The Runner

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End of the Line.

There at the top of the stairs, in the beautiful radiance of the sun, surrounded by a lush beautiful Garden, was Andromalius. And off to his left stood a radiant being he could only assume was an angel.

"You did good kid, I'll give you that, but you are not the first to try to escape this way or make it this far. Hell knows others have made it back to Earth, but they all come back to Hell, and I'm the one that brings them back." Andromalius said to the runner.

"Help me." The runner said to the angel.

"He won't help you. Ziza was one of the Cherubim that God ordered to stand guard here at The Garden of Eden. He has grown since then, and has mastered The Flaming Sword. If somehow you manage to defeat me, he will kill you as an intruder, and you will go back to Hell either way." Andromalius added.

"It's not fair. I don't belong in Hell." The runner cried.

"You and billions of others. Oh, I didn't know my porn addiction was that bad of a sin. I only committed murder because that guy had it coming. I raped a girl, but my mom knows that I'm a good guy though. But a white cop killed me and it shouldn't matter that I was trying to kill him. I spent my entire life in Congress and never did anything crooked, unless you count voting for things that the country as a whole didn't need. Yeah kid, I hear it all the time." Andromalius said.

The runner stood and tried to run past Ziza until The Flaming Sword flashed past his face and removed his left arm at the bicep, the wound cauterizing before the arm hit the ground. The runner stumbled backwards and found his throat in the vice-like grip of Andromalius' hand.

"Please Andromalius, keep your trash out of here. This is the most wondrous Garden that ever existed. We'd like to keep it clean." Ziza told him.

"I do my best, brother." Andromalius said with a grin just before throwing the runner down the shaft. He then walked over and kicked the arm down after him.

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