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Chapter 20: The fateful encounter

As Daniel jumped hither and thither, he was transferred onto a cloud that was at an higher level. It was the only one of a slightly purple colour with some pink shades, unlike the others, which were white.

However, as soon as he hopped on the purple-pink cloud, the scenery changed…It was as if he were on a planet.

He was surprised to see that he was by a wonderful lake with purple waters. Like that lake was in the middle of a huge clearing, since all around were many trees. They had some strange lights flickering all over it. It was a beautiful sunset with…two gigantic suns.

A figure suddenly appeared before him, like someone had nudged him, and it fell on him. They both slumped to the soft blue sand that covered everything.

“What on earth is going on?” Daniel said in surprise. “Seconds ago, you weren’t here!”

He stared at the strange being in puzzlement, as it tried to stand up. He reached out his hand to help it.

“What are you? Why do you have this form?” he asked.

“Er…I’m a dragon…but…it’s a long story. What’s your name? Mine is Meril,” the being said shyly, looking around in fear.

“My name’s Daniel,” the boy said.

“I shouldn’t be here,” Meril whispered.

“Why not?”

“We’re just able the Temple of the Twin Flames, right”” asked Meril.

“Yes, that’s right,” replied the boy. “Why is this a bad thing?”

“Are Victoria and Lord Arcturus inside the Temple?”

“Yes! How do you know?”

“It’s the visit they made to the Temple just after the Great Council, eh? The day they met you?”

“Yes…How come you know about all this?”

Meril froze, turning pale.

“Please, listen to me. You’ll go tell Arcturus that I’m here. You’ll only talk to him. He know what he has to do. Victoria is not supposed to know anything.”

“Oh…OK,” said Daniel, and left, hopping on the clouds all the way back.

When he reached the celestial level where the Temple of the Twin Flames was, he saw that Arcturus and Victoria were coming out, hand-in-hand.

“Come on, boy,” shouted Arcturus. “Let’s go make your own matrix. Perhaps, one day, you’ll make a huge discovery regarding magira.”

“Yes!!!” the boy leapt for joy.

“I think I’ll drop by the Queen of Orion for a while, until you make Daniel’s lab. Maybe, she needs me to take care of the twin flames of Gaia,” said Victoria.

“Yes, why not go?” Daniel said spontaneously.

This made Arcturus and Victoria exchange some puzzled looks.

“You want to make me leave, Daniel?” Victoria asked him cutely.

“No, no! I just wanted to get into my own lab as soon as possible!” the boy replied, scared.

They both burst out laughing, hugged, and Victoria disappeared in a pink and purple ethereal flame.

When he made sure Victoria was gone, Daniel said to Arcturus:

“You know…I really wanted her to leave…”

“Why?” asked Arcturus, puzzled.

“Well…because I’ve got to tell you that Meril is here!” Daniel answered with bombast, feeling that he told Arcturus some staggering news.

“I don’t understand. Who’s Meril?” he asked.

“A dragon!” Daniel said again with bombast.

“A dragon? Here? That’s impossible! Wait a minute…,” said Arcturus, and took a round ethereal object out of his pocket that looked as if it were made from purple light. In this bright purple sphere, there were letters that were carved on it in golden light.

“My ethereal radars made from light have never made a mistake. This traces Dragons from great distances. If there were a Dragon around here, it would turn red.”

“Probably, dragons have got stronger, or advanced, so that your radar doesn’t capture them,” said the boy naively.

Arcturus raised his right eyebrow, shooting Daniel a puzzled look.

“Come with me. A dragon ip there wants to meet you, and he told me that Victoria shouldn’t know it,” Daniel said seriously, feeling that he’s fulfilling a great mission.

“Strange things…OK. Let’s go,” said Arcturus, after materialising a huge ethereal orange-reddish sword.

“That dragon didn’t look so dangerous to me,” said Daniel, staring at the huge sword.

“It doesn’t matter. Show me,” said Arcturus.

Daniel started jumping from one cloud to the other, until he went up where the pink-purple one was.

“Hmm…You’re taking me to one of the time-and-space hubs. This cloud is a Gate,” mumbled Arcturus, and followed Daniel onto the pink-purple cloud.

There, at a distance, he saw Meril. He made to stretch his ethereal sword towards Meril but, as he came closer, he noticed that his eyes welled up with tears. So, he slowly and hesitantly put it down.

“What’s a dragon doing here? You know that this place is forbidden for you. Who sent you here?” Arcturus asked in a serious tone.

“Great Darso sent me,” replied Meril, and now hot tears were trickling down his cheeks.

“Great Darso? What’s he doing with dragons? Did he betray us? He’s supposed to be on the positive side!” shouted Arcturus.

Meril heaved a sigh, moved his hands disappointedly, wiped his tears, and sat on the light blue sand sprawling around the lake.

“I’m not a dragon. Some technique of metamorphosis has been applied to me,” he said somewhat irritatedly.

Arcturus formed an X over Meril, starting from his left shoulder. It seemed that he meant to do it more than once, but the second time Meril stopped him.

“No! Don’t do that!” he said, turned his back, and did the same thing anticlockwise.

“I tried to remove your transformation. Wait a minute…How come you know about the technique of transformation used by the Arcturians, and how can you cancel it?” he asked suspiciously.

“I’m not at liberty to divulge anything.”

“We don’t like secrecy up here. Is there something you are allowed to share with us?” murmured Arcturus, his face turning dark with suspicion.

The little dragon looked at him with teary eyes.

“That I must not meet Victoria for any reason. Still, for the time being, I can’t explain why.”

“I see…It never rains, but it pours…I don’t like the fact that you involve Victoria in all this,” said Arcturus pensively, and continued: “”What are you planning on doing here?”

“I have no idea why Great Darso sent me here,” replied Meril.

“Do you understand that I have to present you to the Great Council? They will judge what you are going to do.”

“I wouldn’t like Lord of Sirius to see me, though,” the little dragon said sadly.

“You can’t avoid this. He’s a basic member of the Board. Let’s go to Sirius.”

“No, no! Not there again! What are we going to do about my lab?” Daniel protested and sulked.

“Boy, this will have to wait for a while. The appearance of Dragons up here is a serious issue,” replied Arcturus, and hastily stroked Daniel’s hair.

Daniel sighed.

Meril felt uncomfortable. “I said I’m not a Dragon.”

“Alright! You can both come with me.”

Both of them approached him, and he beamed them to Sirius, outside the gate to the beautiful big castle. After being identified by the system, they were led to the office of Lord of Sirius, which looked like a forest clearing. They found him bending over a plant, controlling its energy, and nervously whispering:

“We’re under attack again. The energy of these plants is negative. It’s great that you came, Arcturus! I want the defence system improved.”

“You know there is no better defence than tuning in to the frequencies of Love at 528 Hz,” he replied.

Only then did Lord of Sirius raise his head to see that there was a dragon with them.

“I can’t believe my eyes! You’re out of your mind, Arcturus! Now, you hang out with dragons?”

Meril sighed.

“Check him with your pendulum. He insists that he’s not a dragon, and he’s been subjected to transformation through a special technique. He says Great Darson sent him.”

“Darso? How can he possibly be sending dragons up here? I can’t make right decisions after the attack I got today. That’s why I’m asking you to improve our defence system. Check what technique they used for this energy attack. It’s very powerful.”

“OK. I’ll make an ethereal projection to trace it.”

Arcturus reached out his right hand. An ethereal hand turned up through his biological one, which spread over the northern part of the room. Then, an ethereal hand spread over the southern part, followed by another two, which spread over the western and eastern parts.

With his left hand, he made some circular movements towards his right hand, as if sending energy waves to it. The more energy his right hand sent, the stronger the ethereal projections got. You could see that, judging by how much brighter these ethereal hands became, as if made from liquid white light that got denser and denser. When it turned into a bright thick cream, Arcturus shut his eyes, and focused on feeling.

Gradually, a ray of purple light oozed out of his third eye, and an image of orange light was being projected at the end of the beam of light. Everyone could see it.

At first, this image was faint, so they couldn’t make out what it really showed.

“It seems as if a symbol is being formed!” exclaimed Lord of Sirius.

The image got clearer and clearer.

“It’s the Medusa!” said Arcturus.

“Unbelievable! They used the symbolism of the Medusa to create a new technique through which they attacked us!” said Lord of Sirius pensively.

“Oh, no! The Gorgoneion!” said Lord Arcturus, scared, and all the projections of the ethereal hands vanished into thin air as he lost concentration.

“I see…,” said Lord of Sirius, scared.

“Look here…,” said Lord Arcturus, and went closer to Lord of Sirius to show him a symbol that formed in the middle of his right palm.

Daniel seized the opportunity to talk to Meril. He had taken to him from the word go.

“What’s a gorgoneion? Why are they so scared of it?” he asked him.

Meril started to explain to him:

“The gorgoneion is a metal with very special properties. It regulates its vibrations according to those of the entity or creature that holds it. If he who bears the gorgoneion inside his body has good intentions, he possesses infinite possibilities based on Light. If he has dark intentions, he possesses infinite possibilities based on darkness. The gorgoneion activates all the primeval memories, and turns a benevolent being into a light-bearing entity. It can multiply the power of thought and intention of its owner. It’s dangerous if it falls into anyone’s hands. Those who attacked them are surely dark, so they worry about the damage. I can help the, but it’s difficult for them to trust me, the way I look.”

“Meril can help you!” shouted Daniel.

They both turned around to look at the small dragon with suspicion and curiosity.

“If you make a shield based on the form of Mother Goddess, and instead of eyes you use the precious stone topaz, then you get the antidote to Medusa, as well as the antidote to the reinforced darkness that the gorgoneion brings.

”Topaz is the stone of love. It sends its energy where it is mostly needed. It cures, charges, activates, and brings balance. Its vibrations bring joy, generosity, abundance, and good health.

”It is the stone of Love and good luck. It helps understand and forgive, balancing out emotions and passions. It is exceptional in cleansing the aura, and removing negative energy. It contributes to determination and sound judgement, giving intuition and patience. It helps with communication and fluency, releases tension at all levels, and can speed up ritual development, making you reconcile with your enemy.

”Golden Topaz is like a battery: it charges, strengthens faith, and offers optimism.

”Make a mental shield from what I told you, and ask the way you know, Lord of Sirius, so that the frequencies of this shield may enter the mental and energy shields of everyone of you.”

Lord of Sirius was surprised.

“The way I know? What do you mean? What do you know?”

“You have your own way of issuing commands. Use it to do what I advise you to do, and then check if the energy all around has changed, that is if you warded off the attack. You’ll see that the energy will be positive. Then, your pendulum will work properly, and you can ask it about what’s troubling you, although I don’t know if it’s good to know what’s really happening with me,” answered Meril.

“My intuition says that it’s a good idea, which we can trust…After all, what he said about the gorgoneion and the topaz is true,” said Arcturus.

Lord of Sirius gave Meril a surprised and puzzled look, as if lost in thought.

Then, he started whispering for quite some time.

Everyone waited silently, respecting the whole procedure.

“Okay. Everything’s ready…Let’s see…”

He got hold of his pendulum, and started examining all the objects around him, one by one: the plants and all the rest. Then, he ran the pendulum over him, and waited to see in what direction it would swing. So did he over Arcturus and Daniel.

“Everything’s alright. Everyone’s energy has been rectified. Allow me to check you, as well, dragon,” he said and brought the pendulum closer to him.

“Your energy is positive. Indeed, you’re not a real dragon. Wait.”

He started mumbling some questions over and over again, until…

“That’s impossible! You’ve come here!” exclaimed Lord of Sirius, and opened his arms wide.

Meril came closer and they hugged.

“Is Great Darso out of his mind? Why is he sending you here? You really don’t know why he sent you here?”

“I don’t, honestly!” said Meril.

“Arcturus, this…er…dragon must stay away from Victoria. When I say away from her, I mean it. They must NEVER meet.”

“I father you’re not supposed to tell me the reason why, eh?”

“Not for the time being. I’ll search it thoroughly to see if it’s safe, and I’ll let you know.”

“How are we going to prevent them from meeting? Victoria and I come here very often. You know we’re constantly together. Can’t we come together to Sirius again?”

“Yes, for the time being, you shouldn’t come here, until I let you know, so that you’ll come up with a better plan…Take Daniel, and go. I’ll take care of it.”

Arcturus and Daniel left.

Lord of Sirius looked at Meril from head to toe, and took a bow before him.

“Meril, I saw with your pendulum that you are Victoria’s future self…and I’m really nonplussed…Shouldn’t you be in the WHOLE, the ONE…the Divine Source? Shouldn’t you be one with all the other future selves of us who managed to reach the Source? Why are you here? Why in this form?”

“First of all, my name’s not Meril. That’s the name Dark-Elf gave me in the land of the Elves, where he found me in the form of a dragon. My name’s Eliki. Indeed, I am Victoria’s future self and, since I have reached the Source, I am her Superior Self at the same time.

”I am a part of Victoria that will be reincarnated on Earth. This girl will be called Maya. Victoria will be Maya’s superior self, and I will be Victoria’s. Does this sound complicated to you?”

“Yes, a lot I would say, but I’m trying to grasp it. How come you know about Victoria’s reincarnation, and why does this girl have to be called Maya? Why in this form? Why are you here?

“Here’s a superior field, but lower than the one I am already in, which is close to the Source. I went down to even lower fields, however, inside Earth’s Matrix, in one of the parallel universes of the third dimension. In that kingdom that was forced to hide in a parallel universe, that of eleven and fairies.

”You know that, when the dark ones came, Lemuria turned into the Atlantis, and the fairies, elves, and other benevolent beings were forced to hide.”

“Yes, I know all this. However, why were you forced to go to that kingdom?”

“Lord, the mission you care about and puzzle over is not so simple as you think. It’s not only you who are fighting, nor your reincarnations on Earth. All your parallel selves are fighting from all levels of time, and all dimensions.

”You know that time is timeless, that everything is happening in a long eternal NOW. We all fight in favour of this mission, for this Divine Plan, the self of each one of us—what you call past selves, future selves, and superior selves. All of them NOW.

”The Dark Ones are trying to take the place of the Divine Source. They have already taken its place by means of the programme they have installed in humans on Earth. The programme that God is the Creator of the Matrix.

”As humanity, within the Matrix, is caught up with the chaos of survival, the economic slump on the planet, and the wars, they have seized the opportunity to advance their technology to the extent that even you, the superior selves of humans, run the risk of a different god’s programme being installed, so you will end up inside a matrix.

”However, even we who are close to the Source are in danger, too. The Source itself is at risk. Can you imagine what chaos will reign if this happens? Then, Darkness will be eternal and OMNIPRESENT.

”This way, some future selves, as you say, were forced to travel into beings, while inn parallel universes, on other lower dimensions, while parts of us are close to the Source.

”Since we are one with the Source, were can be omnipresent. At some point, Arcturus’ superior self, who is close to the Source, decided to go down to lower dimensions, and appear as a baby elf.”

“Dark-Elf!” exclaimed Lord of Sirius.


“But we managed to gain access to the hypnosis of Hypnotica in Hollow Earth, and saw that his noble parents took him down to the Ivory River.”

“I can’t tell you about this yet. I’m not supposed to say anything about this, especially to you,” the dragon replied, bowing his head.

“Why especially to me?”

“Because you haven’t yet decided whether you are on the side of Light.”

“What are you talking about, Eliki? Of course I have!”

“Deep down, you haven’t. The worst thing of all is that you don’t know it. First of all, you have to become aware of it. When you see what I mean, you’ll see that everything will change. You will even stop using the pendulum, and start using the ethereal fire of your soul. Then, you will be able to decide unaffected. I’m sorry. I can’t tell you anything more about that. Still, it’s very important that Victoria should not know. There’s a risk of a temporal paradox occurring.”

“Yes, that’s what I thought, too. If such a thing happens, you may never exist, and the same holds for Victoria, so the protectors of the Twin Flames will not be, nor will there be a mission, a prophecy, or a glimmer of hope for humankind. No hope for the dissolution of Matrix, either. That will be the greatest disaster.”

There was a knock on the big door.

“Who is it?” asked Lord of Sirius.

The door opened quickly, and in came a smiling and spontaneous Victoria. She was almost running.

“I saw in the track gauge a while ago that Arcturus is here, so I came to surprise him.”

All of a sudden, her smile froze…Her look changed.

“Oh! A dragon! Lord, how can a dragon be here?”

They were both staring at her, scared.

Suddenly, thunder and lightning filled the place.

Lord of Sirius slumped to the floor, watching what would come next with bated breath.

Seconds later, the lightning and thunder stopped, and everything was calm again. Still, Victoria and the dragon were gone…

To be continued…

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