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Chapter 7: The Great Darso

Dark-Elf raised his eyebrows, obviously disturbed by the news. His expression was different now. Only Meril could notice the change. As they started walking along the hallway, Meril was careful to stay close to Dark-Elf, in order to whisper in his ear, “What is bothering you, my dear Dark-Elf?”

“I think we should leave,” Dark-Elf answered in a low voice, so that nobody else could hear the conversation.

“But why?” Meril asked.

“I saw Druid Maverel in my dream. He did not have time to tell me exactly what he wanted, but I have the notion he wanted us to leave, for our own protection.”

“You know that, in our dreams, we project whatever we are thinking. Maybe, your concern is unwarranted, due to the negative thoughts that Tuathan is expressing, and that turned into a dream of yours.” Meril answered.

“Maybe, that’s what it is .... I did not think in that context...” Dark-Elf answered, puzzled. They kept following Buhara and Tuathan in this strange labyrinth, until they reached a large gate. At the entry, two large white light balls with light blue shaded spots, scattered on their surfaces, gave the impression of being made of ice and light.

“These are the guards,” Buhara said. “They are elementals. They use the water energy, and freeze anyone’s steps if they are unwanted, so that they cannot cross the gate. If you wish, later on, Giribel may give a tour of the room with the elementals, and she will explain to you each one’s function. There are many kinds of elementals.”

“Yes, we would like that very much,” he responded with his eyes shining upon hearing that name. Buhara moved his hands over each ball, and their blue aura stopped emanating. That moment the Gate opened.

“Now, it’s safe to proceed” he added.

One by one, they crossed the Gate, and found themselves in a large room made of glass, covered by a glass dome, as well. Outside the glass enclosure, one could see the thick tree leaves. A small waterfall on either side produced a concerted melody, much different from the one heard before outside, but you could sense it coming from the waterfalls. It sounded like they were exchanging notes, alternating from one to the other. All the way back, there was an elaborate throne, artfully made from the same elemental ice, similar to the sphere-shaped guards at the entrance. The back of the throne was huge, and a large clock was engraved on its surface, showing the time—quarter past twelve—, without the clock hands advancing. Each side of the throne was guarded by a large firebrand, also made from the same ice.

“Great Darso, please accept Druid Tuathan, Drago Meril, and Grand Dark-Elf.”

Meril started laughing, upon hearing the word “Grand Dark-Elf.”

Dark -Elf tapped him gently on his back, and asked him to behave.

“Meril!” shouted the great Darso. “We never make fun of someone when the word GRAND is in front of their name.”

“It sounded funny to me,” Meril apologised.

“The correct word is actually ANCIENT. Throughout the centuries, we have changed the word to a codified one that sounds GRAND, in order to avoid certain risks. ANCIENT means that someone belongs to the indigenous race. Those who were the first to inhabit the planet. Dark-Elf is such an indigenous one,” said the Great Darso and, standing up from his throne, he took a deep bow in front of Dark-Elf.

Meril, totally stunned, was looking at Tuathan, who was deeply puzzled.

“So, what is exactly happening with Dark-Elf?” Tuathan asked.

“Don’ t you know that he is the CHOSEN one?”

“The CHOSEN?” Dark-Elf asked, astonished.

“Yes, but that is not all. I did not know that he belonged to the ancient ones. Are you sure?” Tuathan was quick to answer, completely ignoring Dark-Elf’s question.

“Show us your necklace, Ancient Dark-Elf,” the Great Darso suggested.
Puzzled, Dark-Elf pulled out his necklace, held up the chain, and left the small ball hanging.

“Can you see the Letter A on the dagger? This is the symbol of the Ancient ones.”

Meril said, “So, if someone makes a ball necklace, and then engraves on it a Letter A, this makes them ancient?”

“You can always distinguish the real one because the fake will not be able to do this.”

Holding the necklace in his hand, he rubbed it slightly, while uttering “Ancient, Ancient, Ancient.” The ball started to give off an intense violet light, filling the entire room. At the same time, it started spinning letting out a discreet metallic sound, and soon a small violet butterfly escaped from the necklace ball. Immediately, as the butterfly was ‘born’, the ball stopped spinning. The wings of the butterfly were decorated with golden lines, and it started flying around Dark-Elf’ s face. Everybody looked on in amazement.

“Did you ever hear about the butterfly effect?” the Great Darso asked everybody.

“If a butterfly moves its wings in the Amazon River, this may result in rain, somewhere in China,” Tuathan responded. “But what does that have to do with the necklace?”

“This necklace possesses particular magical qualities.”
“First of all, it is an Aventurine, and that has the ability to connect its owner with the world of the spirits. This is something that Dark-Elf has already experienced. Am I right?”

“Yes...but how could you possibly know that?” was Dark-Elf’s response. Ignoring the question, the Great Darso continued:

“Now, regarding the butterfly effect, you should know that the neckless has the capacity to guide its owner through the best possible route of sequence of events, in order to achieve a desired goal. As soon as the butterfly is born, the owner may request a specific outcome, and the sequence of the necessary steps to achieve such an outcome will appear on the ball in sequential order, with the desired outcome as the end result. The advantage to this function is that, at any given time, you have the power to arrange the synchronicity of several events, leading you to the outcome. However, great caution should be exercised. Occasionally, you expose yourself to great danger because the butterfly may indicate steps against the laws of the light and the universal order. There, you must exercise discretion. If, even once, you violate the universal law, the qualities of the necklace disappear forever. On the other hand, sometimes, the instructions are crystal clear, and sometimes they may look like a difficult puzzle. If you do not possess understanding of truth and reality, the instructions again may look like an unsolvable mystery. Only someone from the Ancient Ones has the ability to make the butterfly appear, but only the real owner of the necklace has the right to order the butterfly. If you do not express the orders to the butterfly soon enough, it may disappear.”

“What are the Ancient ones really?” Dark-Elf addressed the Great Darso, while at the same time he was trying to make the butterfly fly off his face, since it had alighted on his forehead the same way he would try to scare a fly off his face.

“The Ancient ones are the oldest and most learnt souls. The more reincarnations a soul has been through, the wiser it has become, due to the experiences accumulated. Each soul, during every life cycle, passes through the ‘dark night of the soul’. During that period, the soul gains new wisdom, guiding the individual to a new consciousness.”

“What is the Dark night of the soul?” came the question from Dark-Elf. Great Darso smiled suspiciously...

“I am sure, I will have the opportunity during your stay here to analyse its meaning in greater detail…The result of this process, however, is that it enlightens the individual, increases his consciousness, and provides a totally different understanding of the world,” said Great Darso, while giving a friendly pat on Dark-Elf’s shoulder, but keeping the suspicious smile on his face, like he was planning something....

“Until then, you must learn some more things regarding the Ancient ones. Every material body on this planet possesses a special quality that is called cellular memory. Every cell of the body, every component of the soul, constantly registers memories. Not the memory of life events as you think, but the memory of the current incarnation. This registered memory is recognised and used by the subconscious. Obviously an Ancient soul possesses greater wisdom. It is very difficult to confuse its subconscious level because it does not function based on ‘self’, but rather the route of love. It does not hold any grudges, nor anger, forgiving quickly and easily. The older the soul, the faster it forgives. Actually, in an ideal setting, forgiveness is extended, even before the transgression occurs, avoiding the sadness and the pain, considering everybody around like small children playing carelessly, recognising that, at some point in the past, the soul itself was at the same level of evolution like the transgressors. Thus, it allows the ‘children’ to play, forgiving them, loving them, and advising them with immeasurable love. It does not allow anyone to create negative emotions or negative thoughts. All these may become possible only if a soul has gone through the ‘dark night’, so then it becomes enlightened, realising that it is a creator soul and everyone and everything is dependent upon the soul itself.”

“Well, I spent all my life feeling very sad, and that is how I got the name Dark-Elf. How will I be able to feel only positive feelings?” asked young Ancient Elf.

“Yes,” the Great Darso responded, “but you feel this way because you are not enlightened yet, so you cannot sense the power of your soul. You are still in the state of OBLIVION. You really do not have conscious attachment to your cellular memory. That is exactly the reason you are here. We will help you out. Dark-Elf, do you know where you come from?”

“Yes...somewhere around Notingel,” he answered.

“My dear, Ancient Child....if only you knew where you come from……,” said Great Darso, shaking his head with the notion that he had to climb a tall steep mountain before Dark-Elf could possibly understand....

“We have a long way to go. For sure, you have no idea where your necklace came from..... So, we have to start working fast.... Let us call Hypnotica...”

Great Darso gave back the necklace to Dark-Elf, saying: “First, we have to do certain things, so you will be able to recall who you really are, what is happening to you, and what your mission is here on earth. At the same time, I will teach you what the ‘dark night of the soul’ is, and how to awaken you consciousness.”

The grand gate opened all of a sudden, making some strange noise. A tall blonde young lady with very long hair appeared with a shade of red on either side of the head, and short bangs on the forehead.

“I greet you, Great Darso,” she said

“Greetings, Grand Hypnotica. Finally, Grand Dark-Elf has arrived. Take him on a trip, so he will start meeting..... himself.”

“It is my honour,” the lady said, bowing in front of Dark-Elf.

“But tell me, Hypnotica, can you smell a scent that creates a special feeling, like someone is present in the room hidden behind an old magic chest of armour?”

“Yes, indeed,” said Hypnotica, moving towards Meril.

Meril, very shy, dropped his head, like a child caught red-handed.
“I would prefer not to reveal it….,” he responded, disturbed somehow.

Dark-elf looked at Meril, feeling betrayed by his friend ....

“Meril? Not to reveal what? What have you been hiding all this time? I’ve always told you everything,” he shouted angrily.

Meril could not even raise his eyes to look Dark-Elf straight in his face. “This is the first time I’ve seen you angry, Dark-Elf,” he said in a whispering voice.

“Perhaps because this is the first time I’ve felt betrayed by you, that I’ve considered you a dear friend,” Dark-Elf responded, teary-eyed.

“Calm down.... Everything can be explained and resolved. Do not allow negative feelings to surface,” Great Darso intervened to defuse the situation.

He then touched the wrist bracelet he had on, made from blue glass. As soon as he touched it, the bracelet started giving off a rich blue colour, he pulled it out of his hand, raised it high, and said.

“I am looking in the mirror of the infinite river waters,

looking for mystical dream revelations.

At the mercy of the blue river

Lives hidden strange and forgotten

I am looking in the mirror the mirror the mirror.”

Uttering the last words, he gently placed the wrist bracelet on the floor. The bracelet started growing, its circle expanding.... and expanding... until it formed a large double face mirror, a bright blue light shining throughout the room.

“This is the mirror of the grand alchemist Ruth, one of the Ancient ones, who sacrificed himself for humanity. He gave it to me centuries ago, knowing pretty well you would arrive one day... This mirror is here to help out Meril.”

“Meril, do you know what this mirror is capable of?”

“No, I don’t,” said Meril

“Don’t be afraid. Come closer to the mirror,” Great Darso advised.

Meril approached the mirror, and immediately saw there was a writing around his surface in a strange Ancient language: “Γνώθι σ’αυτόν.”

“What is the meaning of this writing around the mirror?”

It is Ancient Greek, and means to ‘Know thyself’, ‘Know your own self, that is’ A Saint once said...

“Whoever felt their own sins is better than the one who can raise the dead with his prayer. Whoever is sobbing for one hour for his own soul is better than the one who is the benefactor of the many. Whoever was able to know himself is better than the one who saw the angels. To the one who knows himself the knowledge about everything is given, since knowing one’s self is equivalent to the entire Knowledge....”

Meril looked inside the mirror, apparently disturbed. He made a movement like something was bothering him. Tuathan and Dark-Elf bent down to see what disturbed him. Much to their surprise, they observed a fantastic lake inside the mirror with choppy waters. The lake was located in the middle of a large plateau, with a lot of trees surrounding it, while multiple lights were blinking over the waters. It was a marvellous sunset, however, with two gigantic suns in the sky....They were all stunned by the view, when Great Darso gently pushed Meril towards the mirror. Instead of hitting its surface, Meril went straight through it and, along with him, the image of the lake disappeared.

Dark-Elf started screaming, totally wrecked… “Why did you do this, Meril? No... No...” Then, kneeling in front of the mirror, he began to cry. “No...Meril. No....”

Tuathan, angry, pulled out his sword, shouting at Great Darso: “What is wrong with you?”, while pointing his sword at him.

Great Darso, responding fast, moved his hand in the air in a circular fashion, and a blue light wave was directed towards Tuathan and Dark-Elf, immobilising both of them. They attempted to move, but their feet were nailed on the ground.

“So, you have trapped us here. You are the enemy, after all, Great Darso. I did have the suspicion all along that you wanted to keep us here, so we will not be able to complete our mission,” Tuathan was shouting uncontrollably.

“No matter what you do, I will find Merril! I want you to know that! He was my only friend,” Dark- Elf was screaming, tears trickling down his cheeks.

“Calm down, and everything will be explained to you. Buhara, take them to their rooms. Hypnotica, after you are ready, take care of Dark-Elf’s journey, and tell Giribell to visit Tuathan a little later.” Then, he performed another movement with his hands up in the air, reversing their bondage, and allowing them to move their bodies again. With yet another movement, he disappeared into a golden cloud...

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