The Dark and Shadowy Places

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Crossed Wires

Rick? It’s Chris. Hammond. I’m hoping this is you. I’m never sure when I use these things. I can never remember what your identification number is, whether it ends in 34 or 43. I wish these voice recorders had the built in holograms so I’d know who it was I was leaving a message for. So this better be you, because…dammit, hold on, I’m getting an urgent communication from the World Oceans Board.

Sorry about that. That took longer than I hoped. Hopefully this is still recording. I take it you’ll have heard about the massive tidal surge that just happened on the west coast here. But I know it’s affected everywhere. I mean, the entire planet. I always said this is what happens when you fuck up our planet. I know they’ve been trying to fix it, prevent this from happening from at least 2020, but that was what, like twenty five years ago, at least? I thought maybe with you working for the World Government, you’d be able to …I don’t know, give me some advice on what to do. I’m packing my bags as I speak anyway. Water has pretty much half flooded Vancouver now, so I’m out of here, heading inland. Don’t know where I should go really. Why I’m calling is, well, um, what I’m asking is, can I come stay with you for a bit? At least until I can figure out where to go? I know probably most of us on west coast are doing the same thing right now. Getting away from here. The coast that is. I heard that all of downtown Seattle is under an insane amount of water. Ha. At least I can swim. That’s something positive, right? Anyways, as soon as you get this, send me a message back. Don’t know where I’ll be but I’ll have my ear piece on so I’ll get your message instantly. Okay. That’s all. Bye.

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