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Chapter 9: The Hypnosis

While Tuathan started training, as he had no other option, and learning how to command nature’s elementals, Dark-Elf was meeting Hypnotica in the room of the puzzle of souls. This was a room whose walls depicted strange paintings with vivid colours. Each wall was a separate huge painting. In the middle of the room, there was a round bed the colours of the dawn. It was that characteristic blue-purple colour one notices in the sky when the first day light breaks. A divine music was playing very low, and the room was lit only by candles. The entire atmosphere was meant to be very relaxing. Grand Hypnotica felt miserable, realising how sad DarkElf was. She addressed him very softly.

“Before we take a trip together around the land of real memory, I would like to present you with a gift—against Great Darso’s instructions, and he should not find out about it. I will teach you the art of lucid dreaming. After you become a dream traveller, you may be able to meet your friend Meril in you dream, no matter where he is.”

“How is that possible? Sure I want to find out what happened to him.” While saying these words, a ray of hope lit up his face.

“To become conscious in a dream, you have to start questioning every day, while you are doing simple things, if you’re dreaming. For example, after you get up in the morning, and wash your face, while looking yourself in the mirror, you should start asking yourself: ‘Am I dreaming?’. Repeat this every time you stand in front of a mirror, every time you wash your face. Make that a daily habit. Do the same thing when you are about to eat, or when you are about to drink a glass of water. Your brain will be conditioned to question these movements every time you perform them. If you repeat them in a dream, your brain will register that you are in a dream. While you are in the dream, the next step will be to observe your own hands. If you can recognise your hands as your own, then you are a mature dream traveller. Of course, this presupposes that, all this time, you have observed your hands very carefully and very intensely, in order to be able to identify them as your own. Even if you don’t meet Meril the first few times, this is definitely an enjoyable experience. For example, the moment you become a mature dream traveller, you may think you want to fly. Immediately, you will realise that you have the capacity to fly. Entering your wish, you may experience and achieve in the dreamworld. This, however, has certain risks. Some dark malevolent entities may take the shape and form of our beloved friends or relatives in order to mislead us. In time, you will learn to be very careful. One way, in order to protect yourself, you have to create a shield around you. Before you fall asleep, you should imagine a four-prong star, surrounded by there shields, a blue one, then a purple and a golden one outside in the form of a circle, one inside the other. This keeps the dark entities away. You will make a humble request to the creator of all to empower these shields, the Highest Creator. And remember: Many great scientist have declared that dreams are the only real thing.”

“Can we try this right away?” Dark-Elf anxiously asked Grand Hypnotica.

“Unfortunately, you cannot succeed right away, unless you apply yourself to the performance of the daily activities. On the other hand, now is the time to travel together to the real memory world for the first time. Soon, it will be dark outside and, by then, Great Darso expects us to have completed the first trip to the memory world.”

Serious but sad, Dark-Elf responded: “I understand. What do I have to do for the first trip?”

“Lie down on this bed, and I will direct you.”

Dark-Elf lay down, and Grand Hypnotica directed him to focus his attention, one by one sequentially, on all the parts of his body to achieve a complete and total relaxation, after shutting his eyes. After he totally relaxed his whole body, she said:

“I want you to imagine that you are in a beautiful place you like very much. Then, you ask yourself to be guided to a very important and particular moment-memory from your past that you do not remember. I will start counting to five, and the beautiful place will begin to appear in front of you 1..2..3..4..5..”

“I am in the Blue Forest.....”

His eyes welled up with tears.

“I miss the Blue Forest. I used to play there with Meril, when we were kids.”

“Find a big tree hollow inside, with a very large opening that fits you. You are getting inside. Now, describe to me what you see” Hypnotica suggested.

“ I found it. I got in... and this is very strange. The roots are forming a ladder that I can go down...I am going down and right and left I can see small lit mushrooms, some of them giving off a purple light, others a blue or a bright gold. As I descend, I can hear some voices...some people are there...I stop for a while, I try to discern what the voices are saying...but I cannot yet understand what they are talking about.” He stopped, waiting for Hypnotica’s instructions as to how to handle the unexpected visitors.

“Keep going. Most likely, they can’t see you, since we have programmed your subconscious to travel into the you are simply an observer. Even if they see you, you have nothing to be afraid of. Whenever you feel uncomfortable, you may give a command to open your eyes, and leave that place,” Hypnotica assured Dark-Elf.

“I keep descending...I am going down, I am at the last step, and I can see a young very attractive couple… The girl has red hair that arise long and straight, two thin delicate braids are forming a wreath on her head....The young man is blond with long hair, and they are holding a beautiful baby in their arms....a very beautiful baby…. They all have wings. The baby has wings too, exactly like mine! The mother is crying….

‘I can’t take this, I can’t leave him’. Sobbing and crying, the mother bent her head into the arms of her husband.

“Liliam, my sweetheart, remember we are doing this for his own benefit....We are hunted down by them. They aim to find him and kill him. Isn’t that the reason we alter our appearance to travel here safely, so we can hide him? We are doing all these, so he could survive. We will meet him again one day. We are going to work very hard, so peace and love will prevail again on this planet, then it will be safe to meet him again.”

" Our son has a mission... that is the reason they seek to kill him. If we hide him here, will he ever find out what his mission is? Can’t peace prevail without him? Could we be making a mistake?’

‘If everything has to happen because of, and around, him, the universe will find the way, by the prime creator, for the mission to be completed. Our mission is to keep him safe. If we take him back home, they are going to kill him, and you know that very well. Even if they kill us, he will survive to help the entire planet. We cannot be so selfish this moment. We must consider the benefit of all humanity, his own benefit, and not the pain we feel….You know that very well, sweetheart’.

They are now hugging each other, crying endlessly,” Dark-Elf said.

“‘Lilliam my love, let’ s go now to leave him in the place the Druid showed us. We should not stay in this place for long. They may locate us through the morgellons we are carrying. He does not have any, and cannot be located. We must leave him alone. He will be safe’. The man pulled a map out of his pocket to follow the directions. ‘The river where he told us to leave him is probably behind this door’.

Behind them, there is a secret door, exactly the same colour as that of the walls, and could not be seen at all,” said Dark-Elf, then he continued:

“The man opens the door, and the mother is holding the child on her arms. I follow them, as they are going outside. Indeed ..there is a river.... ‘Wait a minute! I recognise this river! This is the Ivory River’.

‘Adrian, somewhere here, we must find the basket that Druid Maverel told us’. ‘Look! It’s right here’, Adrian said, bending over a bush, and pulling out the basket, which was covered with a blue-green checker cloth. The cloth, the basket...My mother has exactly the same in our home, and she does not allow anyone to touch it. No one knows why,” Dark-Elf said to himself.

“The mother placed the baby in the basket with tender loving care, and covered the baby with the cloth,” the young Elf continued his description. “Crying her heart out, she unlocked the necklace off her neck, and ran it around the baby’s neck. It is shiny, there is a small dagger on it, and a letter A, suspended inside the handle of the dagger. This is exactly the same necklace as the one I have,” the Elf uttered in a shaken voice.

“Keep going, Dark-Elf. Keep going,” Hypnotica advised him, obviously touched.

“I see the baby they left by the river banks, the waters pulled the basket softly downstream…”

“And the couple? What are they doing?” Hypnotica asked.

“They’re standing still. The man is pulling a small box with a light on it. He’s talking to the box.

‘Come and take us. The mission is accomplished’.

The woman is crying in his arms, ready to collapse. All of a sudden, a large light appears hovering above, and they disappear! The baby can be seen at a distance, I am running to see if he is safe, and where he is going to end up,” Dark-Elf continued anxiously.

He stopped talking for a moment, his breathing getting faster and faster, like he was actually running.

“The river makes a turn...I am very close to the baby boy. He is crying out loud, while the basket is travelling down the smooth water surface, when a woman’s voice can be heard....A very familiar woman’s voice...The song she is singing is familiar...very familiar. I take a turn…That’s impossible. This woman who is singing is my mother!

She is cleaning some clothes in the river waters, singing loudly….Now, she stops...She saw the basket with the baby boy inside, she dipped into the waters with her clothes, chasing the basket, until she was able to safely pull it ashore in her arms...

‘Don’t cry, little baby....You are safe now. Don’t cry’. She’s looking at the baby with tears in her eyes, while the baby stops crying instantly.

‘What a beautiful Elf! And what strange shiny small wings. No other Elf was ever born with such strange wings. His eyes however…There is so much sorrow in his eyes, I have never seen anything like it. Who knows what happened for the baby to end up in this river, alone and so vulnerable! His parents must be grand and beautiful, probably descending from a renowned Elf family. I have never seen so radiant a baby boy....I could keep this baby. He is in need of love, and I need to love someone. What am I thinking? I probably lost my mind. I am not capable of raising such a child. His fate will probably be much better in a rich household’.

She holds the baby in her arms, and starts walking...I follow her. I try to talk to her, but she cannot hear me. She arrives at the Palace, and asks to see the king. The King has just appeared. She explains to him how she found the baby, with tears in her eyes.

‘I see you are very sad to give away the baby. Why don’t you keep him, since you feel so much pain?’ the king remarks.

’Master Griffith, I am very poor, and I am deeply concerned that I will not be able to raise this baby boy properly. I thought he deserves a better fate. He looks so pretty and sad at the same time,” she replies to the King.

‘Good fate coexists with Love, Doriel. You keep the baby and love him as if he were your boy. Show him the love you wish others to have for you. Whatever you need, feel free to come and ask me for it’.

‘Thank you!! Thank you!!’ she says, full of joy and, with the baby in her arms, she runs back to her shackle,” Dark-Elf said, crying his heart out.

“Dark-Elf, you did very well. To the count of 5, you will open your eyes. You will feel better than before, with peace in your soul, and completely rejuvenated. 1..2…3..4..5.

Dark-Elf opened his eyes.

“Grand Hypnotica, what was that?” He asked with exasperation....

“This was the first trip to the real memory world. We traveled into your past... How do you feel?”

“I have a million questions. You say this was my past. This means that I was the baby. The basket, the necklace were not similar to mine, they were mine. My mother found me. She is not my real mother! She never told me any thing. Why? Why?”

“My dear Dark-Elf, even if she had told you, what would you have done? You saw it with you own eyes: she does not know your real parents, nor does she have any idea where to look for them,” Grand Hypnotica answered.

“Is there a chance I could talk to them if we revisit the place? My parents seem to love me very much. I want to talk to them, I want to hug them, and learn everything about them,” Dark-Elf responded with boundless anxiety.

“There is a way. You may intervene as a time traveller and, if it were necessary, we would have done it already. However, everything happened the way it should. From now on, you have you parents in your heart forever, my good small Elf.”

“Are they still alive? Will I be ever able to meet them?” Dark-Elf asked.

“We do not know if they are still alive. We do not know what happened to them. Maybe, you will find that out at some point. For the time being, you should go and rest. You did an excellent job. You will meet Tuathan, too, you can have dinner together, talk for a while, and then go to bed. This was a very difficult day for you. You have a lot to work out in your mind, and a lot to settle into your consciousness. Come close…,” said Grand Hypnotica and, moving her arm around, a small circle of blue light appeared on the floor.

“Step inside this circle, and you will find yourself in the central room that will guide you to your room.”

Still in shock, Dark-Elf stepped into the circle, saying “goodnight” to Grand Hypnotica.

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