The Book that writes itself - The Magic Book -vol.1

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Chapter 18

In another world, in some higher fields of existence

In timeless time…

In the infinite ‘NOW’…

There was light all around. A blue light and serenity.

They sat at the bank of the purple lake, locked in an embrace. All around were very tall trees with purple trunks and weird bluish-green foliage.

“I like the purple you made for the lake,” Lord Arcturus whispered.

“I hope you’ll remember saying this when we reach the Earth,” replied Victoria.

“Sure I will. Please, don’t be so worked up,” he said and hugged her tightly.

“How am I supposed not to worry? Every time we set off on our mission, the end result is the same on Earth,” she sighed.

“This time, things will be different. I’ll keep our avatars close together on ‘Medallion’ spaceship, so that we can always feel attracted to each other. No matter how many times we split up, the attraction will keep us close to each other, so that we can try again,” he said with a sweet smile.

She turned around to shoot him a disapproving look.

“I don’t believe you. You know I always screw up. I never remember you. The Matrix fills us up with programs. Even you, who go down on Earth in an adult body, find it extremely hard. At least, you regain your memories, so you’re more conscious. What about me? I’m hopeless. On Earth, I always find it hard to hear you speak of a mission, so I run away. With all these Matrix programs down there, how can one believe in a mission? It looks like a feeble excuse that someone comes up, so that I can maintain my relationship with him. Why does the Great Council allow only you to go down there in an adult body? Why can’t we both do that, so as not to screw our mission?”

“I don’t know. It’s their great secret. But you gave me an idea. Let’s go find the leader of Sirius. I’ve got a surprise for you. Don’t ask anything. Let’s beam ourselves there.”

They stood up, their bodies changing form. They looked as if they were made from a milky bluish liquid light. Like two bright figures, one of which looked like a man with long straight hair. The other one looked like a woman with curly hair cascading to her waist. Still, everything was made from light.

The two bright bodies stood opposite each other, and hugged.

“Sirius,” said he.

A light sound, like an electric charge, was heard. Their forms flickered for a while before they disappeared. Along with them, vanished the beautiful lake and the trees. Only that blue light was left behind, together with the tranquillity in a place that looked as if it were in the middle of nowhere or in the clouds, without there being any of them. Like it was only the sky. Their dematerialisation had come to an end.

They rematerialised in a place that smacked of the Middle Ages. A beautiful castle stood before them. Snow-white as if made from marble with blue waters inside.

“Let’s spruce up,” he told her.

The bright avatars seemed to have shut their eyes for a few seconds, and their mutation commenced.

She turned into the girl with the brown long hair, like the one at the lake, but all of a sudden she had gold chased wings and a gold chased bandana on the forehead. Her long purple skirt lent her a splendid grandeur.

He had long blond hair, a little taller than her, and wore a a purple uniform with a wonderful purple mantle. He too had the same wonderful wings.

They reminded of a royal couple of elves in a fairytale.

“We’re both beautiful,” Victoria told him knowingly.

“Don’t remind me of that remark…It causes me pain,” he told her. “You always cut up rough when I told you this on Earth.”

“But you know I couldn’t remember you,” she replied, bending her head.

“Well, this is going to change right now! Come on!” said Lord Arcturus with determination.

“I don’t understand anything…,” Victoria murmured.

He took her by the hand affectionately, and they walked towards the castle.

Someone was standing at the gate. A small boy with some fine characteristics and black hair.

He wore a tight-fitting blue tracksuit, and he held his collar, as if he suffocated.

You could see he was sad. As they walked closer, they saw his eyes were full of tears.

“Do you need some help?” Lord Arcturus asked him, stroking his head.

Victoria knelt down next to him, and held his hand.

“Let go of me! You’re all mean here!” he shouted nervously and started sobbing.

“What’s wrong? Who treated you badly? People on this planet don’t usually do such things. Not anymore,” Victoria said with affection.

“The Lord of Sirius is bad!” the boy shouted and pulled at his collar, as if he couldn’t breathe.

“Why do you say that?” asked Victoria.

“He wants to send me to Earth!” the boy screamed, like this was the worst curse.

“Oh!” Arcturus and Victoria exclaimed in unison, nonplussed.

“Come with us, don’t be afraid,” Lord Arcturus suggested and continued: “We’ll take care of it.”

Arcturus held the boy’s left hand, and Victoria his right on, and they all walked into the castle.

The ground floor was a huge hall. The walls were filled with books made from light, and all around there were blue leather sofas and tables with chairs. Everything was blue. Various entities were seated on the sofas, reading these books. Some of them had their photonic bodies on. There were fairies and elves—all kinds of creatures.

In the middle, there was a corridor leading to an imposing gate.

Arcturus and Victoria quietly made for the corridor, so as not to disturb anyone.

Still, a voice shattered the silence.

“Look! Lord Arcturus and Victoria!” a small elf exclaimed.

An exclamation of admiration was heard, and everyone stood up to take a bow.

“Thank you. You don’t need to take a bow,” said Arcturus, and waved at them.

“Is it true that you’re going down to Earth again?” asked a fairy.

“Yes,” they replied, shyly bowing their heads as they had failed on so many occasions.

As if sensing how they felt, the fairy continued:

“Look. It’s not your fault… Matrix is a fierce enemy. You’re not even yourselves when you’re on Earth. All of us appreciate what you’re trying to do, and we cannot but show some understanding. We know that this mission is the hardest of all.”

“Thank you! This time, we changed some things, and I hope to make it,” responded Lord Arcturus, touched.

They walked on along the corridor, while everyone around them was taking bows.

“Ah! Everybody knows you here!” said the boy.

“Yes, that’s why you have nothing to fear,” said Victoria, winking at him.

When they reached the gate, a thin ray of light turned up, skirting their bodies, like scanning them, and a robotic voice was heard: “Lord Arcturus, Lady Victoria, and a boy of unknown origin, probably a hybrid.”

“That’s not possible! What they have a small boy hear!” Victoria said indignantly.

“What does ‘hybrid’ mean?” asked the boy.

“Don’t pay attention to what you hear,” said Arcturus, and stroked his head. “Place your right hand on the gate.”

They all put their right hands on the gate, and this opened up.

The hall was like a small clearing in a forest. You could feel so much serenity in there. They felt like they were in a forest.

In the clearing, there was a throne made from glass.

On the throne, a tall, chubby, dark-haired man was seated. He wore a snow-white spacesuit, and a long purple-and-white cape with gold letters, just like the ones wore by kings in the Middle Ages.

When he saw them, he stood up and took a bow.

“It’s an honour, Lord Arcturus and Lady Victoria. I’m glad to see you. What’s bringing your here all of a sudden?”

They took a bow, too.

“We would like to call the Great Council forthwith,” Arcturus cut to the chase.

“Hang on a minute…What’s wrong? You changed your minds? You don’t want to undertake the mission? You know that something like that…”

“No, that’s not it,” Arcturus cut in and carried on: “It’s just that I’ve got an idea that will help us succeed this time.”

“Isn’t it a bit too late for innovations?” asked the Lord of Sirius, and took a pendulum out of his pocket.

Arcturus immediately jumped.

“Oh, no! Don’t tell me you’re going to ask your pendulum! I want the Great Council to decide without the pendulum. If your pendulum says no, we won’t even have the chance to present the idea to the Great Council. Don’t do that. I know that, if it says no, you won’t call the Council.”

“Yes, he’s right, Lord. Please. For us, it will be as if you don’t even give us the chance. I don’t know anything about Arcturus’ idea, but I’d like to look into the matter all together,” said Victoria.

“I didn’t expect you to say such things, Victoria. You are respectful. You’re not a rationalist,” said Lord of Sirius, as if chiding her.

“Arcturus isn’t a rationalist, either. Why shouldn’t you listen to what he has to say?” replied Victoria.

“That’s great. What’s you groundbreaking idea, Arcturus?” Lord of Sirius asked him, raising his eyebrow.

“This time, I want Victoria to go down to Earth in an adult body,” said Arcturus.

Victoria turned around to look at him, shocked, her jaw dropping.

Lord of Sirius jumped up, as if feeling dizzy.

“Are you out of your mind?” he shouted.

“I’d like to hear everyone’s arguments at the Great Council, and adduce mine,” responded Arcturus.

Shocked, Victoria’s eyes flicked between Arcturus and Lord of Sirius. She was at a loss for words.

“You know that such a thing will be rejected even by the Great Council. Why bother, then?” asked Lord of Sirius, putting the pendulum back in his pocket, and continued: “You’re right. I don’t need the pendulum to judge whether this is irrational.”

“Still…give me a sec,” said Victoria, holding her temples. She stayed in this position for a while, then continued: “Lord of Sirius, you know my intuition is infallible. I found what he said shocking, but…something tells me that your pendulum will say YES to calling the Great Council on this issue. Give it a try.”

Arcturus jumped: “No, Victoria! Not the pendulum. He should call a meeting anyway.”

“Don’t worry…I feel it in my bones that you’re right about what you want to propose. The pendulum will say YES,” she replied happily.

“You know it doesn’t always take the right decisions,” Arcturus said indignantly.

“I agree, but this time it will. Trust my intuition,” she told him, holding his hand tenderly.

Lord of Sirius murmured, as he took the pendulum out of his pocket. “You’re driving me crazy, both of you.”

He held the pendulum in front of them.

It was a purple stone, and in its lower part a bronze straight line jutted out, ending in a symbol. They were the counterbalancing Epsilons.

“Shall I call the Great Council over the matter Arcturus wants to discuss?”

The pendulum remained still, as if frozen.

“What did I tell you?” remarked Arcturus, who started pacing up and down.

“Your conviction obstructs it, Lord of Sirius. Please, try not to think. Please, try again, using the word N to wipe out your convictions,” Victoria calmly told him.

Lord of Sirius shit his eyes, and said:

“N..N…N…N…N…N…Shall I call the Great Council over the matter Arcturus wants to discuss? N…N…N…”

The pendulum started to move clockwise.

“It says YES!” he said, shocked.

“I knew it!” shouted Victoria.

“Fortunately,” said Lord Arcturus, relieved, and took a deep breath.

“Good. I’m calling the Council now. You can wait at the conference hall,” he told them.

“Wait. What are we going to do with this boy? We found him crying outside the castle because he says you want to send him to Earth. What kind of joke is this?” asked Arcturus.

“Ha ha! It seems you’re not the only one with innovative ideas,” answered Lord of Sirius with a laugh.

“I think you’ve lost your mind over this pendulum,” noted Arcturus.

“It seems everybody here has lost their minds,” replied Lord of Sirius, and added: “One way or another, I’d like to bring the boy’s issue to the attention of the Great Council, so it’s a good opportunity to discuss two matters today.”

“OK, then. We’re going to the conference hall. I’ll wait for you there to share our folly,” Arcturus said smilingly and gave him a pat on the back.

“Make sure the other ones in the library don’t see you enter the conference hall. This will cause a commotion. You’d better beam yourselves there. Take the boy with you.”

They stood opposite each other again, putting the boy in the middle, and hugged. “Conference Hall, Sirius.” Arcturus said and they vanished, after their bodies flickered.

“You crazy Arcturians…,” murmured Lord of Sirius.

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