Can You Dream?

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Chapter 26 Bravado & Tears

‘Don’t shake. I hate to see you tremble.’

I danced around him

Twirling like a little girl in the summer breeze

I could smell him more and more

His scent made my nerves quiver and my senses stood on edge

I held the father and I our heads were close together like we were taking a picture

‘I like him River.’

River smirked and let out a sound I couldn’t hear

I turned away from River and looked at the father with complete certainty

‘When she wakes up, I want to let you know I’m going to break her neck.

I want you to watch okay?’

He let out a weak childish sob that made him unappealing

‘Shut up!’

I untied him from the chair

‘Stand up.’

He was taller than I anticipated

I heard River move closer

Protecting me

I began to unbuttoned his shirt and I moved my hands up his chest

To his shoulders

Then I pulled off his shirt

His arms were amazing

Then I looked at him and smiled

He smiled back

I made a frown and I punched him



I grabbed his hair and threw him on the floor

I kicked him in the stomach then straddled his body

I grabbed his face with both hands and said

‘You’re gorgeous when you cry.’

I punched him again

And again

And again

Until my hand started to hurt

Blood drained from his eyes mixed with his tears

I smeared it off his face

‘I love the sight of you like this, it’s perfect.’

I heard his wife making noises, I smiled

‘Why look, mommy’s awake.’

He screamed then pushed me off and ran to her

My shoulder hit the chair

‘You two look so ugly together.’

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