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It is a story about princesses, witches, and wizards.Princes, princesses, wizards and witches are gathered in The Royal Academy to study magic. Mike,Sam and Nick are the top 3 wizards in the Wizards society.They have got a chance to study magic with Princes, Princesses, and Witches in the ROYAL ACADEMY.Princess Anna, Ashley, and Erin have also come to study magic. How Mike became the youngest powerful wizard and why he is known as a monster in wizards society?. How Princess Ashley's mother died when she was a child and how she is going to fall in love with a wizard. WHAT ADVENTURES ARE WAITING FOR THEM IN THE ROYAL ACADEMY?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

chapter 1

“Seriously?“,inquired Nick.“Are we really going to the royal academy?”.

“Yeah, we have to”, replied Mike with less interest.

“I really want to go there”, said Sam.

They were busy packing their stuff when the head of the academy called Mike in her office.

“You called me?“,he asked after entering into her office.Miss Havisham puts down the book she was reading on the table and asked him to sit on the chair.She was a beautiful lady in her 60′s and had long black hair.She looked at mike,Chestnut hair hangs over a full, wild face.Soft skin delightfully compliments his cheekbones and leaves a bittersweet memory of his fortunate adventures.He was living in the academy for 10 years and was 20 years old.He was the first youngest powerful wizard.People tend to welcome him, while awkwardly avoid talking about his past.

“I heard you are leaving tonight for the Academy”, she asked.

“Ma’am can’t you send Harry instead of me.His powers are stronger than me”, he requested.

“It’s not my choice dear”.

“I understand”.

“I hope you find yourself a wonderful princess”.

“You know better than anyone else I am not interested in princesses”, he laughed.

She stood up from her chair and came to Mike.Mike also stood up from his chair to hug her.Miss Havisham was like a mother to Mike, Nick, and Sam.she was the only one who helped them when they had nowhere to go.Mike respected her so much that he would not hesitate to sacrifice his life for her.” Take care of Sam and Nick”.

The luggage was being loaded in the car when Harry came from behind and puts his arms around mike’s neck,“So you are really going?“,he asked.Harry was a young boy of 18 and had blue eyes and blond hair.Harry was the fourth powerful wizard of the wizard’s academy.He was a student of Mike and learned magic from him.

“Yeah”, Mike replied.

“Guys come on we are getting late”, called Nick to Mike and Sam.Mike looked back at the academy,his gentle violet eyes, set well within their sockets, , watch attentively over the families they’ve watched over for so long.Eleven slim, round towers tower above all, linked with small bridges and were connected by lower, solid walls made of brown stone.Elegant windows were scattered thinly around the walls in seeminly perfect symmetry, along with small holes for archers.A moderate gate with huge metal doors, a regular bridge and archer holes guards the inhabitants of this academy.This academy had stood the test of time and despite knowing some very rough times, the academy still stands and it looked like it will do so for many years to come.

The royal academy was high upon the hill overlooking the town, it’s many pointed towers giving it the look of an eccentric crown.Fifteen strong, square towers were both a defensive and decorational aspect of this elegant academy and were connected by tall, heavy walls made of red stone.It was a large academy,ornate in it’s architecture and splendid in it’s gardens.Well kept gardens with fragrant flowers, gorgeous trees and many bushes decorate the outside of the academy.Plain fields of a type of grass cover most of the fields outside of the castle, adding to the academy’s aesthetics.Lush fields of crops surround the castle walls and provided the inhabitants with food all year round.Huge statues of heroes and kings decorated the bridge outside, memories of glories of the past.This academy has clearly been around for at least a thousand years.The Royal Academy was one of the top academies in England where princes and princesses used to come to learn magic.The academy also gave scholarships to the three powerful wizards every year.This year Mike, Nick, and Sam were selected.

“Welcome students!“,said the head of the Royal Academy.She was delivering her speech in the hall full of princes, princesses who came from all over the world.” You all can go to your dorms now. A timetable for your classes will be displayed on the notice board outside the hall.Wish you best luck again!”.

where is my room? thought Anna while looking at the notice board.Princess Anna was a lovely girl of 20 years.Black, flowing hair tight in a ponytail reveals a long, anguished face. Smart aquamarine eyes, set deep within their socket.Smooth skin gorgeously compliments her cheekbones and leaves an intriguing memory of her upbringing.She was a princess of Canada.

“Excuse me can you help me find my room no.?“,asked a girl little shorter than Anna.

“What is your name?“,asked Anna.

“My name is Ashley.I am a princess of Australia”.

“listen to me Ashley I can’t find my room no. and you want me to find your room no.?”.

“I am sorry”, Ashley apologized.

“Girls can I help you”, asked a cute looking girl.She was in her 20′s.Brown, greasy hair slightly covers a skinny, lived-in face. Glittering blue eyes, set wickedly within their sockets.Fair skin seductively compliments her nose and leaves a pleasurable memory of her fortunate looks.There was something wonderful about her, perhaps it was her friendly demeanor or perhaps it was simply her attitude.

“And who are you?“,asked Anna angrily.

“My name is Erin and I am a princess of Turkey”.

“congratulations!I am going”, said Anna.She turned back when she got bumped into a boy.” oww!”

“Oh I am so sorry”, said Nick.Nick was in his 20′s.Brown, short hair almost fully covers a lean, anguished face. Bright gray eyes, set gracefully within their sockets.He was the second powerful wizard.He was trying to find his room number when he got bumped into Anna.She was looking really angry so he apologized to her.

“Do you have eyes?“,Anna asked.

“Excuse me?“,Nick said angrily.“It’s not my fault you bumped into me and I already said sorry”.

“Oh yeah? then get out of my way”.

“Don’t you have any manners miss”.

“My name is not Miss.I am a princess.Princess Anna”.

Princess? thought Nick.

All the students started staring at both of them fighting.A Women in her 40′s came out of the crowd.She was wearing a black dress and had a badge written Lucy on it.she asked in her sharp voice,“what is going on here ?”.

“He insulted me”, Anna said pointing towards Nick.

Lucy told other students to go in their rooms and took Anna and Nick with her to the head’s office.Head asked both of them the reason of their fight.Anna wanted Nick to apologize to her and Nick refused to do that.

“Princess Anna you need to understand that you are a student here so you need to behave like one”, she continued” and Nick, if you don’t want to go back to wizard society, don’t create trouble here”.

“Are you a wizard?“,Anna asked with surprise.

Nick and Anna came out of head’s office.Anna really wanted to know if he was a wizard.Nick was walking fast so Anna came in front of him to stop him and asked,“Hey are you really a wizard?“.

“Why are you going to tell your father so he can send his man to kill me?“,nick asked.

Anna couldn’t answer his question.why did he say that?

Erin and Ashley saw Anna and Nick talking in the corridor and walked towards them.“Hey”, Ashley said to Nick.He looked at Princess Ashley.She was wearing her academy uniform and was looking cute.He couldn’t stop his laugh,“I should be going now”.He turned back and started walking.

“Hey handsome what’s your name? asked Erin.He looked back, winked and said,“Nick, my name is Nick.” and turned left the next corridor.He entered into his room and saw Mike and Sam sitting there.

“Welcome back!“,sam said.

“Mike I met someone today”, said Nick.

“who?“,sam inquired.Mike was busy reading book.

“Dude listens to me”, Nick said and snatched the book from his hand.

“what do you want Nick?“,Mike asked angrily.Nick told them about Erin and Ashley.

“what’s her name?“,sam asked.

“Her name? I don’t know her name”.

“Good work Nick”, Mike said and took his book back from Nick and went out of the room.

“Damn it I should’ve asked her name”.

In room no 22, Anna was surprised to hear that Erin and Ashley are sharing a room with her.Really really bad luck.The room contained three small beds, neatly made, two straight-backed chairs,a washstand, a bureau with a mirror,and a small table. There were no drapery curtains at the dormer windows, no pictures on the wall.

Anna and Erin went to sleep but Ashley couldn’t sleep so she decided to go for a walk in a garden.In the royal academy, you can get expelled for sneaking out at night.She entered into the garden and started walking.She was humming a song her mother used to sing to her when she was a child.The night was cold.she sat beside the tree and closed her eyes.

Mike was sitting there looking at the stars when he heard a girl’s voice.this tune, he thought mom...he stood up and started looking where the voice was coming from.He searched the whole garden but found no one else but Ashley who was sleeping beside the tree.Was she singing?NO WAY.is she trying to get expelled ,he went back to his room where Nick was waiting for him.Mike told him about a girl sleeping in the garden.

“What?Who was she?“.Mike you should’ve helped her”.

He changed his clothes and went to bed,“why would I help her?”.

Nick decided to go out in the garden to bring Ashley back.” Give me your hand”.

“Why? are you going to steal my powers?“.

Nick entered into the garden and saw Ashley sleeping.What is she doing here?.so Mike saw her.He came to her and tried to wake her up.She opened her eyes after a moment and saw Nick.

“Hey, sleeping beauty! if you don’t want to get expelled come with me”.He grabbed her arm and they both entered the academy.They were walking in the second corridor when Nick saw Lucy coming towards them.He pushed her against the wall, puts his right hand on her mouth and whispered,“Don’t speak!“.Lucy passed right in front of them.As soon as Lucy entered into her office Nick stepped away from Ashley.

“She didn’t saw us?“,Ashley asked with surprise.Nick puts his arm over her left shoulder and replied while showing her his left hand,“Magic!“.They stopped in front of Ashley’s room when she asked him,“you are a wizard?“.

Nick asked,“why?you don’t like wizards?“.Before she could answer he said,“I don’t want your answer right now.I’ll see you tomorrow”.He pushed her into her room and closed the door.A smile appeared on his face and he corrected himself or we’ll see you tomorrow.

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