The Book that writes itself - The Magic Book -vol.1

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Chapter 10: The butterfly’s first flight & Tuathan’s story

When Dark-Elf reached their room, Tuathan was not there. He checked the other rooms, only to realise he was alone. He started walking up and down. A million thoughts were flashing through his mind, and his disappointment was mounting. He finally stopped and whispered to himself:

“Meril, I wish you were here, my friend.”

He then lay down on his bed, and started crying. He cried for a long time, until he started having a splitting headache. That moment, he remembered his necklace. He jumped up and sat on his bed.

“The butterfly!” he shouted.

He pulled out the necklace and, rubbing the Aventurine, he said:

“Ancient, Ancient, Ancient.”

The butterfly appeared.

“What do I have to do to escape this place?” Dark-Elf asked, looking at the butterfly.

The Aventurine started illuminating intensely, so he was able to see inside. A figure slowly appeared. He soon realised that the figure was himself, Dark-Elf. He could not understand anything. It seemed like he was looking at a full body mirror. Suddenly, his figure started growing and growing, his aura glowing, until the entire necklace became a large intense light. At that moment, his figure disappeared, he returned to his natural size, and the butterfly disappeared. Feeling that his last hope was lost, he threw the necklace on the bed, disappointed.

“Useless thing! Great Darso is fooling us,” he said angrily and, sitting down, he held his head inside his two hands. He did not know what to think next. He was exhausted.

He heard a knock on the door.

“Who is it?” he asked, scared.

The door opened, and in came Tuathan. He looked very tired, as well, his expression different, like he had aged a lot.

“You are here, after all,” he noticed with relief. “Hypnotica said you would be here before me and, when I didn’t find you, I was alarmed.”

“Dark-Elf, my friend, I think nothing goes well here. I believe we have fallen into a trap.”

“Hmm…so, the dream was correct! I tried to warn Meril, but…,” Dark-Elf said, lowering his head, obviously disappointed.

“What dream?”

“I saw Druid Marevel. I believe he was trying to advise us that we must leave this place.”

“Well …We must leave, but how?” Tuathan responded.

“I tried asking the necklace, but nothing...It is a totally useless thing. It showed me myself growing and growing in size. As I was growing, I started shining around my body, until the necklace gave place to the bright light that filled it entirely, and nothing else was visible inside. Then, everything stopped, and the butterfly disappeared.”

“You were growing, while shining...That means your aura was expanding. That’s it!” A ray of hope and enthusiasm lit up Tuathan’s eyes.

“I don’t understand why you are so happy,” said Dark-Elf, upset by the fact....

“The meaning of all this is that you ought to improve spiritually to be able to escape. When someone’s consciousness is awakened, their vibrations are raised, and their aura is augmented. I do not know what is going to happen, but the route of escape should not be our concern at present. We must concentrate on the method, on how you can strengthen yourself spiritually, and the way of escape will appear on its own.. The universe has its own ways. We must demonstrate our faith to the universe.”

“Strengthen myself spiritually? It sounds very difficult, considering the way I feel right now. My depression is getting out of control, Tuathan. Not only did I lose my best friend, but I also discovered that my mother has been lying to me for so many years. I am not her son. Hypnotica hypnotised me, and I saw my real parents, who left me in the waters of the ivory river, and that is how Doriel found me. Now, I am obsessed to find my real parents. If they are still alive...and I miss them so much. I feel helplessly imprisoned in here.”

“I feel very sorry, Dark-Elf, for the way you feel, but this may be your opportunity to attain spiritually. This deep sorrow may be the dark night of your soul. You ought to take advantage of it! If you exit this stage the proper way, you will achieve your spiritual transformation. You will be really awakened....”

“And do you think I care about my awakening at this very moment? I feel nothing interests me. It is horrible that we the Elves are immortal. But if we are injured, we can die.”

Tuathan held him by the hand, and shook him back and forth. “Don’t think that way! The fact that you are thinking of death signifies you are really in the dark night of your soul. Listen to me, we the Druids learn about this stage of the soul from a very young age, and we are waiting for it anxiously, since all our life is dedicated to our spiritual ascension. I myself went through it. Everyone goes through it one time or another. The trick is to properly take advantage of it.”

“How did you go through it? What exactly happened?” Dark -Elf asked with great concern. Tuathan started recounting the story.

“One moment of my life, I was very happy. I had married the girl of my dreams, and we were expecting our first child. We were so happy. The pregnancy, however, changes the behaviour of a woman. This happens quite often in humans because hormonal changes cause depression and anxiety at the same time. We started fighting quite frequently.

Our egos were so strong, and we started exchanging very nasty words. We inflicted deep wounds on each other. Looking for an escape, I felt that, if I left home and stayed away from her, that would be a relief for me. I never realised that I had to reconcile with myself, within myself, so I could help her, since she was in more need than me. I started telling her that I would leave her, that I would abandon her. She was crying, begging me not to leave, promising she was going to change.

However, she was not able to control the physiology of her body. She was getting out of control once in a while, at a different level and, while I was aware of it, I was getting more and more upset, still threatening her with abandonment. When she gave birth to a beautiful girl, she didn’t even want to see our baby. She was afraid of everything. Her condition kept worsening by the day.

She was begging me for a hug, and I could not do it. I told her I did not feel like hugging her. My behaviour made her feel so lonely, during this terrible time of her life. I was very young ,very restless, and I was not aware of anything. I wanted her to be the girl I first met, but I never helped her to make the change.

I became very disenchanted that she was not the careless girl I once knew. I was getting more and more upset for the pain she felt. She kept reminding me of the promises I had given her that I would be by her side rain or shine, that I would always support her, that I would never leave her alone. The more she reminded me of my promises, the more I was getting upset. She was asking me not to betray her, but I was doing exactly the opposite, telling her

‘I will betray you. I will betray all my promises. You’d better accept it. Allow me to leave, otherwise I will leave at nighttime in secret’.

She was constantly crying, telling me that I was her entire life, and that she would die if I left, her life had no meaning without me, and she did not have the courage to allow me to leave.

One night, I left in secret. I galloped with my horse for hours, totally relieved. By day’s break, exhausted, I lay down inside a small cave to rest for a while, feeling liberated. I felt relieved only for that first night. My sleep was a torture. All night long, her vision suffering was my nemesis.

I was awakened by an old man’s voice: ‘My son....get up and return to your wife’.

Although I did not feel the first day’s relief anymore, my ego blocked my heart and, recalling the difficult moments I had gone through with her, I refused to follow the old man’s advice.

’Your wife has gone through a lot, even before meeting you, and you are very well aware of it. Everybody misbehaved to her, realising her unique nature. She felt close only to you, believing that she had found her other half, she felt home with you, and now she feels totally betrayed, since you don’t hug her, you don’t understand her pain. It is not only the hormonal imbalance. This depression creates a special vibration, which in turn fills all the parts of her soul with similar vibrations, and intensifies their effect. When you snap her head off, this intensifies all the negative vibrations, and she relives, through you, all the negative experiences of her life.

She was in great need of your love, and instead you belittled her by denying her a small hug, although you had promised that your embrace would be her eternal refuge. Do not allow your ego to govern your life. Ego is a great delusion. If you showed her support from the beginning, helping her through her difficult period, none of you both would have ended up feeling the way you do today. After the first two or three fights, if you hugged her and loved her, you would be happy and content as before. You did not help at all. You have no much time. Go back to her’.

I refused again. As magically as he appeared, the old man disappeared in a similar fashion without a trace. My mind was surrounded by a dark cloud, and I did not think of asking him who he was and how he knew so much about myself and my wife. I went back to sleep. I saw in a dream that I had returned home at dusk. It was full moon. Before getting there, I met a woman neighbour, who greeted me, saying

‘Tomorrow, I will come over to see your wife and baby. Congratulations!’

I thanked her and continued on my way home. A large dog, a German Shepherd, appeared in front of me, a dog I had never seen before in the neighbourhood. I patted the dog, and climbed the stairs to my house. As I entered, I saw my wife hanging dead from the ceiling, while the baby was crying loudly. I saw myself asking for forgiveness, sobbing and crying endlessly, while I took her down off the gibbet. I was screaming to her how much I loved her. I was fully awake by now, and recalled the strange old man.

‘You do not have much time. Believe me. Go back to her’, he had said.

I hopped on the horse, and started galloping back home. The night was bright with a full moon. The colours of the clouds around the moon were exactly the same as the ones in my dream. My heart was pounding with agony. The only thing I wanted was to be close to her, to hug her, and show her my love. I arrived at my village, and met the neighbour, who told me ‘I will come over tomorrow to see your wife and baby. Congratulations’. On my way to the house, the unknown German Shepherd dog appeared in front of me. I was reliving the dream in great detail. I rushed up the stairs, and opened the door. The house was empty, and everything was out of place, like the house had been ransacked by burglars. From the ceiling, a rope-loop was hanging.”

Tuathan started crying at this point, his hands shaking, unable to control them. He covered his face with his hands, like we was trying to hide the fact that he was crying.

“Oh my God, Tuathan!” Dark-Elf said. “Did she hang herself? Was she dead?”

“No one knows... I never saw her again. I don’t even know why everything at home was out of place. Despite my extensive search, I was never able to find anything, no matter how hard I tried. No one seemed to know anything as to what had happened, since I left home.

I had been looking for her for many years, hoping to find her alive. I was going through the dark night of my soul without even realising it, because I did not seek help from any one of my Druid teachers. I was tortured by guilt, depression, and my dark period in general, while attempting desperately to find her.

I abandoned the training by the Druids, and dedicated my life to finding her. One day, after I started getting older, and death was approaching, I heard of a baby girl found in a forest outside our village. Nobody knew where she was, nor who had found her, but I felt great hope that the girl might be my daughter. I needed more time to find her. At that point, I went to the leader of the Druids, my race, for advice. He was four years my junior, but a very wise man. Had I continued my training with the Druids, I might have been the leader of the race by then.”

“Wait a minute... I know that you, the humans, can only live for 80-100 years. You said you were close to death. You were old. How come you are so young now?” Dark-Elf asked, puzzled.

“You are correct in your observation. However, take a look at this.”

He opened his sack, and pulled out a pink egg-shaped crystal, no larger than an apple. It was deep pink, mixed with fire red, and it was curved like a string around each circle, ending like a drop of water or a golden tear resembling trickling honey drops. Dark-Elf took the object in his hand, looking at it in amazement.

“This is the Druid-egg, otherwise known as the egg of the serpent. We the Druids believe this to be the Wisdom Stone of the Ancient Alchemists. When I addressed my problem with the leader of the Druids, I had no idea about the wisdom stone, since I had stopped my training at a very early stage. The leader was familiar with my story. I had visited the entire group to inform them about my personal disaster, and that I stalled everything to find my wife. He was a classmate of mine, that’s why his face was so familiar. I asked him if there was an incantation of some sort to prolong my life for a while, so that I would at least be able to find my child.

‘What you are asking is very difficult’, he said.

’There is no incantation to prolong life. However, there is a way to gain immortality. Whoever is asking for it is actually asking for the spirit of God. There is no incantation but the ‘Wisdom Stone’, otherwise called the ‘Egg of the Druids’. That is the only thing to secure immortality.

The spirit of God is effectuated with two thins. The material aspect of the Wisdom Stone is not sufficient to achieve immortality. You must ascend spiritually at the same time. Only if the wisdom Stone decides that you are accomplished enough, only then, will you acquire immortality.

You must consider the pros and cons very seriously. No wonder none of the Druids, until today, has chosen immortality, regardless of his spiritual ascension. It is a very sad and lonely condition not to meet them in the other world. One after the other, you will see the people that you love depart from this world, and you will feel that you will never have the chance to meet them in the other world, since you will remain in this world forever.

Only if you have a fight with someone, and you’re mortally wounded. Only then, will you be able to die and move to the other world. You should also know that, since you are asking for the Spirit of God, you cannot commit suicide. Even if you try to kill yourself, you will fail time after time, and definitely you cannot get sick. You must think of these parameters very seriously’. I thought over all the consequences for three days and three nights, and in the end I decided to do it.

The Egg of the Druids was discovered for a reason, I thought. If God or the Universe did not have a reason for it, they would never allow the Egg to be discovered by humans. That thought was my only consolation, while at the same time it made me feel that I had God and Universe on my side. It was not so easy to be acquired. I had to anticipate that I would be alive until the day of Blessing of the Sun that particular year. It is the day of the summer Solstice. That day, we have the custom to jump over fire, for good luck. This custom comes from the very old times, when they used to set very large fires to assist the travellers, and repel the dark spirits. This was known as ‘Setting the Guards’.

”That evening, all the streets were illuminated by the lanterns and all people were holding torches in their hands, as they kept moving from fire to fire. There were special groups of people, dressed in elaborate clothes, and with garlands around their necks, named ‘Procession of the Guards’, frequently accompanied by dancers and traditional musicians, dressed in special costumes, resembling unicorn dragons, and riding fake horses.

Among the many traditions of this holiday was for young courageous individuals to stay outside all night long, in the centre of a circle, formed by stones standing upright. This was the shortest night, and I had to perform this dangerous act that could cause my death, or make me crazy, or give me the inspiration, if I was daring enough to attempt it.

I had to stay with the young people for several hours during the night, and then accompany the leader of the Druids into the forest to a specific spot. There, many snakes curled together, forming a pulsating ball that whistles in order to give birth to the so called ‘The Egg of the Serpent’, also known as ‘Stone of the Serpent’ or ‘The egg of the Druid’. Not the best experience for someone, who despises snakes, as I do. They were all whistling at the same time, and oozed some terribly smelling secretion from their mouths and through their skin, named “anguinum”, which was used as an adhesive, to form this mass into a ball. The secretions were thrown up to the air at the same time by all the snakes, and I had to catch the “anguinum” in the air before hitting the ground, using my coat. If the “anguinum” hit the ground, the snakes curled around it to form their eggs. If I was successful in catching the “anguinum”, the snakes would not be able to form the ball. Immediately afterwards, I had to quickly jump on my horse, and run away fast because the snakes would chase me, attracted like a magnet by the “anguinum”.

”I had to get away very fast, and all this I had to do without any help. A very difficult task for an old man like myself. I was able to achieve it with great difficulty. Afterwards, I had to find a specific rock with very low temperature. The secretions I had bought with my coat had to be frozen on the rock, so as to become like rock themselves, exactly the way you saw it right now. Whoever possesses this egg acquires unbelievable magical abilities. The leader of the Druids seemed very pleased.Then, he ordered me:

’And now you have to utter in the Elf language the following, while you are holding the Wisdom stone in your hands: ‘Aa’ lasser en lle coia orn n’ pmenta gurtha’.”

The leaves of your tree of life should never be brown,” Dark-Elf translated the phrase.

“So simple and yet so symbolic of immortality,” Tuathan added.

“I said those words, and yet nothing happened. The Leader of the Druids shook his head, seemingly reassuring me of something.

‘As I predicted’, he said.

‘It cannot happen until you ascend spiritually. Unfortunately, you lost lifelong training. I don’t know if you will be able to achieve it before you die. Do you insist you want to try?’ he asked me. ‘Yes I do, but there is not enough time. What can we do? Is there a way?’ The only way is to feel happy and content, even without finding your wife and child. You are passing through the dark night of your soul. If you succeed in exiting that stage, without any of the external factors changing, meaning without finding your family, then it means you were able to defeat your own ego. Only when the ego is killed, can someone ascend spiritually. This is the meaning of the lifelong training of the Druids. We are not only to learn incantations and treatments or magical techniques. What makes us use all these tools properly is that we have first killed our egos. A fully-trained Druid passes the dark night of the soul much more easily, as you can imagine. For you, however, it will be exceedingly difficult, but you will replace a lifelong training with the time you will take to exit the stage where you presently are. I cannot promise you will have enough time, and unfortunately this is something you must do by yourself. You may ask for my assistance, but I can only provide it to the extent that it is allowed’.

”With my hands shaking, I asked ‘What is exactly the dark night of the soul?’ ’I will explain that but, in addition, I will give you some very useful hints that will help you a lot, provided you pay enough attention. It will sound like a narrative of a lifelong training that you missed. When the human transformation reaches its peak, the last and decisive stage is marked by a period of intense sorrow and internal darkness that the ancient Essenes named ‘The dark night of the soul’. Most people, think they have made a terrible mistake for the ‘Dark Night’ to appear.

Especially those who have already achieved substantial spiritual ascension. The concept mistake does not apply here, however. When you enter the Dark Night, you must express gratitude, and congratulate yourself on going through a ceremonial spiritual detoxification.The pain and confusion you feel are the feelings you have suppressed for eons, maybe even during many previous lives. And now finally they surface, in order to be cured by the love and compassion that YOU AND ONLY YOU will provide. Even if it is exceedingly difficult to face this turmoil, you must feel blessed because, finally, this pain is expelled away from your inner self. The expulsion could not have happened, unless it was manifested through a reason, like losing your family, and you would never have discovered you carry this pain inside you since birth. We have all been carrying inside us, since the day of our birth, the pain and suffering of the entire humanity through time. And we would never have realised the heavy burden we carry inside us for so long, if it was not for the Dark Night of the soul.

No matter what the reason is, you are now at the stage where treatment through pain is unavoidable, stemming from the turmoil caused by the separation from the SOURCE, meaning from GOD. This pain is not personal, even if it feels like it, during the Dark Night. Since our ego is an illusion, our ego-self does not really exist, the ego or, in other words, personality IS AN ILLUSION. This pain is a feeling we dress up with different stories that we encounter in life, in order to substantiate the pain. The pain that you feel is really a communal pain, felt by the entire humanity. You and every one else individualise the pain as being yours and only yours, due to the perception that we are individual entities, soon after being separated from the SOURCE. Each time we accept and treat the pain, we automatically treat the pain of the entire humanity. When you are going through the Dark Night, you feel very depressed. The harder you try to escape, the deeper into the depression you fall. The entire spectrum of feelings you were trying to suppress for the longest time now haunt you constantly, feelings like guilt, shame, incapacity, abandonment, anger, sorrow, self- incrimination, loneliness, and others.

Those feelings, which for a long time attempt to attract your attention, but you keep ignoring them and resisting them. Make an effort to approach these feelings like a child, seeking your love. Only like a wounded child. Those feelings are seeking your attention, until you are able to see them, accept them for what they are with unconditional love. They are not unique to you, they are common to all of us, they are bodily sensations, we carry them as humanity, constantly connecting them with our personal sad stories, every and each one of us. During the Dark Night, you feel totally isolated.

You are not aware of anyone having gone through the process, or going through the process along with you, you don’t feel like dealing with your loved ones or your friends. They actually cannot understand you, believing that you went mad or, worse yet, their own fears get activated. You think that, if you could escape all this, you would, but you don’t have the energy or the interest to act upon such an event. And all this is due to the fact that all your energy has been consumed by your ego, in its attempt to resist the unavoidable, trying to protect your pseudo ego.

You feel you are totally stuck. The funny thing is that you want to stay stuck, otherwise you cannot stay in the Dark Night. That was an experience that I personally had, during my Dark Night. On the one hand, you feel really miserable, and on the other, you are fully aware of the fact that, in order to get out of it, you have to abandon the pain and the turmoil, in order to allow the change to occur. And this is one of your greatest fears. Your ego is terrified by the prospect that you will stop existing. Despite the hard time I had during the Dark Night, I didn’t want to get out of it.

If and when that happens. my identification with my ego would be decimated, and then what was I going to do next? Despite the fact that the separation from the ego / personality is the best thing that could happen to you, in order for you to find happiness, at the same time it is the most terrifying feeling if you didn’t live through it. The fear of losing control (although you never have control over the intact ego / personality) and of the unknown kept me imprisoned in a terrible emotional state. Whenever someone gets out of the Dark Night of the Soul, they realise the it was actually a divine intervention, a true blessing, which allowed you to complete transform. The reason we we go through the Dark Night is to learn trust, acceptance, true love, and deliverance. This is our true nature, our ego is aware of it, and it actually creates the conflict itself.

A very nasty conflict. Our ego is very hesitant to abandon the control it exercises, and is very fearful. This is natural, since this is the true nature of the ego. Ego=FEAR, Personality= FEAR=Ego. If you are able to decipher its true nature, like a real man, meaning to recognise it as the nature of your ego and not as your nature, then you obtain the power to allow everything to flow towards an amicable resolution. Your exit from the Dark Night totally depends on you and only you. The time you need to overcome this state depends on how ready you are to abandon your EGO. And you should know that, if you get out without having overcome your Ego completely, you will return again and again into multiple Dark nights, until your Ego is completely decimated.

That’s how things are, and that’s how they will always be. This is a universal law. The stronger the domination of the Ego, the longer you remain an egoist, if you feel pressure when requested to act upon communal benefit, when you refuse to extend love, the longer the Dark Night of the soul will last. Humans, in general, are dependent upon pain and suffering because they enjoy fighting their own selves. They are in a constant battle with their own ego.

And their ego survives by the fight. Actually, they don’t like the battle, their ego does, since it fights for its own survival. The reason is that ego makes people believe that, because of it, they have a unique identity. If this conflict never appeared, they wouldn’t know who they are. They would feel as having no identity. Scared by this unknown field, they are terrified by their vulnerability. This unknown field and this vulnerability after killing their ego is true LOVE.

And this is actually their true nature. As human beings, we always seek our true identity, our true nature, the super being we believe we are. We are perpetual explorers for that ultimate entity, which is nothing more than true LOVE. In that respect, we are terrified by the thing we desire more than anything else in life. And that is the true reason, the necessity, so to speak, for the Dark Night of the Soul. To overcome the fear of the death of the EGO, the fear we feel of true LOVE.

The first step of this realisation to occur is to accept that this a natural, unavoidable process, and that you are already within the process. As soon as you accept this, you are inside the process of the Dark Night, the realisation that this is not your fault, it will take your ego outside, and away from the process, and you will allow the spiritual detoxification to take place inside you and for your extreme benefit. When you are inside the process of the Dark Night of the Soul, you feel the extreme desire to exit, unable to tolerate the pain and the turmoil but, when you realise you are there, it is a desire of your own soul, especially knowing you can exit the state of the extreme pain any time without change, then and only then does it dawn inside you that the process is unavoidable for the change, for the ultimate discovery of your true nature.

At this stage, you have to accept the process, and identify with it by stopping the resistance. If you really wish to help yourself, STOP THE RESISTANCE. The next step is to will feel comfortable within the process, and miraculously the Dark Night of the Soul will disappear. The next step is to do nothing. This may sound easy, but when viewed from the perspective of EGO, it is difficult or even impossible, since this symbolises the death of the EGO. And, while you are doing nothing, EGO will start making a lot of noise, projecting lies in your mind, attempting even to trick to strike fear into you, seeking control, but you must always remember that THIS IS NOT YOU, these feelings and projections ARE NOT YOU.

Your true self is way above these feelings, those thoughts, finally being aware that their source is EGO.


So, when these thoughts appear, those feelings surface, accept them for what they really are, and live through them with the acquired wisdom. Do not attempt to explain them otherwise, to test them with logic, or to accuse anyone as the source of the feelings. Love and cherish every thought, feeling, or condition that you would oppose instinctively. And this is true always for any moment of your life from this point onwards.

Recognise it promptly when you are resisting something. Be aware of your body during resistance. You feel tight and heavy. Isn’t that so? You feel a tightness on your stomach because you resist your feelings. Stop resisting your feelings, live through them without judging their origin, and they will disappear as readily as they came. Every and each one of us goes through the Dark Night of the Soul, regardless of whether we are able to connect it, with the experience we live concurrently, or blame the people around us for our ‘misfortune’.

So, do not do anything. Doing nothing means that you simply exist. Be the true LOVE and the SELF-REALISATION that you really are, your true nature, in other words. The Dark Night seems so difficult because we react so vigorously. The terrifying vice of EGO is so powerful because it desires to stay alive. That EGO is the one that tightens up your stomach. It is a tight grip, trying tooth and nail to stay alive. It will fight you, as long as you allow it to stay alive, and make you forget that you are true LOVE. The moment you accept you are true LOVE, EGO is dead. This explains the popular phrase that the worst enemy of someone is their own self. In other words, their own EGO.

This destroys their relationships, causing indescribable unhappiness. This applies to you, when with a simple hug a small gesture of love you could have avoided all the fights, the sickness of your wife, and your entire disaster. However, you had to go through it because no one can reach true LOVE without passing through the Dark Night of the Soul. Nobody, no human was ever born without an EGO.

When, however, you accept the fact that you are true love, nothing can harm you. For example, if you constantly think of and fear sickness, you are not in the state of true love. In the state of true love, nothing touches you, nothing harms you. Nothing can shake you down, nothing can make you afraid.

Being in the state of true love, you radiate light and in turn that light transforms everything around you into their natural state of light. If in the past you were light, that state would have touched your own wife, transforming her into light, as well. Because we all are one, completely united with the same identity.

If you become LOVE, everybody around you is automatically transformed into love, as well, and this is unavoidable. Since everything happens NOW, we cannot get out of the Dark Night tomorrow, we can only get out NOW. And the key to the exit door is LOVING. LOVE is the only reason to be on earth. The revelation here is that the way things occur between EGO and the Dark Night is one more illusion.

We are always light, and always exist in our true original state light, even if all this time we were seeking the light through the process of the Dark NIGHT. How could we recognise DARK, unless we were LIGHT? If we were DARK, we could not recognise DARK. Thus, when you recognise that you are LIGHT and LOVE, then you understand that, during the period of Dark Night, you were living an illusion as an observer of the DARK’.

”I was stunned by his explanation. Normally, we are forbidden to talk and transfer this knowledge to anyone, unless they are apprentice Druids but, since you are an ANCIENT Elf, I am allowed to talk to you, but not freely. The rest of the knowledge, apprentices must discover themselves. I am conveying ONLY what he was allowed to impart to me, the rest of it, you will discover for yourself, exactly the same way I discovered it myself.”

“Unbelievable. While you were talking, I had the distinct feeling I was going through the Dark Night of my Soul, Tuathan. Now that you stopped, my sorrow is growing again...”

“Well…Yes,” Tuathan noted. “It is only natural because this is the battle of EGO. It will always turn you back to the state of turmoil, to be convinced that you cannot survive without EGO, and to feel that it is harsh and unjustified to kill it. Consequently, you start feeling sorry for your EGO, and automatically you start being overwhelmed by the feeling of self-incrimination, you suffer from extreme depression, and start accusing everybody around you, except yourself. You are constantly looking for scapegoats, while your internal turmoil is always within you.”

“I am very angry at Great Darso. I have serious complaints against him. I feel injustice and, naturally, I blame him for everything. I consider ourselves his victims, and mainly with regard to poor Meril. We don’t even know if he is alive.” That is how Dark-Elf responded with tight fists.

“I perfectly understand you. I believe you will overcome and exit the Dark Night of your Soul, radiant and bright, exactly as you saw yourself inside the necklace.”

“How did you overcome it?” Dark-Elf asked again.

“It was a tremendous battle with my Ego, through very strong painful stages. It took me about six months. Suddenly, one day, I came to grips with my condition. I felt liberated from the pain. Of course, I would like to find my wife and child, I would still give everything I had to achieve it.

However, I was able to feel happy and content, without even finding them. As I realised I could feel happiness, light and careless, I went to meet the leader of the Druids, and said to him:

‘I feel a tremendous change. I can enjoy the smells of nature, I can enjoy the sunset, I feel alive again without even finding my loved ones, and I think I have exited the Dark Night of my Soul. How can I secure the fact that I am out of it?’

‘Do you feel happy even in the knowlege that you may never find your child? Have you accepted her loss?’

‘Yes’, I answered. ‘The difference here is that my daughter’s loss is no longer a source of pain’.

‘Now that the loss is no longer the source of pain, do you still wish to obtain immortality? Do you still have the strong desire to find your child?’ ’Yes I would like it, but not only for the purpose of finding my child.

I want it to be able to help everyone. I believe I have a mission that I did not fulfil. I want to help everything and everybody. I have descended to this earth for a reason. I came here not to suffer for so long and feel like I am lost. I realise I am LIGHT and LOVE, and that I have a lot to offer’. ’In that case, let’s go and perform an experiment with the ‘Egg of the Druids’.’

”We returned to the Frozen rock. I held the stone with my hands. My legs could barely hold me, since I was already 87 years old. I felt my strength slowly oozing away. Holding the stone, I uttered the known phrase in the Elf language. All of a sudden, the stone started throwing sparkles of light resembling the tongue of the snake. The sparkles were incandescent, but pure light.

They were dancing in the air frantically. Finally, one by one, they began to disappear, leaving only one behind. After several revolutions, the sparkle turned around facing me, and without notice the sparkling snake tongue entered my skull through my forehead. This moment, I lost consciousness, and I could only hear the leader’s voice coming from a huge distance, unable to see anything. The voice started to become stronger and stronger, and hesitantly I opened my eyes. I was lying on the ground.

I saw the leader of the Druids, with a branch of chamomile in his hand, which was burning slowly, chanting and blessing me, by moving the burning branch around my head.

‘What happened?’ I asked.

In a flash, he pulled out a small mirror from his pocket. He placed it in front of my face. I saw my face in it, and started shouting.

‘What? That is impossible!’ I jumped up quickly.

I felt so light, full of energy, and very strong. The Leader of the Druids noticed.

‘Why are you so shocked? Isn’t that what you wanted?’ ‘Well…Yes...But I never anticipated I would return to the period of my youth’.

Upon saying that, I attempted a huge jump, like I wanted to convince myself that I was young indeed, since I could not believe it.

‘I have a second chance to do whatever I did not do the first time in this life. I have the body strength and the energy to change the world!’ I shouted enthusiastically.

‘I am very happy you look at it from that perspective, and I would like to talk to you on this subject. It is absolutely necessary to take over an important mission. We cannot estimate the time required for its completion, since it involves the final conflict between Light and Dark, between Good and Evil. The time for the final conflict has arrived. For this reason, it is better to appoint someone who would be permanently in a proper natural state of vigour, however that presupposes that you must complete your training within the sect of the Druids and the Masters of the order. Do you agree?’ ‘Of course!’

”Only then did I start my training. A Druid is always an apprentice, even if he is 410 years of age, like I am at present,” Tuathan announced proudly.

“410!!!!” Dark-Elf exclaimed and smiled...

“I know it sounds strange for a human, but it can happen,” he said, shrugging his shoulders.

“Whatever happened with the girl? Did you want to find out if she was your daughter?” Dark-elf asked immediately.

“I tried again and again, following any and every lead I discovered, but to no avail. At some point, I stopped looking for her, and all traces of her existence finally disappeared,” Tuathan answered with his head down. “After 100 years had passed, I never asked again. There was no point in continuing my search. I never forgot my wife and daughter but, since I exited the Dark Night of the Soul, I have forgiven myself and stopped feeling any pain. You will see that something will happen to you, I am sure of it.”

“I want to find my friend Meril. I don’t think I will ever stop looking for him. I feel responsible as I allowed him to come along with me.”

“Do you remember that Great Darso said to you that you will be taught by the Dark Night of the Soul? Did you ever think he might have created all this for you to ascend spiritually? And I admit, he did not gain one iota of trust from me, despite the fact that he is an Ancient one. The only advice I have for you is to face this as the Dark Night of your Soul, so you can feel content, ascend spiritually, and I hope to have translated correctly what is happening to you, as well as Great Darso’s behaviour. He might have said on purpose that he would train you on the subject. Since he knows my story, he could have foreseen what my advice would be,” Tuathan observed, lost in thought.

“What did you do after we were separated?” Dark-Elf asked curiously.

“I met with Giribel, who announced to me that I had to learn how to control the elementals of Air, Water, Earth, and Fire. She took me to the room of the elementals and, as soon I realised I had learned what I was suppose to learn, I called her back and she came to bring me here. They did not even test me. She trusted me.”

“You feel attracted to Giribel, isn’t that so?” Dark-Elf asked.

“Yes, she reminds me of my wife, but I haven’t yet managed to pinpoint what reminds me of her exactly,” said Tuathan with a deep sigh.

“Do you really believe we will be able to escape?” Dark-Elf asked with apparent anxiety.

“I have the lingering suspicion that they are preparing us for something, like they are taking us through an intense training. However, I cannot explain the secrecy involved. Why don’t they tell us the truth, if what I think is correct?”

Hesitating for a while, Dark-Elf finally said: “I would like to try to escape. Remember the dream with Druid Marevel.”

“We are on the same wavelength. It is not wise to attempt it, yet. We don’t even know the psychedelic labyrinth. We will get lost inside, and they will find us easily. We first have to learn all the ins and outs of everything. I saw some books today that have the capacity to tele-transport someone. You never know. We may find a different way. On the other hand, we may be able to take advantage of the knowledge they are giving us. My only concern is that we have limited time until the final conflict between Good and Evil. If they are working with the Dark side, they may make it look like a benevolent training in order to hold us up. They know you are the Chosen one, and without you the battle will not be won by our side. It seems we will remain in their state of confusion for a little more,” Tuathan said, obviously very apprehensive.

“Hypnotica taught me some exercises to familiarise myself with lucid dreaming.”

“Very strange. Why do they want you to learn this thing? It will not come in handy for the upcoming battle.”

“She told me that Great Darso does not know anything about it, and she asked me not to reveal anything to him. She told me that lucid dreaming may help me meet Meril in the Dream world.”

“Hmm!!! For this to work, both parties should be familiar with the method, and use it at the same time. If you simply dream of him and he is not aware, you will meet him like he is drunk, in the dreamland, detached from his environment, and sleep-walking, with his eyes shut tight. However, you may try it, since it is a very good exercise for your spiritual ascension.” Tuathan was so tired that, after these last words, his head and eyelids grew heavy.

“You are too tired. I will let you go to sleep. Goodnight,” said Dark-Elf in a hurry, ready to attempt the lucid dreaming, hoping to meet his friend Meril. On the way to his room, he stopped in front of Merill’s room, and opened the door. A quick glance inside meant he was hoping to see him asleep, but he closed the door behind him disappointed, and moved into his room.

“Dark-Elf, don’t worry about Meril. We will address this matter later,” Tuathan said loudly, while closing the door to his own room.

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