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Kyrain was silent as he dug through Anna's thoughts. It didn't matter how closed off she tried to make her mind, she couldn't keep him out. Kyrain liked to think about if he was a vampire, that he would have been her maker. He's seen all of the corny vampire movies out there, so he knew that their link was much like the...crap what was that TV series he had seen where some blonde girl who worked at a diner and her vampire lover had been linked together because she had drank his blood? Ugh, he couldn't think of it. No matter. It wasn't important, but what was in Anna's mind was.

My, she has been a busy girl. So she knows about Sin and them being brothers then. And she knows Shiva is his sister.

“Naughty, naughty. You shouldn't have pried, Anna.”

“I-I wasn't trying to pry into your messed up family...I wanted to save your brother.”

“Do. Not. Ever. Call. Him. That. Again,” Kyrain hissed.

“Well, it's true. Were you ever going to tell me that Shiva was your sister?”


“Get out of my head, Kyrain. Leave Sin and me alone. Just get out of my life!”

“Kind of hard to get out of your life- when you’re already dead.”

“You know what I mean.”

“Did you ever love me?”

“At one time. But you are the one who screwed that up.”

“Please, it was just a few girls. All we were doing was having fun. I can't help it if you’re a prude.”

“I'm not a prude,” Anna said testily.

“Prude. Prude. Prude.”

“Oh my god. Grow up already.”

“One last time, Anna. Be mine or your mortal will have lots of fun coming his way.”

“My answer hasn't changed. Screw off, Kyrain. And yes, for the record, I do love Sin and I am more then sure that he will be way more better in bed than you ever were.”

Kyrain instantly pulled back from Anna's mind. He was seething in anger. He could not believe that she had just gone there.

“SIRA!” Kyrain summoned, from his living room in the mortal realm.

“You rang?” Sira said, irritably, having teleported into his living room.

Kyrain motioned for her to sit down in the chair in front of him. There was plenty of room on his sectional couch where he was sitting, but he didn't want her to get any ideas that he looked upon her as an equal.

“Is there a reason you haven't done as I asked?” Kyrain gave Sira a hard stare.

Sira was the first to look away. “Timing hasn't felt right.” She said.

“The time is ripe now. I want it done. Now.” Kyrain's voice deepened as his anger rose.

Sira knew better than to argue with him. Very few demigods could wipe out an entire race of demons but she knew for a fact that Kyrain was one of them.

“As you will it so shall it be,” Sira said.

“Good. Leave me.” Kyrain waved his hand, dismissing her.

He rolled his eyes as Sira teleported out of his house. Very few beings could use magic within his home; the mischief demons were one of the few. That being said, they were still no match for him, and he knew they knew it.

Kyrain had half a mind to tell Sira that she was free to cause harm to Anna, but then if something was to happen to his girl-Kyrain wasn't sure if he would be all that happy about it. So he let it be; for now.

Kyrain had never been a jealous man, but every time he thought about Anna and Sin, he felt jealousy rear its ugly head. He wanted Anna. And he was sure all that want didn't just stem from his desire to rule the underworld. But he refused to admit it out loud. Kyrain sat back on the couch and picked up his controller.

He would go back to his game and let Sira deal with Sin. Killing a few zombies would definitely make him feel a lot better. Having a soul collector break a rule would do as well, but as it was, they were walking a fine line – all, but Anna. Yet he couldn't bring himself to hurt her anymore than he already had, at least not physically.

Kyrain comforted himself in the thought that one way or another Anna would be his. Turning to the big flat screen TV, Kyrain took all his frustration out on the zombies that crawled across the screen.


All in all, Sin thought he handled the news of his oncoming death rather well. So what if he had confessed his love for Anna, and then had ran away like a scared little girl? Anna hadn't responded well when he told her he loved her. Instead of telling Sin that she felt the same, or even telling him she thought he was insane, she had shut down on him. Just like the day when he had found her in the cell phone store, and they had went in search of a food joint. She had shut down on him then too.

This time her shut down had pushed him over the edge. He didn't care what it would do to her to have him dash to his bike, and peel rubber as he sped out of the park. All he had cared about was getting as far away from her as possible. If she didn't love him like he did her, then there was nothing more to say between them. He was going to die, and by god, he was going to make the best of the short time he had left.

Yet, despite what he had originally planned, he had done nothing but lock himself up in Mike's two-bedroom apartment, and he wasn't about to leave any time soon. The day had come.

“You need to get out man. How long has it been since you showed up at the bar and asked if you could stay with me? What, like two weeks? Seriously what ever happened between you and that hot little number is yawls business, but I can't have you staying here for much longer,” Mike told Sin.

Sin continued to ignore Mike. He absently flipped through the channels on the TV. His phone had been buzzing in his pocket again but he didn't bother looking at it; he already knew it was Anna. She had been trying to reach him since he had left her at the park. Too bad. Sin thought.

Why should he talk to her when she had refused to acknowledge him when he told her he loved her? In his opinion, she could go to hell. Laughter rose in his gut, it was a funny thought considering she has already been there.

“Dude! Are you even listening to me?” Mike asked angrily.

“No,” A bored Sin said.


Mike threw up his hands. He had just about enough of Sin's pity party. Whatever had happened to his best bud had something to do with the babe he had seen at the bar. If Sin wasn't going to get out and fix it, then Mike would. He already knew how to get a hold of the girl. While Sin had been sleeping, Mike had trolled through Sin's phone and gotten her number and name.

“Whatever,” Mike muttered, and walked away.

Mike slammed the door on his way out of his apartment. He had a business to run and it was less than a couple of hours before six pm. He lived right behind the club, so it made it easy to get to work when all he had to do was walk a few blocks.

That was fine with Mike though. He had lost his license a long time ago, and there was no way he would ever be able to it back.

Mike unlocked the doors to his club and strolled right in. He turned on the lights and got everything ready for the day. It only took him an hour to get his club up and running. He went ahead and grabbed himself a cold beer from the cooler and walked to the calendar. Today’s date - September 18th.

Damn, he thought, the health inspector will be by his club in a few days. Mike would have to make sure it looked pristine if he wanted to pass the inspection.

Figuring he had plenty of time before his customers would be piling through the doors, Mike sat down on a stool and whipped out his phone.

“Hello?” The girl asked hesitantly on the other end.

“Is this Anna?” Mike asked.

“Yea. Who is this?” she asked.

“This is Mike. I don't know if you remember me from the club, but I was calling in regards to Sin.”

“OH, MY GOD! Is he okay? Did something happen to him?”

“He is fine. Moping around on my couch, but fine. Look I don't care what happened between you two, but I want him off my couch. Can you swing by my place later on tonight and talk to him?”

“He doesn’t want to talk to me.”

“Not my problem. You got a pen and paper?”

“Hang on.”

“Okay, got it.”

“Good. Write this down: 6293 E. Ballard Street. Apartment B. That's my address.”

“Thank you.”

“Oh, and Anna?”


“Go get your man. Good luck girl.”

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