The Huntress Bloodlust (Pt2 )

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Chapter 1

I heard a man’s voice say “Go!”

Was he talking to me? Why should I go? I wasn’t able to go. Even my eyelids hurt, when I tried to open them. I surrendered to the weakness and kept my eyes shut.

“Michael!” Ah! He meant the Father. “Go and call Dr. Fields! He must bring additional units of blood! Hurry!” Who the hell was Dr. Fields? And what blood? What was going on here? I tried to open my eyes again. This time I made it. But it was as hard as lifting a full box of water bottles. But through the narrow slit I could see the room. Father Michael stood at the door and was pale with worry. And I thought I could see tears on his face. Why was he crying?

“Ihal?” I said. Even to my ears it sounded unintelligible, but somehow he seemed to know I meant him.

Immediately he sped through the medical room and came over to me. “Ada,” he whispered with a forced smile on his lips and stroked my hair.

“What’s wrong? Where’s my baby?” I asked and wondered why my tongue was as heavy as lead.

“It’s alright, Ada,” he whispered. But his facial expression told me otherwise.

Panic rose inside of me. With all the strength I could muster, I tried to sit up. “Where’s my baby?”

“Don’t move, Ada! Please!” Father Michael said determined and pushed me back onto the patient’s bed.

I was quite all in, still I hadn’t missed, that he had ignored my question for the second time. “Where is my baby? I want my baby!” My voice was shaking with fear now.

What was going on? Why wouldn’t he answer me? I tried to turn my head on the pillow, so I could take a look around the room and search for my child. But for some reason it disobeyed me.

“Please, Ada! You aren’t allowed to move. You’ve got to get some rest!” the Father pleaded.

I cried even more. I had no idea what was going on. I was scared. My breathing got faster. I was about to hyperventilate. Why didn’t he give me my baby? If everything was alright, why didn’t he show me my daughter?

Fear and despair weighed heavily on my chest. Hastily I tried to inhale, but I only got dizzy of it. My eyes looked to the ceiling, which was spinning quickly. Then everything went black.

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