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We spent the rest of the night howling and cavorting around the forest or wrestling. Some of the adults hunted, others ran patrol, but someone was always watching us, keeping us safe. Long before dawn Thomas, Lily, and I curled up together and fell asleep to the gentle breathing of the forest.

We awoke there the next morning three seven year olds surrounded by the protective embrace of their parents and pack in a nest of moss and ferns. “You ready for breakfast kiddos?” Lisa asked propping herself up on an elbow smiling at us. “Yes! Race you home!” We took off like a shot from a gun giggling scattering leaves as Lisa chased us, hot on our heels. Just before we reached the safety of the house, Lisa swept us into her arms and smothered us with kisses. “Eeew... mom!” Thomas complained. Laughing she set us down and herded us inside. “Who wants pancakes?” She asked heading for the kitchen. “I do!” We chorused. That made us grin more. “Ok, go get dressed you three, pancakes will be ready by the time you get down here.” The pack was one huge family so no one really cared if someone walked around naked, though generally we were dressed around the house.

Of course we raced each other upstairs, the green carpet only slightly muffled the pounding of our feet. We each had a room for when we were older but we preferred to share a room for now. “Did you guys meet your wolves?” I asked as we entered our room. There were three beds along the left side of the room. Thomas’s was the closest to the door to protect us, mine was by the window for the view, and Lily was in the middle for safety. She was a delicate little thing compared to her brother, petite with huge chocolate eyes and long dark curly hair. Thomas was tall for his age, he had the same dark curly hair but his eyes were hazel.

“Mine said his name was Xavier.” Thomas declared proudly. A small jolt of recognition passed through me but I brushed it off. “Mine said her name was Rose.” Lily said. She made a funny face, one arm twisted behind her back before she dropped to the floor and wiggled scratching her back on the dark green carpet. We stared at her for a moment before we burst out laughing. “Come on let’s get dressed.” I started pulling out clothes from my dresser. “Wait Kendra, what’s your wolf’s name?” Lily asked sitting up. “Silver.” I said smiling over my shoulder at her.

I had just pulled my shirt over my head and was about to head downstairs for food when the window shattered. A strange man burst in with a shower of broken glass and swept me up in his arms. “You’re coming with me.” He snarled. I could smell the wolf in him. “No, let me go!” I screamed and thrashed, then bit his arm savagely. That got the response I wanted, he dropped me and I skittered on all fours over to Thomas and Lily spitting out a mouthful of blood.

“Run!” I shoved them toward the door but the man grabbed my long silvery hair and yanked me back. “Daddy!” I screamed. The stranger bellowed in pain but didn't release his hold on my hair. Thomas had leapt on the man’s back and was clawing at his eyes. Somehow the man managed to throw Thomas off his back and into the wall where he landed in a heap, a hole in the sheet-rock where his head had struck. “Thomas!” Lily and I cried. Lily rushed to her brother’s side and began to shake him. “Thomas, please wake up.” I could hear footsteps pounding up the stairs, my father was coming to save us. But the man heard them too and hauled me kicking and screaming over to the window. The last thing I saw was my father bursting into the room before I felt a prick in my side and the world went dark.

I awoke from my dream memory again, silent tears streaming down my face. It’s been ten years since that day, ten years of waking each night after the same dream, ten years of living Hell. The man who abducted me was the alpha of the Shaded Paws pack, Grayson Winter. And why did he abduct me? Cause I’m the fucking silver wolf. I thought bitterly, not for the first time.

I slammed my fist into the wall and waited, both for my captors and for my knuckles to mend now that I’d broken them again punching the cement wall. They’d be down soon, into the basement where they kept me during the night, to fetch me up to make breakfast. I heard the rattle of the key in the lock and light flooded into my “room”.

“Hey bitch, got someone I want you to meet.” Alpha Grayson called. He swaggered down the stairs with a boy about my age in tow. He was only half a head shorter than Grayson with the same sandy blond hair and leering grin that made me sick. The first thing the boy said was. “Mate.” And Alpha Grayson grinned. “Then she’s all yours son.” He clapped the boy on the shoulder and left.

“Mine.” The boy said. ‘Oh Hell no!’ Silver shouted in my mind. “Stay away from me.” I growled at him. His eyes darkened. Shit. “Women should be submissive to theirs mates.” He said icily. “You’re not my mate.” I snapped. I itched to shift and rip his stupid head off. ‘Don’t do it Kendra. Remember the collar.’ Silver reminded. I growled more. I’d been wearing this stupid collar since I got here. The inside was spiked with silver, if I shifted, I’d be killed. At this point I would prefer death but Silver would not let me go down that path. “You’ll soon learn.” The boy snarled. He was bigger and stronger than me due to my malnutrition and quickly had me pinned against the cold cement wall no matter how much I struggled.

“I’ll kill you.” I hissed in pain when his fist collided with my left cheek. “That is no way to talk to your master and mate.” He said calmly undoing his jeans with one hand. “You’re not my master! You’ll never control me!” I screeched bucking wildly as I realized what he intended to do to me. “Shut-up!” He roared smashing my head against the cold concrete floor. The blow stunned me giving him the chance to pull down my sweatpants and panties. I groaned as the room spun around me then settled into one frightening picture. He had his cock out and was eyeing me hungrily. Glaring at him I clenched my thighs together the best I could, I wouldn’t go down without a fight. “Submit!” He roared smashing my face again with an open back hand to the left. “Never.” I spit the blood from my split lip at his face and succeed in making him smash my head in the ground. I was defiantly going to have a concussion, again. With a rough hand he forced my legs apart and knelt between them to keep them apart. “This is where a woman belongs. Flat on her back with her legs spread.” I screamed as he thrust savagely into me taking my virtue with his lust.

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