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Chapter 5: The Aventurine

The sun rays were hot and pleasant. There was nothing to indicate the seriousness and danger of the mission that had just started. They travelled for hours. Tuathan was whistling a pleasant tune, when Dark-Elf interrupted his comfort, alarming everybody that someone was following them. “I feel that someone is constantly watching us. I feel a pair of eyes fixed on us all the time.”

“Well, I know that the Elves have very strong instincts, but maybe this time you get that feeling, due to the fear in your heart. Look behind us: the road is straight, and you can see far away. Do you see anything?” asked Tuathan, trying to calm him down “Maybe, we should stop for a little rest and a snack...”

They stopped by a little creek with crystal clear waters, under the thick shadow of a tall tree. After a light snack, they all fell asleep. Everybody, except Dark-Elf, who was pacing up and down worriedly. For a moment, he approached the creek and, looking down over the water, he watched the reflection of his face like in a mirror, inside the water. Taking a deep sigh, he did not like what he saw. He sat by the water, took out his shoes, and then dipped his feet into the brilliant waters to cool down a bit.

“I am so afraid...Those people made a big mistake selecting me for this mission. Look how small I am. It seems that only the brook recognizes that reality of my appearance. Then, this sense that someone is following us...Tuathan believes I’m seeing things. I’d like this creature that is following us to appear before us,” Dark-Elf whispered, while rubbing with his thumb and index the small metal ball hanging from the chain around his neck.

Unexpectedly, a loud plash was heard, the calm waters disturbed, all of a sudden. It looked like they started boiling at that particular point, resembling a pregnant woman just before childbirth. He jumped straight up, horrified, stunned by what followed.... A vision of a tall woman appeared, transparent and beautiful, like she was made from water.

“Who are you, possessed of such power as to be able to summon entities from the world of the spirits, making them appear in front of you, without them being able to resist the call?” asked the woman, bowing with respect.

Dark-Elf was shocked, his body trembling, unable to utter a word. “Please, forgive me... forgive me...I have no idea...I don’t know...I am just a simple Elf. I did not summon you, my good lady. I do not know how this happened. I only thought and wished to learn who is following us. I felt that someone was constantly looking at us.”

“Well…” said the water ‘vision’, sizing up Dark-Elf’s looks, from head to toe. Fixing her gaze all over his body, she stopped at the chained chain around his neck, shouting in great surprise:

“An Aventurine!!!!”

“What? ... what?” whispered Dark-Elf.

“The stone around your neck! It is an Aventurine,” said the young lady, and bowed once more, like she was worshipping the multicolor stone.

Dark-Elf was totally lost. “What exactly is the Aventurine?” he asked.

“How is it possible that you ignore the meaning of what you have around your neck? Did you steal it?” asked the lady with suspicion.

“No....No...My mother gave it to me, bidding farewell to me before I left on my trip, but she said she could not reveal anything further, at present regarding the necklace, explaining to me that this was mine, and she hoped it would provide me with some protection…”

“Of course it will provide you with protection, but that is not all. It is a precious stone with strong connections with the Kingdom of the Devas. The main quality of the Aventurine is the search for absolute truth, the global consideration of things, the intent to turn around your axis, so you will not miss any angle or any prospect of a given situation. It helps you solve difficult problems, and in the process you acquire a deeply analytical mind. It provides solutions, and gives answers to all emotional problems. Those someone would not have the courage to face. It wipes out hidden fears, and repels anger, providing comfort by replacing any mental tension. It cures with love any wound of the heart. It bridges the gap between the heart and the mind when apart, providing brand new dimensions, thus weaving around you a protective network. It gives release to any suppressed feelings, allowing them to surface and to be expressed, in order to have love instead of fear as a predominant force.”

Be means of the last few words, the lady’s jubilant expression turned to a sad silent cry, her eyes full of tears....

“My dear lady, so far, you have given me the impression of being made from water running down the stream, and all of a sudden it seems you are made from tears. Who are you? Why are you crying? How do you know so much about the stone around my neck?” asked Dark-Elf, posing so many questions in one breath, trying to address the endless concerns that had been flashing through his mind for a long time.

“My name’s El Morya. I used to live in this world, and I was a princess. I was in love with Prince Jemey. He was very good to me. I felt he loved me too, but he always used to tell me he could only see me as a friend. I felt sick of sorrow, and I used to come to this brook every afternoon, crying until late at night. One evening, a voice coming from the waters asked me why I was crying. It was a young girl, who drowned in the waters of this river many many years ago, for the same reason I was crying for. She appeared to me the same way I appeared to you, except for the fact that she did it because she felt sorry for me. I told her my story, and she told me hers. In the end, I said I was willing to sacrifice my life to find out if he really loved me. How come I sense that he loves me, while he doesn’t? The young girl, at this point, gave me a small artfully made bottle, filled with a wonderful fragrance. ‘With this, you will uncover the truth, provided you love him more than your own life’. After drinking it, I heard a thunderous voice, seemingly coming from the bowels of the earth, and the height of the sky.

”‘Jeremy loves you as much as you do but, despite being a prince, his soul is in turmoil because he never knew his mother, so his feelings were locked, having no bridge between his heart and his mind. He checks everything through the filter of logic, that is why he cannot comprehend that he really loves you. There are two ways for him to unlock his feelings. The first is to find the precious stone called Aventurine, which unlocks emotion, and bridges the heart with the mind, and the second is for you to die, so he can feel he lost you forever. It is obvious you chose the second method’. With these words, I felt my body became lighter and lighter, I began flying towards a bright light. I started screaming, but it was already too late. I was asking, ‘What is happening? Where am I going?’ From a height, I saw the young girl whispering to my dead body: ‘You were interested in finding out the truth more than keeping your own life’. So, I passed over to the Kingdom of the Devas.”

Dark-Elf looked at her with sympathy. “So, you died because of your love?” he asked.

“No, I died because of my impatience. Patience is a great virtue. I was in a hurry to find out the truth. I felt so disappointed that I drank the deadly magic elixir without even asking what its effect would be. I thought I would just discover the truth, and nothing else. Maybe, If I had stayed alive, I might have found someone with the Aventurine to assist Jemey in unlocking his feelings.”

“What did Jemey do?” Dark-Elf asked.

“The next morning, after my father realized that I had not returned to the palace, he started looking for me everywhere. Someone told him they had seen me by the river crying. He sent a lot of people to look for me in the waters of the river. Miraculously, no one could see my dead body. After everybody left, the only one to continue the search was Jemey, who kept calling out my name. It was like he had to be left alone for my body to become visible, so he could bid farewell to me. He hugged my body on the ground, shouting and crying: “No…No...I love you!”

His feelings were unlocked, as soon as he realized my definitive loss. That girl’s voice was right. That dawn, I heard Jemey’s love expressed to me again and again. Only with this expression, nobody felt happy, since we were not together to enjoy our love... He could not see my spirit, or hear my voice, while I was crying ‘Sorry I left you….’ I don’t know what happened to him. He left his kingdom, and no one ever heard of him again. While in the Kingdom of the Devas, I choose to study and learn the qualities of all precious stones, and that was my first task there as a Devas myself.”

With his eyes filled with curiosity, Dark-Elf asked “What are the Devas?”

“Devas means ‘brilliant creatures’. These entities that my own species, the humans, call ‘Angels’. However, they do not know that they are not only ‘Angels’. There are many kinds of Devas with different tasks, different missions, some of them more and some of them less advanced. The best known Devas are those of the fire. There are Devas able to regenerate and produce energy of many kinds, energy humans can realise with their own senses. The pulsation of the ethereal bodies of every animal, every plant, is caused by Devas. The cohesiveness of the three lower kingdoms of nature is maintained through the described function, depicting at a perceptive level the expression of the Master Entity, which humans define as expression of GOD.”

Dark-Elf suddenly recalled the large paintings on the walls, in the Castle of Comfort, which depicted entities with large wings on their backs, and whom Mistrizia had called “Angels,” when explaining about them during the tour, so he asked:

“Do they look like humans? Why are they shown as having large wings?”

“Who would ever think that an Elf, who knew nothing about Devas until today, could ask me that question, which is so painful to me!” said El-Morya, sighing deeply.

“My apologies,’’ said Dark-Elf in a whispering voice. “Why is this question so painful to you?’

“ You know I am not yet a mature Devas, nor have I taken on the final apparel of a Devas. I am still an apprentice, and here in the world I exist in, many stories are making the rounds that, before a Devas passes into the human kingdom, he must first pass through the kingdom of the birds. It is described that the only way for a Devas to become human again is to become a bird first. As a bird, he may communicate with humans and, after evolving within the bird Kingdom, only then will he return as a human again. As you understand, I would love to achieve this transformation at one point, so I could return in a human form, able to see Jamey...if he is still alive. Your question was so painful because everything I just described is considered to be a legend. None of our Masters seems to be able to explain such a process. That is why it is so painful to me....”

“We, in our Elf world, say that everything you believe can happen!” said Dark-Elf with a sparkle in his eyes. “Believe it, El Morya! Believe it beyond doubt! Try to live it in your imagination, visualize it as having already taken place, and then you will see that it will happen in an unexpected way. A way that you could never imagine.”

“Wise words coming from a small Elf. Maybe this meeting was not accidental after all!”
“Sure it is not accidental! Remember the Aventurine,”

Dark-Elf responded enthusiastically.

“I know it is very easy for Elves to feel enthusiasm about something, but it is not easy for me, either. I am really still curious to find out how you were able to summon my spirit” El-Morya said.

“Frankly, I have no idea. The only thing I remember is that I wished to be able to see who was following us, I formed the wish in my mind, while I was playing, puzzled by the Aventurine.”

“That’s it. The Aventurine is helping you to manifest your wishes,” she said, looking with amazement at the Aventurine hanging from Dark-Elf’s neck.

“In that case.... I hope you become a human,” responded Dark-Elf, while rubbing the Aventurine with his fingers.

El-Morya looked at him surprised, with his eyes closed, trying with as much strength as his soul could muster to believe that his wish would come true in a second. However, nothing happened. He opened his eyes, only to realize that El-Morya was still standing in front of him, in the same form as before, shaking her head in disappointment.

“But why?” Dark-Elf asked sadly.

“Some wishes, my dear Dark-Elf, need a lot of work to become a reality. The Aventurine was able to manifest for you your previous wish, since one of its qualities is to connect the different entities with the spirit world, and that was a permissible act by the laws of the universe. This second wish of yours, however, is something I have to achieve myself, in order to allow my spirit to be exposed to the evolutionary experiences, through the transformation process. I came to this world as a human in order to evolve into something through the experiences of my soul, however it seems that I was unable to learn what I came for, and that, in turn, kept me away from the true meaning of love. I hope my spirit will learn whatever is needed, while I am in the form of a Devas, so as to be able one day to live true happiness. Now, I have to leave. If you ever need me, you know you can always call me back through the Aventurine. You must, however, be close to the water, and summon me, while you are touching it. Good bye, Dark-Elf, and take care.”

After these words, she disappeared within a ball of steam that formed over the brook.

“Good bye, El-Morya. I hope you will meet Jemey one day,” said Dark-Elf, while walking towards his comrades, who were still resting. Tuathan heard the noise, as dark-Elf was approaching, and jumped up.

“What is happening?” he asked.

“Nothing to worry about,” answered Dark-Elf with sadness in his heart, lost in his thoughts. “I was right about someone following us.”

“What??? Who was it?” Tuathan exclaimed, alarmed.

“ A very nice young lady. Or rather a ghost, or even better a Devas,” he said, continuing his deep thoughts...

“What are you talking about, Dark-Elf? What do you really know about Devas? What are you hiding from me? You must reveal everything to me,” Tuathan shouted, waking up small Meril.

“Well.... it is something very personal regarding another creatures life,” answered Dark-Elf.

“It doesn’t matter. We must trust each other, Dark-Elf,” Tuathan responded in a strict voice.

“You are right. Please, forgive me. I am not used to trusting others, since most of my life I have been forced to be alone with myself,” Dark-Elf answered.

“I perfectly understand, but there are so many dangers out there. Our strongest weapon, our strongest protection, is trust. We should not keep any secrets, otherwise we expose ourselves to great unforeseen dangers. Even if there were no dangers, any sound friendship is jeopardised by secrecy. We must always be united. The basic characteristic of unity is trust. We must trust each other all the way, while keeping confidentiality within the group.”

Only then did Dark-Elf tell the story to Tuathan and Merill, reciting the entire conversation he had had with El-Morya.

“It seems you have the power to attract very important friends. Tell me, don’t you feel much better, now that you shared your experience with us?”

Tuathan asked with a smile.

“Sure I do. The sense of relief stemming from trusting others is very rewarding,” he answered.

“Now, we must move on. We have a very difficult journey ahead of us,” Tuathan responded in a friendly manner, while mounting his horse, after touching Dark-Elf’s shoulder.

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