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Anna laid her hand on the book. She would have to loose more blood because it had been awhile since she had fed the book. She knew it would cooperate with her better if she fed it first. So she picked up the needle off of the floor, jabbed her index finger and poised her finger over the book, letting one single drop of blood land on the sapphire jewel. The jewel moved and the dark hole opened wide enough for her to stick her finger in.

She allowed the book to feed until it got its fill and then, upon releasing her finger, the jewel closed over the hole once more. Anna could feel the contentment radiating off of the book.

“Sorry, old friend. Please show me Persephone's passage,” Anna gently ordered the book.

She held the book in the palm of her hands and waited. It took mere seconds for the book to flip open to the passage she had read before.

Sin leaned over Anna, careful not to bump her hip while he read the passage. Reading, he went from disbelief, to shocked, to awe, and back to disbelief. Though he had just read the passage with his own eyes, he just couldn't wrap his head around it.

He had read every book about the Greek gods and not once had they ever mentioned Hades and Persephone having had children. He had also been led to believe that Persephone was a god, not a mortal. And while the books had never been updated, he didn't think it possible to turn a god into stone. It was fascinating and sad all at the same time. To have had a loving mother only to lose her forever was crushing. And to know that he had siblings just as diabolical as his mortal father, was absolutely disheartening for him.

But despite the far-fetched passage, he was a believer. He had Anna to thank for that. If he could have a girlfriend who was a soul collector and who had willed herself mortal, then he supposed he could have a demon for a father, and two demigods for siblings. Though that did put him at a slight disadvantage being he was a mutt without a drop of godlike blood in him.

“What now?” He asked.

Sira gestured around her. “Now I collect the bodies of our family, and return them to the underworld. As for you, whatever happens next is up to you. You are aware of who you are now. My job is done,” Sira said.

“Won't my brother punish you for not harming me?” Sin asked.

“Ah, but I did harm you, nephew. I kicked your butt after all,” Sira grinned.

Sin had to laugh. “Indeed,” he agreed. His side still hurt from her inflicting her claws on him, but he knew the wounds were superficial.

Oh, he couldn't wait! It was time she realized her place. And that place was beside him.

Kyrain was starting to get impatient waiting for Sin. He would give Sin fifteen more minutes before he would go into the club and lure him out.


Sin had only planned on going to the club to pay Mike the money he owed him for the damages to his apartment, but he had lost track of time. He drank a few beers and told Mike once more the version he and Anna had come up with to explain the shape of his friend’s apartment.

“It was like I said before. After you called Anna, she caught a ride with what she thought was a taxi driver, only it was some guy that had been pumped up on drugs posing as a taxi driver. The guy followed Anna up to the apartment, he busted the door in because I had locked it. I was in the process of undressing to get in the shower, but went into the living room to investigate the noise. That was when I saw Anna was being held hostage at gunpoint. I freaked out and lunged for him, but he shoved Anna aside and started shooting. I guess he must have shot your window out or something, because all I know is glass was flying everywhere.”

“Anna ran to your bedroom and grabbed your samurai sword off your mantle. When she ran back in the living room, I was still struggling to get the gun out of the guy’s hand, and the gun went off. It grazed Anna's hip and she fell to the floor. I got a good kick in, that temporarily stunned the guy and made a dash for the sword.”

“I grabbed the sword and told the guy to drop the gun. He didn't listen and instead tried to advance on me. So I swung the sword and decapitated him,” Sin lied.

Sin took a long swig of his beer. He knew his story had a crap ton of holes in it, like the amount of blood in the apartment, and how his side had been scratched up, or even how the police hadn't been able to get any solid sample of blood that wasn't the taxi driver’s blood. Sin was sure there were more holes than just those, but he couldn't think of any more.

Mike leaned against the bar, watching Sin very closely as he told the story. Mike didn't believe one word Sin had said, but he wasn’t going to call him out on it. Sin had his reasons for being less than honest with Mike, and while he respected those reasons, he wasn't happy that he had come home to a bloody, destroyed apartment. Not to mention that when he arrived, no one was there, just the body. So, it was Mike who had called the cops.

Before the cops had shown up at his apartment, he had called Sin's cell. Fortunately for Sin he had picked up. Sin had told Mike the same story that he had just told Mike now, and when the cops asked, Mike backed up Sin's story. Only, Mike added a lie saying that he had seen the whole thing. It would have looked very bad for Sin if Mike hadn't backed up his story. But being the good guy he was, he didn't want to see his friend go down for something he was sure Sin didn't intentionally do.

As far as the state of his apartment went, Mike made it clear to Sin that he would be the one to pay for any damages the landlord wouldn’t cover. Sin could afford it and Mike couldn't. Plus Sin owed it to Mike since he wasn't going to be honest with him.

Mike reached under the counter of the bar and pulled a cold beer from the cooler. He popped the tab and took a swig. Normally he would sneak a drink in before or after work, never during but today he just didn't care. Mike figured he deserved it after the three weeks he had been through.

“So what happened to Anna?” Mike asked.

Sin set the beer back on the counter; he spun the bottle on the counter in between his palms and didn't look up. That question made his heart ache. Anna had warned him that she wouldn't be mortal for much longer, but he hadn't expected it to be so soon. He missed her furiously and though he was more than sure she was still hanging around, she had yet to contact him.

“She left town...” Sin said.

Mike nodded and tilted his head back. He drained his beer and tossed the bottle in the trash can behind him.

“Sorry man. I know that must be hard on you. Are you guys still in contact?”

Sin shook his head side to side.

“That sucks man,” Mike said, sympathetically.

Sin couldn't agree more. He missed her more than he had missed any girl he had been involved with. He couldn't bring himself to move on; Anna was his heart.

“Can I get some service over here?” Some one asked impatiently off to Sin's right.

“Duty calls. Keep your chin up man. I would say, you’re welcome to crash with me anytime. But, after the last time...” Mike trailed off.

“It's cool.” Sin said.

Mike nodded. Sin turned away from Mike and watched the crowd of people that was dancing to some lame song. He was envious of the happy go lucky patrons; it felt like it had been years since he had been so carefree. But without Anna, he didn't feel like he could be happy again.

Sin stood up and grabbed his wallet out of his back pocket. He laid a generous tip for Mike under his half emptied beer and pushed his way through the crowd and out the door.

Kyrain watched as Sin finally came out of the club. He started to trail Sin. When they had reached a deserted alley, Kyrain felt it was the perfect place to throw his plan into motion - he willed himself human.

“Yo, man. Hold up,” Kyrain called to Sin.

Sin stopped and turned around as Kyrain caught up to him.

“Can I help you?” Sin asked.

Kyrain sneered at Sin. He wanted to gloat and taunt Sin, but at any moment someone could turn down the alley and screw up his plans.

He held his palm out in front of Sin and manifested a dagger.

Sin's eyes grew wide and his jaw dropped.

“Yea, I believe you can...” Kyrain plunged the dagger deep into Sin's heart, “by giving me your soul.”

Blood seeped from the corner of Sin's mouth, and his head dropped down to the dagger that was sticking out of his chest, and then his legs buckled. Knees hitting the ground first, Sin fell over onto his side. With the little strength he had, he rolled over on his back and tried to speak, but chocking on his own blood, only a few syllables came out.



Kyrain knelt down to Sin's level. He had already willed himself as a collector again, and he knew Sin would be able to see him because he was dying.

“Shh....don't speak brother. Soon you will be home and then we will have all the time in the world to talk. For now, do me a favor and die so I can take your soul,” Kyrain said coldly.

Kyrain watched as the light faded from Sin's eyes. He could hear each heartbeat in Sin's chest thump slower and slower, until finally the thumping stopped.

Sin felt like he was floating, and when he looked down, he saw that he was really indeed floating - floating above his body. Crap. Anna is going to be furious.

Kyrain took a small box no bigger than a ring box from his pocket. He opened the box, pointing it at Sin, and watched as Sin's soul was sucked into the box.

“Let's go home, brother,” Kyrain said.

Kyrain rose, then flew toward the concrete road. Passing through the concrete, through the dirt under the road, and through earth’s very core, he passed through everything that stood in between him and the underworld.

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