Waking Other Lives

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“Hmm, how does this feel?” asked Seth, his finger trailing over my neck, down to my chest.

It felt wonderful, indescribable. Since Abby had disappeared, and I had regained my full physical health, nothing was forbidden to us anymore.

His eyes darkened into smoldering embers as his lips found mine. There was a strange fire in my blood, my pulse racing with a quivering expectancy. My nipples hardened with an aching desire when his fingers explored the curve of my breasts through the cotton of my shirt. I molded my body closer to his, marveling at how well we fit together. He laid small kisses on my face, on my lips, on my neck.

“I think my heart is beating too fast,” I said, smiling. “Dear wise Drakon King, do you think that’s normal?” I asked in a whisper.

“Are you okay?” Seth withdrew his fingers and lips immediately. What had been my poor attempt at flirtation had ruined the moment. I cursed. Since I had become the full owner of Rawonia’s heart, Seth had been cautious, worried that things would go wrong any minute, my heart would fail, or she’d be back to reclaim it.

“Baby, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with me. If you are planning to stop right now though, you will be in so much trouble. I’ve waited for this far too long, and I’m literally horny.”

He chuckled. “Believe me, I have no intention of stopping,” he said, bringing back his marvelous touch.

Our challenges would continue. There was the impending Drakon madness. Though I could detect who was vulnerable to the madness by monitoring their dwindling light levels, they all needed their special unique light to beat the madness. While I could give them some light, it would probably just deter the sickness, not cure it completely. That was something we had to deal with when the time came. And, there was the issue of double mates and neutralizers whose stolen light I could no longer restore. Last but not least, some of the neutralizers in the safe houses had already escaped, a fact we had found out when we acted on the snapshot of the map Dante had taken. The world we lived in would not be perfect, but the most important challenges were now behind us. Abby was gone, I was alive, the Drakons had shifted, and the bond between Drakons and humans would now keep the harmony. Most importantly, I had my Seth, and all was now good with my world.

I lost all coherent thought when I felt his lips traveling down my neck. I sighed happily, oh, how I loved my Drakon King.

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