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What does it feel like when your future self, visits you and imparts to you a book from the akashic records? Elves, Lucid Dreaming, parallel universes, twin flames, hollow earth and autobiography! This book conveys the story of an Elf who discovers that humans exist in reality, not only in fairytales. Just as you thought you were reading a fairytale, all of a sudden, the elf has a strange mission. He sneaks inside the bowels of Hollow Earth, encounters aliens, and learns about the story of the Earth and the universe. It travels to parallel universes, experiences lucid dreaming, learns about the Twin Flames, and meets the strangest entities living on higher planes of existence, as he goes through the dark night of the soul. Then, his world changes, and he comes to realize that he is capable of everything. Studying this book three times, your third eye will open up, your aura will be enhanced, and your brain and DNA will be activated. Magical things will happen to you as you will start to communicate with your Future Self, be guided, and find your true mission on planet Earth. Maya played the role of the messenger…my future self, who imparted this book to me from the depths of akashic records!

Fantasy / Scifi
Korina Lymnioudi
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The characters of the story that follows wanted to use my hands, my vocabulary, my emotion, even my memory bank, related to my experiences, so that their story would take shape, and they could convey their messages.

Maya played the role of the messenger…my future self, who imparted this book to me, as my mind cleared up about the substance of her emotions, peeling off the layers of the truth, looking for a more elevated view of reality.

It may be uncommon, but one of the characters of this book, wishes to preface this book, so as to convey his message.


This story is true, through and through.

To better understand it, you have to forget about the notion of time in the form you know it.

On Earth, we know it in a linear fashion, but in fact it is vertical, and everything—past, present, and future—is happening at the same time.

I, Dark-Elf, am the character that comes from what you would call past.

My desire to impart this message came from a vision I had.

At some point, the Lord of Sirius appeared before me.

He explained to me that people on Earth will learn, at some point, about the various extraterrestrial races. At that point, there will be a lot of misleading information, and people will get confused. They will not know which tribe will be good, and which bad. They will grow wary of all tribes, seeing that each of them has their own agenda and interests.

However, regardless of what these tribes will be like in the future, how each one of them treats humanity, and whether they will manage to return to the light and innocence of the soul, we have to learn to see the big picture, to see the forest for the trees.

This helps show understanding, and become wise. Only then will we achieve our greatest goal. To return to the Source, to the Light. Understanding and empathy must be the core of every mission.

In order to be able to see the bigger picture, I would like to refer to the information provided by the Lord of Sirius, when I saw him in that distant vision.

“The notion of polarity is not real. They condition you to think that you have to live in a universe where there is good and bad. They tell you that, if you hadn’t encountered evil, you wouldn’t have appreciated kindness. That, if you hadn’t encountered poverty, you wouldn’t have been able to appreciate wealth. That, if you hadn’t encountered sickness, you wouldn’t have got to know what health is all about.

No, you don’t live in a bi-polar universe. Simply, ‘they’ see it that way.”

By ‘they’ are meant all humans and non-humans, all tribes, on earth and elsewhere, displaying the kind of behaviour that has you believe they are evil.

How did they end up having such a behaviour, since all souls are part of the Source that can only be kind?

Even in the most normal stages of the life of planet Sirius, huge amounts of energy are created, rendering the planet the most positively activated point in our small corner of the universe.

Every 49,9 years, the two stars of the system, Sirius A and B, come as close as their orbits permit, since they are what you would call in Earth’s parlance entities in love. In this way, they cause huge magnetic storms between them. As they come closer, these stars begin to swirl faster and faster, as the tidal forces grow, and finally swap places. Think of a gigantic electric turbine warping and eddying, generating billions of volts. This energy is finally released and flows through the lines of the magnetic fields towards the sun, which transmits them to all the planets like a torch.

What does this mean for life on Earth? One of these occasions was in 1944, when humanity was trapped in the biggest clash ever, the Second World War. As Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul said, the energies coming from Sirius stimulated all things positive and negative lying in humanity, magnifying them. That’s exactly what was portrayed in that huge global conflict.

Sirius was always associated with the notion of freedom. According to the ancient teachings of all civilisations, this star activates and enhances the notion of freedom in people’s consciousness.

If you study the future, Dark-Elf, you will see that, when Sirius is in the same star sign as the Sun, at 14 degrees in Cancer, then freedom is celebrated on Earth. This is July 4th, the USA’s Independence Day, July 14th is the same day for France, while Canada celebrates its independence on July 1st. Venezuela’s Independence Day is July 5th, Argentina’s is on July 9th, whereas Iraq’s Independence Day is on June 28th.

All this is not accidental. Sirius, just like every other star or planet, is a living entity taking care of the Divine Plan.

Dark-Elf, now that you have realized what is going on with these energies and magnetic fields, you can see that, when planet Tiamat was destroyed, it split up in pieces and, due to this great energy, it was forced to enter an orbit around the Sun; that this affected its inhabitants’ mood. The same holds for the other planets and tribes.

All these beings lost their instinct as to what is really good, what their soul really expresses, their spirit, and the Source of Light they came from.

They weren’t to blame for what happened, nor was it anyone’s blame. Was it merely an accident of the universe, or part of the Divine Plan?

You will learn this when you are ready. Until then, you will have to show understanding, not animosity against whatever appears to be evil. You should lavish love on it, not tolerance, so that it will find its way towards the Light, and you take the road for real freedom, apart from Matrix, which will help you become what you really are.

Sirius will keep sending its strong energy to the Sun, which will reflect it on Earth. Now, there is no longer the Van Allen Belt, which used to ward off part of this energy. This means that huge changes will happen on Earth, to beings and cultures alike.

Those seeking peace and security will have to search deep inside them to find invincible balance and stability. Never before has it been a more opportune time to reconnect with the spirit, the soul, and the higher self.

A new image of the universe is revealed, that of absolute cosmic interdependence and connection. From the biggest parallel universe to the smallest electron, the whole universe is a spiral within a spiral, magnetic fields inside magnetic fields.

The stars are connected to one another, exchanging particles and gases all the time, and all this is transmitted through lines of magnetic fields playing the role of arteries across the galactic body. Through such arteries, one galaxy is connected to the other.”

This is what Lord Sirius told me, and I came to realize that he was describing to me neurons…the galaxy’s nervous system, which transmits information from one star to the other, from one galaxy to the other, from one parallel universe to the other.

Likewise, dear reader, we would like to impart to you the message that you have a mission…a mission that you will discover in the pages of this series of books.

This mission will reveal itself piece by piece…

Your brain will be activated, thanks to the special internal technology used to make these books a tool of activating your brain and DNA…

All you have to do is study this book thoroughly…

When you do so, miracles will start to happen…

Your intuition will be heightened…

Your third eye will open up…

You will start communicating with your future self…

Then…as Dark-Elf found the magic path that led him to the parallel universe, so will you see sprawl before you the magic path that will lead you to your mission…

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