The Huntress Bloodlust (Pt2 )

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"The Huntress - Bloodlust" - the 2nd part of the German fantasy romance series of books about a young woman who turns from a nobody to a tough sword fighting warrioress... The crazy mystical world of the huntress with all its creepy demons, monsters and vampires isn't the perfect place to raise a child. But the only thing Ada wants is her daughter, who was taking from her after being born. Will the huntress be able to overcome the loss and continue to shield people of what lurks in the streets? "The Huntress - Bloodlust" approaches losing and recovery, pain and healing, love, grief and understanding.

Fantasy / Romance
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I felt lonely and deserted;

No one could help me.

I was terrified, for the pain was everywhere.

It was in my legs and back,

in my arms and head.

But it was even worse in my stomach,

descending downwards.

Intense pain,

nearly tore me apart.

Anxiety rose from within;

would it ever end?

I shouted myself hoarse and cried,

railed and swore, begging for release.

But it did not stop.

It had only just begun.

It was September 29th, when my daughter was born.

Father Michael’s birthday.

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