Can You Dream?

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Chapter 25 Killer

‘Stand right there, don’t move.’

I watched as her chest heaved and danced with the rosary around her neck

She stood there naked and trembling in her own sweat and the dry air

I wrote on her stomach ‘killher’ with a pale pink lipstick I found in her purse

‘She looked better with clothes on, don’t you agree?’

He smiled and held me with his eyes

I walked up to her

Her body against mine, her hair stood on edge beautifully

I grasped her neck and played with the crevice in her throat

Then I slid my fingers around her neck, she closed her eyes

I rubbed my hands around the back of her head

Then I backed away and placed my finger on her lips

Then I placed my hand around her mouth

Then I slammed her head against the wall

Blood splattered on the canvas as if I had killed a little bug

Just she wasn’t dead

She sat on the floor holding herself



Her skin bruising

I picked her up then I slammed her head against the same part on the wall again

A bigger splatter

A deader bug

She withered to the floor lying there

Barely conscious

I picked her up and she resisted more

I slapped her and slammed her head again

Now the back of her head



A mess

River had gotten a seat and I didn’t even notice

He sat there watching with a look of entertainment and happiness

‘Is this entertaining you?’

He smiled

I took my hair out of the ponytail

And asked myself out loud

‘Does no one answer my questions?’ I smiled to myself

Then I looked at him with admiration

I sat on his lap

‘Thank you.’

I kissed him to show my appreciation

And he kissed back to show me how he felt

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