Can You Dream?

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Chapter 24 Barely Listening

‘What’s the reason?’

‘Could any reason discount for the killing of your own children?’

River held a frustration beneath his skin that turned me on

He was going to enjoy this just as much as me

‘I was just asking.’

‘Well Christ, the murderers are right in front of you.’

He stood far away just waiting and watching

I walked over to the father

Sweat revealing his true scent

His eyes the image of a painting

And his skin... beautiful

I sat on his lap, just to get closer

I touched his cheek and whispered


‘Huh... why?’

I looked at him in surprise

I like his voice

But I wasn’t talking to him

‘Who was speaking to you?’

I got off of him disgusted by something he did

But something I couldn’t recall

‘Is it true what you did?’

He lowered his head

‘Do you have some kind of disorder?’

He looked at me with failing shame for what he did

I held no pity for him

I slapped the cheek I admired in pleasure and pain

What a shame

I walked away from him

‘Hi mother.’

I stood there in front of her

Admiring her neck

I couldn’t wait to hold it in my hand

To close my eyes

To capture the sound of each bone break and fracture in her neck

‘Are you going to answer my question pretty lady?’

‘What is this... hell?’

She looked around the room and my eye caught the rosary around her neck

‘You two are frustrating me, answer my fucking questions.’

She stared at me

Our eyes locked

She tugged at my heart strings

‘River, she’s evil.’

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