The Book that writes itself - The Magic Book -vol.1

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Chapter 13: Neuro-sensory Expansion

“Each one of you, choose a bed,” said Great Darso. “Now, our specialists will take care of you.” They all lay down on a bed next to each other.

Several people approached them, their size similar to that of Tuathan. They all had blue robes on, and greeted them politely. They placed a yellowish bandana on every body’s head.

“This bandana is made of pure silk. The one who wears it can only realise his own thoughts, not the ones imposed on him, from outside, for brain control. The humans on the surface of the earth are all victims of brain control. For example, if you get the notion to go and sit on a bench without an obvious reason, that may have be an implanted thought outside your brain. By examining your aura, we know you don’t believe what you were just told, but we can assure you this is absolutely true. These bandanas will clear your brains in just a few minutes.”

After wearing the bandanas for a few minutes, they removed them, replacing them with some thick black ribbons that covered their forehead, and were held in place by some strange electrodes.

“Now, you are ready to expand your neurosensory ability, and observe through your Avatar the entire universe, otherwise called unum.”

That comment was followed by three ‘pin’ sounds, and every one felt an irresistible need to close their eyes. From each of their bodies, a bright transparent inner body seemed to separate itself. Those light bodies were all the same but, generally speaking, similar to the body of the owner, as well. For example, Dark-Elf’s body was shorter, and one could make out the wings. All these bodies were composed of pure light.

“Move your heads if you are still able to hear us,” said one of the instructors in the blue robes, now sitting on a chair, and handling a portable machine of golden cables, all forming a sphere.

Everyone on their beds shook their head.

“Now that you can make observations through your bright Avatar, you will explore the universe. Sensibly, you should stay all together, so you will be experiencing the same things. You will be able to communicate among yourselves. However, if any one of you is separated from the others, do not panic. It is something that could happen. So, let’s start.”

A loud mechanical noise was heard, and their light bodies started hovering in a wide open but very dark space.

“And now what?” said Tuathan.

“I have been here before, so I will be able to help you if need be, but you should behave like I am not here, you must research and play, like you were children exploring unknown fields,” said Lilith.

“I can see a light. Let’s walk towards the light.” No sooner had he completed his phrase than he was already close to the light.

“What happened?” he asked loudly, so as to be heard by the others.

“You don’t have to shout. We can hear you no matter what, since we can communicate telepathically. In a similar fashion, at this level, whatever you wish automatically becomes reality. That is the reason you spontaneously moved towards the light. We are coming. Tuathan, simply think that you want to find yourself next to Dark Elf.”

Tuathan found himself next to Dark-Elf. They both started laughing. Lilith joined them right away.

“I can see seven different circles each of different colour, one inside the other...resembling an egg, rather than a circle,” Tuathan said.

“Those are the seven layers of the universe. They are all unique materials. In other words, they are directly related to the thought process. That is the reason why everything you think of becomes reality. The same thing is happening on earth, as well, however with a time-delay because the thing we erroneously call ‘matter’ is denser than here. The first outer section is the primary effecting super domain. Its function is to create the thought process, the propulsion of thought templates, the transfiguration of each thought, in a sequence of thoughts, in order to maintain cohesiveness in causative relationships.

The second layer is the super domain of thinking. It functions in harmony with the first one, and in parallel fashion at the same time. Its role is to register the thought as a picture. It registers each and every sound that represents each thought, since every thought corresponds to a sound. Within this layer, evaluation of each creative intuition in a form of a thought is taking place, thoughts that have originated in the first super domain, so that each intuition is realised by the universe as a part of a wholeness. This is the reason you occasionally see thoughts becoming reality in front of your eyes—thoughts you had in the past.”

“How is that possible?” Tuathan exploded. “Before my wife suffered this postpartum depression, I had thought that for just a second as a possibility out of fear, after hearing about another similar case in our village, regarding another pregnant woman.”

“So, you did materialise your own reality. As you will discover today, the universe says ‘YES’ to each and every thought you have. It is like a magical genie that realises everything you have as a thought. However, the important thing to realise is that the created reality is based on thought, without a distinction between wishful and adverse nature of thought.”

“It acts, as it seems, as a generic storage of thoughts, but why in Tuathan’s case did it affect only his own life, through his wife’s illness?” Dark Elf asked.

“This is a very good question, Dark Elf. The unfortunate fact is that, as long as it exists as a stored thought in the central library, it affects other beings. The thought will materialise in the ones having similar or parallel thoughts, with the same vibration. Each time a sound is registered.

With individual characteristics and specific coordinates. If another sound has the same frequency, the same vibration, for example vibration of fear with similar coordinates, the same thing may happen to that other being. That is why, when we think positively, we not only benefit ourselves, but the entire humanity. You named it central storage for a good reason.

Another name we use for this domain is Akashic Fields or Akashic Records because even a thought, throughout the ages, is stored within those Fields. This is the ‘Universal Library’. Even if this particular Universe dies, the records will remain stored into the multiuniverse library, where advanced beings have access to the mistakes made in the past, so they can shape the future.”

“We the Druids always believed in the existence of multiple universes. So, it is true?” remarked Tuathan.

“Naturally, science has proven that, beyond any doubt. It is a reality,” Lilith added, then continued: “We just used the first two super domains, we thought of something, and it did happen. We acted upon it, and our thoughts were registered, meaning the sounds related to our thoughts were actually stored. The next layer is difficult to use. Its name is ‘Unified Sound Domain’. I would like you to decipher its basic function, although for beings living on the surface of the earth it is much more difficult to understand, since you have the registered notion-belief that something like that is impossible. However, I will attempt to show you that what I am describing is not false. Humans, as well as other different beings, have travelled to what you call future, and the trip has been monitored by special machinery. So, give it a try. Only with your thought. Do not forget that all super domains are functioning only with the thought. Maybe, you will think of something you want very much”

Both seemed to be drowning in their own thoughts.

“What I really want cannot happen,” Dark Elf said, apparently depressed.

“What is that?” Lilith asked.

The conversation was interrupted by the appearance of a bright Avatar that seemed very strange, since it was the only one spinning around very fast.

“Meril!!!” Dark Elf shouted, while trying to touch the Avatar, only to realise that his hands went through it, unable to touch anything. They were both transparent.

“Unfortunately, you cannot hug each other, since you are both in the form of your AVATARS. However, you can send your love to each other, from the centre of your hearts by just thinking of it.”

A thick ribbon of pink colour appeared from the heart of Dark Elf, which covered Meril entirely, and the same happened from Merill’s heart. Totally shocked until this moment, Tuathan made the comment: “The colour of love seems to be pink.”

“Meril, where are you? What did Great Darso do to you?”

“I am sorry, Dark Elf, but I am not at liberty to reveal this to you. It’s not up to me,” said the bright Avatar that had stopped spinning from the moment it was enclosed by the pink ribbon.

“ are alive...Right? Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here with your Avatar.”

“Dark Elf, I apologise, but I cannot reveal that, either,” Meril said, while turning his head to look away.

“But this is impossible ! You must tell me something,” Dark Elf responded, arguing the point.

Lilith thought it was the right moment for her to cut in.

“Dark Elf, you cause him to appear. The characteristics of this super domain is to transfer the information thought, and materialise it. The information you thought of was Meril, and that is exactly what was materialised.”

“I don’t see him materialise,” Dark Elf responded to the comment in an ironic tone. “At this level of density, we exist right this moment. This the density level at which you can materialise.”

“In other words, if I return to my body, will I be able to materialise at that density?”

“If you are able to overcome your preconceived notion that you are not able to materialise an entire human body, and if you are able to process the neuro-perception, without mechanical support, then yes, you could do even that in any given case, even if he were dead. However, that is very difficult, and the time delay would be very long,” Lilith answered in a sad tone.

“But he was answering me, don’t you see? How could he do that, unless he was alive?”

“My dear Dark Elf, this particular domaine is no called ‘Unified Sound Super Domaine’ by accident. Its function is to give you the chance, to materialise everything, however based on sound. If you request an orange, for example, the orange has its own melody, its own frequency. You have your own individual melody, and so does Meril, like every single being. When you requested Meril to be materialised, you did it based on the melody you have inside you, which depicts Meril, his own identity song, as you registered him in your mind.

Every human, every being, every planet, every star, every galaxy, every insect resonates its own frequency, thus its own melody. On that basis, we actually recognise every being, even though we do not perceive it as such. This specific song has the identity of Meril. The higher the harmony, meaning the closer the tone is with the Source of Creation, the more beautiful the song, the more love it attracts, the more we want to be with him. And that actually depends on his own thoughts, which in turn create his own feelings. If someone thinks of something fearful, their melody is altered, and their song becomes discordant and unattractive at the moment of fear. No matter where you are that moment, you may not transfer the discordance here, but you have altered the perception of the song in your mind. What is indisputable is that there is no limit to the spectrum of creation and materialisation.

If you use the super Domains correctly, you can materialise an orange, or create a clone. In other words, you could materialise another Meril or, even better, resurrect Meril himself, if he is dead. However, you must acquire all the necessary knowledge, know what true reality is, and not what you have learned so far, you have to learn life without interferences, and to work on improving yourself for a long time. Most likely, you may have communicated with your own Avatar, alive or dead, and for some reason it could not communicate with you. You may learn something from the turmoil you’re going through right now.”

“That’s what everybody says,” said Dark Elf sadly.

“The capacity to resurrect someone interests me, as well,” Tuathan said.

“There are many versions of the universe you live in. So, there is a universe where those you are missing so much are still alive. It is like every day all versions of the universe pass in front of our eyes like on a TV screen, and we choose to live in the one that we create in our mind, based on our thoughts and feelings. If you focus on the fact that someone you are missing is dead, there is no chance you will be able to recall him back to life, because you constantly focus on the universe that he is dead.

You will have the chance to comprehend what I am telling you, after you study the concepts extensively. In any case, you need to work a lot on much simpler things first, in order to create the foundation for the ability to move to a universe, where someone you are missing is alive. I would say that, at your current stage of evolution, you did the best you could. You sent him love, and now the best thing is to bid farewell.”

Meril’s bright body changed to a dark purple hue, and so did Dark Elf, and they both disappeared.

“Why did they turn into the same colour?” Tuathan asked.

“I understand the color Dark Elf’s Avatar took, knowing that this colour denotes sorrow...but the fact that Meril’ s Avatar had the same hue indicates that it is not a byproduct of DarkElf’s thought form, but rather representing the soul of Meril himself. Alive or dead, your friend felt it, even if not consciously, but deep down, he felt the communication and the farewell.”

A moment of absolute silence followed.

“Would you like to examine the next super domain?” Lilith asked hesitantly, in her attempt to dilute the feeling of awkwardness.

Both responded “YES.”

“The fourth super Domain is Logic-forming, and the fifth Diffusing. These two super domains are establishing the rules of functioning, and the rules of materialisation, in other words, they prepare the thoughts to enter the time-space continuum. The logic- forming domain categorises thoughts in a functional executable sequence, and registers them in a huge record-keeping apparatus, so they can be recalled, similar to the index in a library that facilitates locating a specific book. The Diffusing Domain establishes a domicile for each and every thought, from inception to final evolution, on its way to materialisation. The sixth super domain is the hypo-quantic, where all creational intuitions are formalised, before entering the time-space continuum. The seventh and final super domain is that of time-space continuum.

All intuitions in this domain originate from the first super Domain, they pass very quickly through the hypo-quantic domain, where they take their form, and move fast to the phase of materialisation. I must point out that the way we perceive matter is wrong because matter is actually vibrational frequencies, and our senses determine them to be, more or less, dense. I am sure you have realised already, when I speak of creational intuitions, I mean thoughts, since every thought is one creation each time. It is a creation we will experience once later in our lives. Now that you perceived and realised how the Universe works, we can return.”

Tuathan asked curiously: “The Atharan who was with us is invisible, despite the fact that he was connected to the machine, like we did. Why?”

“Our scientists have explained to you that someone may choose to take their own individual trip. That’s why I am not concerned. If there were any problem, I am sure they would take care of it. Just think of yourselves back in your beds, and we will return immediately.”

Dark-Elf saw them disappearing out of eyeshot.

“I cannot think of myself back in my bed, I cannot focus on that. I am so emotional having met Meril that my thought is stuck there. How am I going to go back?”

A small purple vortex suddenly appeared in front of him like small thunder. The Atharan appeared from inside the vortex.

“Hi, Dark Elf,” he said

“Hi, Atharan!” he answered

“Would you take a walk with me?”

“Alright!” said Dark Elf.

The purple vortex appeared again, growing bigger and bigger, until Dark-Elf was engulfed, along with the Atharan. Dark-Elf started shouting, terrified.

He found himself shortly by a lake at nighttime, with the sky full of stars and two moons. “This is the place where Meril went inside the mirror,” he screamed.

“This is a location in a parallel universe, so it cannot be seen through the machine, since the machine is calibrated to observe that universe. I brought you here because I don’t want them to register anything that we will think, feel, or express in their machine, and so they cannot have any record of it. I want you to give a message to Tuathan. Do you want to do it?”

“Of course!” Dark-Elf answered, still in shock

“I am Tuathan’s wife. My name is Diona.”

’What?... And how did you assume this appearance? How come you are still alive?”

“I am entrapped in this body. I was abducted by the Athatrans.”

A small dome appeared in front of him, and he was able to see the story he was listening to, like a movie, the voice coming from the Atharan’s mouth (it was actually Tuathan’s wife).

“I was so depressed that my vibrational frequencies were attuned to theirs, attracting them. I was actually ready to hang myself. I had placed the rope around my neck, and for the last time I checked my baby, who was peacefully asleep. The baby would not understand anything, and I would free myself from the terrible depression that made Tuathan so unhappy, and definitely would do the same thing to our child. That was the plan. As I was getting ready to execute the plan, with the rope around my neck, three Atharans appeared from inside a light that suddenly appeared.

They took me down, while I was losing consciousness, shocked and terrified by their appearance. I spent a lot of time on a spaceship. I learned a lot of things, and they experimented on me extensively. Since then, I have been in this form you see me in right now. They considered me a failed experiment, and kept me in their own army. This body of theirs you see me in never dies. It does dot have the capacity to feel pain, and has no feelings. Mine, however, is substantially different.

I do have feelings but I, until now, have not managed to show any, so they do not know that I have real feelings, otherwise they would have continued experimenting on me. I believe that Tuathan is not here by chance. I strongly believe that we will be able to find our child, and live all together. Of course, if my appearance didn’t bother him so much.”

“Why don’t you say all this to Tuathan? Why don’t you appear in front of him yourself?” Dark Elf asked with great interest.

“That’s impossible! Great Darso would never allow that, since he has some special treaty with the Atharans. Besides, he is able to perceive in advance anything going on in the city. My plan was to transfer him to this parallel universe, in order to explain all this to him personally, but he disappeared so fast, I did not have the time to do it. So, you are my last hope. There is only one way, if you really want to help me,” Diona said, with tears in her eyes.

“Ask what you think is right, and I will do it,” DarkElf said, deeply touched.

“You must convince Tuathan to enter a lucid dreaming process. I will meet him there, and I will explain to him.”

“But Tuathan is able to lucid-dream any time he wishes. Why do you think he would refuse?”

He did it once, and we had a wonderful time in that dream. I did not think of explaining to him at the time. We both needed to have some good time, and I thought that I would be able to explain next time. However, he never appeared in the Dream-World again. I don’t know why. For some reason, he refuses to do it again,” said Diona with her head down.

“I will try to convince him to do it again.”

“Be very careful, however, not to mention anything to him about me. Great Darso should not be sensitised in any possible way. Let’s go now.”

“Wait a minute...This is the same place where Meril went when Great Darso cunningly threw him into the mirror. How would I be able to find him here?”
“I don’t know anything about Meril, Dark -Elf. I only know how to come to this parallel universe.”

“How would I be able to be here myself? Dark Elf asked with great anxiety.

“You can only do that if you are within the body of an Atharan. This is the only way I know. There may be other ways,” Diona responded.

“What is the name of this universe?” asked Dark-Elf.

“Harmonic Universe 2,” Diona answered, then continued: “However, the universe you saw in the mirror could be another parallel universe that happens to have a purple lake and two moons. Don’t you find that possible?”

“This thing of all these parallel universes is so nerve-racking,” Dark Elf whispered.

Diona, nodding in agreement, said to him: “Let’s go now. You go first, and I will follow later, so we do not arouse any suspicion. Think of the other Universe where you were before, the same spot where Lilith was teaching you. Then, think of the bed you have left your body lying down on. Good bye and thank you very much.”

Dark-Elf followed the instructions to the iota, and soon found himself heavy inside his body. Everybody was looking at the bed, anxiously expecting him to wake up.

“Dark Elf,” Tuathan shouted. “Are you okay? We thought you were lost. There was no sign of your thought in the machine.”

“I am OK!!! I was simply in such a shock after I saw Meril that I could not get my him out of my mind,” Dark Elf answered, telling a lie for the first time in his life.

“Do you understand now how important thoughts are?” Great Darso asked.

“All day long, you have been creating so many thoughts in your minds, without even consciously realising it. If something goes wrong during breakfast, for example, and you connect it to the phrase that a good day starts in the morning, you start believing that the whole day will go wrong. If this is just a passing thought, but you really start to believe it, then everything during the day will go wrong. It’s that simple. We just showed you that the entire universe depends upon your thoughts. It is up to you to consider what you saw as an education, and to start applying it in your daily life, and everything will become easier in your life.”

“Well, the difficulties make you stronger, and we all learn through difficulties, right?” Tuathan asked.

“That is a totally a wrong notion,” Great Darso answered. “If you believe you need difficulties, then it is difficulties you will meet in your daily life, and difficulties you will materialise. You may encounter another human being with the same knowledge as yours, but his was learned through happiness and ease. Needing difficulties, you give a signal to the Hyper-Universe to assign to you a route with difficulties because you believe they are necessary for knowledge and self improvement.”

“Yes, I believe you are right,” Tuathan said. “Frequently, I catch myself thinking it is better that this difficulty appeared on my way, since I am made to face difficulties, and I draw strength from that thought. I never realised that I myself perpetuate the difficulties created on my route.”

“It is very simple. Change your notion. Think ‘I learn from comfort and ease’. I AM made for comfort, I learn from comfort, is that understood?”

“Yes, but... Is it really so simple?”

“Well, sometimes, you may see the old notion surfacing in your brain again, since it has been imprinted and rooted deeply in your subconscious. But it is up to you not to allow it to empower itself. The first thing you do when that happens is to void it by saying three times ‘void, void, void’. So, you weaken the thought, and then you apply the antidote. You start thinking you learn through comfort, you are made for comfort, and through happiness and ease.”

“It is so unfortunate I didn’t know all these earlier in my life,” Tuathan commented regretfully.

“Do you see? Again, you focus on the negative. Instead of thinking how lucky you are, given this present opportunity to learn, during which, through this neuro-sensing, you have experienced the greatest universal secret, you are complaining you did not know it earlier. Change from now on, and you will change everything you did not want to have happened.”

“But they already happened in the past,” Tuathan answered.

“Cure the present if you desire to cure the past, and simultaneously the future,” Great Darso noted.

“I didn’t get that,” Tuathan said, raising his right eyebrow.

“I will make you understand,” Great Darso responded, patting Tuathan’s shoulder in a friendly manner. “Now, let’s go to the room of the Unum, in other words, the Super Universe.”

“Multiverse ...super-universe. Why don’t simply call it Universe?” Tuathan noted innocently.

“Because it is multiverse. Many people believe that by the word multiverse we mean the multiple parallel universes, while that is not accurate. This word means the different expressions of the same universe. Each one of us has their own multiverse, which has multiple expressions, and is constantly evolving. The personal universe is the multiverse, and all multiverses constitute the UNUM.”

“Well, I see the same universe like everybody else. We all see the same components, the same stars, the same moon.”

“Everyone lives in their own multiverse. Your multiverse is different than your next door neighbour’s, but both have many similarities. Let’s discuss the differences between universe and multiverse. Universe is what we define in the physical realm, meaning the space you perceive, the planets, the stars, the moon, and so on. It is the place where one may perceive a three-dimensional expression of the creation. However, in this perception, we do not include anything spiritual, any souls, and so forth. We only include what we can perceive as matter, everything we can see or hear.

Any components that we cannot perceive with our senses, we do not include. We consider them non existent, since we cannot see them. That is the definition we accept as Universe. In the multiverse, we include more components. For example, advanced physics, which the ancient Greeks, famous for their knowledge, determined as ‘beyond physics’, meaning ‘advanced physics’ or ‘metaphysics’ and ‘spirituality’. Thus, in a multiverse, there are more things to analyse than in the universe. The multiverse is full of life. Life on other planets, which we can comprehend, as well as life we cannot, since it exists beyond the electromagnetic spectrum the human senses can realise.Those things we cannot realise are on a different dimension. It is so simple. There is nothing magic or threatening.

”Advanced Physics (Metaphysics) has proven that the universe possesses its own consciousness. All celestial bodies, planets, and stars, have their own consciousness, they are living beings that are able to perceive, think, and feel. They have their own modes of thinking, which in turn create their own individual separate realities, meaning they create, like us, their own personal multiverses. Each and every thought creates a different version of reality. So, thought A creates its own reality, and thought B its separate reality. If you focus your attention, and direct your energy to either of these two, A or B, this will be the one that will materialise.

”Your multiverse depends upon your thoughts, your notions, your actions, and it definitely affects some people close or around you. Someone who exists at a great distance from you, at the other end of the planet, will not be affected. He will live within his own multiverse, unaffected by your multiverse, and the route you have taken in life. Thus, your inner multiverse is different from theirs because we think differently. And we think differently because we live in different multiverses. Its that simple. If you had never come here, and you had not learnt what you have learned, and what you are going to learn, you might have preformed better or worse in your mission. However, it cannot be the same like you never came here, just as it cannot be the same, now that you came. Every movement, every thought, changes everything.”

“In other words, we are going to continue our mission, and you are only giving us some training here, right? Did I guess right?” Tuathan asked.

“We will determine whether you will continue the mission. If you are deemed capable, you will. Failure is not an option. We cannot allow failure. At least not in this multiverse,” Great Darso answered in a strict tone of voice.

“If we don’t try, then the failure is a given. We have to try, regardless of your judgement whether we are capable or not,” Tuathan responded, furious.

“If I ever allow you to go on this mission with this behaviour, with this anger inside you, you will not win. Negative feelings, negative thoughts, bring only negative results. First, you have to learn to prevail over your thoughts, your feelings, and your own multiverse, in order to create for sure the reality of a win. Otherwise, you will materialise failure.

The multiverse will choose if what you have propelled, what you have chosen to think, is viable or not. Even if it is totally destructive, it will be materialised. This is the simple way the multiverse functions. If you create something positive, you will receive positive response, if however you create something negative, you will have a negative outcome,” Great Darso said. “Your further involvement in the mission will be decided in the future, and that is final.”

“So, you are willing to risk a defeat of light, without even a trial,” Tuathan said, trying to contain his anger.

“To start with, your simple notion that everything must be difficult for you to win will make the mission even more difficult than it could really be. After you cure your past, after you get rid of your notions, then and only then will you be ready. Until then, you are not considered capable of completing this mission successfully.”

“But you know that time is essential. What will happen if we miss the time frame?”
“Let it be a failure. Do you know in how many multiverses and in how many parallel universes we missed the time frame? In some, we missed because we acted in a hurry, and in others, due to ill perceived pride, or mistaken notions of the members of the mission. In this universe, we try not to fail and act properly.”

“It does not sound right to me. I think you are missing something, Great Darso,” Tuathan said.

“We will see that,” Great Darso declared. “Let’s go to the room of the Super-Universe now. Maybe, you will appreciate a thing or two there. At this moment and time, you do not possess the proper knowledge to express an opinion, as ancient philosopher Plato used to say. “You will find that out soon.”

Tuathan was seething inside because all these were exactly the opposite to the agreement he had made with the Master of the Druids, with Mistrizia and Druid Maverel. He wanted to keep his promise, and see the victory of the light as soon as possible. His suspicion regarding Great Darso’s real motives was mounting. Definitely, he was teaching them some great stuff, but still his behaviour was a big question in his mind, and he radically disagreed with his opinions.

“What I want you to understand, before we enter that room, is that you are creating the version of the multiverse inside yourselves, and you are projecting it on the others. If your version is not any different from the one of the others, they will see your version, as well. Remember the fact that, since each one of us is unique, we may look at the same flower, or smell the same flower, and still it may look different to each one of us. If I could swap places with Tuathan for a moment, I would be shocked, since I would say that I do not see the flowers that way, and the same for him in my place. All these phenomena have been studied by our scientists, as well as yours in the future, and some specific definitions have been agreed upon. The phenomena are real.. Let’s go to the room of the super universe,” Great Darso concluded and, with a movement of his hand, made them disappear into a purple cloud.

One of the scientists in the blue robes shouted:

“Great Darso, you should wait!! We have a sign of her birth.”

However, Great Darso and his company had already disappeared.

“Too late! We didn’t catch him on time. They will spend many hours in the super universe room under the circumstances. Let’s record as much as you we can,” a girl in a blue uniform said.

“Do you want to watch what is being recorded, madam Bevary?”

“Just make sure you have selected her multiverse, where we will cross each other,” she answered.

In front of them, a huge dome opened, all of a sudden.

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