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Chapter 16: In the Hall of UNUM

Everybody appeared in a large elaborate amphitheater in the UNUM. There were three rows of seats, two of them right and left with four seats each, and a wider third row in the middle with ten seats. In the aisles between the rows, there were on the floor a series of small mushroom-shaped lights. These were the only source of light, so the guests could see their seats, walking safely through the aisles.

Everybody was still waiting for any movement on the part of Great Darso, who looked like frozen.

“Hmmm” was the only comment Tuathan made, addressing Lilith, and pointing towards him.

“Let’s wait for him for a few moments,” Lilith said, like she knew something the others did not. A few seconds later Great Darso started moving slightly.

“Sorry for the delay,” he said when he arrived.

“Take a seat each one of you, and put on one of the virtual reality masks.”

Everyone complied, and total darkness appeared in front of their eyes. In the beginning, they could not see anything. No thought, no feeling, no sound. This silence, however, began developing consciousness. Actually, a hyperconsciousness, which started creating thoughts, with a gigantic potential, unlike anything anybody had ever experienced because, within it, EVERYTHING EXISTING WAS CONTAINED. A very large living being rudely appeared that seemed to be breathing. Its appearance was hazy but bright, at the same time. It had no matter, but it was the astral body of a very tall extremely beautiful woman, viewing her at an angle, like she wanted everyone to see that she was breathing.

“It feels like you converse about God,” Tuathan commented.

“I mean to speak about the Creator of all,” Great Darso responded, correcting Tuathan.

“Yes, but you are showing us a woman figure,” argued Tuathan again.

“You will realise that the Creator of all is a female energy, Tuathan. You will understand everything in the process. You will be impressed by a lot of things because all this time you have lived within an artificial hologram, called MATRIX, by the ones who know more…”

The tall beautiful being kept breathing.

Great Darso continued:

“She conceptualised that she knows everything. She started questioning the possibility if she did not know. She could experience anything desired, however only from her perpetual perspective. If the desire were to experience a different eternity, a new enlightened consciousness had to be created, so this new unit could create its own version of eternity. So, you will see that the way of expansion of this perpetual consciousness and the creation of infinite universes, from her own different perspective, was to expand herself to different units of consciousness, and from unity to go into division. For your own understanding, let’s call her the SOURCE, from now on. The SOURCE thus created a game for herself. It created the UNUM, which is the multi- universe, but it was created by the same SOURCE, yet from different perspectives of view and consciousness.”

At this moment, they noticed the tall woman take a deep breath, and a noise was heard, “Shaaa…,” while from her bright body small tongues of light were extended towards the beings gathered in the room. They soon took the shape and form of the tall female astral body. They were all miniature copies of her. Then, as you all observed, she breathed on each extension of hers with that soft sound.

“You must realise that the entire cosmos was created by sound. With this expiration sound, she gave existence to any and all extensions of hers, each one with different characteristics and personalities, so every unit could create its own universe within the UNUM, so that way any thought, any feeling, any experience returns back to the SOURCE. The initial UNUM became a game place, with the save levels of expression, as you saw before. To complete this game, some gamers had to be devised. She created different versions of herself, and spread it around within the UNUM, so an intelligent version of life appeared, however of lower frequencies than her own, which could explore the entire UNUM, and bring back the different experiences of theirs, so the SOURCE could comprehend different things about herself. Thus, you must realise that even the SOURCE needs to “KNOW THYSELF” we mentioned earlier.”

“So, who gave the SOURCE the capacity to conceptualise herself? And who created the SOURCE?” Dark Elf asked.

“This is a very good question, but I don’t have any satisfactory answer. This is something we are all looking for, and it could be that there are infinite creators of the creators and infinite SOURCES of SOURCES as infinite is the cosmos. Let us see the next step.”

They saw the SOURCE creating seven more versions of herself, and then telling them: “I have created you very close to my frequencies. You have the capacity to create your own realities within my UNUM, even galaxies, stars, nebulas, planets. Create them and spread life on them. Go create, play, and bring back to me all your experiences. Gift yourselves freely any creation of yours within my UNUM, any creation able to realise my substance and my identity! You are the creator Gods of this UNIVERSE.”

The movie continued demonstrating the creator Gods. It showed how life was spread on different planets just with a thought and the expiration sound. At one point, the created planets were so many, so many stars, obviating the need for more creating powers, so the initial creator Gods created lower free creators, able to spread life even to lower vibration planets.

“That is very unfortunate,” Dark-Elf noted, obviously disturbed. “Even GODS have a hierarchy, some higher, some lower.”

“In reality, there is no hierarchy. For you to understand, we have to show you these pictures. We understand it that way because we are used to the concept of hierarchy. Every creation has its own role in one unified game, some complex tasks, some simpler, but all serving the unified plan of the SOURCE.

So, all creation, all the diverse versions of it are only ONE, all returning to the same SOURCE. We are all ONE. Remember that these creator GODS do not exist in time, as you realised it, here on earth as linear time. One million or one billion years for them means nothing.”

“Exactly like us, the Elves,” Dark-Elf shouted happily.

“Well, you are not ageing, indeed, however you experience time the same way we do, meaning in a linear fashion, like humans and every other living being on earth. The seven creator Gods you see, we name them originators. Immediately after them are the races of light or the family of light. Observe from a distance this UNUM extension, and watch what it looks like.”

The picture was at a distance, so they observed a vortex enlarging on the right directional orbit. The picture was zoomed again to observe the creation closer.
“What are they doing now? Look at them!” Dark-Elf said.

“It seems they are placing their creation under a brightly lit carpet. Isn’t that so?” Great Darso asked.

“Like they want to hide it,” Tuathan added.

“Exactly! They just created a new Galaxy that they are hiding,” answered Great Darso.” They do that, so as to prevent the invasion of the new Galaxy by beings of a different vibrational frequency, dissimilar to the frequency of the new Galaxy.”

“And what is this that looks like a lighted river?” Dar-Elf asked.
“This is called side river zone. Each Galaxy has its own side river zone. Designed to hold the entire system of knowledge, experiences, information, and thoughts, related to any form of life within the specific Galaxy. On earth, there are seven such locations. They are physical places anyone can visit. They are revealed to humanity when humanity is ready. At present, I cannot give you any more detail explanation regarding this subject.”

“How was the Earth created?” Dark-Elf interrupted.

“What we have discovered through our recent research is that the Galaxy to which the Earth and all our Solar System belong, called Milky Way or Via Lactea (Galactic Road), is almost as old as our whole universe.”

Upon saying this, a huge image of the Galaxy appeared before them. This image seemed to be alive, as if every part of the Galaxy were breathing.

He continued:

“Our Galaxy is called Milky Way as it looks like a bright curving band along the night sky, whose stars cannot be made out with the naked eye, but can only be seen of a blurry, bright milky colour.

”By today’s standards, and according to recent calculations, the current cycle of our universe is 13,7 billion years old, and our Galaxy with our Sun and our solar system formed slightly afterwards, that is it is 13,6 billion years old. I mention this, so that you may understand the huge gap between that point and the point when human beings were created.

”Man appeared for the first time as a Homo Sapiens Sapiens 400,000 years ago. He is a relatively new species. Of course, you will see that he existed before that with a different genetic makeup.

”There was no Earth in the initial solar system. On the contrary, between Mars and Jupiter, there was a planet much bigger than Earth, in orbit around the Sun. That planet had many names. The most famous was Tiamat.

”This planet, however, was destroyed 4,5 billion years ago, almost after our solar system was created. Before it was destroyed, it was inhabited by very advanced beings who had built a civilisation much akin to that of Atlantis.”

“How could such an advanced civilisation have been destroyed?” asked Tuathan.

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