The Book that writes itself - The Magic Book -vol.1

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Upon entering the room, Dark-Elf stood in front of the mirror on the side. “Am I dreaming, am I dreaming, am I dreaming ?” he asked, while looking at his hands and fingers. He became frustrated, feeling he would not be able to complete the process without a lot of practice. He lay down, repeating “I am dreaming, I am dreaming.” Soon, he fell asleep...Shortly afterwards, he heard footsteps approaching. He sat up on his bed, and asked loudly: “Tuathan, is that you?” He got no answer, however.

He got up and stood behind the door. He placed his left ear on it to listen to the footsteps. He heard the noise growing louder and louder, assuming that, whoever the visitor was, they would soon knock on his door. He took a step backwards, and leaned on the water basin. The door opened, and a young lady entered the room. She was able to spot Dark-Elf right away. He did not move at all.

He observed her very carefully. She was very pretty, with long blonde hair and very large clear bluish-green eyes. They looked as if they were of mixed colour, depending on the angle the light fell on them. She wore a very long skirt, tied around her waist, with a big multicolour circle, like a sun in the middle of the skirt. She also wore a short-sleeve short blouse, which left her abdomen bear. She was much taller than Dark-Elf.

“Greetings, Dark -Elf,” she spoke softly and with a smile on her face.

“Who are you?” Dark-Elf asked.

“I am Maya” was the answer.

“And what do you want?” he asked, obviously scared.

“I want to show you something, and please do not be scared,” she said and held him by his hand. “Come with me,” she addressed him with childish innocence. “Do you see this door? Would you like to go through it with me? You should tell me that you want to do it because I cannot take you with me without your asking for it.”

Dark-Elf got very scared as on the opposite wall a new door appeared. He pulled his hand away, and ran towards the mirror, breathing fast. He was sweating, terrified.

“This door was not there before,” he said with great suspicion.

“So what?” she continued, answering innocently, pretending to ignore Dark-Elf’s suspicious attitude.

Dark-Elf, however, did not feel well at all.....

“I see you are upset and sweating profusely. Why don’t you drink some water?” Maya said, blinking her left eye.

“I don’t like all this...I don’t know what is happening,” said Dark-Elf and, while turning his face towards the water basin, he turned on the faucet, and drank some water. Then, he washed his face.

The moment he raised his head, he looked unintentionally in the mirror. In a flash of intuition, he started questioning himself:

“Am I dreaming?”

All of a sudden, the walls of the room changed colour, and it became brighter...He turned around and looked towards his bed. He saw his body sleeping on the bed...

“My body…me...,” he whispered and, pointing to his body sleeping on the bed, he took a look at the one standing.

“What is all this?”

“Well, it took you a lot of time to realise that you are dreaming,” Maya responded, obviously pleased, with a small cute jump in the air.

“Unbelievable! So, you are really in my dream,” answered Dark-Elf.

“Yes...I sneaked into your dream,” the young lady answered very calmly and honestly, always with a smile.

“What do you say now? Will you follow me?” Grabbing his hand, she quickly pulled surprised Dark Elf through the new door that had suddenly turned up. The moment the door was wide open, a bright, almost dazzling, light filled the space. They were at a beach. The sea was very calm. It wasn’t windy at all…The temperature was perfect.

“This is the first time I’ve seen the sea,” said Dark -Elf.

“Welcome to dreamland,” Maya responded, while bowing cutely, pulling her skirt slightly to the right and then left to accommodate the movement.

“Here, you can do whatever you want! Why, for example, don’t you make some water waves?”

“But I have never seen any waves, except in some paintings,” replied Dark-Elf innocently.

“You can imagine a strong wind, or you may imagine waves exactly like the ones you saw in the paintings. Simply think in your mind ‘I WANT TO SEE WAVES. I WANT STRONG AIR BLOWING’, and it will happen,” she continued.

“I want strong wind and water waves,” shouted Dark-Elf, expressing his desire .

A mild breeze started blowing his hair backwards, which was soon to become stronger and stronger, creating waves.

“Unbelievable! I feel like God here,” Dark- Elf shouted again, smiling this time.

“You are like God everywhere and, to be more precise, you are GOD, like everyone is, but the state of OBLIVION we are in does not allow us to remember the fact that we are GODS. By the same token, our deeply ingrained beliefs prevent us from realising our wishes. We are actually our own mental obstacles to our capabilities,” Maya said.

“She possesses a lot of wisdom,” Dark-Elf commented.

“Thank you,” Maya answered, while at the same time she started getting very short, and small wings grew on her back, exactly like those of Dark-Elf. She stopped getting shorter, as soon as she reached a height lower than Dark-Elf’s. He was looking at her, totally stunned. Maya did not look completely pleased. She looked at Dark-Elf from head to toe, and whispered :


She closed her eyes and, all of a sudden, her clothes started changing. After completing her transformation, she asked:

“Now I am OK! How do I look to you now?”

Still stunned, Dark Elf was looking at the beautiful turquoise dress, very tight at the waist and, as it cascaded, it became wider and wider, making her look like a mermaid. Her hair had changed, as well. Multiple braids were decorated with ribbons of a colour similar to the dress. She looked like a beautiful Elf girl, with wings similar to Dark Elf’s.

“Very pretty!” said Dark Elf, turning red and slightly embarrassed.

Upon hearing his comment, Maya closed her eyes, trying to contain her smile, and addressed him. “Thank you...But count from 1 to 10.”

While Dark-Elf was counting, Maya was standing still, with a divine smile on her face. “9…10,” said Dark Elf.

“You know, when we listen to something positive, we must retain it for 10 seconds,” Maya said smilingly, feeling as if she had made the greatest revelation.

“Why?” Dark Elf asked, apparently puzzled.

“You have probably observed that everyone’s brain gets stuck to negative things. That is expressed through genes over time, representing the need for protection. For example, someone had to remember the nest of a bear to avoid it and protect himself when hunting.

Today, though, with the evolution in this world, it is unnecessary, and we have to train our brain to remember positive things, to open up new vistas, new habits, and for that to occur we have to create new connections in our brains. We must switch our brain from remembering the negative, which was the result of aeons’ conditioning, to creating the new habit of focusing on the positive. By dwelling on everything positive for 10 seconds, we cause new brain connections to develop.

If, for example, I had not dwelled on your positive comment that I am very pretty for 10 seconds and, because of shyness, I had moved away quickly, the brain connections activated by your comment would have remained unstimulated, other connections would have been stimulated, usually negative, because of the existing habit, and I would probably have made the connection, “Well, I don’t really feel so pretty today.

”However, allowing the positive feeling arising from your comment to settle in, billions of new neural connections were stimulated and strengthened themselves during these 10 seconds.

My internal energy started to polarise on the positive side and, if I slowly repeat this process for a while, I will start attracting the positive things I desire in my life. I will reveal a secret to you. If you are able to keep a positive thing in your mind for 68 seconds, then it will materialise immediately without exception.

If you try it, you will realise that this is not so easy. For example, you will think ‘I want Merril to appear’, and right away doubts will settle in your mind. ‘Well, how is that possible?’ ‘What if this happened to him?’. If, however, you are able to maintain the picture in your mind, and visualise Meril next to you for 68 seconds, then it will definitely happen. It will MATERIALISE because it cannot happen otherwise.”

“How do you know about Meril?” asked Dark Elf.

“It is quite difficult to explain to you. For several reasons, I am not allowed to explain. However, I want to assure you that my intentions towards you are very good. I am here to help you go through the Dark Night of your Soul faster and more easily. Consider me your Elf-God mother, since I have wings like you, and my ears are similar to yours,” Maya said with a cute smile, as she cocked her ears, and blinked her left eye.

“How could you transform like that?”

“The same way you were able to create wind and waves. In the dreamland, everything we ask instantly becomes reality. The same thing can happen in real life, but we usually do not have so much faith in our capability to materialise our wishes, so there’s always a delay,” Maya said, as she was turning around her body 360 degrees, proud of the dress she had created for herself.

“Do you know if Meril is well?”

“If you visualise him as being well, then he is well,” Maya answered with an unusual charm. She then pulled Dark Elf by the hand, and started running. He had no choice but to follow her footsteps.

“Where are we going?” he asked, short of breath. “You will see,” she answered with a smile.

Running, they climbed a small hill. When they reached the top, they had to stop because they were in front of a locked ornamental gate.

“Open the door with your mind,” Maya said to Dark Elf.

He closed his eyes, and imagined the gate open, then he announced: “I want this gate to open.” Indeed, the door opened instantly.

They entered to find a marvellous multicolour garden with all kinds of flowers. Multiple elaborate gazebos, some with swings, some with benches.

“It is wonderful!” said Dark Elf.

“I knew you would like it,” Maya replied on her way to a gazebo, far away from the gate.

“Here,” she said. She closed her eyes for a few seconds, and a beautiful blue rose appeared in her hand. “Do you like it?”
“Yes, it’s wonderful,” he answered, surprised.

“Would you like to make this our flower?” Maya responded quickly, not losing for a second her pleasant tone of voice.

“Well…yes, but what are we going to do with this?”

“Its intrinsic value stems from the fact that it belongs to both of us, it will unite us forever, no mater what happens, and it will always remind us of the place where we first met. Right here, where the blue rose is, will be the place of our meeting from now on. Today, I met you in your room. Still, wouldn’t it be better if you came to meet me here, or I did? The moment you realise you are in a dream, you will be able to say: ‘I want to visit our flower’, and instantly you will find yourself right here at this spot. Isn’t that wonderful?”

“Yes, but I don’ t understand, why is it better for either of us to wait for the other? Isn’t that going to be boring?”

“Oh the elves! Haven’t you ever read the book, ‘The Little Prince’?”
“Apparently not,” Dark Elf said. “Please, accept my apologies. All this is so new to me.”

“Don’t apologise. Would you like me to show you? There is a better way here in a lucid dream to learn certain things faster than reading a book.”

“Yes, please show me,” Dark Elf responded immediately as he was curious.

Maya, holding his hand, uttered the following wards: “I want us to go to the planet of the Little Prince.”

All of a sudden, they found themselves flying through space, surrounded by many bright stars and different planets, stopping at a small planet. They could walk on it, with 3-4 steps. A small blond cute boy was standing there, with a crown on his head, and dressed in simple clothes, with a royal overcoat and a scarf around his neck, asking them in a wondrous voice:

“Welcome! How did you find me?”

“Little Prince,” Maya screamed, while bending to pick him up. “Is it really you?” She then placed him back on the ground, telling him: “I am Maya, and this is Dark-Elf.”
“Happy to meet you,” said Little Prince, responding with a deep bow.
“Where is your rose?” Maya asked.

“The...what? What is a rose?” Little Prince answered, apparently embarrassed, scratching his head.
“Hmm... we probably travelled to the past before your trip,” Maya said, disappointed.

“What trip? I never went on a trip. My planet is very small. I can’t go anywhere,” said Little Prince

“You must go on a trip! Go on a trip, and you will see. When you meet a fox that is going to ask you to meet her frequently, you should tell her: “I want Maya and Dark-Elf to appear right here.”

“Hmm!! OK…Maybe, I should go on a trip to other planets, and experience different things. What is a fox? How could I know that I have found the fox?”

“The fox will tell you! Don’ t worry. Please, just call us the way I asked you to do it,” Maya said, while leaning over to kiss Little Prince on the cheek, and said: “I want to go to our flower.”

They were instantly transported to the small Gazebo with the blue rose.

“I made a mistake,” she said. “I asked us to go to the planet of the Little Prince, and we found ourselves in a different time loop.”

“We could have gone in a subsequent time period. What really determined the fact that we went to the past?” Dark-Elf asked.

“Hmm...Maybe the fact that the future, when he has his rose transported there, the planet will not be considered only his own, but the rose’s, as well, since they will share the planet,” Maya answered with a sparkle in her eyes from the revelation. “However, let us move to the future, so you will be able to realise why it is better for someone to expect your arrival, instead of meeting you in your own room.”

“Well…Little Prince did not have enough time to take the trip you suggested. Not enough time,” argued Dark-Elf.

“Past and future is ONE and the same. There is no past and future. Everything happens simultaneously during perpetual NOW. I am forced to use those two terms, past and future, but in reality they are wrong. It is quite difficult to explain that now. Everything happens NOW. We have a choice as to what experience we want to live through.”

She closed her eyes and, hiding his hand, she announced: “Let us go to the point where Little Prince has the conversation with the fox regarding their meetings.”

Suddenly, they found themselves under an apple tree. The surrounding field was full of ears, and a fox was under the apple tree with the Little Prince talking to the animal.

“Welcome. I just asked for you to appear,” he said, turning his head towards DarkElf and Maya. “You were absolutely right. I have met the fox,” he said, pointing his finger towards the fox.

“Greetings to you,” said the fox. “I was just explaining to Little Prince the reason why he has to meet me, and I will expect him. However, he does have some difficulties understanding the concept.”

“We are here for the same reason. In other words, we are trying to understand ourselves,” Maya explained, teasing Dark-Elf at the same time.

“It is much better if we showed up same time every time,” explained the fox. “If I know you will be here at four pm, I will start feeling happy with anticipation. As time progresses, I will feel more and more...When it’s four o’ clock, I will start worrying a bit...That is how I am going to discover the importance of happiness. However, if I don’t know what time you will show up, I cannot have my heart prepared with those positive feelings of anticipation. It is…ceremonial...”

“What is the meaning of ceremonial?” asked Little Prince

“That is something also forgotten,” said the fox.

“It is what really makes one day different from the other, one hour from the next... For example, hunters follow certain ceremonial habits. Every Thursday, they dance with the girls of the village. So, for me, Thursday is an excellent day to visit the grape field. If, however, hunters danced any day without a routine, all days would be the same for me, and I could not have a careless moment.”

That is how the Little Prince domesticated the fox. When time came for him to depart, the fox said:

“Alas ...I am going to cry…”

“That is your fault,” the Little Prince reacted. “You chose to be domesticated. I never meant anything bad for you to happen.”

“Of course,” said the fox.

“Yes, but you are going to cry,” said the Little Prince.

“Of course,” said the fox.

“So, you really didn’t gain anything.”

“Well…I did,” said the fox, the colour of the wheat-ears. “Any time I see the wheat, I will remember your hair, and I will remember you.” The fox then added: “Go and see the roses again. You will realise that your rose is a unique one in the whole world. You will return to greet me, too. I will be able to share a secret with you.”

The Little Prince went back to observe the roses again.

“You don’t look like mine,” he said. “You don’t look like anything yet,” he added.

“You didn’t domesticate anyone, and no-one domesticated you.”

“You are exactly like my fox was. A fox like any other, of one hundred thousand foxes. Now that I made friends with her, this fox is a unique one in the entire world.”

The roses felt very insulted.

“You are beautiful, but you are still empty in fact. No one will give his life for you. Of course, even my rose for an incidental bystander would look similar to any of you. However, my rose is the most important one, since that is the one I cherished and watered. That is the one I placed in the protective cover. That is the one I separated with the divider. That is the one I cleared of the larvas (except 2-3 in order for them to become butterflies). I only heard that one complain or brag, and occasionally absolutely silent. That is my rose…”

Then he returned back to the spot, where Maya, Dark-Elf, and the fox were.

“Good bye,” he said.

“Good bye,” the fox responded. “This is my secret. You only see well with your heart. Your eyes cannot distinguish the essence.”

“The eyes cannot distinguish the essence,” the Little Prince repeated, in order to remember it. “It is the time you spent on your rose that makes it so important.”

Oh...It is the time I spent on my rose that makes it so important,” the Little Prince repeated, in order to remember.

The Little Prince disappeared, Maya and Dark Elf said goodbye to the fox, and returned to their rose.

“I understood,” said Dark Elf thoughtfully. “Our flower is not the same anymore as any other rose. It is valuable because we will use it to meet each other. We already use it to discuss things we don’t want anybody else to hear. And, if you you wait for me, or if I wait for you, this forges our connection, exactly like the fox said. It makes us form friendly ties, so we feel unique for each other. Exactly like it was between Meril and myself,” Dark Elf added sadly.

“Exactly,” said Maya, apparently pleased.

“Why do you want to be my friend?” he asked.

“I am already your friend,” said Maya with a benevolent smile...

“Oh…No...,” said Maya, as her body was fading away.

“What...What is going on?” asked Dark Elf, reaching out to touch Maya’s fading picture.

“Maya?...Where are you?” shouted Dark Elf. He was unable to see her anymore.

“Dark Elf? Dark Elf?”, a male voice was heard, getting louder and louder...

“Tuathan, is it you?” asked Dark Elf, while opening his eyes, and realising that he was in his bed, and Tuathan had just woken him up.

“Tuathan, this is unbelievable. I had a lucid dream. I met a young lady, and...” “Oh..No...Were you able to do it already? I can’t believe it. I am amazed!”

“But I did not try very hard. Actually, I didn’t do anything special. This young lady came into my dream, and woke me up.”

“I forgot to tell you yesterday that you must exercise extreme caution, and protect yourself with special protective shields. This young lady may not have been a benevolent entity, and wanted to mislead you…However, we do not have time to discuss that right now. Giribel just arrived, and she is calling us. They said we have to go to the main yard. Why don’t you place a lighted carpet, so we can step on it, and materialise in the central yard. Wash up and get ready quickly,” said Tuathan. walking towards the main hall. He sat on a chair, waiting for Dark Elf.

When he came, they stepped one by one on the lighted carpet, and immediately found themselves in the yard with the waterfalls.

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