Waking Other Lives

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Bonus Chapter

“I’m deadbeat,” I said, throwing my stuff on the floor.

“Just lie down,” Seth whispered. “Let me tend to you,” he said, taking the oil bottle in his hands. He poured some in his hands, rubbing it sensuously on his palms. I knew what was coming and I couldn’t help but feel the rush of excitement stir my senses.

I had no intention of saying no, I’d just had my finals week, and finished my last exam. I was tense and beat up. I seriously needed what he was offering me. “Mmm, ” I murmured as his hands kneaded my muscles. There was intense heat emanating from his Drakon hands which effused through my muscles, relaxing all my limbs. I felt as if my whole body had melted under the ministrations of his expert hands. I sighed in contentment.

“Does that feel good, my kitten?” he whispered, turning me around. I groaned in anticipation as I saw his gaze skim over me.

“Let’s get this out of the way,” he murmured with intensity in his eyes. He unbuttoned my shirt and then took off my shirt. He unclasped the bra in the front, and his hands cupped my body, his fingers applying just the right amount of pressure. I closed my eyes, letting the sensations flood my body as he massaged my breasts. His fingers rubbed my nipples with the cold oil which perked them to hardened buds. I moaned in hunger as he twisted the buds softly and then firmly, driving me insane with a ravenous need. A different type of urgency took over me, and I arched my chest, feeding myself into his hands. His palms moved down, his thumbs pressing down in a circular motion, working my muscles. His fingers moved further down. I couldn’t handle the anticipation any longer.

“Seth,” I murmured as I pulled him towards me. “I need you.”

His face was serious with barely controlled passions rising beneath the surface. “You need to rest. You didn’t get much sleep last night.”

“I’ll sleep very well after this,” I said with an unspoken plea. The mating bond was very intense between us, was it because we were the original couple, or we’d been through many challenges together, I didn’t know. But, I doubted others felt what I had towards this Drakon King. It seemed improbable. I watched it as other Drakons met their human mates, and while it made me happy to see that other couples joined the race of bliss, they seemed better equipped to feel with the type of emotions matehood ignited in them. Not me. I felt the need to be near Seth at all times, touch him, feel his presence, his love. He was my food, my water, my breath of air.

It didn’t take long for Seth to give up, his head came down in a surrender and he was tasting me with a hunger we both shared. Ever since I’d gotten back a whole heart, the heart of Rawonia, his will to leash his desires, to touch me, make love to me had slowly crumbled. He had been cautious at first, but I had chased him down relentlessly, wearing down his resistance and eventually he’d seen and accepted that I was not going to collapse from lovemaking. After that, I had moved to the Drakon headquarters with him though it had taken some effort to convince my parents. We now had a suite to ourselves in here, and what there was nothing better than having him at my beck and call. I smiled. Nothing, absolutely nothing.

His lips wandered at will over my face as his hands branded me with their fiery torch. I gathered all my will to ask what had been on my mind the whole day. “Any news on the accumulated dead?” I murmured. Seth had a Drakon meeting in the morning. Ever since Abby had left the Earth, there was a strained tension among the Drakons as if this had been way too easy, as if she would reappear anytime soon. She hadn’t, but strange happenings had alerted Seth to new dangers. The homicide rate was increasing at a rapid pace in the last few months, making it to the headlines as unexplained murders of a serial killer. The humans seemed drained, their stares empty and hollow, yet they carried no trace of a wound or blood. Their skin carried no scars, it was as if death had visited them in the hands of a ghost. This was unlike anything we’d confronted before.

The wind from his breath skimmed my face as I cupped his face to catch his lips.

He chuckled. “Do you want to know or not?” he said.

I did, yet at the same time, I wanted him. I sighed, letting him talk.

“It has spread to other towns and cities. We don’t know what it is, yet we can no longer ignore it. Fileas will bring us a corpse today, and we will analyze it in the lab. We need to know more. Does that satisfy you for the moment, kitten?” he asked. ” Can I now please you in other ways?” he murmured as he drew a finger so seductively along the line of my collarbone.

I stared at him with a pleading urgency, my eyes speaking volumes. My body was shivering with a seething lust. His eyes darkened into smoldering embers, and his lips plummeted down, his tongue thrusting in and out as if he was making love to my mouth. My whole body ached against his hard chest, my nipples now crushed with his weight. I craved. I lusted. I burned with desire. He moved down, his searing lips against my breasts, the flick of his tongue blazing me with a torch of heat. His lips then found my birthmark right on my chest, where his light shone. It responded to his touch, his presence, recognizing the magnet like pull, the rapture of belonging, filling me with a thousand sensations, electric tingles that flooded my heart. There were no words that could describe what that did to me; it felt like I was riding giant sized euphoric waves, in the center of which stood Seth and my essences, merged in a never ending bond.

“More,” I moaned as I quivered beneath him.

I felt his manhood against my thighs, firm and hot. I wrapped my legs around his waist and hung onto him with the ferociousness of a maddened animal. Desire was a starved beast in my body, it wanted to be fed, and it wanted to be fed now. I writhed impatiently underneath him before he finally plunged in and I felt gloriously full with him inside me as our bodies merged in perfect unison. My fingers explored his muscular back, thrilling in the feel of his hard muscles twitching beneath my fingertips. I cried as his thrusts slowly filled the aching emptiness in my body. Waves of pleasure spread through me as our bodies rose towards a crescendo that I knew would soon shatter me into a million pieces. He caught my lips, his breathing shallow and rapid. He never stopped moving in and out, faster and deeper. I lost my breath, seeking that moment, needing it, craving it. My hands clutched his back with a deathlike grip. The frenzy built as if we were climbing to a peak that I feared didn’t exist. I felt I would go mad if it didn’t happen soon. Our bodies glistened with sweat, moving in tandem, up and down, in an ancient dance that transcended all thought, all other feelings. I was so close; I saw his eyes redden, the dragon in him screaming for his bliss. His lips found mine when I cried out, silencing my screams. My body shook with the fervor of it, my soul singing with an out of body experience.

“Did they hear it?” I asked in a breathless whisper. I looked around as if somebody would enter the room any minute now.

He chuckled. “They wouldn’t dare,” he said in understanding. “My kitten is vocal, and I love it,” he said, kissing me, again.

I sighed, meeting his kiss, my body satiated for the moment. I yawned, the sleep deprivation finally getting to me. “Stay with me?” I begged.

“Of course, always,” he said, spooning me from behind. I felt the warmth of his hand on my belly, and the feel of his breath on my cheek. There was no describing the feeling of peace, wholeness, and calm which spread to my body when I slept with Seth. I fell into a deep slumber, not hearing him leave the room and go to the lab to analyze the body Fileas had sent to discover the very secrets that would shatter our peace.

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