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The Crystal Skull Eternity

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Blind Selfish Thievery

Oh no. The sound of glass clinking on concrete accosts my ears. Oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Oh please don't be broken. I can't bear to open my eyes and look, but it sounds like it's still rolling over the pavement. Thank goodness for heavy, thick glass. Police sirens blare behind me, and I open my eyes, racing to pick it up.
The bottle jolts to a halt against a rusted green dumpster. I gasp as the black cap cracks off and the clear, expensive liquid of the gods bleeds out, wasted, soaking the pavement.
"Aaah!" Just as I'm about to pick it up, I swear, a guy tumbles out from the bottle neck! One second, it's whiskey, and the next, a full grown guy comes somersaulting out. My heart jackhammers against my chest. "Where the hell did you come from?" I squeak. "Who are you?"
The guy stands on shaky legs, examining his jeans and hoodie like he's never seen his outfit before, and runs his hands over his body as though he's just acquired it and is trying to figure out what he looks like. Crazy. Obviously crazy. Probably on drugs. Not that I can talk since, apparently, I'm seeing things too.
Sirens draw closer, so I pick up my half-empty bottle and dart down another alley, pulling my black cap down over my eyes, and making sure my long hair stays tucked up inside.
"Wait?" I hear him call behind me, in an accent I can't decipher at the moment. "Miss!"
I keep running, but scream again as he appears right in front of me. "Today is your lucky day," he says.
"Leave me alone!" I run around him.
"Well, okay, if you don't want your three wishes."
He's in front of me again. "Aah! Stop doing that!" I curl my hands into fists at my side.
"Wiiiiiisheeees," he taunts, as though they are some physical manifestation he can dangle before my eyes.
"I don't know what you're talking about. Please move. I need to get out of here. Now."
"Sure," he smiles, "Where to?"
I roll my eyes, laughing. Mustering as much sarcasm as I can, I say, "Okay, sure. Fine. I wish we were far away from here. Now I'm going to run away, and you will leave me alone."
I take one step around him, into the dark alley on a cold Manhattan night. By the time my foot touches the ground, the sun is blinding me and I fall on my hands and knees onto hot, yellow sand.
I feel my eyes bugging out of my head and my breath catches in my throat. When I speak, my voice comes out as a whisper. "Where am I?"
He appears before me again. "You're far away," he says, "just like you wished."

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