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After Anna had left, Kyrain couldn't stop pondering about her not so innocent question: How do doomed souls become saved?

Kyrain wasn't stupid. He knew exactly why she had asked that question and it was obvious she was in love with Sin.

My brother, Kyrain acknowledged to himself.

Kyrain should have known when he produced the image of Sin to Anna, that it was his brother. But that day he had been distracted and hadn't noticed Sin's gold eyes. Nor did the name “Sin” dawn on him. As far as Kyrain was concerned it was an average name.

When Kyrain had died and his soul had made it to the underworld, his true identity had been revealed, and so, while he planned and plotted a way to get rid of his sister, he had also made sure to keep Sin's soul in the mortal realm.

Normally Kyrain's soul book would warn him when Sin's time was up, but it seemed his book had failed him this time. While there was nothing Kyrain could do at this moment, he could make sure that Anna didn't succeed in saving Sin. Perhaps it was time for a good old-fashioned family reunion.

There was no way for Anna to know that Sin was his brother, Kyrain told himself. Just like Shiva didn't know she had any brothers. Kyrain was quite sure that no one had ever told Shiva she had siblings. The only reason he knew that Shiva was his sister was due to the fact that when he had returned to the underworld his memories had been reclaimed.

One thing Kyrain did want to know, and that was what exactly happened to Hades. He had loved Hades like his own father, and as far as he knew, gods could not be killed. So where was Hades? And how do you explain other gods who were MIA for over a century.

Kyrain didn't waste his time wondering about his mother. He was glad she was gone. He would have done away with her himself after what she and his brother had done to him.

It was good Sin would be coming home soon, because they had a lot of catching up to do, and Kyrain had big nasty plans for his dear older brother.

Kyrain shook his head. He was getting off track. If he was to overthrow Shiva then he needed Anna.

See, Kyrain knew something no one else did. Anna was the key. It was written long ago in his soul book that a woman with a strong soul would help defeat his sister and give him access to what he most desired.

What more could he want most than to rule the underworld like his father had wanted him too? As far as Kyrain was concerned, nothing else mattered than that. Unless, might he be wrong about what he wanted most? No, he wasn't wrong! If he wanted Anna to be all his, then he needed to do something about Sin. And since he had already called in a favor with the demons of mischief, he would just have to wait and see if they would follow through. If not, Kyrain would make other arrangements to keep Anna and Sin apart.


“I call foul!” Sin joked.

Anna laughed and shook her head. She tossed another ball at the hoop. As luck would have it, the ball swished through the net. Grinning, she retrieved the ball and tossed it to Sin.

He had called her not too long after she had discovered the passage in her soul book that Persephone had written. Anna was more than overjoyed to accept his invitation to shoot some hoops with him. She had gotten dressed into some short shorts, a pink tank, and a pair of black tennis shoes and waited out front of the hotel for him to pick her up.

Sin had driven up on his bike, and when she had gotten on, she found she wasn't so frightened this time. He had taken her to a local park, and they have been shooting hoops ever since. Mainly, Anna had been kicking his butt. Then again, she had always been good at basketball.

“Nope, clean shot. “ Anna teased.

Sin smiled at Anna. She was so dang beautiful with her long honey-blonde hair in a loose ponytail. He definitely approved of her outfit and found it hard to maintain eye contact when he just wanted to let his eyes roam. He was very impressed as well, that she was an excellent shooter at hoops. Most girls he knew balked at the idea of getting sweaty, but Anna seemed to love it. Sin knew he was head over heels for her, but the problem was he didn't want to scare her off either. And he was pretty sure that if he told her the extent of his feelings, she would run far away.

“Alright, you win. Come here.” Sin waved Anna over to him.

Anna tucked the ball under her arm and took her time getting to Sin. His name was fitting. The man looked delectable without a shirt on.

Sin waited until Anna was inches in front of him and then he lunged. He caught her by surprise making her drop the ball. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close to him. He was staring into her blue eyes trying to will her to feel what he was feeling. He decided to take a chance and leaned in and brushed her lips with his.

At first Anna didn't know what to expect when Sin lunged. She about judo-slapped him upside his head, but then she felt his strong arms around her and all the fight left her; she melted into him. Their bodies fit perfectly together, and when his lips brushed hers, she couldn't help but to put all the passion she was feeling behind her kiss. Her arms wrapped around his neck, and before she knew it, she began to feel tingles all over her body.

Oh my god! Anna thought. She had felt that feeling once before when she had been feeding off of Kyrain. Now she was feeding off Sin's essence. Anna didn't even know it was possible that she could feed off anyone else other than Kyrain. Abruptly, she pushed Sin back and stepped away from him. She looked down at the ground feeling shame wash over her. Here she was trying to enjoy a sensual kiss, and her mortal form had to go and betray her by feeding off of the guy she cared about.

Sin stumbled backwards, but quickly regained his footing. He didn't know what had just happened, but this was the first he had ever felt weak after a kiss. It was the most amazing sensation that he had ever felt in his life. He may have been feeling weak physically, but emotionally he was on a high that he had never accomplished during his past life with drugs.

“What was that?” Sin asked.

Anna looked up at him to see him grinning like a fool. She tilted her head and bit her lip while she debated what she should tell him. She could always go with the truth, but then if he didn't believe her he would think she was insane and walk away. Or worse, he would believe her and then he would run away in fear. She decided to feign ignorance.

“What was what?” She asked.

“Come on, tell me you didn't feel it.” Sin challenged.

“Feel what?” Anna asked continuing to feign ignorance.

“The ultimate high. I feel drained. But, damn girl, you can kiss!” Sin practically shouted in his excitement.

“No,” Anna said.

“No what?” Sin asked, his eyebrows furrowing in confusion.

“I'm not that good of a kisser...Sin there is something I need to tell you and you might run away in fear or think I'm absolutely insane but I have to tell you,” Anna babbled.

“Slow down. What's going on?” Sin came closer to Anna.

Anna had started looking at the ground again as she tripped over her words. Next thing she knew, Sin was leading her to a park bench. He sat her down and then positioned himself across from her. He gave her a patient look while he waited for her to confess her biggest confession ever.

“Okay here goes.” Anna inhaled deeply and took a long second to exhale before she continued. “The girl you tried to save that day - the girl you and your dad got in a fight over - was me. I drowned that day. I tried to hold on as long as I could, but it wasn't good enough, and I fell into the water. I didn't know how to swim; I had never learned. And then this beautiful angel was in that dark murky water with me, and the next thing I knew, I was looking at my water-logged body and feeling very depressed.”

“And the ferry man...oh my god, he was absolutely scary. Then there was a bridge and people were getting pulled off the damn bridge by this tentacle thing with hands for suction cups and a door that had no handles. I walked through the door to see my angel, only he wasn't my angel. He was a collector, and I guess a right-hand servant to the underworld ruler.” Anna gulped and caught her breath.

“But anyway, I was waiting for my turn to be judged and then when I got judged the scales tipped not in my favor, which is stupid, because I didn't do anything wrong in my life that I can think of. Then the queen of the underworld assigned me to collect souls. And my soul book showed me your name.”

“So here I am. I am suppose to collect your soul when you die. Only, I want to save you, and I'm not wrong because my soul book showed me some weird passage within its pages that told me to save you and yea...”Anna trailed off to breath. She was still sucking air into her lungs when Sin burst out laughing. He laughed on and on until Anna feared that she would have to call the loony bin to have them make up a bed for him.

Sin felt tears streaming down his face, but he couldn't stop laughing; it was either laugh or call an insane asylum for her. This is probably what she thought about him right now since he was laughing like a lunatic. Problem was, he was a bit inclined to believe her, an that would make him just as insane as her, or it would prove that he was madly in love. He opted for the second theory, but he wasn't such a douche that he would call her a liar either.

“Prove it,” He said.

“Prove what?” Anna asked, clearly confused.

“Prove to me that you’re a...what did you call it?”

“Soul collector?”

“Yea. Prove to me that you’re a soul collector.”


“I don't know. Let me think....”


“Show me your soul book.”

Anna's jaw dropped. Showing him her soul book would feel like she was standing in front of him naked. But she honestly couldn't see any way around it. Reluctantly Anna reached into her pocket and pulled the book out. She didn't hand it to him since she remembered what had happened when she touched Kyrain's book. So instead she opened to book to the page that held his name.

Sin glanced at the book. At first all he could see was a plain book that had blank pages but then as he concentrated on the blank pages it was like he was seeing for the first time, because he could now see his name and everything else.

Oh my god! Sin freaked out. These pages told him his future; his very immediate future, according to the book that is saying he will die in just a few days.

Strangely enough, Sin calmed down almost immediately. Knowing when, how, and the exact time of your death wasn't all that bad. He could think of worse things than dying from a gunshot wound. He knew he was rationalizing, but he couldn't help it. It was either that or he would lock himself up in his room for the rest of his life. Everyone had to die some time. So, what if he knew when he would? Anna's confession didn't change how he felt about her, and obviously life was too short to be pissed that she had lied to him and was going to inadvertently kill him.

“I love you,” Sin blurted out before he could stop himself.

What!?” Anna leaned back. She stared at Sin. She was officially depressed now that she drove her..., Gods! She really needed to figure out what they were so she could put a label on their relationship.

“Look, I’m going to die. So I figure its best I tell that I love you now before I officially bite the dust,” Sin shrugged.

Well. that had to be the worst “I love you” Anna had ever gotten. She was downright irritated about it when Kyrain had to pop into her head and make matters even worse.

“Oh so he loves you too huh?”

“Shut up.”

“It won't work you know; you and him. Anna, I love you. I always have. Screw him and be with me.”

“No. We tried once and what happened? You broke my heart so why on earth would I ever get back with you again?”

“Because you and I are not so different.”

“I am nothing like you.”

“Really? I think you’re wrong, and I think you're afraid to admit it.”

“I don't care what you think, Kyrain.”

“Come back to me, Anna. I swear I won't inflict any pain upon your mortal.”

“Hmm, how about no. And you still don't inflict any pain upon my man, because I swear to you, Kyrain, if you do anything to him, I will personally find a way to destroy you.”

“He means that much to you that you would turn against your own?”

“Yes. And obviously you are willing to turn against your own. It doesn’t make me all that comfortable about being with you, considering how you treat your family.”

“You’re hinting at something. Why don't you come out and tell me what you know...or I could pry it from your pretty little mind?”

“Stay out of my head.”

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