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Chapter 19: The Great Council and the Prophecy of the Marble King

They rematerialised inside an amphitheatrical hall made from a material that looked like cotton and…

“Clouds!” the boy exclaimed.

“Ha! They look like clouds, eh?” Victoria said, laughing.

“What? Aren’t they clouds?” asked the boy.

“It’s a special material called magira. It’s an ‘intelligent material’ that can take on any form you want when you predetermine its form. You can do this with your thought.”

“That means I can talk to it, and it can change form?” the boy asked, thrilled.

“No. This one has already been preset and cannot change. However, if we find magira that hasn’t been predetermined, then yes, it can ‘lock’ the form someone sets for the first time.What’s special about this material is that it doesn’t require any process, technique, or effort. You can simply give it any form you like with your thought,” replied Arcturus.

“I’ll make a magira that will change forms. One that won’t lock!” said the boy.

“Hm…that would be very useful,” said Arcturus, winking at Victoria, and trying not to discourage the boy.

“What are we going to do in here now?” asked the boy.

“The Great Council will convene. It consists of the leaders of some famous races, and we’ll see if they are going to give us their permission…”

“For Victoria to go down to Earth in an adult body,” the boy cut in.

“I see you’ve heard everything, boy…,” said Arcturus smilingly.

“What are they going to do with me? Will you help me not go to Earth?” he asked agonisingly.

“We’ll see to it. Where do you want to go? You want to stay here? Where are you from?” asked Arcturus.

“I don’t know where I’m from. I don’t even have a name. All I remember is that I felt like I was awakened from a deep sleep in a tall golden mountain, when they found me,” the boy said sadly.

“Hmm…not having a name is a bad thing. How would you like to be called?” Victoria asked him.

“Well…I…heard another boy being named Daniel, and I liked it…,” he answered shyly, pulling at his collar again.

“So, we’ll call you Daniel! It’s a beautiful name!” said Victoria.

“I think this uniform is too tight, right? You want us to decorate you?” Arcturus asked with affection.

“Yes!!!” the boy leapt for joy.

Then, Arcturus ran his hand around the boy’s body, and a blue light engulfed him. The spacesuit gradually disappeared, giving its place to a beautiful soft cloth that turned into a beautiful pair of blue trousers and a light blue sweater.

Victoria too ran her hand, which gave off a purple colour, and gave him a beautiful blue cape and a big light blue D.

The boy was thrilled.

“Thank you! You’re so kind! I may even go down to Earth if I’m with you!” he said happily.

They all laughed, but their laughter was interrupted by what sounded like a bell, and the robotic voice announced:

“The Queen of Orion has arrived.”

The door to the hall opened up, and in came a very tall female figure. She had snow-white hair worn in a loose chignon, and wore a loose purple dress that touched the colourful tiles on the floor. She also wore a hat with a green feather.

“Hello, Arcturus and Victoria. It is an honour to respond to your call,” said the Queen, and took a bow.

They did the same, then Victoria ran to give her a hug.

“You’re always spontaneous like a girl, Victoria,” she said and threw her arms around her.

“Children will receive the kingdom of God!” said Victoria laughingly.

The Queen of Orion smiled.

“You’re right. Everyone must learn to be like children…spontaneous. Spontaneity is the greatest lesson one learns on Earth. It gives liveliness to the cells, making the individual original and pleasant. It is the candle that shines on the materialisation of every goal, and the substance of imagination. Many people on Earth will feel jealous of you on that score, and will blame you for your spontaneity. The more they accuse you, the more you should remember to hold on to your spontaneity, otherwise the mission won’t yield good results. You can’t realise any goal without spontaneity as this virtue boosts action. And you can’t fulfil any goal without any action.”

Victoria slightly bowed her head, and placed her hand on her heart. “Thank you. I feel honoured by your advice.”

“Hi, Queen of Stars,” said Arcturus.

“Who is this boy?” asked the Queen of Orion.

“Daniel!” the boy said, feeling proud of his new clothes and name.

“You’re so handsome, Daniel! Let’s take a seat now. The rest will be here and minute.”

Then, the same sound was heard, and the robotic voice announced: “Lord of Sirius, Lord of Lyra, and Lord of the Pleiades.”

Lord of Sirius walked in first, then followed a man with long white hair and sharp ears, and Lord of the Pleiades, who was a figure of light.”

“Hello!” said each one of them, as they entered.

“As always, you forget to put some clothes on, Lord of the Pleiades,” said the Queen of Orion laughingly.

“Hmm…okay…it’s just that I see no reason why I should get dressed,” he said and the hand of his photonic body made a move. Immediately, a lanky figure with a hitman face and a light blue beak appeared, wearing a blue spacesuit and a white cape.

We are going to be here today. We don’t have to call the others,” said Lord of Sirius. “The Queen of Orion is agreed.”

She nodded her head.

“Let’s start, then. Arcturus has an idea…quite groundbreaking, I would say. Thanks to this idea, he thinks he will stand more chances of fulfilling his mission,” added Lord of Sirius. “He asked me not to use my pendulum, and insisted on calling a meeting. The pendulum answered yes, so…here we are. Lord Arcturus, we’re all ears.”

Lord Arcturus stood up. He exuded grandiosity and boundless kindness. His voice sounded soft but decisive.

“Dear Members of the Great Council, you know that, due to Matrix, every time Victoria and I went down to Earth, we failed in our mission as a great part of it aims to UNITE the Twin Flames. Matrix knows who we are, and every time it puts in us implants and programmes that boost selfishness and fear. The programmes they instal in Victoria oppose the ones installed in me, and the end result is a rift between us. However, if we want the mission to succeed, we have to be united on the level of Earth. I always retrieve memories from an age onwards, so, despite the programmes, I find it easier to be close to Victoria. However, it’s not so easy for her. She doesn’t remember anything. Having spent so many lives on earth, I think I will be able to remember some things without being transferred into an adult earthly body. I believe that Victoria should be transferred into an adult body, so that she will be able to remember me. That’s what I want to suggest,” he said, seeing that the others were speechless.

All of a sudden, Lord of the Pleiades burst out laughing, followed by Lord of Sirius, who said:

“It’s utterly insane, isn’t it? I told him!”

The others looked on pensive and shocked, unable to react.

Arcturus seemed to be irritated, and gave Victoria an inquiring look, as if he wanted to see wha she sensed. She let out a broad smile, as if telling him not to worry.

After calming down, Lord of the Pleiades said:

“Arcturus, please forgive me, but this is so childish. I would say you have been influenced by Earth’s environment so much that you have lost your mind. You know that this is not possible. You are the expert on Matrix, YOU are supposed to remember. When you managed to unite, you will have to make 7 machines. If Victoria remembers who she is, this is pointless as she does not know as much about technology as you do. No matter how successful your union, you won’t have the way to move on. Lord of Lyra, what do you say about that? I see you’re shocked.”

“I don’t believe we’re discussing such a thing! I don’t even have to adduce any arguments. I feel as if Arcturus is pulling our leg!” he replied.

“Your ancestors did a fine job trapping the Earth into a matrix. Now, don’t you have the responsibility to help a little more?” said Victoria agitatedly, as she stood up.

Everyone fixed their gaze on her.

“How can we help? What do you mean? If you had Arcturus’ knowledge, things would be different. However, you specialise in other things,” Lord of Sirius told her, dropping a hint.

“Oh, yes! I specialise in the Great Law and Mother Goddess’s love, but you think this is a petty thing!” Victoria replied.

“I don’t think it’s petty; it’s just not enough. Tell me how you’re going to make machines if Arcturus doesn’t remember anything about technology!”

“You are going to help us! You’ll channel all this to me!” said Victoria.

They all exchanged some nonplussed looks.

“You can’t be serious,” said Lord of Lyra.

“You know nothing can pass through Earth’s quarantine, Victoria. You know damn well that all channellings are false, and can only be made INSIDE the Matrix,” said Lord of the Pleiades.

Lord of Sirius was shaking his head, as if exercising patience hearing all this, while the Queen of Orion was calmly looking on and listening.

“Queen of Stars? You must surely arrange something,” Victoria said desperately.

“My dear child, you know I can’t intervene. I’m only here to make sure you adhere to Universal Laws. You have to sort this out on your own,” she said sadly.

“Can you send them through Hollow Earth?” the boy blurted out.

“What?? What do you mean?” asked Arcturus, holding him by the hand.

“I…don’t know…What is Hollow Earth? I don’t even know what came over me!” said the boy.

“Still! You’re right! It’s very simple. Earth is in quarantine, but in Hollow Earth there is a way for a starship to pass through. It’s possible through channelling without any problems. I will leave the plans, you will send them to Hollow Earth, and from there channel them to Victoria. You will put an implant in me, so that I will be passionate about Physics from an early age. The plans, you are going to send, after I meet Victoria. When I see them, I will put my heart and soul into them. They may even bring memories back to me. What d’ you think?”

“Hmm…Boy, stand up. Relax your body, and shut your eyes for a while,” said the Queen of Orion.

Daniel did as he was told.

“Say out loud many times ‘I came from Hollow Earth, I came from Hollow Earth, I came from Hollow Earth’…Say it until your body starts swinging like a pendulum.”

Daniel started repeating the words many times. His body started swinging like a pendulum.

“The energy control shows that the boy came from Hollow Earth. How strange! Don’t you remember anything, my boy?” the Queen of Orion asked him.

“No, nothing,” he said sadly.

“The pendulum shows he’s a hybrid. I was thinking of sending him to the Earth’s secret space programme as a spy of the Bright Side,” said Lord of Sirius.

“This boy is not a hybrid. Your pendulum is wrong. It’s just that he’s not in his real from, that’s what it sees him as a hybrid. Unfortunately, I cannot intervene or use the knowledge of Mother Goddess to see what is happening with the child. So, we will wait for it to appear on its own. Still, we can send the boy to Earth if he wants to help. We can send him to Hollow Earth on a starship, so as to transfer the plans to Victoria through channelling sounds and vibrations. It doesn’t sound a bad idea, after all,” said the Queen of Orion.

“Since the Queen of Orion thinks it’s a good thing, I suppose we will all agree,” said Lord of the Pleiades, as he stood up and took a bow before the queen.

All but Lord of Sirius followed his example, who said:

“Wait a minute. I’d like to see what the pendulum says, if the Queen of Stars doesn’t have any objections.”

“Of course you can check that, Lord,” she replied.

Lord of Sirius took the pendulum out of his pocket, and started asking it:

“Ni…Ni…Ni…Is this decision right?”

The pendulum moved in a positive way.

“Ni…Ni…Ni…Even more so than the previous one?”

The pendulum swung positively again.

“Incredible! The pendulum agrees!” he said happily.

“Very well, then! What is left to be done is for the boy to tell us if he wants to help!” said the Queen of Orion.

“No, Daniel doesn’t; want to go to Earth. We’ll find someone else to send,” said Arcturus, placing his hand on the boy’s shoulder.

“I don’t mind going to Hollow Earth. I think that’s where I came from, and feel great there, while Earth is ugly. I want to help,” shouted the boy.

“Oh, Daniel! Thank you!” exclaimed Victoria, running in his direction, and hugging him.

“Until then, we can have Daniel with us,” said Arcturus. “He needn’t wander around Sirius on his own.”

“Yes, yes, this way, they’re going to get used to one another’s vibrations, and this will help with the channelling,” said Victoria, trying to come up with a reasonable argument, so that the Council wouldn’t say no.

“I have no objection. If someone does, let them speak now,” said Lord of Sirius.

No one did.

“Great, then. We seem to be agreed.”

“There’s something else I’d like to say,” said Arcturus.

“Oh…Should I start worrying?” Lord of Sirius teased him.

“When we’re on Earth, I’d like to have access to the Temple of the Twin Flames. Does this make you worry for some reason?” asked Lord Arcturus with a smile.

Almost everyone let out a sigh.

“No, but how is this going to be done? Have you thought of a way?” asked Lord of Sirius.

“With meditation,” replied Arcturus.

“Do you want to use Sendai meditation when you’re on Earth? But is it possible for you to remember it, since you won’t go in an adult body?” Lord of the Pleiades asked in surprise.

“I don’t know…,” answered Arcturus pensively. “If I have permission, I may think of something. However, making sure we don’t split up or fall out will be of great help on Earth. It will help us fight the programs inside us if we get the blessing of the Twin Flames through meditation. Without union, the mission is doomed to fail. This is what the matrix needs to ruin it. It will separate us, and that’s it. It needn’t worry about us and the mission. You know all that.”

“You have our permission. For the record, Arcturus, I know you don’t do it only for the mission’s sake, but out of love of Victoria. This union on Earth means a lot more to you than to us. I want you to know that I find this very moving. Both of you express in a perfect way the love of Mother Goddess. That’s why you are the protectors of the Twin Flames on Gaia,” said the Queen of Stars, and continued: “I’ll give you a present. At every crucial moment on Earth, a purple stone will appear before you. It will be materialised energy. It may sometimes turn up out of nowhere, that is in the form of a real purple crystal. But you may also hear someone speak of a purple stone. Those moments, I want to believe that you will be able to remember the mission, who you are, or even your love. May this be the symbol that will keep you united, containing the love of Mother Goddess,” said the Queen, and reached out her hands at the height of their foreheads.

Each hand gave off a wave of energy, like a bright channel with all shades of pink that fell on the third eye of Arcturus and Victoria.

After this procedure was over, they both thanked the Queen respectfully, and kissed her hand.

“I suppose we can leave now,” said Lord of Sirius.

“No!” shouted Lord of Lyra.

Everyone turned around to give him a puzzled look.

“You seem to forget something…,” he said.

“Which is?” said Arcturus.

“I guess none of you thought of the first part of the mission. The prophecy. We gave the prophecy, bearing Arcturus in mind, so we spoke of the Marble King. We said nothing about the Marble Queen. And we know very well what the word ‘marble’ symbolises…having gone down to Earth in an adult body. The Marble One must should enter an adult body, and be male. How will Victoria appear as a Marble Queen?”

Arcturus and Victoria looked at each other.

Lord of Sirius started mumbling some questions to his pendulum.

The others were thoughtful.

Finally, Lord of Sirius spoke.

“I am being guided through the pendulum…We must consult the Warlord of the Goddess.”

“The Warlord!!!” everyone exclaimed.

“Oh, stop fearing him, all of you! You know he’s a benevolent being,” said Arcturus.

“I don’t trust him, to be frank,” said Lord of the Pleiades.

“Whatever happened in the past is due to his ancestors, not him personally,” replied Arcturus.

The Queen took out a light blue bell, and started shaking it.

Some jingling sounds were heard that formed a fairytale melody. It sounded like a harp.

Then, an earthquake struck, and the light started flickering.

A figure hove into view. As the light flickered, and the earthquake struck, the figure became more visible…

It was tall, slim man with black short curly hair. He appeared on his knees, his right knee on the floor, and his left hand wielding a big sword pointing upwards.

“I greet the Great Council,” he said and stood up.

Everyone took a bow.

“Can I help with something?” he asked in a serious tone.

They told him about Arcturus’ decision that Victoria should go down to Earth in an adult body, in his place, and the problem was that the Prophecy they had sent to Earth, speaking of a Marble King, not a Queen.

He smiled.

“The Great Council seems to get worked up so easily. Let’s consider what the Prophecy is like. Imagine the matrix as a bog organism. When the organism is clear and bright, the virus is something dirty, ugly, and not bright. We wouldn’t have the right to insert a virus into a bright organism. When the organism is dark, though, your an always pour some LIGHT in.

”You, Arcturus and Victoria, each one of you knows that you are pieces of the prophecy and, along with the others, you make up the mission. ALL OF YOU, your own team, are the virus, that is the prophecy. You are the bright virus that carries something within not only for Greece on Gaia, but for the world at large.

”Each one of you is a virus, that’s why you are targets encountering great obstacles during your mission. Whenever you go to Earth, at every single moment you have tried to fulfil the mission, they always knew who you really are. Perhaps, not all the monks in the Holy Mountain knows, of those who THINK they know who the marble king is, but the matrix and the guards do know!

”You bear a label, something like a seal. They can see you, just like you can see a virus you have coloured moving around your body.

”It would be great for them to think that the Marble King is a man. Let’s confuse them a little. What counts is not to explain to the world why the Marble One came down as a woman. What is important is for this mission to succeed as it concerns the breaking up of the intergalactic matrix.

”I will add an idea here. The properties of the Marble One’s entity should be divided into two bodies. Both Arcturus and Victoria should have them. Victoria is going down to Gaia in an adult body; it’s her who is the Marble One and, at last, in this way, we promote female energy that has been suppressed in the matrix because of your patriarchal ancestors, Lord of Sirius. Actually, I’m going down in a female body myself, this time after deliberating with Mother Goddess, so as to promote the female energy on planet Gaia.”

“It’s ingenious!” said Lord of Sirius, relieved.

Victoria and Arcturus exchanged looks, smiled, and held their hands.

“So, we can go. I will discuss with Mother Goddess to see how else we can help without violating the Universal Laws. Remember that love wins. Farewell.”

They all bid farewell to the Queen, and beamed themselves elsewhere.

In the Conference Hall, only Arcturus, Victoria, and Daniel were left.

“Let’s go to the Temple of the Twin Flames. I have to make a special technology, so that the visit can take place through meditation. I want to protect the Temple, and create an illusion of a celestial staircase. I want you to register in your memory as well as you can the staircase I will make, as well as the Temple. When we are on Earth, you will have to find a way to present to me even a small detail that will make me see the Temple, so that I will guide us there,” he said to Victoria, still holding her hand.

“Daniel, you will come with us, and I will make your own small matrix to experiment with the magira material, since you liked it so much. You want that?” he asked the boy with affection.

“Yes! Thank you!” said Daniel happily.

“Let’s beam ourselves,” said Arcturus, and opened his arms wide. Daniel knew that he had to step in between, so that they could all beam themselves.

They appeared before a grandiose building that looked like an ancient Greek one…It was made up of white marble columns…There was no ground. The ground was clouds…

“Is this magira, too?” asked Daniel.

“No, these are real clouds,” replied Victoria.

Arcturus materialised a transparent pentagonal machine with a bright blue outline and a pink aura, which gave off a golden-yellow light.

This light ran along the cloud, as it moved like it pressed some invisible buttons. Faintly but steadily, a bright staircase hove into sight, a transparent one with a colourful aura, as it made from a rainbow.

With a wave of her hand, Victoria materialised another machine like a screen, and there you could see the universe. The image started to zoom out, and you could see the Earth in the background.

“Activation of Arcturian Corridor from Gaia to the Temple of the Twin Flames through a colourful staircase,” Arcturus said in a loud voice.

“You activated the Arcturian Corridor? This means it won’t be a simple meditation. It will be a real visit to the Temple!” Victoria said happily.

“Yes, but, as you saw, I didn’t mention this to the Council for, if Lord of Sirius had used the pendulum, maybe we wouldn’t have got the permission.”

“That’s wise of you. After all, you created the Arcturian Corridor. It would be insane not to allow you to use it,” Victoria said with a smile.

“Let’s go get the blessings,” he told her cordially.

“Daniel, wait here for a while…It won’t take us long,” said Victoria to the boy.

Daniel nodded his head, and started running happily across the clouds, which made him hop higher and higher.

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