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Round Two

“I still can’t believe you turned down becoming part of the pack.” We were in the back seat on the way to school. “I’m just not ready.” I huffed and rested by head on his shoulder. “Alpha Reed gave everyone your description so they won't attack you if you want to visit Kendra.” Thomas spoke up from the driver’ seat smiling at us in the rear view mirror. “And I made sure that the description specified gold eyes. Steven’s are green.” I said smugly. Gabriel smiled down at me and kissed my forehead making my wolf purr in delight. We both loved being around him, he was a special brand of heroin made just for me.

“What will you do when Steven sees you Gabe?” Gabriel sighed. Way to go Thomas, you’re a buzz kill. “I don’t think I’ll do anything at first maybe just be very close to Kendra to piss him off.” I chuckled and sat upright as we pulled into the parking lot. “Day two, let’s get this done!” Both guys laughed at my enthusiasm. “What? I love learning new things.” I scowled at the pair and got out of the car. Gabriel was by my side with his backpack slung over his shoulders in a heartbeat. “What classes do you have?” I asked heading for where our friends met every day. “Creative writing, U.S history, er... advanced art, then lunch, ap physics, algebra two, public speaking. And I’ll do tennis for my p.e credit.”

I squealed happily and bounced up the steps. “You have three classes and lunch with me!” Gabriel chuckled and followed me over to where Thomas was already waiting with the group. “I did that on purpose.” Gabriel said quietly. “Just a warning, you’re going to be swamped by hoes.” I muttered before bouncing over to hug Raven. “Hey girly! I thought you hated Steven.” She said returning my hug. I groaned and slumped in her arms. “Am I the only one who can tell them apart? This is Gabriel, he just happens to be Steven’s twin brother. Notice Gabe has gold eyes while Steven has green.” Peri and Duke had perked up. ”The Gabriel Gilden. Dude, whoa!” I chuckled and leaned against Gabriel. “And just like that you have a fan club.” I told him smiling.

“Nice to meet you man.” John offered his hand for a shake while grinning like he always did. “Likewise I’m sure. So this is your posse?” He asked looking at me. “Not mine, Thomas’ I met these guys yesterday.”

“Aww... C’mon Kendra, we’re your posse to!” Raven cried unconsciously snuggling against John’s side.

The first half of the day went smoothly considering all the girls were fawning over Gabriel. It was extremely annoying. One bitch even went so far as to call me a fat cow! Seriously? I could see my ribs, though I was trying to fix that.

We walked to lunch hand in hand talking about songs with Raven. “Demons by Imagine Dragons is the best song ever!” Gabriel laughed and gave my hand a squeeze. “Okay sweetheart its the best song ever.” I loved him. “Here we go. Let’s see what happens when Steven sees him.” Raven said under her breath as we walked into the cafeteria. “Oh Goddess...” Surprisingly no one looked our way as we made the walk from the door to our table. “So far, so good.” Gabriel whispered in my ear, sending chills down my spine. I shivered and he chuckled.

Peri waved us over and we plopped down across from him and Duke, Raven sat beside John. “Hey dude and dudettes.” He said jovially. “Hey Peri. What’s new?” He shrugged as I pulled out my lunch to eat. “Same old, same old. You?” I took a bite of my sandwich and flashed him a thumbs up sign. “Cool, cool. You liking high school man?” Duke asked Gabriel. He nodded and smiled in greeting to Thomas.

Chyanne was stuck to his side as usual but detached as soon as she saw Gabriel. “Here we go again.” He mumbled biting into an apple. “Hey sexy, I haven’t seen you around here before. You new? Maybe I could show you around?” She added a flirtatious wink at the end of her sentence. I shook my head no but Gabriel was too polite to just ignore her. “Yes, I am new. No thank you, I know my way around.” I sighed knowing how she would respond. “Are you sure? I know some great places to hang out, just the two of us...” I had to fight down a growl as she ran a finger down his chest. “Sorry Chyanne, he’s spoken for.” I said as nicely as I could. “Hey! This is an A and B conversation, so C yourself out before I-”

“Don’t talk to my mate that way.” Gabriel cut in putting his arm around my waist. “Why would you want to be with her? She’s a total nobody.”

“To the world you might be one person, but to one person you night be their world.” Raven said coming to our rescue. “You stay out of this human." Chyanne snapped. John growled and she shrank back. “Thomas are you going to let him growl at me like that?”

‘I am so tired of her.’ I complained to Thomas he flashed me a quick look of agreement before replying to Chyanne. “Actually yes, you’ve worn out your welcome here. First by talking back to my pack sister and second by being rude to Raven. I suggest you leave our table.” Chyanne stood there gaping at him then stomped her foot and stormed off.

“Did she just stomp her foot?” Peri asked looking shocked. “I think she did.” Duke answered. “I thought girls only did that in movies.” Peri took a thoughtful bite of pizza. “Its cause movie girls are fake and so is she.” Raven said waving a spoon in their direction. “When you two find your mates pray that she is a real woman.”

“Like Kendra!” Thomas piped up. “Hey!” I complained. The spoon went into a chocolate pudding cup and then to her mouth as they laughed.

A prickling on the back of my neck told me that Steven Gilden was watching me again. “If he doesn’t stop staring I am going to give him a black eye.” I growled under my breath. “I’m going to get a soda, you want one?” Gabriel asked. “You’re going to leave me with him?” I didn’t want to have to deal with Steven again. “Don’t worry I’ll be back in time to make an impression.” He kissed my forehead and got up to go peruse a vending machine. “Pepsi please.” He nodded and walked away, hands in his pockets, head down.

Soon enough I smelled Steven’s scent coming my way. I winkled my nose and gagged. It smelled like mold and rotting fruit. The look I shared with my friends said that I wasn’t the only one who thought he smelled like compost.

“Hey baby, I think we got of on the wrong foot yesterday.” Steven sat down beside me, twisting to be facing me. “What do you think of my cologne? I wore it just for you. They call it the scent of love.” He tried to put an arm around my waist but I smacked him away. “Don’t touch me.” I hissed. “You’re right I’m taking this way too fast, I should be wooing you.” I had to breath but choked on the smell. Breathing through my mouth was no better, the scent coated my tongue and the inside of my throat. “No, you should be leaving because I cannot breathe with that smell.”

A twisted grin spread across his face. “It takes your breath away doesn’t it. I knew you’d like it.” I choked again. “No it smells like you’ve been rolling around in a compost pile on a hot summer's day.” The grin turned down at the edges into a growl.

“Excuse me, is there a problem here?” Steven didn’t turn but flipped the bird over his shoulder. “Buzz off buddy, this doesn’t concern you.” I smiled over Steven’s shoulder and relaxed slightly. “Actually it does concern him. He’s my mate.” Steven frowned. “Your ma-” He turned and froze seeing Gabriel behind him. “Hello, brother.”

Steven stared at his twin, gaping like a fish out of water. “How have you been Steven? Happy I hope, still running around on two legs and four.” The cafeteria had grown quiet and all eyes were on the two brothers. “B-but... the prophecy!” Steven spluttered when he found his voice. “I took you out of the equation so that I could be the one in the prophecy!” I gave Gabriel a look as if to ask “What is your lunatic of a brother talking about?” He shrugged and rolled his eyes. He didn’t know either.

“Go back to your whores Steven. You never did have any taste in women.” Steven growled and stood, nose to nose with his brother. Steven was stockier and brawny while Gabriel was lithe and graceful like a dancer. “There will be no fight. Not here, not today.” Gabriel said with a tone of finality. “I will be the one in the prophecy, she will be my mate!” Steven snapped before stalking off back to his table full of fellow jocks and the cheerleaders. The people watching the exchange slowly went back to their idle chatter.

“What was he talking about, prophecy?” Gabriel shrugged and and down handing me my soda. “Honestly I have no idea.” I cracked my soda open and took a sip of the fizzy brown liquid. “I can think of someone who might.” Thomas said from across the table. “Ask the moon goddess.” I sighed and shook my head sadly. “If only it were that simple, Thomas I can’t exactly just call up the moon goddess and be like yo what up?” Peri and Duke snorted while John grinned. Raven chuckled at my bad gangster impression, but Thomas just sighed. “Really Kendra? You’re what seventeen? Almost eighteen? Did no one teach you how to speak with the moon goddess? You’re going to be the next Luna of some pack hopefully ours, you need to know this stuff.” Obviously not or I would ask her.

“Thomas, I didn’t learn much of anything these last ten years aside from what it feels like to be beaten and treated like a slave.” He blinked, and then blinked again as what I said was slowly absorbed into his brain. Everyone at the table stared at me except Gabriel who put a comforting arm around my shoulders. I hated the spotlight.

“You were...” Duke struggled to get the word out. “Beaten? Yes, for ten years.” The bell rang, cutting off any further discussion. “Its going to be alright.” Gabriel kissed my forehead tenderly as we stood to head to class. “Of course it will, I have you.” I wrapped my arms around him and snuggled against his chest. “Awww.... you guys are so cute together!” Peri teased. “Quiet you.” I stepped away from Gabriel and smiled at him before Duke and Peri escorted me to class. “You better return her to me in better than perfect condition.” Gabriel warned. “Yes sir!” The boys threw a snappy salute that made me giggle.

When we got to class Steven was in the seat right next to where I had sat yesterday grinning at me. “Nope not happening.” I steered the boys to the opposite corner and prayed Mr. Tan would set the seats. “Persistent isn’t he?” Duke whispered. “I’d say.” Peri replied. “Hey guys check this out.” I gestured with my chin at the cheerleader approaching Steven with a flirty toss of her hair. “Doesn’t the head of the football team traditionally date the cheer captain?” The guys nodded and grinned. “She’ll keep him busy for a bit. They were working together yesterday.”

The bell rang and Mr. Tan stood up by the computer hooked up to the TV. “Okay kids, note time!” He sang cheerily. “We’re going to learn about epithelial and connective tissues.” Peri leaned in and whispered in my ear. “I think he really likes his job.” I snorted in amusement but nodded and got out my notebook and highlighters.

The rest of the class passed in a blur leaving me hand sore and excited. We get a lab soon. Yay! “Don’t look behind you.” Duke whispered as I was packing up. “What’s your next class sweet cheeks?” Steven was standing right behind me. I looked around and wiggled a finger in my ear heading for the door to wait. “Did you guys heard anything just then?” Peri looked confused but caught on when Duke elbowed him in the stomach. “No, I think you need your ears checked.” I felt chills run down my spine as Steven got uncomfortable close. “I know you heard me. Why not just give in, you know you want to.” He purred. I suppressed a shiver. “See, there it was again!” The bell rang and I made my escape. “Nah, you’re hearing things.” We laughed and headed up to the math floor leaving Steven growling behind us.

I was on cloud nine heading to sixth period. Gabriel had sat next to me and Thomas and had held my hand under the table. Every now and then he would give my hand a loving squeeze or rub his thumb across the back of my hand. Walking into the girls’ locker room I gave myself a shake out of the dream state and fiddled with the lock. “Left five times, two on the right, seven to the left, all the way around, and forty two to the right.” I muttered. The lock popped open and I shoved my stuff inside, trading it for my gym clothes.

‘This is going to be fun.’ Silver yipped happily. I chuckled and stripped, changing quickly to join the as John had said “big boys” in the weight room. “Hey princess, you ready to lift?” John’s playful greeting had me laughing and knuckle bumping him. “Sure thing Bear.” He wrinkled up his nose in confusion. “Bear?” John asked smiling. “Yeah, you remind me of a chaotic teddy bear.” I shrugged innocently. He was still laughing when Coach Davis started calling roll.

“Okay ladies, and lady...” He shrugged and continued handing out little yellow slips of paper. “You’ll be recording the weight you lift for the amount you lift, start low and work your way up. You’ve all got your partners, what are you standing around for? Get to work!” John was staring at me expectantly. “What do you want to do first?” Oh man I have no idea. “I’ll let you choose, I’m not super picky.” John shrugged and strode over to a padded seat with a pull bar. “Ladies first.” I eyed the contraption then sat down. “We’ll start you on something light. 40 pounds to start.”

“Too light, start me at one ten.”

“Are you sure?” John asked pulling out the pin and resetting it at my desired weight. “Yep.” I grabbed the pull bar and taking a deep breath drew it down to my chest. “This isn’t so bad.” John nodded his approval and snagged a pencil to write down the weight. “Do that nine more times then I’ll go, then we increase the weight and do eight, increase again and do five. Sound good?” I already loved this class. I was grinning from ear to ear as I pulled the bar down and let it go.

When the class was coming to an end I found myself on my back bench pressing almost two times my weight. “Woo! The little princess can lift!”

“Go girl!”

“Six more reps then you’re done and you can shower.” I was tired and sweaty like everyone else here but I had never felt so alive. I focused on John’s slightly concerned face instead of the guys gathered around watching me. “Five... four... three... two... one... Great job Kendra!” I let out a gusty breath and set the bar on the stand, relaxing into the bench. “How do you do that? You’re tiny!” I didn’t know who was saying what but I closed my eyes and muttered a reply. “I’m an alpha’s daughter.” A collective “Oooh...” from the guys made me chuckle and sit up.

“How do you feel?” John was standing over me offering a hand up. I took his hand smiling gratefully. “Sticky, smelly, and sore. I’ve never felt better.” He laughed and thumped me on the back. “Go shower and change you’re stinking up my weight room!” Coach Davis yelled good naturedly. Weights were replaced and we all filed out to the locker rooms. I had the shower all to myself thankfully so no one could see my scars.

‘Remind me to bring soap and shampoo tomorrow kay Sil?’ I turned on the water and pulled off my sweaty clothes. ‘Sure thing.’ Stepping under the cool water I sighed blissfully. Hot showers are for mornings or nights, cold showers are for after work outs so your tits don’t melt off. I washed quickly, just rubbing the sweat off my body with my hands, before I shut off the shower and stepped out to get dressed. ‘Also remind me to bring a towel.’ I thought glumly. The shower space had enough room so I shifted and shook the water off my silver pelt. ‘Will do. Now hurry up I want to see Gabriel and Fenus.’ I chuckled at her impatience and shifted back, changing hastily to meet him and Thomas in the parking lot.

I had just exited the locker room and was circling around the gym building to wards the parking lot when I was slammed into the wall. I knew who it was immediately, he still reeked of that awful cologne. “Too much of a coward to face one little girl alone? I’m ashamed of you Steven.”

His four cronies leered at me and I could tell two of then were human. “Shut up, just shut up!” He began to pace in front of me while his buddies caged me in. “Why should I?” I shot back readjusting my backpack calmly.

“Because I am the alpha male, I give the orders here!” I didn’t understand why he was so pissed. “Sheesh, who crapped in your corn flakes?” He was trembling with rage now. “You are supposed to be MY mate, not his. But you dropped off the radar for ten years and when you showed up again you’re all buddy buddy with my twin. My fucking brother! He always got the good stuff. He was in line to be alpha but I couldn’t allow that so I bargained with a witch, yes a witch, to rip precious Gabriel from his wolf.” This dude was more psycho than I had realized.

“And now he shows up again claiming MY mate as his! But he hasn’t claimed you yet so I still have a chance to mark you and get your powers.” I sighed in exasperation. “Dude, claiming goes both ways. As for powers I have no clue what you’re talking about.” Steven spun and yelled “Shut up!” Spittle flew in my face and before I could wipe it off his hand was around my throat.

As soon as it was there it was gone and Steven was cradling his hand to his chest. What... Oh right the silver chain. “Aww... did my necklace hurt you?” I batted my eyes at him and pulled my necklace out from under my shirt. The other werewolf paled and Steven gaped. “Is that... silver?” He asked in a hoarse whisper. “I dunno you tell me, did it burn you?” I grinned ferally at the squad of jocks surrounding me. “I am the silver wolf. Silver is me, my ally, my strength. I am alpha here, above you,” I pointed at the humans. “Above you,” I pointed at the other were. “And far above you.” I pointed at Steven still hunched around his hand. “Now back OFF!”

One of the humans wet himself as he turned tail and fled. Silver wanted to chase him down but I had other places to be. The other human backed away slowly and the other wolf showed me his throat before following his friends when I dismissed him with a jerk of my chin. “You will be mine.” Steven growled. “Says who? I am the dominant one here and I say leave me, my pack, and my mate alone.” We might both be the children of alphas, but my will was stronger. Steven slowly dropped his eyes and slunk away in a foul smelling cloud.

“Now I’ve made Thomas and Gabriel wait.” I huffed in annoyance and tucked my necklace back under my shirt while heading for the parking lot. “What took you so long? I was getting worried.” Gabriel said by way of greeting. “I missed you to Gabe.” I replied sarcastically. “Why do you smell like Steven?” He growled. “Cool it bro, she just humiliated him in front if his friends. I must say the necklace was a nice touch. Is it really silver?” Thomas asked from where he was leaning against the car. “Yeah, it doesn’t burn me.” Gabriel pulled me to his chest and buried his nose in my hair. “Why’s your hair damp?” He asked as we headed for the car. “I took a shower after gym.”

That probably wasn’t the best thing to say to a hormonal teenage guy. His honey gold eyes darkened with lust and he pulled me closer to his side breathing in my scent. I shivered but pulled him and myself under the watchful eye of Thomas. “Not today big boy.” I muttered scooting into the car. Gabriel growled softly but controlled himself. “There’s a surprise waiting for you back home Kendra.” Thomas said as we drove home. “Ooh! What is it?” He chuckled and shook his head. “Nope, wait and see.” I crossed my arms over my chest and pouted in the back seat like I was five. “That’s not fair Thomas!” Gabriel chuckled next to me and I turned to scowl at him. “Don’t look at me in that tone of voice sweetheart, I don’t know what it is.” He said, hands raised in surrender. “Probably cause dad knew you’d tell me.” I grumbled resigning to staring out the window at the passing foliage. With a sigh Thomas turned on the radio. Gone, Gone, Gone by Phillip Phillips started playing and Gabriel began to sing along.

I sat there staring open mouthed and teary eyed at Gabriel. He had sung so beautifully, and it felt like he was singing to me. As if he felt me staring, Gabriel turned his head and smiled at me. “I love you Kendra.” He said softly.

“Hey guys, do a duet.” Thomas called from the front. We spent the rest of the car ride singing along to the radio.

“We’re back.” Gabriel said quietly. Before he could slip out of the car I pulled him close and kissed him. “I love you.” I whispered. “I love you to.” He sighed in contentment then smiled and hopped out of the car, holding his hand out for me. “So when do I get my surprise?” I asked Thomas, taking Gabriel’s hand and heading for the main house. “Its in the kitchen.”

Oh goody!! Nearly pulling Gabriel off his feet, I raced for the front door. “Where’s my surprise!?” I yelled racing into the kitchen. “I have to know what it is!” Lisa sat by Paul and my dad at the table smiling with a large box in front of her. “Punctual to the last second. Here you go sweetheart.” Lisa pushed the box over to me and I pounced on it, shredding wrapping paper everywhere. Inside was a phone, a pair of headphones, and a phone charger. “Welcome home, officially.” “So here’s your contact list, its already got Raven, Peri, Duke, and John as well as basic emergency numbers.” Thomas sat beside me and Gabriel showing me how to work my new phone. “Papa Murphy’s?” I said questioningly. “Yeah, you never know when you’ll need to order pizza.”

Gabriel laughed and snagged my phone. “Hey!” I protested trying to get it back. “Hang on sweetheart I’m just putting in my number.” He handed my phone back and I stared blankly at the new contact. “You have a phone?” I asked. “Yup. Swipe left, yeah click that, that’s the app store. You can get games and cool apps there.”

“You’re going to want Pandora, trust me.” Thomas said. “Like the box?” I asked. Thomas snorted shaking his head.

“Pandora is like the radio but without adds and if you don’t like a song thumbs it down at you’ll never hear it again. You build a station and Pandora plays songs like what you put in. Why is it you know Greek myths but not popular culture?"Thomas asked. I shrugged.

"I hear things." Immediately I clicked on the icon and told it to download. “Something says I’ll be using this a lot.” I murmured watching the progress bar. “Music is a great inspiration.” Gabriel said softly in my ear. “Stop it that tickles!” I batted him away gently making him smile.

I had just finished customizing my phone when Lily poked her head through the door. “Don’t you guys have homework to do.” She scolded. “Aww... Lils you’re no fun.” Thomas whined. “She has a point though we do have math and there’s an essay due soon in creative writing. Hook your phone up to the speakers and make a Pandora station.” Gabriel suggested fishing his binder out of his bag.

“Good grief already?” I was whining but I wasn’t prepared for the essay. Oh well let’s see what my twisted mind can think of. “I’m gonna do my math first. What should I put into Pandora?” Thomas pulled out his math book and calculator then suggested an artist. “Hollywood Undead?” I shrugged and typed in the name. “Questions 5-20 right? Good band by the way.” Gabriel asked. “Yep.” I plugged in the speakers to the headphone jack and pulled out my notebook. “Let’s get this done I’m already really tired.”

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