The Book that writes itself - The Magic Book -vol.1

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Chapter 17: A violent visit from Sirius

“That’s exactly what we’re going to see later on. The star Sirius…,” replied Great Darso, as he zoomed in on the image, transferred to the astral system of Sirius.

“…It’s a triple astral system, that is it is composed of three stars in one another’s orbit. Scientists have called them Sirius A, B, and C. This system is situated 8,6 light years away from Earth. Sirius A, also called the Pole Star, can be seen from our planet with the naked eye, and is the brightest star in the night sky. Sirius is inhabited by many races and Hybrids.”

“What are hybrids?” asked Dark-Elf, who was listening in puzzlement.

“They are beings genetically constructed in labs,” answered Great Darso.

“That sounds pathetic!” said Tuathan.

“Pathetic, indeed…but it happens on all planets, even on Earth…On Sirius, there are also beings whose DNA was transmuted by the same initial creators that came from the Source.

”A planet was once in orbit around Sirius C. Its inhabitants called it Ša.A.Me (it’s pronounced shaamae). It was six times bigger than Earth. On the Sumerian plates that were found, they were called Nibiru or, in ancient Acadian, NI.BI.RU.

Almost 1 billion years ago, Sirius C turned into a Nova, that is it exploded and ended up becoming a small white dwarf.”

They all saw this story, along with the explosion, on screen, and felt as if it were happening right in front of their eyes.

“Still, 3,5 billion years before this incident, due to some imbalances, Nibiru was thrust off its orbit, and was left adrift in the deep universe. This forced its inhabitants to abandon the surface of the planet, and live underground as the temperature there was much more bearable.

”After Nibiru travelled across space for a long time, they say that it was attracted by the gravity of our own solar system. During its eccentric orbit around our young solar system, one of its multiple moons hit planet Tiamat, and split it into two.

”After this violent visit, Nibiru left our solar system, and continued its voyage into space. Yet, due to gravity, it was always part of it.

”It began revolving around our Sun in a vast elliptical trajectory that lasts for 3,600 years. This period is called Šar by its inhabitants (it is pronounced shaar), and it is their own year. This means their year lasts for 3,600 Earth years.

”So, after one Šar, the story continued, and Nibiru came back, hit the other hand of the planet Tiamat, and turned into what we now know as the asteroid belt. Its second half was struck by one of the moons of Nibiru, it was thrust out of orbit, and became the planet we now know as Earth, our own planet.

”Another thing that is shown on the ancient Sumerian plates is what we now call Moon. Actually, it is one of Nibiru’s moons that was thrown off its orbit, and literally fell off Nibiru. This explains the fact that the moon is inhabited by a race in the form of a lizard, which can change at will.

”That’s why the space program Apollo on Earth was discontinued upon orders from the moon’s inhabitants as they didn’t want any earthlings there.”

“Wait a minute! You mean to tell me that the Earthlings went to the moon? I don’t understand a thing!” said Tuathan.

“Here, we see the Earth as a total of various versions of different points in time. We have the ability to see what happened in what you view as future, intervene, send messages to the people of every era, and so on. Of course, this has not happened yet in the era where you have focused your consciousness. Still, you have to know all this as, if there’s a way you can save the planet, this is diachronically. Whichever therapy happens in the future cures the past, as well. This holds for every being, as well as the whole planet.”

“You mean that we have to beam ourselves to the future?” exclaimed Tuathan in surprise.

“It may be necessary,” said Great Darso, his face inscrutable.

“What if we don’t want to? I suppose that, since you know everything, you must be aware of the reason why I chose immortality! Maybe, you think that, since I didn’t manage to find my wife and daughter, I have no reason to exist, and I am the ideal person to wander hither and thither in time as a warrior,” Tuathan let rip.

“I can understand your shock,” said Great Darso, and continued undaunted: “You seem to forget, though, that you set out on a mission. Could it be that this wasn;’t your own choice?”

“What if I don’t want to go to the future?” Tuathan continued in an aggressive tone.

“You really believe that there is free will among those of you who live on the surface of the Earth?” This question sounded like an invisible affront to Tuathan, who stared at him, nonplussed.

He continued: “You will soon understand what is happening on Earth. Be patient, Tuathan. If you don’t want to go to the future, no one will push you to do it.”

Tuathan heaved a sigh of relief, but he didn’t have the time to reply as Great Darso had already begun to speak:

“Since you saw how the Earth and the Moon were created, let’s see now what’s going on with the initial Gods-Creators coming directly from the Source. We said earlier on that this is not the first circle in the universe we live in. There have been other circles, as well.

”This is a great truth. A universe is created by every initial creator with specific goals set by the Source and, when these goals are achieved, every universe stops to expand, and goes back to the initial creator that made it.

”It seems that, when a universe has served its goal, and reaches its end, the souls that inhabited it can decide if they want to return to the Source, from which they all derive, or to take another ‘stroll’ around a new universe recycled from the old one, with a new goal each time.”

“Do we have an example of a target?” asked Tuathan. This teaching reminded him of the Druids’ words, and his interest was piqued.

“We believe that the primary goal of the Source was to experience separation and diversity as there was only one Source at first. How would someone feel if they were left alone, with powers but no experiences? They would like to experience things, and see how they feel for them. What better way than sending many parts of himself or herself, so that each one of them may feel something different? The primary goal may have been the experience of separation, so as to love the experience of reconnection.

”The goal, however, cannot only be separation and reconnection. As the pieces of the Source are divided into souls, they can gain an incredible number of experiences, which they transfer to the Source, and then reconnect with Her.

”The FOUNDERS, or primary Creators, seem to have been created alongside the universe, so as to start spreading life, and make sure things go according to plan. So, we have assumed that the FOUNDERS are always there at the beginning of a universal circle to work directly with the Source, and they have full recollection of where they come from, what the Divine Plan is, and so on.

”Such a kind of FOUNDERS are Praying Mantises, who are 10-60 feet tall, when they are in their natural form, and look like locusts. However, we must not confound them with short Mantises, who work with a race of aliens that collaborate with the lizard-shaped ones, as we said before. The latter abduct people to conduct experiments on them.”

“Well, I find it hard to believe all this, Great Darso!” shouted Tuathan, as the huge screen showed the form of the Mantises, who literally looked like huge flies or locusts standing erect.

“This reaction stems from fear, but not everything’s so bad, Tuathan! There are FOUNDERS who have split their own existence or soul into smaller souls. Some pieces may experience this experiment as stars or planets, and others inside human bodies, but with no memory, so that the experiment of this experience may be successful.

”Ask yourself: would it be so bad if your soul were the soil of a primary creator, a FOUNDER, and you are now in a body to live what you experienced and still do, simply to go back to the Source, the Creator of All?” Asked Great Darso with serenity.

“It would simply seem too silly a plan to have been drawn up by a God,” Tuathan murmured annoyedly.

“This is because you have heard so many teachings that you have started to believe that God is as complex as a human. A real God would not have the same complexity as a human being, Tuathan, as when you know everything, nothing seems complex to you.” Tuathan was pensive.

“Next time you look at the night sky, and see myriads of stars, you will know that what you see is one of the FOUNDERS’ expressions and manifestations. You can directly communicate with them by sending your energy up there or to a specific star or an entire astral system, and they will know who you are.

”Another theory popular with the Earth’s future scientists is that, if a race, let’s say human beings, is well advanced, it can become FOUNDERS, and turn into stars overseeing the planetary system they created. We cannot even imagine where this evolution stops.

”As it seems, the Divine Plan for our own Galaxy is there to be ‘free will’, and for the Source to see what will finally happen if everything is free. The plan may be different for another galaxy; there may be no free will, and so on.”

“But you said there is no free will on Earth!” said Dark-Elf, who had been listening silently all this time, watching that wonderful spectacle on the screen, which wasn’t over yet.

“Yes, people living on Earth have unfortunately lost their free will. Everything will be explained to you,” replied Great Darso, and continued: “Humans have also lost the sense of who created them. In very old times, they still remembered that the Creator of everything was of a female energy, they called her the Goddess, and worshiped her. Now, they tend to believe that it is of neuter gender, or mainly male.”

“This planet looks like Earth! But I doubt it!” shouted Dark-Elf, reaching out to put his index on the screen.

Everyone turned around to look in the same direction.

The screen filled up with a light blue planet.

“What differentiates it from Earth as we know it?” asked Great Darso.

“It’s all this blue…It’s blue all over…,” answered Dark-Elf.

“Indeed, it is so, since we see it as it was at first…Back then, it was covered in water…”

“And it was sort of blurry…,” said Tuathan pensively.

“This blur you see actually shows that even water is not absolutely materialised. We get to see very old images, before the planet became matter.”

Darso’s voice was interrupted by a loud sound that turned the blue planet into pitch black.

“How can a sound make the planet go dark?” asked Dark-Elf.

“Zoom out!” ordered Great Darso, as if talking to an invisible crew operating the screen.

Immediately, the planet got further away, and right over it turned up a huge spaceship made of light, as if it were transparent.

“Zoom in on the vehicle! From now on, our technical crew will give form to whatever immaterial, so that you can see what happened. Actually, all these forms didn’t have matter the way we see it here on three-dimensional Earth. They were ethereal beings.

”Whatever you’ll see, the beings and the planet, they were all made of a different form of frequencies and vibrations. They are visible to one another, but invisible to us if we couldn’t use machines that can give us a material form of a three-dimensional analogy,” continued Great Darso.

Some conversations were heard, as the camera entered that huge ‘transparent’ vehicle that began to change form and colour.

“Announcement: We found the planet Garu was talking about…Indeed, the instruments show that we captured it before it started to materialise!” said someone who seemed to be the captain of the spacecraft.

Applause and strange cheers that sounded like moans were suddenly heard.

The camera had now focused on the vehicle, so that they could see it was full of weird human-shaped beings that were taller than humans, with lizard-like heads.

“Watch out! Some entity is going to appear inside our spaceship in a few minutes. A teleportation process is underway!” said a woman seated in front of a strange machine with lots of huge purple stones around it.

“But how? Do they have this right?” shouted someone from the crowd.

“Of course they do! They are the planet’s natives. They are from the Central tribe of the initial Creators.”

“Ohhh!” was heard from the crowd in unison, and they all cringed back, as if frightened.

“There’s nothing to fear,” shouted the captain.

“This race is absolutely benevolent…so pure, you would even call them dumb. They’ve never experienced what being cunning or suspicious really feels like. We’re safe.”

True to form, a transparent figure turned up that started to take on a material form. It was a woman with long and straight snow-white hair that formed two oval silver-and-blue protrusions over each temple.

The captain of the spaceship stood up and went up to the woman.

“Welcome. We surround you with love,” she said and, waving her hand, made a pink cloud envelop each one of them.

A sigh of relief was heard in unison.

“I am Aerea, Queen and Priestess of the Atlanteans, wife of King Toth. Do you need something? We see that you have come very close to our planet,” said the woman smilingly.

“Hail, Aerea. I am Invir. Our tribe is called Garuki as our chief is Garu. Yes, we need your help,” said the captain, and took a deep bow.

“Speak out!” Aerea urged him politely.

“We are beings in need of gold in order to gain more life. The surface of our planet was completely destroyed. We had many states, and five of them were made of immaterial gold, so we could survive. Now that we live underground, we are in great difficulty and in need of gold. Your planet has a lot of gold in its core. Could we come to procure gold from you? If so, in exchange for what?”

“Oh, I am so sorry to hear that something so bad happened to your race. You won’t have to give anything in exchange. You can freely get as much gold as you need. We don’t need it,” replied Aerea, reaching out her hand to touch him with compassion.

“Thank you,” said Irvin, holding her hand tightly.

Then, an ethereal construction appeared on screen that literally clung to Earth. The crowd started descending through a huge ethereal staircase that went deep into the bowels of the transparent planet. With some special machines, they sucked in the ethereal gold that ended in the special deposits of the spaceship.

When they were done with the mining, the Atlanteans invited them to celebrate and get to know one another.

The Garuki couldn’t believe their eyes. It was the most beautiful landscape they had ever seen.

Inside this ethereal water, there were exceptional architectural creations. Aerea appeared at the entrance to a round bluish-green building that looked like an ancient temple, accompanied by Toth, who was handsome with long straight blond hair. He was holding her tenderly, wrapping his hands around her ethereal waist.

“I am Toth. I welcome you, surrounding you with love,” he said and reached out to Irvin, who was in charge of the crowd, wrapping everyone with a soft pink cloud. “Please, follow us into the Temple of the Twin Flames. It’s our official building. We are happy to have you here. You are the first visitors we’ve ever had. We want to celebrate with you the joy at giving more life to your tribe,” said Aerea in her sweet and soft voice.

Their screen showed them all seated in that splendid temple, whose interior was full of furniture made of ethereal pink-and-green crystals.

Beautiful melodies enveloped them and, for a while, the Garuki forgot about their gold-mining mission. They were speaking and laughing. The two tribes had become a pleasant company of friends. They were inseparable.

Then, the screen started to mist over, and against the black background a text appeared that Great Darso began to read out loud.

“This way, there passed thousands of years of friendship between the two tribes. The Atlanteans kept giving away their gold, and the Garuki started providing their advanced technology.

Then, at some point, things got tough. The Earth got more and more material, while the Atlanteans and the Garuki remained ethereal. The Garuki couldn’t go very near the core of their planet. The more material Earth became, their ethereal bodies couldn’t stand that dense atmosphere. They realised that they had to create material bodies to carry out the mining procedure.

Then, a council was held between the two races. Garu and all the Atlanteans were present.

The meeting took place on Earth, in the area of the Atlanteans, at the Temple of Life. The Atlanteans thought that this Temple, as it contained the precious stone ‘the Heart of the Atlantis’, which prolonged their lives, would also favour the Garuki, so that there would be a solution.

“Why aren’t the rest here?” wondered Aerea.

“We are in the habit of sending only our leader to councils. He is the one to make decisions,” said Garu.

“But…everyone should agree to what is decided, so that their opinion will be heard,” said Aerea, surprised.

“It doesn’t matter, Aerea…They have their own habits…It’s okay,” said Toth, who didn’t like what he saw, either, however, he understood that this led nowhere, so he continued: “Unfortunately, nature has pronounced. I wish we could help you, but there’s no way.”

“Still, we have an idea,” said Garu.

“Let’s hear it, then,” replied Toth.

“We have spoken with the Council of planet Sirius. They too have very advanced technology. If you would allow us, we could make many ‘vessels’ like uniforms that could accommodate the ethereal entities of our volunteers. This way, they will be able to mine gold with material bodies.”

“But do they agree to lose their immortality, and become slaves, by trapping themselves inside material bodies-vessels?” asked Aerea.

“Yes, of course!” Garu replied coldly.

“Maybe, we could allow that, as long as your volunteers choose to do it of their own free will. However, the Earth is material now, like a huge organism. We feel it every day. This gold is its bowels. So, we could permit this on a small scale, so as to see how Earth’s health is coming along. In the meantime, you might be able to find another planet with ethereal gold,” remarked Toth.

Aerea had turned her back and was irritated. She didn’t like all this. As a woman, she could feel the Earth’s female energy more than Toth did.

Garu thanked them and left.

On screen appeared the text again, which Great Darso read out loud:

“Garu met with the Council of Sirius and that of the Reptilians. Those with their advanced technologies had already tried for many years to discover the way to inhabit a super-condensed planet, but they had drawn a blank. This way, they all suddenly saw the Earth as a huge lab where they could conduct their experiments.

They decided that the only way was that of a “vessel,” but in fact no one had any volunteers eager to die. So, they started conspiring about how they could fool the race of the Atlanteans, who were not cunning or suspicious. They decided that the Atlanteans would hop into those material bodies-vessels, even against their will.”

On screen turned up Garu again, this time inside a huge lab full of computers and machinery made from stones and gold. Indisputably, they gave the impression of being state-of-the art.

“There must be a way for them to learn how to move around and make the mining,” said Garu.

“Our implants do that, but we also have to come up with other implants that will make them feel hungry, so as to feed their bodies-vessels, otherwise they will die,” replied Zyr, Sirius’ leader.

“What will they eat?” asked Garu.

“We can make a virtual environment of fruit trees, and eat them,” remarked Zyr.

“It’s not enough!” said Jiva, the leader of the Reptilians, and continued: “You want them to be strong, and mine gold. As the bodies-vessels are biologically made, they need proteins and some stubbornness, something that will keep them there. It’s better to put on Earth what we earlier made with our experiments. These are called animals. They have stronger proteins than plants and, when we slew them, they secreted so many hormones of rage, hatred, and grievance, do you remember? The best combination to create the feeling of obstinacy. Based on our experiments, this is the only way stubbornness is created.”

“Exactly!” said Garu happily. I like this plan. So, put these implants on them that will make them want to hunt and eat animals. Make them sharp, crooked teeth to chew the horrible flesh of the animals you have created.”

“Make sure you don’t make them completely material. Every vessel must be half-ethereal, half-material as Earth is not yet absolutely material,” said Jiva.

“Of course! The uniform we have already made for the initial ‘body-vessel’ is in the state Earth is in: 50% material, 50% ethereal. The implants should be inserted in the brain, as well as be scattered inside the uniform for a better operation and obedience,” Garu replied.

“The implants must be of the same sound frequency as the spots where they will be inserted. This means they will be inserted in the material spots. As for the vessel-uniform, it will be half ethereal. In the bones, spine, and muscle tissues. Where’s Garu’s son? We need him to make the programming. We have to make sure he constructed the memory eraser. It’s important that they should not remember. If they remember who they are, they won’t be slaves, even if you’ve trapped them inside uniforms-vessels,” said Zyr.

“Yes, he’ll be here in a minute. I’ve notified him. He told me he’s close to completing the memory eraser. As soon as it’s ready, he’ll come to the lab. In the meantime, make a virtual environment with trees, lakes, and others,” replied Garu.

“Have you thought what we’re going to do if they die? There’s going to be a problem because, as soon as the body dies, they will be in their physical consciousness again, they will know who they are. In general, they will be in their previous condition. They will be normal Atlanteans again,” Jiva said worriedly.

“No problem,” Zyr said with a sinister smile.

“What have you thought of, you cunning mind from Sirius?” asked Garu happily. He was somewhat alarmed by Jiva’s declaration.

“Simple enough. We will put a big electromagnetic field with frequencies that will bring pleasure to any soul comes out of the body. It will be a marvellous alluring light that will attract their souls like a magnet, literally sucking them for recycling…to put them in a new body, since the memory banks will have been erased again, so that they won’t know they lived again!” Zyr said proudly.

“Grandiose! Ingenious!” said Garu in shock.

“Of course, to achieve all this, your son must prepare the memory eraser. Without it, we can’t move on,” said Zyr and, all of a sudden, jumped up as the door opened up with a bump.

Yoluk appeared. Garu’s son, with tousled hair, held a small silver box. He stormed into the room, running and shaking like a leaf.

“What’s going on? Why did you come in like that? What happened to your good manners?” Garu chided him.

“Forgive me, but…the memory eraser…,” he said, trembling, as if scared to talk.

“What’s wrong?” asked Jiva.

“It can’t work without an activated DNA. And I know you don’t want any chain activated in the bodies-vessels,” replied with his head bowed.

“Are you sure?” asked Zyr.

“Positive! I’ve tried everything. I need at least one activated chain in order to set it in motion.”

“We can start the experiment. One way or another, until the first one in a body-vessel dies, we have plenty of time to see what we are going to do about it. The next generation should have one chain activated. It’s not that difficult,” said Garu.

“It’s dangerous. Even one activated chain can gradually lead to their sensitisation and the activation of the other chains. This will mean that they’ll start remembering who they are, and realise that we’ve trapped them in a virtual environment. Of course, they will want to return to their real eternal form. Don’t forget that we have 11 DNA chains, while their full potential is for 12. It’s not in our best interests to activate them,” Jiva remarked.

“I think they deserve to find their real form and properties. How can you forget that they helped us?” asked Yoluk.

“Because they’re no longer helping us. They say they allow us to mine gold only on a small scale if we use material bodies-vessels. This means we kill two birds with one stone. We will get rid of them, so that we can mine as much gold as we want, and we will use them inside the bodies-vessels, since we don’t have any volunteers,” replied Garu.

“I don’t think it’s a bad thing to defend Gaia, which is an entity higher than all of us, and actually one of the initial creators that made himself as a planet. That’s exactly what they must do,” Yoluk resisted.

“There is no MUST!” shouted Garu. “We live in a universe of free will, and there can’t be any MUST.” Yoluk let out a sigh of disappointment.

“How will we name them? We actually make a new race,” noted Jiva.

“The ones that look above…as they have lost the property of living above, they will always look for the answer up there…in their skies…That is, ΑΝΘΡΩΠΟΙ (HUMANS) deriving from ΑΝΩ ΘΡΩΣΚΩ. What do you think?” asked Garu.

“I like it,” replied Zyr.

“So do I,” said Jiva, and they shook hands, agreeing to create the human race.

“Well, they must be checked through the implants all the time. Their moves must be recorded, and registrations made…Is all this ready?” asked Garu.

“Sure, although we will keep advancing the implants, depending on the needs that will arise during the experiment,” answered Zyr.

“Is it right, all this we’re planning to do? We’re going to have them live in a virtual environment, like they’re trapped in a big computer?” Yoluk wondered.

“We don’t need to be so emotional. You know that the whole universe is the result of mathematical equations. It is made of Maths, anyway. We happen to be those beings that know how to organise and plan space and time. It’s not bad to make a reality made by a computer. The fact that we can make space and time the way we want to, create a virtual reality, and have an entire race live in it. Of course, this gives us the right to control even when they will scratch their noses, if we want to. All this is mathematical equations,” answered Garu.

Yoluk fell silent, as if lost in thought and a moral dilemma.

“You have another problem, though…which you must solve first. The implants must be multi-dimensional, so that you can transfer them to our dimension after death. This way, their memory will be erased, and new data and implants will be inserted in the new body-vessel for their next lives,” said Yoluk, as if he wanted to show them that it was impossible to do such a thing. His remorse wouldn’t let him proceed. He took pity on those pure beings.

“This has already been taken care of. You know that we the Sirians are experts on implants,” Zyr replied proudly.

“OK. I’ll go delve into the memory eraser, then,” said Yoluk, and left, with his head bowed.

The screen was switched off, and Great Darso asked:

“So, what do you think of all this?”

Dark-Elf was so nonplussed, he couldn’t speak.

Tuathan started protesting and bombarding him with questions.

“How is this possible? You mean to tell us that we humans are the results of technology? The trees and the nature we the Druids believe in exist thanks to technology? How can this be? But they said that the Earth is an entity that develops like an organism. These things are contradictory.”

Dark-Elf, who had realised that all this was true, touched Tuathan, his gaze full of compassion.

“Tuathan, I don’t know how it happens, but I feel it in my bones: all this is real, and I can tell you I feel so relieved.”

“It’s the relief of the discovery of the TRUTH,” said Great Darso, and added

“Yes, the Earth is an entity that decided to manifest itself as a planet. But how would it manifest itself? As a water planet? At least, that’s how it looked at first. Animals, plants came from elsewhere, from labs, and there are still coming other new kinds. More will come in the future. After all, on no other planet are there such life forms that were born on their own. Wherever such life forms exist, they are the result of genetic experiments and labs.

”Thanks to E.N.S. technology, we managed to videotape what you saw on screen. All these people aren’t our actors. They are the same figures, the same entities. We simply added some filtres, so that the beings might look more materialised. This way, you would be able to see them with the limited sensory organs of your three-dimensional body-vessel-uniform. Use any term you like.”

“If humans are made thanks to technology, what about us the elves?” Dark-Elf posed a reasonable question.

“We have some suspicions regarding you, but we’re not sure yet. So, we’d better not discuss this right now. Only after research is done. What you have to understand is that others are on Earth because of this recycling of souls that enter new bodies by force, and others because they came here and entered bodies of their own volition as they had to fulfil a mission. Even those who are victims of recycling may have come here off their own bat in the past, forgotten all about their mission, and fallen into the trap of recycling. Some others who think they have a mission may not really have one, but they have had this feeling instilled in them in the form of an implant, something like a program. It’s a virtual environment of implants,” said Great Darso.

“Why do they insert in people’s consciousness the illusion that they have a mission to fulfil?” asked Dark-Elf.

“Great Darso, something urgent has come up. You have to come to the surveillance lab immediately!” Madam Bevary’s voice blared out of the loudspeakers.

“Take a stroll around the town. Think of what we said, and calm down. I’ve allowed announcements in front of you only when there is something serious or dangerous, and I have to leave on the spot. Excuse me. We can continue when the problem is solved,” said Great Darso, and disappeared.

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