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The Rogue Alpha

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22 year old DoJo hasn't felt like herself since her mother died. When her grandma tells her about a family cabin she never knew about she's intrigued. She invites her best friend, who is like a brother to her, but things start getting weird as soon as they see the sign for Wolfville. The locals treat her badly before going to the cabin, and her dreams only get worse the first night she's there. Soon she's discovering secrets and prophecies, but can she handle it all?

Fantasy / Adventure
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Just Me

I've never thought I was anything special. Sure I'm the oldest child of an oldest child, but someone has to be in every family, without the one you can't get to the other numbers.

My grandma is the Matriarch of our family, I call her Oma. What she says goes.

My mother died recently.

Since then I've been having weird dreams. I don't remember most of the details. Just images of running through the woods, fast, low to the ground, and the feeling of searching for something.

I'm 22, but I have to carry my ID on me at all times, because I routinely get stopped by truancy officers who think I'm a student skipping school. I hate looking young. Everyone tells me it's a blessing, but personally I find it a pain.

My Oma listened patiently as I complained. Then she laughed playfully and told me, "You'll feel differently some day. "

I groaned, "I wouldn't count on that if I were you."

"What's really bothering you?" She asked, passing me a cup of hot chocolate.

I grab a handful of mini marshmallows and toss them on top. "Oh, like being mistaken for being the same age as my baby brother, yet again, isn't enough to rile me up?"

"It never has gotten you this upset before."

I groan loudly, followed by taking a huge gulp of my hot chocolate and mini marshmallows.

My grandma stares at me, not letting me escape her questioning.

I rolled my eyes. Finally I admitted, "Since Ma died I've been having trouble sleeping, I'm restless and don't feel like myself."

"Sounds like you need a connection vacation." She told me. Then she reached for her phone.

I enjoy my hot chocolate, and ignore her phone call, that's her business. As I reached the bottom of my cup she hung up and declared, "It's all set!"

"What is?" I asked, caught completely off guard.

"You're going to be spending the next two weeks at the Shade family cabin."

"The what?"

"I'm not repeating myself." She stated sternly.

"I thought our whole family was poor. Where did a family cabin come from?" I reached for more hot chocolate, this time putting the mini marshmallows in first.

"We don't talk about it much." Oma explained, "We're allowed access, but most of the family chooses to pretend like it doesn't exist."

"Then why send me?"

Oma laughed. "You need to connect with nature. Your grandpa was 1/4 Native American, and Lord only knows what your biological father was, or is. But I know when someone needs to find themselves, it's best to start by connecting with God's first creation, Earth."

"Fine." I grumbled, "When do I leave?"

"Soon as you pack a bag, and get going. The directions will be texted to you shortly. You may bring A friend if you want."

I caught the emphasis on a, and knew right away who I would want with if I could only have one person. I pulled my phone out and called my best friend, whose more like a big brother to me. He's four years older and shares a Birthday with Oma. He answered on the third ring. I blurted, "Hey bro, wanna go on a two week trip to a cabin, like now?"

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