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Chapter 15: Maya’s first visit to the spaceship

That fateful moment, a wide band of yellow light like a vertical pathway appeared on the ceiling, attaching to her body. She felt an irresistible pull towards that light, and her body, as she was lying down, began to get suspended horizontally over the bed. The light was constantly pulling her upwards. She went through the ceiling, and suddenly found herself in a strange unknown place. She was not scared at all, she did not utter any sound, mysteriously feeling peaceful and happy within that light.

When she got the sense that the strange travel was complete, she looked around her. She was still lying in a horizontal position face up. She attempted to get up, but she banged her head on the glass pane. She reached out her hands to touch the surroundings, only to realise that she was inside a glass tube.

She looked around. The walls had certain curves. Many people were present in the space: three women and three men, all very tall and extremely attractive. They all had white gowns on, like they were doctors.

Suddenly, she heard a heavy male voice. However, it was very kind, leaving an echo behind.
“Welcome, Eliki,” the voice said.

“My name is not Aliki,” she responded. “Why is your voice so strange, like its coming from…God?”

The voice laughed with a lot of love.

“You are very cute. To start with, I called you El-iki, with an E, not with an A. Second, you hear me in this strange manner because you hear my voice within your brain. We call this Telepathy here. This is the way we communicate here. So do you. You don’t have to speak loudly. Try to speak inside you, while addressing me. Concentrate and try. Slowly, you will grow accustomed to my voice, and not think that I sound like God with an echo.”

Maya closed her eyes. thinking that it would help her attempt to concentrate.

“Hi!... How are you?”

she attempted to speak inside her brain.

Many voices, male and female, responded automatically.

“Greetings, El-iki.”

“Our El-iki.”

“You learn very quickly.”

“I like this telepathy,” Maya said. “But why do you call me El-iki?”

“This is one of your names. The syllable EL in this name means light, and that synchronises you with the vibrations of the divine light. Simultaneously, it is therapeutic to you, something you need, considering the ordeal you have been through.”

“Who are you?“

“We are not allowed to reveal that to you, yet. In time, however, you will have your question answered. Now, you can close your eyes, and enjoy a wonderful sleep, while you are being cured and placed in tune with your other half.”

Maya raised her head a bit. From her reproductive organs, a shining thick multicolour wire was connecting her with another tube next to her, where a young boy was asleep.”

“Who is this boy? Please, bring me my friend Nico here,” Maya complained. “Where am I?”

“Believe me. One day, you will be very happy that in the tube next to you is this specific boy. As for where you are, this is a spaceship.”

“What is a spaceship?” Maya did not know what a spaceship was. Those days, no space ships were shown on children’s television programmes.

“It is a vehicle that travels in space. Now, tell us how you feel.”

“I feel very well, very happy for the first time. I could describe it as if somebody were tickling my heart.”

“Well, that’s ideal. Close your eyes, and enjoy it. When you wake up in your house on earth, please remember that you can call us any time you wish.”

Maya closed her eyes, and slept deeply. A deep sleep she hadn’t enjoyed since she was a baby. This was the first night she hadn’t cried. When she got up, she was in her bed, asking herself if what she experienced was real or not. All day long, her thoughts were there.

Next evening, she thought of visiting her new friends. Soon after the thought crossed her mind, she found herself on the spaceship again. It dawned on her that the only thing she had to do was to think of something, and her wish would be granted. She continued making this visit for many years. Her strange new friends couldn’t give her any new information, but simply being there was sufficient to bring peace, love, and happiness in her soul. It was always a pleasant intermission. Sometimes, Maya was asking them, out of curiosity:

“I have a mission. Isn’t that so?”

“Yes, you do, and you will do it very well,” they always answered with love. Then, Maya would sleep with a wide smile on her face. At around the age of fifteen, Maya started reading and searching for extraterrestrial life, only to realise that there were two types of extraterrestrials, those of the dark and those of the light. Then, she started asking herself if she was dealing with the good or the dark side.

“Are those on the spaceship good or bad? And what exactly do they do to me there? What if they do something sinister to me? What if they present it so beautiful, but it is actually an abduction?”

She kept thinking of them every evening, but she did not invite them anymore. She explains with her mind that she was actually afraid, and they stopped appearing. The torture she was going through because of her family never stopped. Until she reached seventeen, the violent behaviour at home never ceased. Any small cause was reason enough for senseless beating. Even when she was walking on the street with some classmates, especially boys, her father didn’t approve of that. He stopped the car, if he saw her, got out, and beat Maya up in public. Then, he got her in the car, and drove away. Her life was substantially improving when her father was away on a long trip, but one could not call that a pleasant life because her mother was so strict, concerned only about whether she could get an A+ in all all subjects. Maya never learnt to do any house chores. Her mother would always tell her:

“This is not your job. Your job is to study, get excellent grades, and become a scientist.”

Once, Maya insisted that she wanted to iron some clothes, and her mother paid her some money when she was done. Maya hated that. It made her feel she was not a member of the family. This behaviour made her hate all house chores. Maya grew up studying, and became a doctor. The problem she had with electricity got much worse. During her studies, any metal object she touched electrocuted her. She could not even close the door of the car, unless she did it by pushing the glass, to avoid the charge.

At home, she had a problem with her roommate. Any time she touched him, they were both electrocuted. When the roommate called an electrician to check for any short fuse, either from an outlet or a switch, nothing was ever found. This remained an unresolved mystery, which caused Maya to be scared to plug in any electrical device to an electrical outlet.

She was by now a beautiful young lady with long blonde hair, large eyes, and a clear glance—a cross between blue and green. Yes. That was Maya DarkElf saw in his lucid dreaming session.

“How is El-iki?” a voice was heard in the room before Great Darso appeared in a hologram.

“Great Darso, it was not necessary to waste so much energy to transport yourselves here. She is doing very well, although she stopped all communication with our team on the spaceship. She has suffered some violent behaviour by her earthly family, and we cannot predict how she is going to end up. Had she kept the communication with our team, things would have been different. She has serious problems with electricity, naturally, but she is very careful with that, since she realises the danger involved. She does remember that she has a mission. She has known that, since she was a child,” Madam Bevary answered, very satisfied.

“She still remembers that? Unbelievable. So, what Lord Arcturus did worked out perfectly. Please, let me know if anything goes wrong. I am in a hurry because I left my body in a room in the UNUM with the rest.” Upon saying that, his hologram disappeared.

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