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First Day

Beep! Beep! Beep! I rolled over and fumbled with my alarm clock. “Shut up! Shut up!” Finally I made it be quiet. Why did I have an alarm set? I frowned to myself preparing to snuggle back into my pillows and return to sleep then threw my covers back and shot out of bed. The first day of school! I was going to be a junior. I grinned to myself as I bounced to my bathroom to take a shower. School. The foreign word sloshed through my brain like a child in a mud puddle making me shiver in delight. I loved learning new things and school was the biggest of new things.

Realizing I had just been standing by the counter I striped out of my new pj’s and jumped in the shower. I washed my silvery hair quickly with my new lavender scented shampoo. I loved the smell of lavender, it was very calming. Getting out I wrapped a fluffy blue towel around my torso and went to get dressed. I had chosen simple blue jeans and a light blue long sleeved shirt the night before. I pulled on a pair of black satin panties and a matching bra then got dressed. My towel moved from my torso to my hair as I picked out a simple sterling silver chain with a silver wolf head pendant. Lisa didn’t know about it or the other silver things I had gotten. Silver didn’t even burn me anymore it was just another metal, but it was so much more, it was my strength.

I dried my hair and brushed it out admiring how long it had gotten. It swung down to my waist when I let it fall. “I can do this.” I said to my reflection. “Of course you can Kendra. You’re stronger than anyone else I know.” I jumped as Thomas entered my room smiling. “Mom said to tell you breakfast is ready.” I nodded smiling and grabbed my backpack before following Thomas downstairs. Lisa had made chocolate chip pancakes. I squealed happily, flinging myself at the table. “Pancakes!” I swear I ate twelve. School is about a half an hour drive from the house so we left at seven. “Why can’t I drive?” I had whined. “Cause I have my license.” Thomas said with a smirk. “Meh.” He laughed and we loaded ourselves into one of the cars. “There will be fifteen minutes to socialize before the warning bell. I’ll introduce you to all my friends.” Thomas was a bundle of sunshine as we drove to school gushing on and on about different things, half of which I didn't understand.

When we pulled into the school parking lot there were teenagers everywhere. I shrunk back into my seat, eyes wide. “Hey, its okay, the majority of these kids will ignore you anyway.” I nodded and took a deep breath then stepped out of the car and grabbed my bag. No one even looked my way.

“Come on, I’ll introduce you to my friends.” Thomas was still smiling as he led me over to a small group of people sitting by the double front doors. “Hey Thomas, my man! How’s it going?” The guy that called out was large and burly with curly blond hair and bright happy blue eyes. “Hey John, great, got my sister back and she’s starting school with us.” While he had been talking Thomas and John had done a complicated handshake fist pound thing. “Kendra this is John, we play football together.” John smiled and offered his hand to me. I put my hand in his and shook it. “Pretty little thing.” Thomas snorted. “John this ‘pretty little thing’ could skin you alive.” I blushed but smiled up at John, he reminded me of a big teddy bear. “Don’t worry, I don’t bite.” The group roared with laugher and I relaxed.

“These two trouble makers are Peri and Duke.” The boys Thomas pointed to looked innocent enough but their smiles were mischievous. They were as opposite as day and night. While one was blond with blue eyes the other was brown haired with hazel eyes. I nodded to them politely. “That’s Raven, John’s mate.” She was short but very pretty with wavy shoulder length black hair and sharp chocolaty eyes. She smiled and pulled me in for a hug, she smelled human. “Thomas has told us so much about you.” I shot him a withering look. “Thomas hasn’t seen me in ten years, there not much he could say.” The last girl tittered. “That’s what you think.”

The way Raven tensed made me think that she did not like this blond. Come to think of it neither did I as she twitched her thin waist over to cling on Thomas who looked very uncomfortable. “Aren’t you going to introduce me Tommy?” I could see then annoyance on his face as he tried to disengage her from his arm. “This is Chyanne.” He grumbled. I nodded to her and giggled as Peri and Duke silently imitated her.

“Wait you said Raven was John’s mate, she’s human.” Raven laughed at my confusion and John wrapped an arm around her waist. “I’ll let him turn me after high school.” She said smiling. “Oh okay.” The bell cut off my next words. “What’s your first period Kendra?” Thomas asked. “Um...” I pulled the folded piece of paper out of my pocket. “Creative writing.” “That’s with me!” Raven exclaimed happily I could already tell we were going to be fast friends. “Come on I’ll show you the way.” I managed a quick bye to Thomas and the others before Raven pulled me away. “I’ve heard great things about the teacher! Oh I can’t wait! I hope we can sit by each other!”

“Yeah me to.” Raven dragged me down the hall and outside to a bordering classroom. “Here we go!” She pushed open the door with a slightly dramatic flare and strode inside with me on her heels. “Sit wherever for now.” The teacher said from his desk. “I’ll read off the seating chart after the pledge.” Minutes ticked by and a few late stranglers wandered in just before the bell. A voice came over the PA system and called the students to their feet. I had no idea what I was doing so I just copied everyone else and waited patiently. As soon as we were done the teacher started to point to desks and call names. The students around me jostled their way to their seats and started chatting. Finally my name was called and I plopped down into the chair next to Raven with a sigh if relief.

"Alright, I’m Mr. Carlson.” The teacher said from his podium. “Welcome to creative writing. Now I’d much rather start right away with nonfiction but I have to hand out these worthless things first.” He reminded me of a bird really, stalking gracefully around the classroom handing out a packet to each student. “This will be due Friday. Go ahead and just put that away so we can get to know each other better okay?” He waited as we pulled out binders out and put the green packets into the rings. “Take out a piece of paper and I want you to write your name, what you hope to learn in this class, a hobby of yours, and something no one here knows about you.” Oh boy this should be fun. I jotted down a hasty answer and waited.

“Who wants to start.” A preppy looking girl with an obscenely low cut shirt raised her hand. “Okay, were going to go counter clockwise, go ahead.” The prep flipped her freakishly straight blond hair over one shoulder and began, holding all the boys’ attention. “Hi everyone my name is Jensen. I want to learn how to better write love poems.” She winked at a jock and continued. “My hobbies included looking fabulous, being amazing, and being the cheer captain. Something no one knows about me is that I’m a white wolf.”

“Conceded much?” Raven whispered in my ear earning a glare from Miss Preppy. The class oohed and a few guys whistled. “What’s their deal?” Raven asked. “White wolves are pretty rare. The color of their fur shows purity of moonlight and some have a special ability.” I clarified twitching slightly. “I call fake.” Raven concluded earning another glare from Jensen and a low growl. I had to agree with Raven though. “Who’s next?” Mr. Carlson interjected, drawing the fire away from Raven.

“That was close. She looked about ready to rip your head off.” I murmured doodling in the margins of my paper. “You could have protected me though, right? Just cause she’s a “white wolf” doesn’t mean she’s stronger than you does it?” She put air quotes around “white wolf” showing her skepticism. “No problem for me. Though usually a white wolf will be an alpha and a lot stronger than your average wolf.”

“Awesome! Oops that’s me!” Raven smiled at the class and waved. “Hey guys I’m Raven. Um... I want to learn how to better utilize details. Hobbies, gosh, I love to draw, and I listen to alot of music. Something no one knows about me... Well I’ve known you since grade school.” She pointed at a slim boy hunched over in his desk. “So aside from that... I like to draw my boyfriend in his wolf form.” There were a couple awe’s and I giggled. “That’s cute.” I whispered to her. “Yeah well you’re up.” Oh crap. I looked around the room and took a deep breath. “Um... my name is Kendra. I guess I would like to explore storytelling, I've never really gotten the chance. I don’t really have any hobbies yet, I doodle a lot, I guess I like baking too. No one knows me yet so I can say just about anything.” I glanced at Mr. Carlson for confirmation and he nodded slightly.

“I wonder if she’ll say her bra size. Or if she’ll strip before showing us her wolf.” I glared at the jock who had whispered to his friend. “And I am the silver wolf of legend. The daughter of the moon goddess herself! So show a little respect.” I don’t know why I said that, I didn’t even know of any legend. Bah! Those guys are annoying, too much testosterone,. The class was silent then Jensen spoke up. “Do you expect is to believe that trash? There was only one silver wolf and she died thousands of years ago. In fact, I’m a descendant if hers.”

“How can you be a descendant of a wolf who never had pups?” I shot back. Where was this coming from? “Now if you don’t mind shutting your over glossed lips, I believe that Mr. Carlson is trying to teach us something.” I sat down with a huff and turned my attention to the front of the classroom.

By the time lunch came around I was starving but very happy with all my classes so far. I had both creative writing and advanced women's choir with Raven. She led me to the cafeteria talking animatedly about us trying out for solos and I smiled and blushed when she complimented my voice. I was surprised that it still functioned considering the amount of agonized screaming I had done over the years. We pushed through the doors into the cafeteria and I flinched at the noise assaulting my ears.

“Did Lisa pack you a lunch?” Raven asked. “Yeah, she put it in my bag this morning.” Raven nodded and headed for a table near the edge of the room where Peri and Duke were already seated chatting about something. “Don’t eat the school lunch if you can help it. It is seriously gross. The hotdogs bounce, I kid you not, and they're kinda grayish.” Raven said sitting down across from Duke. I sat beside her in front of Peri.

“So how’re you liking school so far?” He asked smiling. “Its great U.S history is really boring though.” Peri nodded in understanding then Duke joined in. “What’s your fourth period?” He asked taking a huge bite out of a peanut butter and nutela sandwich. “Anatomy and physiology.” He and Peri shared a grin. “You’re with us next class then.”

By now Thomas and John had shown up with Chyanne in tow. “Have fun with that. I meant it when I said they were trouble makers.” Thomas said delibrratly sitting at the end of the table on my other side forcing Chyanne to sit elsewhere. She plopped her tray down beside Peri who looked disgusted. “They aren’t that bad, are they?” My answer was a grin from Duke and a snigger from Peri. “They’ll be good to you but they’re notorious pranksters.” John said lightly, snatching a chip from Raven who scowled at him.

“What’s the rest of your schedule?” Thomas asked, trying to ignore Chyanne who was leaning over the table, her boobs nearly spilling out of her shirt. “Algebra two, then physical strength training.” This made John burst out laughing. “A little thing like you lifting weights with the big boys?” I glared at him but I could help but smile. His laughter was infectious. “Hush you, be nice.” Raven scolded gently. “You have math with me.” Thomas said smiling widely.

I opened my mouth to say something but stiffened. I felt eyes boring into the back of my head. “Someones staring at me.” I whispered head dropping down into my lunch. Peri and Duke flicked their eyes past my head to glare at another table. “Its Steven Gilden the head of the football team. Spoiled brat and pompous ass. Gets what he wants and what he doesn’t get, he takes. They say he even tore his twin brother away from his wolf with the help of a witch just to be the next alpha.” Duke’s voice had dropped to a conspiring whisper. I felt myself pale and my eyes go wide. Could this Steven be related to my Gabriel?

“Hey you don’t look so hot, you okay Kendra?” Thomas’ concerned voice cut though my worries. “I’m fine.” I squeaked. “Uh oh. Don’t look now but he’s coming over here.” My shoulders stiffened more as I heard him approach. “Hey gorgeous, did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”

I nearly gagged on the cheesy pick up line but I turned and gave him my sweetest smile. “No but it hurt when I skinned my knee crawling out of Hell.” I turned away and back to my lunch not letting myself see how much he looked like Gabriel. “You know hot stuff I’m next in line to be alpha of my pack.” Oh goddess how easy were women in this day and age. “That’s nice so am I.” I shot back. I heard his startled intake of breath but he kept coming. “That’s real cute sweetheart, but such a sweet little thing like you would only get hurt. Its a scary world, why don’t you let me take care of you.” I clenched my fists in anger, nails digging into my palms. I stood up from the table and faced him. “Do I look like I need protecting? I can take care of myself.” I snarled. “You will be my mate.” He said. “Why the Hell would I want to be your mate?” I snapped. The bell rang and I snatched up my things nearly running from the cafeteria.

“That was awesome! You totally stood up to his ass!” Peri exclaimed as they cought up to me. “Problem is, he’s in our fourth period to.” Duke said quietly. “You guys can protect me.” I said teasingly then sobered. “Are all girls so easy these days that a guy just has to throw around one pick up line say he’s an alpha and she’ll suck his dick?” Peri and Duke exchanged a glance. “Most of them.” They agreed. I wrinkled my nose in disdain.

We got to fourth period with three minutes to spare. “Sit anywhere you like just know that if you disrupt my class I will move you.” The teacher said staring pointedly at Peri and Duke. “You two have a reputation.” I said sliding into a desk in the back corner, the boys joined me leaving no seats for anyone to be near me. The rest of our class began to trickle in sitting in various places by their friends or alone. When Steven entered he immediately headed my way. “Hold fast bro he’ll try to kick you out of your seat.” Duke whispered to Peri.

“I believe you’re in my seat.” Steven growled at Peri. “Teach said we could sit wherever we liked.” Peri said innocently. “And I would like to sit here so move.” I could hear the alpha in his tone ordering Peri to sit elsewhere. “But I would like Peri to stay, so does Duke and so he will.” I used my own alpha tone and Peri smiled putting his bag back down under his desk. “Sorry man the lady wants me to stay.” Steven growled but sat in the closest seat to us he could. Thank you. Peri mouthed. I smiled and nodded. It was a little unfair of me to use them as living shields but they had sat there on their own, I was just keeping them.

“Okay kids you know the drill, syllabus is due by Friday.” The teacher began handing out a green packet. “You will need a note book and a lab book. How many of you are there?” The teacher counted off the class and frowned slightly. “There’s an odd number of you, so one lab group will have to have three. No you cannot work by yourself.”

Duke immediately raised his hand. “Yes Mr. Malcolm?” Duke put on his most winning smile. “Peri, Kendra, and myself can be the group of three.” The teacher began to nod when Steven raised his hand. “With all due respect sir, I think that Kendra would benefit more from this class if I were her lab partner. You know how those two are.” I could here the honey in his words and I shivered. “Did he just say think?” Duke whispered to me, I giggled quietly. “You have a good point but I’ll let Miss Taylor decide. Kendra?”

I smiled at the teacher and decided I liked him. “I’d like to work with Peri and Duke if that’s alright. I can keep them on task.” The teacher smiled at me over the rim of his glasses. “Then that’s decided, the rest of you choose a partner while I hand out resource packets and a worksheet. You can use the lab tables to work.” People began to pair off but Steven just glared at me. “You should get used to me sweetheart, you’ll be spending the rest of your life with me soon.” I made a face at Peri. “Oh gag, is it talking to me?” Steven growled low in his throat. “Oooh... scary. Sorry man I’m more afraid of Kendra than you.” Duke said handing me the packets. "And there will be no growling in my class Mr. Gilden." The teacher chastised. I put the syllabus away and pulled out a pencil giggling quietly.

"Move your desks into a triangle so we can work.” The boys did as I said and looked at the first page of the resource packet. “Oh gross a naked dude!” I giggled at Peri's small outburst. “Get over it. Its nothing you haven’t seen before.” Peri pulled a face. “Yeah but that doesn’t mean I have to enjoy looking at it.“

By the time the bell rang Peri, Duke, and myself were the only ones done with the packet. “You’ve got algebra two next right?” I nodded and giggled when Peri and Duke linked their arms through mine. “Allow us to escort you mi'lady, our next class is just down the hall from yours.” The three of us skipped up the stairs to the fourth floor and down the hall. “Have Thomas show you the way to the gym after class. Oh and get John to be your weight lifting partner before Mr. Jerk-face can.” I frowned as we stopped in front of my class. “Don’t tell me he’s in that class to.” Peri offered me a sympathetic smile. “Sorry I’m afraid so. You’ll be alright.” Duke patted my shoulder before they left to class. “Hey Kendra!” Thomas patted the seat next to him in the small group and smiled. Math wouldn’t be so bad.

True to their word Steven was in my gym class. Actually, I was the only girl in a room full of huge beefy males. “John, will you be my weight partner? I don’t feel comfortable around the other guys.” John grinned and patted me gently on the head. “Sure thing but don’t expect me to lift light for you little lady.” I glared at him playfully. “Puh-leese... I can lift as much as you if not more.”

We were standing around the weight room waiting for the coach to show up, I knew how most of the exercise machines worked already from poking through the memories of some of my pack mates so I wasn’t too worried about it. “Kendra will be my weight partner.” I groaned inwardly, I knew that voice. “I don’t think she likes you Steven.” John said looking over my shoulder. “Is it just me or did the word think come out of your mouth.” Steven sneered. I spun to face him, hands on my hips. “Back off okay? Just leave me alone!” His sneer turned into a predatory grin. “I don’t think you get it sweetheart. I want you.” I fought back the bile that threatened to rise and snapped at him. “No I don't think YOU get it. I’m not interested!” Steven put his hand out to grab me. “I wouldn’t...” John began. I stepped forward and brought my knee up hard in his crotch. “touch her.” He finished.

Steven fell over sideways and curled into a ball gasping in pain. “Kendra Taylor!” I look over to see the coach standing in the doorway. “Yes sir?” He beckoned me over and I stepped daintily over Steven laying on the floor, the rest of the guys shuffled out of my way. “You’re the only girl in this class would you like to transfer to another?” He asked with a slight frown. “Boys can be... rude to say the least.” I smiled at the gruff old man. “Thank you but no, I can take care of myself.” Coach chuckled then. “So I saw. I’ll do my best to keep him as far away from you as possible if you’d like.” I nodded making my ponytail bob. “Thank you sir.” With a wave I was dismissed. I walked back to John this time stepping around Steven who was being helped up by another big guy. “Okay boys, and Miss Taylor, I’m pretty sure you know how to work these but we’re going to review then I’ll hand out your syllabus.” The rest of class was uneventful aside from Steven glaring daggers at me and John. Two thirty came around and we left to go home.

“You are probably the most ballsy girl I know, kneeing Steven in the family jewels like that.” John commented as we walked together to the parking lot. “I couldn’t help it, since I met him he’s been pissing me off.” He laughed at my complaint and ruffled my hair. “Hey!” I exclaimed trying to bat his hand away. “John, play nice.” Raven bounced up and threw herself into John’s arms. “I am.” I snorted. “That’s playing nice?” I chuckled and left them to find Thomas. It had been a long first day and I was ready to go home.

I had just walked through the door when Lisa tackle hugged me. Thankfully my necklace was under my shirt so she didn’t get burned by the silver. “How was your first day of school? I have a snack for you. Ooh! Tell me all about it.” I smiled at her enthusiasm and hugged her back. “School was great, Thomas introduced me to all his friends.”

“She really hit it off with Raven.” Thomas interrupted hugging his mom. “That’s wonderful!” She squealed. I swear sometimes she was more like a teenager and less like a grown woman with two kids. “I really like all my classes, the teachers are nice too. Do you know where my dad is? There’s things he needs to sign.” Lisa nodded in understanding. “Ah... The dreaded syllabus. That means I have things to sign too I bet. I think he’s in his study.” I snatched one of the plates of apples and cheese off the counter in the kitchen and headed down the hall to my father’s study, backpack over one shoulder.

“Knock knock. Anybody home?” I poked my head through the door. “I’ll finish the arrangements tonight. Yes, that would be wonderful. Yes, thank you. You too.” My father put the phone down and looked up at me. “Kendra, come on in. How was your day princess?” I crossed the room, setting my bag on the floor by the oak desk and plopped down on his lap. “School was great. My classes are awesome and I already made friends.” My father bounced his knee gently like I was a little kid again. “I’m so happy to hear that you enjoyed your first day. Ooh... are these to share?” He reached for the apples and cheese I was still holding. “Sure, but there’s about six packets you need to read and sign.” He groaned and I laughed fluffing up his sandy hair.

“You look like a cockatiel.” I commented making a mohawk. “Oh I do now do I?” I laughed more at his offended tone. “It’s so good to hear you laughing.” I hugged him tightly before hopping off his lap to fish out the so called dreaded syllabus packets. “Sweet Goddess, do I have to read all of that?” I looked up to my side eyed father. “Yup, sorry. And while you do so I think I’ll go for a run.” I plunked the stack of papers on his desk and shoved an apple slice with cheese in my mouth walking out with my backpack. “Kendra, honey, you can’t leave me with all this!” He called after me good naturedly. “Lobe oo...” I called through the apple.

I took the stairs two at a time and bounced down the hall to my room. ‘You’re planning on finding Gabriel aren’t you.’ Silver said accusingly. ‘I approve.’ I smiled and tossed my bag to the floor at the end of my bed then headed back downstairs to put my shoes away. “I don’t know if she’s here right now she said she wanted to go for a run. Who may I say is calling? Her mate!?” I froze listening in to the conversation. “If you don’t mind waiting for a moment I’ll go see if she’s in her room still.” Crap! I sprinted for the front door but not before my dad came out of his study and spied me. “Kendra Anne Taylor!” I flinched at the use of my whole name. “Yeah dad?” I asked innocently. He strode down the hall and picked me up, spinning me around in the foyer. “Why didn’t you tell me you found your mate?” He asked happily. “Kendra found her mate!?” Lisa burst into the entryway squealing like a little kid. “I was going to but...” “Steven said you had two classes together. I don’t care if he’s your mate you’d better still get good grades.” I froze, the smile dying on my lips. “I’m sorry did you say Steven?” I asked in horror. “Of course you’ll always be my little girl.” He rushed on. “Dad, put me down. Steven is not my mate!” My father put me down slowly in confusion. “He said you two met at lunch and that it was love at first sight.” I growled under my breath. How dare he! “Steven Gilden only wants me for my looks and now he wants me even more because he can’t have me. I already met my mate. He saved me the day we were attacked in the meadow. I was going to see him now.”

My father nodded and I could see the gears turning in his mind. “I’ll tell him you’re not home, but I want a full explanation later.” I flung my arms around his neck and pressed a quick kiss to his cheek. “Thanks dad!” I was out the door as soon as I got my shoes off. I was starting to hate Steven more and more each passing minute, manipulative bastard. I stripped behind a maple and shifted after storing my clothes in a knothole. Then I ran. I ran as fast as my legs could carry me, flying through the forest full of happiness. I didn’t really like being cooped up all day but I liked learning.

Ten minutes later and across the border, I was zipping through no man’s land. So happy can’t wait to see him again! A wolf howled off to my right and I bounded that way. Bursting into a clearing I immediately saw Fenus and Gabriel. ‘Super flying tackle pounce!’ They looked up startled as I leaped on Fenus bowling him over. I would have kept wrestling but he began to growl. What did I do? Ears down I slunk backwards. “Kendra please tell me why you reek of my brother.” Oh, so that was the problem.

I padded forward and gently tugged the hem of his shirt. Getting my message Gabriel tore off his shirt and handed it to me. I nodded my gratitude, taking the shirt and shifting behind a tree then pulling the shirt on. It smelled like him. “Does your brother happen to be a Steven Gilden?” I asked walking back to Gabriel and Fenus. The growls from the both of them was answer enough. “Thought so. Anyway, he’s in two of my classes and has the same lunch as me. He also decided he wanted me as his mate and has been incredibly annoying all day. So I kneed him in the balls!” I chirped hugging Gabriel. His arms wrapped protectively around me. “Mine.” He growled in my ear, sending shivers down my spine. “Only if you’re mine.” I replied with a gentle nip to his earlobe.

“So is the story true then?” I asked. “Huh? What story?” Gabriel looked at me puzzled. “That Jerk-face found a witch and got her to separate you from Fenus.” He nodded and a pained expression crosses his features. “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have asked.”

One finger pressed against my lips silenced me. “You deserve to know.” With a sigh he began. “Think of him as the evil twin if you will, always got what he wanted, spoiled brat, threw a tantrum if things didn’t go his way, and wanted to be the next alpha so bad that he went deep into the forest and found a witch. I don’t know what he bargained but this witch tore apart his older twin. His wolf was cast aside into the forest to wander until he found his other half, while the human portion was challenged to a duel. Of course now he couldn’t shift and had to forfeit or lose his life. So he went into the woods looking for his missing wolf and his mate in hopes that somehow she could put him back together.” I could feel the tears in my eyes by the end of his story. “I’ll help you any way I can. I promise.” We stood wrapped around each other for a long time, enjoying the shared warmth and comforting smell of our soul mates. “I want you to meet my father.” I said suddenly. Gabriel stiffened in my arms and shook his head.

“Kendra I don’t think that’s such a good idea. I’m technically a dead rouge right now. Alphas hate rouges trespassing on their territory.” I kissed his cheek in a small show of courage. “Its okay, my father is very understanding. He’d probably even let you join our pack if I asked.” Gabriel sighed in defeat. “I’ve been alone for a lone time, I don’t know how I’d respond to people again.” I rested my head against his chest listening to his heartbeat. “I understand. My father is probably still in his study. No one really goes in there without permission.” He nodded and hugged me tighter for a second before letting go. “Sorry Fenus, you’ll have to stay here.” I quickly mind linked my dad a warning before heading back to where I had stashed my clothes.

I was in wolf form and Gabriel was on my back, holding onto my scruff. We crossed into my territory and I felt him shiver. “That felt really... odd... almost welcoming.” Huh, so it wasn’t just me. “You live in this? It’s beautiful!” I chuckled at Gabriel’s amazement. He kept staring around at the forest as we ran and I snorted, slowing to a stop as I reached the maple tree. “Are those clothes?” Gabriel asked before making the connection. “Oh, those are yours. Wow, I’m dumb.” He said jumping down and putting his back to me. Smiling at his chivalry I shifted and changed quickly.

“You can look.” I called while finger combing my hair. He turned and sucked in a quick breath. “You are gorgeous.” He whispered. I caught his eyes dropping to my chest before darting back up to my face. The second time he did this he frowned. “Is that silver?” So he noticed my necklace. “Yeah.” Gabriel’s frown grew deeper. “Do you know how dangerous that is? It could burn you!” I shook my head and sighed. “Look.” I picked up the silver wolf’s head and made a fist around it. “Kendra!” Gabriel ran forward and I dropped the pendant. “Let me see. Why did you do that? Are you crazy?” He snatched my hand and examined the palm. “Gabriel, Gabe, look at me.” He looked up confusion written plain on his face. “Silver doesn’t burn me anymore.”

“Huh...?” I started laughing. For all his brilliance, huh was all he could manage. “I was kidnapped ten tears ago by the alpha of the Shaded Paws pack because, as you’ve noticed, I’m silver. They used me as a slave and punching bag all that time. Once I got old enough the alpha introduced his son to me. Apparently he thought I was his mate cause he raped me for a month. I didn’t want to bear him pups so I kept eating wolfsbane ” Gabriel was frozen beside me, eyes wide with horror. “Aside from making me to weak to keep the child gradually the wolfsbane made me immune to silver and wolfsbane doesn’t hurt me anymore either.” Gabriel swept me into a tight hug. “If I ever meet the mutt that did this to you I’ll kill him.” He growled. “Too late, I killed him myself. Come on, dad’s waiting to meet you.” I twined my fingers with his pulling him towards the pack house. “You live here?”

Gabriel’s mouth was practically hanging open. “Yeah. At lease I used to and I do now but not for the last ten years. Things kinda degraded. Okay, stealth mode activate!” Gabriel just looked at me but smiled when I started humming the mission impossible theme song. We whirled and snuck, crept and zig-zagged our way to the front door. I popped it open slowly and listened. Lisa and one of the other moms were in the kitchen baking apple pies. “Come on.” I waved him past me and shut the door dashing down the hall to the door of my father’s study. I flung it open just as Lisa called my name. We collapsed in a fit of giggles behind the door sliding to the floor. “Well Kendra?” I looked up at my father sitting behind his desk, fingers laced. “Dad this is Gabriel.” I cleared my throat to kill the giggles. “My soul mate.”

“He looks an awful lot like that Steven kid.” Gabriel almost growled but I smacked his shoulder lightly. “They’re twins.” I said quickly, shooting a look at Gabriel. “Of course they are.” My father snorted. Gabriel stood and offered me a hand up. I took it and he pulled me to my feet. “Dad, Gabriel Gilden. Gabe, Reed Taylor, alpha of the Moonlit Pines pack. My father.” Gabriel bowed respectfully. “It is a pleasure to meet you sir.”

“What pack are you from Gabriel?” My father asked. Gabriel stiffened beside me. “To be honest sir, I was exiled. But I was born to the Dark Moon pack.” My father’s eyes went wide. “You’re him." He said accusingly. “The alpha's son exiled for plotting with a witch!” To my disbelief Gabriel snorted. “Is that what he told you? That I was plotting with a witch?” He laughed and took my hand. “Sir, with all due respect you have been lied to.” My father began to growl. “Everyone has.” Gabriel continued. “My twin brother Steven wanted to be the next alpha of the pack so he found a witch and got her to rip my wolf out of me.” I was watching Gabriel but I saw my father flinch out of the corner of my eye. “I couldn’t duel him without my wolf so I was exiled. He always wants what he can’t have so I’m not surprised he’s going after Kendra.” My father jerked when recognition hit him like a brick. “That’s the same Steven!?” He shrieked. I winced and nodded. “You are not going back to school tomorrow. You’re going to stay here where its safe.” He couldn’t do this to me! “Dad, I can take care of myself.”

“No you can’t Kendra! Not against him!”

“I’m not a little girl anymore!” I had never fought with my dad before but I was not going to stop going to school just because of a bully. I took a deep breath and tried to reason with him. “Look daddy, I have all of my classes with at least one of mine and Thomas’ friends. And he can’t do anything in public. And I can take care of myself. I kneed him in the balls today.” My father sighed and ran a hand through his hair then spread his arms. I let go of Gabriel’s hand and walked over to give my dad a hug. He wrapped his arms around me and whispered in my ear. “Okay princess, okay.”

Gabriel cleared his throat to gain attention. “If you would like sir, I could enroll at Kendra’s school.” Slowly my father nodded in agreement. “Yes I think that’s a good idea. Yes. But don’t think for a moment you’re off the hook about grades young lady.”

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