The Book that writes itself - The Magic Book -vol.1

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Chapter 1: The Elf Land.....

From early morning, everyone was discussing the news brought by Dark-elf.

In the central square of the Elf-city, the huge crowd surrounded him, with surprise and amazement, forever questioning every single word he was uttering.

He stood in the middle of the gathered citizens, with a sense of pride, pretending to have suddenly grown taller, looming way above the rest of the crowd, with a glowing smile on his face.

He was glowing and proud. No-one could ever imagine that the usually sad messenger of the Elf-city could transform into this bright elf, becoming the center of attention of the entire city.

Everyone was deeply impressed by Dark Elf’s sincere smile. Everyone could recall his previously sad and grim face. He came to be known around town as far back as anyone could remember. Actually, that was the reason he was given his name, the Dark-elf.

Every one remembered the day when Doriel, the poor pretty girl from the outskirts of the city, pulled out of the cold waters of the emerald river the basket with a baby inside.

Like all Elves, he had small, not yet fully formed, wings that were glowing under the spring sunlight, giving off a rich multi-coloured rainbow .

A large pendant around his neck matched the glow of his small wings under the sunlight.

Doriel was amazed at the sight of the lovely glowing elf creature, and in her eyes you could see a flitting thought. “What a beautiful elf.... And what a strange glow his little wings give off… I cannot imagine a more beautiful elf ever born, especially with such pretty wings!

”His eyes, though... They are so sad. I never saw sadder eyes... Who knows what happened for this beautiful creature to end up in the river totally unprotected....

”His parents must be beautiful and majestic-looking, probably descending from royal Elf origins. I had never seen a more elegant and illuminating baby.

”You know, I could keep this baby. He needs a lot of love, and I need to love someone dearly.>> Suddenly it dawned to her.... Her eyes became more sad than the small Elf baby’s eyes.....

”I am crazy...How am I going to raise this baby? He will probably have a much better fate in a rich household.”

With care, she picked up the basket with the baby inside, and started to walk towards the palace. The king was known to be very compassionate, so she thought that he would either keep the baby himself, or he would have him raised by a rich family.

Upon meeting the King, he immediately realized the pain of the young girl, who had to give away the baby -Elf.

“I see you are very sad to be giving away this baby.... Why don’t you keep him yourself, since giving him away causes you so much grief?”

“Lord Griffith , I am destitute and concerned that I will not be able to raise him properly. I thought that the baby deserves a better fate. He is so beautiful, but so sad at the same time,” answered the girl with tears in her eyes.

“Good fate coexists with love,” answered the King. “Keep the baby Doriel, and raise him with love like he is yours. Show him the same love you would like the others to show you. Should you need anything, please do not hesitate to ask me….”

“Thank you ....Thank you,” answered Doriel and, taking the baby in her arms, left for her poor shack.

The news spread like wildfire through the city. Her poor shack soon became the center of the town, always filled with Elves of all shapes and sizes, willing to see the new beautiful baby Elf.

The baby started growing fast, however the sadness never left his face .No-one could explain why.

With Doriel always caring to provide the best, the child-Elf was raised better than any Elf in the rich households.

She, Doriel, found a good job in the neighbouring town of Pegasus, and managed to avoid asking for any help, including the king who , showing his kindness, had offered to help her from the word go.

The other Elves of the same age were curious to meet the Dark- Elf, but slowly every and each one of them was getting away for no apparent reason.

Elves are creatures that celebrate every single day, treating it as a holiday. Come rain or shine, they welcome the rays of the sun, the same way they welcome the drops of the rain. They always have a song or a dance for anything happening in nature. That was the reason no-one could understand this strange and constantly sad Elf-child.

That was the reason everybody in the city was amazed today, observing the strange Elf-child smile for the first time in his life. Everyone in the entire city of Notingel responded to the news with amazement and great curiosity.

The general notion was that the child had brought some strange, but definitely good, news, since he was smiling for the first time in his life, and his eyes were sparkling like small balls of jubilant fire.

In her shack, Doriel was expecting her son to return from work.

The King had appointed him as the messenger of the city, since he was very discreet and trustworthy.

Every day, his work finished by the sunset, and he was back home without fail.

Today, though, he was very late, and Doriel was worried. Then, all of a sudden, she heard a very loud knock at the front door. She rushed to answer it, only to meet her neighbor, old lady Malthar

“Come in, Mrs Malthar. Why are you knocking so hard ? You startled me!”

“Your son. He is smiling. He said he brought some very good news. Everyone in town has gathered in the big square to hear the good news, but he will not reveal anything, unless his mother is present. Come on, then. Everybody is waiting for you. Even our King is waiting for you.”

Following Malthar, the old lady, Doriel took the road that led to the square . Malthar may have been an old lady, but only in age as an elf does not look older with the passage of time, so she did not look even one day older than Doriel.

Only in her eyes, could you detect her age because they revealed the accumulated wisdom, as well as the happy and unhappy experiences she had had during her lifetime.

Arriving at the square, Doriel was stunned by the sight of her son, who was finally smiling.

“Mother, I have wonderful news! Mum, they do exist! They exist! You were always telling me stories about the ‘humans’, those large living beings. I thought they were only fables. But now I know . They really exist,” said Dark-elf in a loud voice. A bright smile lit up his face, spreading through the entire square.

Having no doubt in her heart about anything her son was revealing, Doriel smiled and asked him to give more details of his experience.

Unlike Doriel, however, all the other Elves, upon listening to the Dark Elf’s words, became very agitated and started screaming at him in disapproval. Their long suppressed envy for Dark- Elf came to the fore all at once.

“No way!” someone screamed. You are crazy, Dark-Elf. You’ve lost it!”

Soon, everybody was repeating the same words, laughing at him with envy and jealousy ...

The smile was wiped off Dark-Elf’s face. He lowered his head, and set off for home. Since that day, many young Elves had been walking past his house, throwing stones at the door, screaming and mocking poor Dark-Elf. The entire town was actually mocking him, calling him crazy. They had seized yet another opportunity to sing and dance, while making fun of him. However, they never realized how evil they became for the first time, something unknown in the Elf society.

Day by day, Dark-Elf was becoming sadder and sadder. The bright colors of his elf-wings started fading away, taking on a much darker shade. He didn’t want to talk about the ‘humans’, not even with his own mother.

Doriel was trying to hide her deep sadness as much as she could, avoiding any mention of his depression.

Suddenly, one day, he turned around, telling his mother....

“Mum , I would like to leave Notingel. I know humans exist, and I will go looking for definite proof in the outside world, I will bring it back here, so you will stop feeling ashamed of me, and the other Elves will not call me crazy anymore…”

Doriel started crying out loud....

“My beloved son, I am not ashamed of you, and I never thought that you are crazy. I do not care what all the elves of the world feel about you. I love you a lot, and I understand that you have your own reasons to believe that humans exist.”

“Yes, I have my own reasons,” said Dark-elf, taking a deep breath.

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