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I whimpered again as I tried to move. When the alpha's son had fished with me he left me curled in the pile of old blankets and cardboard that served as my bed. I hurt down there, and I was pretty sure that asshole had made me bleed. Soon the door opened and Alpha Greyson sauntered into view.

“Up bitch.” He commanded with a swift kick to my ribs. I heard one crack but lay there unmoving, glaring balefully at him. “I said, up!” He grabbed a fistful of my hair and yanked me to my knees. “You get a shower bitch, before making us brunch. We don’t want you poisoning our food with your filth. He half carried, half dragged me upstairs and into the bathroom where he threw me to the linoleum. “Get cleaned up. I expect brunch in thirty minutes. I also expect a grandson, not some weakling girl.” I sighed when Alpha Greyson shut the door and stormed off. No way in Hell was I bearing anyone a son, or daughter.

Trembling slightly I stripped and turned the shower on, choking back sobs as the hot spray beat down upon my battered body. There was only one thing that I could think of that would make me loose this baby. Unfortunately it would come close to killing me. “Wolfsbane.” I whispered.

Knowing I was on a timed schedule I set out scrubbing away the blood and the dirt that had accumulated over the last week as well as any trace of the alpha’s son. I scrubbed until my skin was red and raw but I could still feel him on me. Twenty minutes later I was clean and wrapped in a towel but I still felt dirty. I felt unclean in my soul.

What to make for brunch...? ‘Steak, scrambled eggs, hash browns, orange juice, pancakes, bacon, sausages...’ Silver began listing food and I couldn’t help but to smile a tiny sad smile. I would have been dead without her, I would have killed myself, she truly was my strength, my guardian. ‘I can’t stay here any longer Sil.’ I said desperately. ‘We need to get this collar off.’ I felt Silver turn over in my mind. ‘I know, and I have an idea but it’ll hurt. I’ll explain it tonight.’ I nodded trusting her and got dressed in the ratty but clean spare clothing someone had left for me. I had some hungry werewolves to feed and they did not like to wait for food.

I had survived the day with minimal beatings and was now preparing dinner. Pasta primavera with spicy Italian sausages. ‘Its now or never.’ Silver said gently. I sighed and slowly walked around the island in the kitchen towards my current attendant, a middle ranked she wolf with a bad attitude to match her bad hair. “What do you want bitch?” She sneered. My temper flared but I kept my head down. “May I go into the garden?” I asked as evenly as I could. “What for? You’ll just try to run away again.” She snarled. “I need fresh basil for the pasta and thyme. Put me on the chain I wont run.” I pleaded. For an answer she grabbed my collar and dragged me to the back porch and hastily clipped the silver chain to my collar. It burned but I calmly went into the garden and began to gather the tops of the basil. Slowly I picked my way to the thyme and just around the corner of the building.

Several years ago I had discovered a small wolfsbane growing under the cilantro. If anyone else had noticed, it would have been uprooted. Luckily for me, I did all the garden work. As carefully as I could I picked a small sprig and rolled it into the band if my sweatpants so it wasn’t touching my skin. I nodded my in satisfaction and headed back along the silver chain to my attendant picking basil as I went. I was prepared for the swinging backhand. “What took you so long?” She screeched. “Thyme.” Was my mumbled answer. “Get inside.” She snapped taking off the chain and shoving me through the door. I did as she said and went back to the kitchen to finish diner. ‘Well done.’ Silver praised. When my attendant wasn’t looking I wrapped a sausage up in a paper towel and folded it into my waistband too.

That sausage was going to be my dinner. I got the often non existent leftovers or whatever I managed to snag, other than that I starved. But not for much longer. Soon I’d be free. “Hey bitch, dinner ready yet? We’re starving.” I secretly rolled my eyes. They were starving? “Yes alpha. I was just about to set the table.” The blow he delivered was hard enough to spin me around and smash my forehead into the corner of the counter. “You dare talk back to me you worthless whore!” I lay bleeding and in pain on the cool tiles as spittle flew from his mouth. He kicked me in the ribs again and again, then my face when I curled into a ball.

“Clean up this mess.” Alpha Greyson said gesturing to the small puddle of blood from my slowly healed forehead. “Then get down stairs. Leah will take over dinner.”

“Yes Alpha.” I whimpered. And when he let me up I cleaned the floor, hastily scrubbing away my blood, and scampered for the basement door, nearly tripping down the stairs in my haste. I heard the lock click and I sighed in relief sitting on the bottom step holding my ribs as they healed slowly. I was safe for the night.

‘Only from them.’ Silver reminded me grimly. I sighed again and stood heading for my nest. Curling in my bed I pulled out the sausage and wolfed it down with a happy murmur. "Oh that was good. Spicy, but good." Setting my jaw I pulled out the wolfsbane. It was a little crushed but the smell still made my eyes water. ‘You’re going to eat that. And you're going to do the same each time he rapes you. Eventually you’ll be immune, but you'll also never bare pups.’ Silver instructed. ‘Ugg...' I took a deep breath steeling my nerves and popped the sprig in my mouth chewing.

I nearly screamed. My mouth was burning. Immediately I swallowed gasping as the fire traveled down my throat and into my stomach. From there the fire grew spreading through my blood with each beat of my heart until I felt like I was becoming fire. Cardboard and old blankets scattered as I began to thrash and the last thing I heard as my vision went black was a high pitched scream so full of agony.

“Well well, looks like my favorite patient is awake.” I peeked out through my lashes at the white and very well lit room and groaned. “How do you feel?” I tracked his voice to the chair next to the bed I lay on. Doctor Bartholomew Skye, the only person in this goddess damned pack who treated me like a person and not a punching bag.

“Been better Doc. been a lot worse too.” Gah! Was that my voice? It sounds like a mixed up cross between a frog and a rooster. I grimaced at how painful it was even to talk. Skye chuckled. “I would be surprised if you didn’t feel horrible right now.” He said gently. “That was some stunt you pulled with the wolfsbane. Girl, were you trying to kill yourself?” I rolled my eyes and coughed a chuckle. “Sorry mom.” I sighed shaking my head the best I could. “I just wanted to lose the child. He is not my mate and I will not be used as a breeding bitch.” I growled the last part and Skye put his hands up in surrender. “I hear you sweetheart, your man is out there somewhere... or woman.” He winked, grinning as I attempted to laugh.

“Your knight in shining armor is out there to Doc. You might have to go find him though, the poor idiot might be stuck in a tree or something.” I teased. Skye’s hazel eyes sparkled. “Now there’s a thought, a wolf stuck in a tree...” We both burst out laughing at the picture but I soon was doubled up coughing until I tasted blood. “Here.” I looked up to Skye holding a glass of water out to me. Nodding my thanks I gingerly sipped the cool liquid.

“You’re lucky to be alive hon. With how weak these idiots keep you that much wolfsbane could have killed you.” I sighed and lay back against the fluffy pillows. Wow I missed sleeping in a real bed. “I know Doc. but I had to risk it.” He nodded in complete understanding before leaving the room. I closed my eyes wearily but opened them again when came back. “Something says I’ll be seeing a lot of you so I might as well try to fatten you up again. Goddess knows you’re a stick.” I chuckled but struggled to sit up. Skye put a hand on my lower back to help me upright. “Thanks.” I said smiling up at him.

Bartholomew Skye had a really nice smile. It was one of those smiles that just made you all warm and fuzzy inside and made you trust him. When Doc. smiled his eyes lit up and crinkled around the edges. When Skye smiled, the sun came out from behind the clouds. Unruly brown curls framed his cherubic face in an adorably cute little boy way.

He set a tray with a glass of juice, a huge bowl of tomato soup, and three grilled cheese sandwiches on it in my lap. “Now I expect you to eat all of that young lady.” Skye said with mock severity. I giggled but dug in anyway, moaning in happiness at the warm food. Skye nodded to himself. “Good girl.”

Weeks passed and I awoke once again in the arms of the alpha’s son. I never bothered to learn his name, I didn’t care. On nights where he tried to claim me I would be hauled up to his room kicking and screaming and thrown on his floor at his mercy. I had slept pretty well this last month in the big king sized bed, it made me stronger. When I had free time, which wasn’t often, I taught myself different forms of martial arts, sorting through the memories of the pack. I was going to break free soon.

I was stronger and faster than I had been before. I pried myself from the alpha’s son’s grasp and dropped lightly off the side of the bed scuttling around to collect my discarded clothes. He didn’t stir, too exhausted with trying to break me.

Silently I crept from the room, it was still dark out but I had excellent night vision. Making sure I didn’t wake anyone, I snuck down stairs and outside. I had nearly an hour before the dawn patrol ran circuit. Breathing in the pre-dawn air, I felt full of life and energy. I started out slow, just a jog along the border of the pack territory. How no one had noticed that I was doing this was beyond me. It was like they hadn't even bothered to learn my scent. Did they really think me so dim witted? I could have escaped last week if I had wanted to but I hadn't felt ready, and now I was.

The fluid pumping of my legs felt as easy as breathing and soon I was sprinting. I ran faster and faster until I couldn’t keep running so I collapsed under a fir tree gasping for breath. ‘Well done.’ Silver congratulated. ‘Thanks.’ Her praise brought a smile to my face. ‘See if you can get that loose spike off now.’ Silver suggested. Immediately I tensed up in apprehension. ‘We’re getting out of here Kendra. Pull out the loose spike first and we can use it as a shiv if needed.’

I would have to bite the silver bullet. I reached up with one hand and, taking a deep breath, wrapped my fingers around the spike Silver had indicated. It burned but I gritted my teeth and yanked, the tip digging into my neck until a small rivulet of blood flowed forth. Finally the silver spike came loose in my hand and I dropped it on the forest floor. I stared at the healing blisters on my hand in wonder. ‘Silver, its healing.’ I whispered in awe. ‘Yes, yes it is.’ She responded sounding amused. ‘That would be a side affect of the wolfsbane. If you’re crazy enough to survive that is.’ They say that revenge is sweet, and that revenge is a dish best served cold, therefore, revenge is ice cream.

I grinned broadly for the first time in ten years. There was a bounce in my step and a new spark in my heart as I strode back to the house.

Today was the day, I was breaking free. Gently, almost lovingly I plucked the tiny plant. It didn’t burn me anymore, I had become immune to it and in return the wolfsbane had made me more resistant to silver. I thanked the little plant for my freedom and strength with a small kiss. Then holding it carefully I made my way to the pack well. This small of a plant wouldn’t kill them, but it would make them sick and weak and in a serious amount of pain, hopefully enough to give me a head start. I stepped up to the well and removed the cover.

“Thank you goddess for giving me the strength to keep going. And thank you for giving me a way out of here little wolfsbane.” Reverently I tore up the small plant and dropped it into the well, then I replaced the cover and went to warn Skye. If I was leaving he was coming with me. Cheerily I skipped to the medic building where Skye stayed and worked. “Doc. you in?”

“Kendra! What are you doing here?” Skye’s worried face appeared in the doorway. “Come in, come in. Hurry. You mustn’t let anyone catch you here or we’ll both be punished.” Shrugging I followed him inside not really caring anymore if I was seen. “Hey Doc. I poisoned the well.”

“You what!?” I was sitting calmly in Skye’s cream colored office, spinning slightly in his fluffy swivel chair. “I put wolfsbane in the well so don’t drink the water.” I repeated smiling. “And soon as the pack is going to be too weak to chase after me.” Suddenly Skye's worried frown broke into a radiant smile. Pulling me up from the chair, he gathered me into a tight hug and spun me around. “Oh you sweet wonderful child!” He cried happily. “We’re both going to be free of this place.” I told him hugging him back smiling over my tears of joy. I could go home.

“One thing before we go Doc.” He let go and smiled down at me. “Anything.” He promised. “I want you to take my collar off.” Skye cringed and nodded. “Yeah okay, just let me put some gloves on.” I squealed and jumped up and down clapping my hands. “Thank you!” He smiled and put in a pair of surgical gloved. “Oh and don’t touch my hands, they’re covered in wolfsbane and I don’t want to hurt you.” He nodded and went to work on my collar.

He worked fast and quietly not to alert the pack members that were starting to go about their day. The collar came free and I caught it as it fell so it wouldn't make noise hitting the wood floor. I rolled my neck first one way then the other, cracking it. “You have no idea how good that feels.” I murmured appreciatively. Before he could leave, I stripped and shifted into my wolf. I was no longer the adorable fuzzy pup I had been ten years ago, now I was a fully grown, silver she-wolf. I heard Skye suck in a shocked breath and I blinked at him putting my head against his chest. “You’re silver.” I nodded grinning wolfishly. Tentatively he sunk his hand into my thick fur. “I can feel the moonlight in you.” He murmured. I raised my head and looked at him regally. He bowed and I huffed.

“WHERE IS SHE!?” Alpha Greyson bellowed from outside making Skye cringe. He burst into Skye’s office in a rage and froze when he saw us, specifically me. He growled expecting me to drop my gaze and show my belly like a good little submissive wolf. I just growled back. “I can’t run in human form.” Skye whispered in a panic. Without dropping my gaze from Alpha Greyson’s eyes I crouched. “You mean ride you?” Skye squeaked. I was about as big as a pony and my wolf was strong. I nodded and Greyson growled at him. “Don’t you dare Bartholomew Skye. This little bitch needs to be returned to her mate before she gets hurt.” I just snarled at him waiting for Skye to respond, Greyson had used his alpha voice on him, I felt it.

“No.” I couldn’t tell who was more shocked Doc. or Greyson. I grinned and Skye gained confidence. “No, I don’t have to obey you anymore. Something you may not know Greyson,” He sneered the name purposely leaving off his title. “Is that I am not a submissive wolf. I am an omega, I don't have to obey you.” With that he hopped onto my back and gripped my sides with his legs. I rose to my full height and I felt Skye stiffen. “Please don’t let me fall.” He whispered twisting his fingers into the thick fur and lose skin of my scruff.

Before Greyson could react I launched myself over his head and tore out of the infirmary. “Stop her!” Greyson screeched morphing into his wolf. I ran as fast as I could, I was going to be free. I could hear paws hitting the earth behind me but they we’re falling behind. I sailed through the forest, dodging trees that turned into green and brown blurs. I felt like I was flying. My wolf howled in ecstasy to be free and running on four legs and I was so glad she ad kept me alive. Skye was almost flat against my back, being as aerodynamic as he could. “Border three more miles.” He said in my ear. Those three little miles passed in a blur and I felt a shiver roll down my spine as we crossed. Free. I was free! No, WE were free.

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