Can You Dream?

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Chapter 27 Bleeding Heart

‘Get away from her you pig!’

River faced him

‘If I were you, I’d listen.’

He got up and stood his ground by his wife’s barely conscious side

‘I’m not afraid of you two.’

His confidence was turning my stomach

‘Is that right?’ I smiled

‘Baby get up, we have to go.’

She slowly got up and the blood from the back of her head smeared his arm like a paintbrush

I watched them in amusement

He walked to the closest door

Holding her

Protecting her

I watched them in amusement

And I followed

I followed quietly

When I got close enough I closed my eyes

Searched for her neck in my darkness

I grasped and heard every bone shift in her

And I opened my eyes and watched as her body fell to the ground with grace

Then I slammed his body next to the wall

And he turned around to me in shock

A tear shed from his closed eyes

I walked close to him and kissed his neck then whispered in his ear

‘The doors locked, you idiot.’

I took a razor from my pocket and grazed it across his chest

Ever so lightly

Then I deepened the pressure

As I went lower and lower

He pushed me off again

And without any warning

River walked up and slit his throat

Then he grabbed him by the neck

Blood seeped from the space between his fingers

He tightened his grasp

Then River threw him on the floor

He walked over to my distracted body

Smitten by the art that was just performed

Then he picked me up

He held me and I watched the father bleed out

The blood creating an image of a heart

Just for me

On my day

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