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Kyrain was fuming. He had felt Anna's interest in Sin. The interest she had felt had nothing to do with collecting his soul. She wanted to date Sin. How could she do this to him? Did she not see how much he wanted her? Could she not feel how he wanted to join them together once more? Well, if Anna thought she would be able to date a weak mortal, then she had another thing coming. Being the son of...well let's just say he had a few tricks up his sleeve.

Kyrain’s book felt its master's fury and felt a shiver run literally down its spine. The book knew its master had a nasty temper and whoever it was directed at was in a world of hurt.

It was frowned upon to call the demons of the underworld into a collector’s affairs, but Kyrain would smooth things over with Shiva later. For now, he had a score to settle, one that only he knew about.

Kyrain slipped into the heart of the underworld and stood in the middle of an elaborate maze. He had been in the maze many times before, but that didn’t matter because the maze was ever changing. One time in the maze, Kyrain had ended up at The Door to a Thousand Deaths. At the time he hadn't known what that black door opened to, only that he was hoping it would take him to The Door of Dark Desires. If it wasn't for Shiva coming along and redirecting him, he would have stepped through the black door. Had he walked through that door, Shiva had told him, he would have become mortal-a mortal that would die a thousand times over, feeling the pain of each death. It was an inescapable cycle.

The door, however, that Kyrain was looking for, Shiva later told him, was crimson red, and behind that door was every dark desire anyone could ever dream off. She also told him that the crimson door he wanted had been impossible to find for over three hundred thousand years.

This time, Kyrain felt confident he would find the place he was looking for, due to the experience with the maze he had and the ability to track where he was headed. It also helped that the demons he was looking for had a distinct smell to them.

There were many demons in the underworld and they all served a purpose. The specific demons Kyrain was searching for had a devious nature and a reputation for making harmless trouble. However, he wasn't going to bring out the heavy artillery just yet.

As Kyrain walked through the present maze that seemed to be as high as the ceiling and go on forever, he managed to time when the maze would shift. He also had a sense of when a creature would suddenly jump out of nowhere and try to consume his soul.

Kyrain knew how to defend himself for he was the only soul collector that could shoot fire from his palms. This was why he should be ruler. It was his birthright.

A lone vine reached out to him. Its thorns dug into his solid form. If it was anyone else they had attacked, they would have withered in pain from the thorns poison-but Kyrain wasn't just anyone; Kyrain was immune to all the poison and other dangers that came with traveling through the maze.

“Leave me,” Kyrain hissed at the vine.

At the sound of Kyrain's voice, the vine recoiled. It melted back into the wall of the maze, comforted in the thought that it was shielded from the pure evil that was radiating off the man walking through its passages. It would not bother this man again.

Kyrain was getting bored, disappointed that the maze wasn't putting up a good enough fight. But then he wasn't really so surprised, because Shiva had always granted him access to the maze anytime he desired and it would go easy on him.

After many twists and turns, and some getting lost and turned around, Kyrain finally made it; he was at the demons cove! He watched flashes of strobe lights flicker off the cave walls and heard loud music and voices from deep within the cave. The smell of sulfur and rotten meat drifted from the cave, slinking into Kyrain's nostrils.

He was in the right place alright. Kyrain held his head high as he took quick long strides into the cave. The demons would do his bidding or he would personally cause their execution.

“Yes. I'm looking for a phone that I can make calls on,” Anna answered.

The sales guy laughed. Anna had to strain her eyes to read his name tag. Jake. She didn't see what was so funny. She glared at Jake to let him know that she didn't find her predicament as funny as he did. That sobered him up and he cleared his throat. Anna didn't miss the fact that he stepped back ever so slightly.

“Sorry, Miss. I didn't mean to offend you. As to what you are looking for, you need to be a little more specific as any phone you see can make calls. What specific type of phone are you looking for?”

“I don't know a lot about phones. I just want to be able to make calls, receive them, and maybe text,” Anna tried to clarify.

Jake gave her a dumbfounded look. “Any of these phones will do that. Do you want to receive picture texts? Do you prefer to type with t9 or a keyboard? Do you want a touch screen or one you have to press buttons? Do you want 3g or 4g? Do you want to go with a plan or would you prefer to pay as you go? Do you...”

Before Jake could ask any further questions Anna cut him off, “Do you have a phone that is standard? I prefer a prepaid. I don't care about the rest; just give me the cheapest phone you have that has what I want. Okay, Jake?” Anna smiled sweetly at him even though she wanted to slap him.

“I think we may have something like that. Wait right here.” Jake walked off to consult with an older salesman.

Anna was slightly annoyed at being asked to wait. That's all she has been doing for some so many odd years-waiting. Waiting on people to die, then again waiting on the next person to die. Ugh, she was so sick of waiting.

Her arms crossed over her busty chest. Today she had chosen to wear a simple blue cotton shirt which matched her eyes perfectly. It also showed a little of her cleavage. She also donned a pair of jeans and black flip flops. As usual her hair was tied back in a ponytail.

A soft chime rang out, indicating a customer had walked through the doors. Out of pure reaction Anna turned her head to locate the source even though she knew what had caused the chime. However, Anna gasped when she saw who had come in.

“Fancy seeing you here. Is your cell phone broke too?” Sin asked.

He didn't bother to acknowledge the sales people; instead he walked right over to Anna. He had done little else but to think about her since he had left the club last night.

Anna made a mental note to close her mouth; she knew it was hanging open.

“Umm, yea,” Anna lied, hoping to cover how pathetic she really was.

Sin then opened his mouth, but before he could say anything, Jake had crossed the room and was standing beside Anna with a selection of cell phones in his hand. Sin was mildly annoyed at the interruption.

“These are what we have, Miss. Granted, they are not the most up to date cell phones but they are cheap and will get the job done.”

Anna's face flushed in embarrassment. She could have died right then and there, but then again she was already dead. Right! Anna sneaked a glance at Sin and saw his eyes go from the cell phones back to her. She could see the wheels turning in his head. Great. Now he will know that she had lied and he would think that she was just some desperate poor girl.

“Thanks, but I've changed my mind,” Anna mumbled, trying to save face. She didn't care how bad she wanted Sin's soul; she wasn't about to embarrass herself any further.

Anna turned to leave the store, but before she could even take a step, Sin placed a hand on her shoulder. “Anna?”

Sighing, Anna turned her head to see the confused look in Sin's eyes. For once she actually felt bad about lying.

“I...I don't have a cell phone. I didn't want to tell you and have you think...well I'm not sure what I thought you would think, but the point is, I lied to you. I'm sorry, Sin.”

Anna watched Sin's face go from confused, to bewildered, to angry. She had been caught and he would now label her as a lying sleaze! Hold on. Is he laughing at me? Sure enough, Sin had broken into laughter.

Anna's emotions took a turn for the worse. She hated to be laughed at.

“Why the hell are you laughing? I just apologized to you and confessed that I had lied and all you can do is laugh? Aren't you gonna yell at me and then walk away leaving me feeling like a total crap about myself?” Her voice had risen with each question until she was practically growling at him.

He had to say this was the hottest experience for him, seeing the color rising to her cheeks, and fire blazing in her sky blue eyes as her temper heightened. It all drove him wild. God help him. Sin was developing something akin to feelings for this honey-blonde haired girl.

Anna had to give Jake credit. He didn't even react to her outburst but stayed standing, holding the phones like a girl yelling at one of his customers was an everyday occurrence.

“Sorry,” Sin apologized, holding up his hands in defense.

“Don't apologize,” Anna snapped at him.

“Look I wasn't laughing at you. I swear, Anna. It's just...well I've never had a girl care enough to lie to me about having a phone when she didn't, just to find her buying one so she could call me,” Sin stated, further embarrassing Anna.

“Who said I was buying a cell phone to call you?” Anna shot back, even though in this case Sin was right.

Sin chuckled and shook his head. “Do you know anything about cell phones?” He asked.

Anna was tempted to tell him that she did, but then she thought about it. Her job was to collect his soul, would it really hurt if she shadowed him until she did collect his soul? She saw no harm in bonding with him.

“Not really,” Anna answered.

“Miss? Do you want to take a look at the phones I have brought you?” Jake huffed.

Jake was getting annoyed that he had gone through all the trouble to bring the cute girl a selection of phones only to have gotten ignored because of some biker-looking dude.

Anna had forgotten he was still standing there. Before she could respond, Sin beat her to it, “No. I will help her find the perfect phone. Thank you anyway.” Sin dismissed Jake.

Jake look put out but he had enough sense to know that any protest on his part wouldn't bode well for him. Instead, Jake gave Sin a shitty look and left them to help his other potential customers.

But, having Sin answer for her just angered Anna, Who does he think he is!?

I can answer for myself, thank you,” Anna said as she delivered him a pointed stare.

She hadn't said anything about him answering for her at the club last night, because the bartender hadn't really asked her directly. But this? She would not stand for it. Her whole life, and even after she had gotten mixed up with Kyrain and became a soul collector, she had to withstand having her voice silenced. Having someone talk for her was a big pet peeve of hers. One she wouldn't tolerate if she didn't have to.

Sorry,” Sin said.

“I told you not to apologize,” Anna said. She was clearly still hostile towards him.

“You're one complicated woman, Anna.” Sin gave an exasperated sigh. At this point, he didn't feel like he could win for loosing. Anna was the only woman that didn't fall for his charms. It was both interesting and infuriating at the same time. Sin wanted to find out more about this woman. He wanted to wrap her up in his arms and love her. It was crazy, but sometimes love came at the most unexpected moments.

Do I love her? Sin wasn't sure. What he was sure of was that he cared about her even if they had just met. She looked so familiar to him, but he couldn't quite place her. She was a mystery and Sin was more than up to the challenge of solving her.

Anna couldn't disagree with him. She let the subject drop as Sin spent the next half hour giving her a crash course on which cell phone she should buy. They played around on almost all of the display phones until she decided on an Android with 4g. It was a pretty cool looking phone and it came with her choice of a colored case. Anna picked her favorite color-a light blue case with purple sparkles.

Sin took the brand new phone from her. He had to suppress a grin as he saved his number into her contacts. He even set it up so he was the first one on speed dial. Then he called his number from her phone so that way he would have her number-least she forget to let him have it later. He placed her speed dial and then flashed her his charming smile. He would win her over. His mind was set.

As they walked out of the store, Anna was cheesing, but her smile faded when a familiar voice invaded her mind.

I see you found him.” It was Kyrain's smooth voice filling Anna's head.

“With your help,” Anna responded.

“I think I’m ready to collect on that favor now,taunting Anna.

“Your timing really sucks...” Anna said.

Kyrain chuckled darkly. “I know Anna. I know you are falling for him. Shall I tell Shiva? Maybe if you came to me, then we could work something out. I know you must need to feed soon, now that you are in mortal form.”

“I'm okay for now. Thanks for your concern.” Anna was lying through her teeth. Truth be known, she was starving and it wasn't for mortal food either. If she didn't feed soon then her soul would drift back to the underworld, and Shiva would put her on lock down. That old croon didn't like Anna, and never had.

The pressure in Anna's skull ceased as Kyrain pulled back. She gritted her teeth and tried to push on despite the stomach cramps she was having. She gave a shake of her head and noticed she and Sin had stopped walking. She saw the strange look on his face, making her wonder how long they had been standing there.

“Anna?” Sin said cautiously while waving his hand over her face.

Anna blinked from the motion of his hand. The pressure in her head was gone, but she still felt a huge headache coming on-a draw back to being in mortal form.

“Were you saying something?” Anna asked Sin, trying to pretend nothing had happened.

“Yea...I asked where you parked.” Sin was still looking at her weird.

“Oh. Umm, I don't have a car. I walked here.” She gave a shrug.

Sin continued to study her. There was something she wasn't telling him. He half wondered if she had some spacing disorder. It would explain her blankness. As freaked out as he was, he was still intrigued by her.

“I'm sorry. I must have spaced out for a second.” Anna but her lip feeling self-conscious under the scrutiny of Sin's stare.

“Anna...we have been standing here for twenty minutes. I was seconds away from calling the paramedics. Are you okay?” Sin was sincerely concerned.

Anna felt a tug in her chest. How long had it been since someone was truly worried about her? She didn't think there had ever been a time anyone had been honestly concerned for her. It felt nice.

“Are you hungry?” Anna changed the subject.

Sin gave her a long look and smiled, “Woman, I’m always hungry.” He chuckled at his joke.

Anna laughed with him. She didn't know of any place to eat around here, because she really needed to get out and explore the town when she had the time. When you have the time? You're never gonna have the time; there is always a soul that is in need of being collected, she thought to herself.

“What would you recommend?” Anna asked Sin

The question was meant to prevent him from asking her first and her having to come up with a reason as to why she had no answer. Anna was very proud of her cleaver measures, until Sin turned the tables on her.

“I don't care. Wherever you want to go is good with me.”

Anna bit her lip out of a nervous habit. She racked her brains. Surely on her walk over here to the cell phone store she had seen some sort of restaurant. Her mind decided now would be a time to go blank, and therefore, she had nothing.

“Umm. Umm.” Anna tried but it seemed her mouth had decided to take a mini vacation.

Sin chuckled and shook his head. “I know a good spot. We can't walk there'll have to ride with me.” Sin gave Anna a mischievous grin.

Anna didn't know why he was grinning at her like that, but she soon found out as they walked up to a sweet motorcycle. Anna didn't normally like two wheeled vehicles-r any type of vehicle- but she had to appreciate the custom rims, the polished dark blue frame, and well everything about the bike.

“Wow...” Anna breathed.

Sin nodded and ran his hand over the bike like he was caressing a lover. His Harley was his pride and joy and he would freak if it was ever left out in the rain without a cover. He treated it like a baby, and rode it like a champ. He had never let any woman ride on it with him, but he wanted to share it with Anna.

Anna found herself thinking about that hand running through her hair. Luckily, Sin was too preoccupied admiring his own bike that he didn't notice the blush creeping across her face.

“She is a beauty, huh?” Sin slung his leg over the seat of the motorcycle and strapped his helmet on.

“You gonna stand there or get on?”

Anna couldn't see his face but he patted the seat behind him. She stopped admiring the bike long enough to feel the icy fear compressing her chest. She had a choice to make. She could either refuse to get on the bike and ruin the chance to bond with a guy she liked, or she could suck up her fears and go along for the ride. The latter won out.

Anna swung her leg over the seat behind him. She was grateful she was wearing jeans- it would have been real awkward to be wearing a skirt while sitting with her legs spreads.

Anna's feet sought out the back pegs on his bike. She picked the black helmet up off the back of the bike and strapped it on. She found she wasn't sure what to hold on to.”

What do I...umm...?” Anna was unwilling to finish the question.

“You can hold on to the back of the bike or you can put your arms around my waist.”

Anna glanced back and knew there was no way she would be holding on to the bike. She wrapped her arms around Sin's waist. She could feel his muscles move under his shirt as he kick started the bike and revved the engine. He took off faster than Anna had expected. Instinctively, her arms tightened around him and her body involuntary drew closer to his. She felt his body tense. His already muscular physique became even more defined. Her face felt on fire at the way her own body reacted to their close proximity. Still it didn't stop her from clinging to Sin like her life depended on it.

Anna swore she had a mini heart attack when Sin ran a red light at the exact moment a red Honda Accord was turning. The car missed them by several inches. She yelled at him over the roar of the motorcycle. Even if she couldn't hear his soft response, she could feel his shoulders shake and the deep rumble of his chest as he laughed at her colorful language.

Sin drove them clear across town. His driving wasn't terrible, but it still scared the crap out of her. Anna made a mental note to buy a car and hire a personal driver - soon. This man was going to kill himself by his driving, but that would be impossible - he will be dying of a gunshot wound, is what she was told.

They took a sharp turn into a parking lot of a small run-down diner. A light was out in a couple letters of the name, so instead of reading, Dickey Sandwich Shop, it was icky Sandwich hop.

How charming...She thought.

Sin parked the bike in front of the diner and cut the engine. There weren’t any blinds on the windows, so Anna could see enough into the diner to know they were the only customers. The empty parking lot had already confirmed it.

The roar of the bike was cut short- Sin had killed the engine. He took his helmet off and shook out his long hair and climbed off the bike as Anna released her death grip from around his waist. She, too, removed her helmet, but for some reason-probably shock- she was glued to the bike.

“Need some help?” Sin asked through a lopsided grin.

Sin had enjoyed driving Anna around. It felt right having her on the back of his bike. He had loved having her arms locked around his waist, and he couldn't deny the rush he felt from having her so close to him. Having her pressed up against him was a bigger rush than any adrenaline rush he had ever gotten.

“Please,” Anna answered.

Anna was pleased to find the interior of the diner to be much nicer than its exterior. They grabbed a booth by a window and sat across from each other. Soon as they had settled in, a thick pretty waitress came up to their table. She wore a red and white striped dress and a white apron, with pockets, was tied around her mid section. She had bright green eyes that lit up when she smiled at them. The only make-up she wore was gloss on her plump lips and her red hair was tied up in a messy bun. She had on a pair of beige tights that matched her skin, and she was wearing black flats-sensible for her job.

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