. ‘Get him!’ A strange voice encouraged as I pounced on Thomas. I froze making Thomas and Lily freeze as well. ‘Who are you?’ I asked the voice in my head. ‘I’m you. Well rather I’m your wolf. My name is Silver.’ I had a picture in my mind of a shockingly silver wolf, her head held high proudly. ‘I’m Kendra.’ I managed. She smiled and dipped her head in recognition.

‘Daddy I met my wolf!’ I half pranced, half waddled over to my very startled father. ‘Daddy?’ He was looking at me in awe. So was the whole pack. ‘Kendra, you’re silver.’ He said at long last. ‘So?’ I asked flopping sideways again and chewing on his ankle. He chuckled and lay down rolling my tiny fluffy body back and forth with his paw. ‘So you are a very special pup.’ My father’s beta Paul answered looking at me fondly.

Paul was Thomas and Lily’s father. It had been his mate Lisa who had nursed me after I had been born because my birth had killed my mother. One by one, the whole pack came up and began to bow to me some startled, others wearing wolfy grins. ‘You are the literal reincarnation of the moon goddess’ first daughter.′ My father said gently. ‘I don’t want to be special.’ I whined, looking up at him. ‘I just want to be happy and find my mate.’ My father smiled gently down at me. ‘You will sweetheart, you will.’ He said soothingly.

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