The Ardtrean Chronicles: Morality

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The blinding pain left her body numb as the creature kept squeezing down on her body, tearing skin and muscles from her bones, until her world went blissfully dark. Being a halfling wasn't nearly as hard as the movies made it out to be, in fact Vitania thoroughly enjoyed it. All of the positives, none of the negatives. Until the day her mother is forced to leave their home in front of her eyes, opening a slew of secrets and lies too crazy for anyone to believe, but someone had to. Suddenly Vitania is thrust into her origin world, partnered with species that are supposed to be her mortal enemies, on a mission to expose her family's lie to the nation. It would probably result in the divorce of her parents, definitely a war between the species, endangering hundreds of thousands of lives and possibly both her worlds. But she could handle that, right? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Morality is the first novel in The Ardtrean Chronicles Series written by Danielle McEachern.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Every half mile, the light of a street lamp flashed into her vehicle, lighting up the dashboard of her ninety-five Chevrolet. Her stomach was in her feet, adrenaline coursing through her veins, alongside fear. She definitely shouldn’t be out here in the dead of night, not on good terms but even worse, not with the murders happening in the early hours of the morning. Yet here she was, going to see a guy she barely knew, just because he had asked.
After 30 minutes, her eyes started to droop with the over whelming urge for something hot and caffeinated. Coming over the hill that looked down to the town next to her own, she saw a dark shadow cross the road in her rear view mirror; not racing, but not sauntering. She slowed to see if she could get a better look, but the road had cleared. Seeing nothing, she returned her eyes to the road in front of her and immediately drove her foot into the break. Her car was thrust off the road and into a telephone pole, wrapping the hood neatly around it, the steering wheel squishing into her chest and knocking the breath out of her. At first the only sound was the hiss of the engine and the dripping of coolant, then she heard a twig break and a gross, squelching noise, and then the roof of her car was ripped off. Her vision was hazy and blocked by tears, the only thing she could see was a dark shadow standing over her. It had to be over seven feet tall and at least two feet wide, making a deep-throating hissing noise in her face. For a split second she could almost breathe, and tried to suck in a lung full of breathe in order to cry out. When she opened her mouth to do so, she felt a slimy, cool, hand squeeze her body together. The liquid touch seeped through her clothes and chilled her skin as her ribs cracked and pain surge through her. The blinding pain left her body numb as the creature kept squeezing down on her body, tearing skin and muscles from her bones, until her world went blissfully dark

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