Haunted Chapel

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A Minister inherits a Chapel from his Uncle, that he had messed up an exorcism in.

Fantasy / Mystery
Brian Zylla
4.8 32 reviews
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Minister Mason has just been released from a halfway house, having committed a crime he hoped he could soon forget. His former dream of becoming a pro baseball player has now been replaced with a keen desire to become a minister. His uncle has made him an offer to take over his chapel in Montana, as well as a job at the local Christian school nearby. Mason agrees, figuring this will be a new start to his life. It will be his chance to serve in ministry. At first, Mason has some trouble adapting to his new role. He battles with his past demons of gambling, chasing women, and drinking. However, he makes an honest start, and begins to turn his life around.

Just as things seem to be going right for him, Mason finds out about the dark past of the chapel and the effect it has had on some of his flock. He learns that a strange old man who once threw a fit in the chapel just might hold the key to it all. Mason discovers as well that his uncle has performed an exorcism there, one that had gone very, very wrong.

With the help of some of the locals, including the school’s librarian Maryann, whom he has taken a liking to; Mason begins to piece together the chapel’s mysterious past and the story of the exorcism that went so wrong. However, the closer he gets to the truth of what has taken place, the more he begins to question his own beliefs and to ask himself whom he really has been serving all along.

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