The Howling Chronicles: The Red Runner

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Being a teenager is hard enough, but add staging a coup to the list and things get a little out of hand. Lena Bach was just a baby when her parents were taken from her and yet fifteen years later, she’s still haunted by nightmares of the deaths she never even witnessed. She is doing her best to prepare for the day when she makes her first shift. That’s the day she can put her plan into motion. But does she want to? Alec Bach has always felt he was missing something from his life. There has always been a void that life in the pack could never quite fill. Then he meets Luci, and suddenly he feels like he has a purpose. He also meets his long-lost cousin and the three are like their own little family. Little do they know that fifteen years ago, Alec’s father's night of sin created a monster that none of them saw coming. Can their make-shift family survive? Or will Lena lose her new family the same way she lost her parents?

Fantasy / Scifi
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Lena was having nightmares again. Vivid, horrifying images of an out of control fire and the sounds of screaming, mixed with the howling of the wind.

No five year old should have to endure this. Agatha thought as she rushed to her granddaughter’s room in the middle of the night.

“Shh.” Agatha soothed her granddaughter. “It’s only a dream. It’s not real.” She whispered, rocking the fragile little girl in her arms.

“The sky was yelling at me again, Aggy.” Lena sobbed as she rubbed her eyes.

“I’m so sorry, baby girl. But you know, these dreams can’t hurt you.” Lena nodded and Agatha brushed the coppery hair from little mismatched eyes.

The clock on the nightstand blinked four a.m. and Agatha sighed. “We have to be up soon anyway if we want to catch that plane. Come on, dear, let’s have some tea.” She stood up and held a hand out to Lena, who bounced from her little bed and stepped lightly after her grandmother.

After sharing a pot of tea and a plate of butter cookies, the pair went over their checklist for the trip to Germany. Via Bach, Lena’s other grandmother, had arranged for them to visit the Harz Mountains. She decided that it was time, and Lena was old enough, to visit her parents’ secret grave. Lena didn’t know about Via, of course. That was just one more secret on the growing list. A list which just became more complicated as the Bach family grew to include one year old Leon and his soon to be born sister, who were cousins to little Lena.

Agatha suspected this was a major part of why Via chose to send them away at that particular time. Leon, cute, innocent and new though he may be, was now an extra player on the field. The line between ‘the honorable thing’ and ‘just a bit too complicated’ was wearing thin. Tensions were running high with the news of Inga’s third pregnancy.

Agatha worried over Inga’s dedication to the cause. Not that she could be blamed, of course. Via didn’t say as much, but even she feared for the future. Inga insisted she could have a hundred pups and still want the future that was planned for Lena, so they continued on.

Agatha mentally prepared herself during the drive to the airport for what lay ahead. So far, Lena had never asked about her parents. But now, Agatha was burdened by the impossible task of explaining to a five year old girl that, not only had her parents been taken from her, but they had not even been completely human.

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