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Chapter 8: In the Hall of the Elementals

They had no option but to follow Buhara to the psychedelic Labyrinth. “I would like to be alone for a moment with Dark-Elf,” Tuathan said, apparently upset, stopping for a moment.

“You will have time for that. For the time being, you must follow the instructions of Great Darso to the last iota. Dark-Elf will be taken to the room of the puzzle of the souls to work with Hypnotica, and you will be taken to the room with the elementals to meet with Giribel.”

“You placed Giribel close to me, thinking I would fall for her beauty, so I would decide to stay here, but you should know that those tricks do not lure the Druids. I do not want to see her, even from a distance. From what I can gather, she is on the game, as well,” Tuathan responded in a harsh voice.

Buhara ignored the comment, maintaining unbelievable calmness and peaceful demeanour, without the slightest effort. They kept walking towards the psychedelic room, until on their right hand side they reached a heavy, engraved door, surrounded by blue molecules of light similar to the water in the waterfalls. They made the door look as if it were surrounded by a bright halo. Buhara, at this point, said to Dark-Elf. “Do you see this bright round ethereal carpet in front of the door? Step on it. It is like you are knocking on the door.”

Dark-Elf stepped on the carpet, and it started becoming transparent, ethereal, until he disappeared.

“What happened,” Tuathan shouted, quite upset.

He was simply transported into the room by dematerialising out here and re-materialising inside the room. Don’ t worry, your friend is fine. Let’s move on..” Trying to encourage him, Buhara gave Tuathan a gentle pat on the shoulder.

Soon, they reached another similar door, only the halo here was of violet colour. Again, there was a small carpet in front of the door similar to the one they had seen before, only its colour was violet.

’Here we are,” said Buhara.

“I imagine you want me to step on the carpet, as well. Isn’t there any other way into the room?” Tuathan asked.

“For security reasons, most of the doors of the main and the secret rooms are made this way. You don’ t have to worry about anything. Just try it,” Buhara commented.

Tuathan stepped on the violet light on the carpet, and disappeared. He found himself in a small dark room. His first priority was to check that his body was safe and in one piece. After he was assured, Tuathan started walking around. The only thing he noticed was a small bookcase. All of a sudden, a small purple light appeared in a corner, which slowly started taking the shape of Giribel’s body, until she appeared in physical form.

’My apologies. I should have been here before you, however Great Darso called me to give some additional instructions,” said Giribel, greeting him with a smile.

“Look here, there is no chance I will trust you. I hope you realise that, so you stop trying to seduce me, despite Great Darso’s instructions,” Tuathan responded harshly.

“I am not here to seduce you, although I must admit you look very attractive to me as I indicated to you before. My attraction to you has nothing with instructions from Great Darso; it actually disturbs him that I am attracted to you,” the girl responded calmly and with a sad expression.

“I don’t believe anything here anymore. Let’s do what we must, since I don’t seem to have a choice,” Tuathan continued in the same harsh tone.

“I don’t blame you. Let’s start, then,” Upon saying that, Giribel whistled the note D three times. A book moved out from the shelf by itself. Giribel pulled the book slightly, and the bookcase moved sidewards, exposing a door opening. A bright light through the door filled the room. The door opening was big enough to allow both of them. After crossing its threshold, they found themselves inside a huge room, all made of glass, which accounted for the profuse light. After they went through the door, the young lady pulled back the book in its proper position, so did the bookcase, which closed the opening between the two rooms. Along both sides of the room, containers made of glass were filled with large spheres. Some of these spheres were exactly the same as the ones they saw at the entrance of Great Darso’s room.

“These here are the water elementals, transforming into ice balls. You encountered them at the entrance of Great Darso. They can shoot ice balls that may immobilize even the strongest enemy. With the proper invocation, they may form an ice column to encase an enemy. They may enclose the enemy, or they may create a defect on the ice around the enemy for the purpose of wiping him out. The sequence of the commands is very important for the success of the invocation.”
She picked up the handle of the cover from a container with the indication ‘water elemental’ written on the label, and opened the container. The elemental molecules, acting as if they had a million small legs, slowly started spinning around. “Water,” said Giribel in a loud voice. The elemental extended a long arm made of water, above the jar, and started dripping all over Tuathan, like rain. As he had not been expecting such a thing, he jumped backwards, pulling out his sword, while Giribel burst out laughing.

“Water 2,” was the second command, and the elemental threw a ice-ball, right atTuathan’s feet, then in a strange manner moved around his feet, freezing the floor completely with a defect, which appeared around his feet all of a sudden. He instinctively jumped to escape outside the defect, but after attempting to jump towards a specific direction, and in midair, Giribel gave the third command. The elemental threw a ball towards Tuathan, while he was in the air, and an ice column surrounded him, immobilising him completely. He attempted to break the ice with his sword, but to no avail.

“Stop!” the next command came from Giribel. The ice column disappeared, and Tuathan dropped to the floor. He stood up, shaking some small pieces of ice off his clothes, very upset, and remarked ironically:

“What a demonstration.... Of course, how effective your weapons are!! Anything else?”

“Those are weapons you must learn how to use. That is the reason why I demonstrated them to you. There is a way to increase their potency. They can even kill someone with the ice-column, if need be. I kept it at its lowest potency as a demonstration for you to experience them personally without being harmed,” she said, pulling out a colourful booklet from her purse. “When you read the manual, you will learn their use, and acquire the necessary skills. After you master their use, and I am convinced you will, call my name three times, and I will appear to show you the next step. If you wish to rest or have a snack, pull this book from the library. She showed him a book entitled ‘Group Room’, which she pulled herself. Instantly, a door opened in the middle of the library, and the large central room adjacent to it led to the three bedrooms of Tuathan, Dark-Elf, and Meril.

“What will happen with Meril?” Tuathan asked.

“I have no idea,” said Giribel, lowering her head in a sad expression. “When you are ready with your training on the elementals, please give me a call,” she added, then pulled the first thick book from the library. The bookcase moved away, the door appeared again, and Giribel disappeared behind it, while the bookcase moved back to seal the opening. Tuathan, left alone in the room, started checking the manual.

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