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Ethan fought to control his breathing as Ted released his restraints and a nurse dressed his burns. His seething mind wanted to spew from his mouth in a scream that would break eardrums, burst blood vessels, and cause instant death to all who heard him.

If only he could.

A thought had bounced through his brain, disappeared, and then returned. As the thought blossomed, his heart rate dropped and his body calmed.

His dreams and visions had usually been random events. Now, however, with Memnon and the stimulus of fear applied, Ethan saw a difference in his level of control.

More important, he had felt something of the structure of space. He had sensed time as something other than the linear concept he lived within. And that brought him to Beth. Could he navigate back through time and prevent Beth from running into the lightning bolt?

Ethan had almost no control of his visions on his own, but his captors had the chemical that opened his mind to options previously impossible.

They held a big stick.

Ethan would make them use it.


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