The Huntress Bloodlust (Pt2 )

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Chapter 27

I heard their moaning and groaning sounds in the whole alley. Almost complete darkness surrounded me. There was only one single lantern working, but its bulb flickered and was just about to give up. The soft soles of my boots made little noise, as I walked across the cobblestones to get to the reddish-brown haired woman and the naive guy. I saw her pale bare legs kneeling on the threshold of a deserted house. All windowpanes were smashed and you could see the dark outlines of graffiti paintings on the walls.

“What a cozy place you found. Mind me joining in?” I asked the demon lady.

Like lightening, she whirled around, staring at me with yellow glowing eyes. She spat at me. Suddenly, there was nothing left of her once beautiful face. Well, obviously she didn’t like my idea of a threesome.

When I looked at her mouth, I saw something on her flawless teeth. It wasn’t blood. These creatures didn’t drink blood like vampires do. No, they sucked out something else from their victims: their energies, their souls.

I shuddered at the thought of a man’s soul leaving such tracks, giving you the shivers. A human being’s soul was the most sacred he possessed. How could it look so horrific like it did on the demon lady’s teeth? Do all souls look the same or are there differences?

A flopping sound could be heard, as if someone had dropped a heavy garment bag, making me concentrate on what was in front of me. Shocked, I looked down at the naïve guy, who had sunk to the ground, when the demon lady had let go off him to turn to face me. His eyes had turned upward, his mouth was open, his arms were limp, lying at his sides. His pants were around his knees. It was a sad but also ridiculous sight.

The demon lady snarled at me again and came to me. With her hands she brandished in front of my face, trying to get hold of me to scratch out my eyes. I stepped back, pulling out my sword from under my coat at the same time. When my enemy saw it, she hissed once more. This time, it sounded shriller like the scream of a whistle. My ears began to hurt. My face contorted with pain. To put my hands over my ears I would have needed to drop my sword, but that really was no option! Angry about her giving me so much pain, I let my sword circle in my hands. The demon lady just watched me, lying in wait. What was this supposed to mean? Did she want to attack me or make me feel dizzy by skipping around me?

“Come on. What are you waiting for? Come to me!” I said, trying to lure her. “Throw me down to the ground. Scratch my face to pieces and suck the life out of me! That’s what you are living for, aren’t you?” I shouted.

Unimpressed, the demon lady continued to circle me. Slowly but surely she got on my wick.

“What the hell do you want?” I yelled. The echo of my words sounded in the dark alley, turning them into an infinite loop.

The demon lady answered me with another snarl, then she turned around and ran away. Are you kidding me? She just ran away like some damn coward? Honestly! That’s pretty lame.

I sighed and ran after her reluctantly. It was amazing how fast she could run with the stiletto heels on the treacherous cobblestones. Still, she wasn’t fast enough to escape my sword, which I threw at her with a loud cry. It sank into her back as easily as a knife into butter. The demon lady fell over and lay motionless. No monster could compete with the magic of my precious sword, no matter how shrill they hissed or how skillful they could run across cobblestones, wearing court shoes.

Slowly, I walked over to her and looked down at her face. Now, it was beautiful again. Her hair lay around her head in opulent waves. Her eyes looked normal, more human like. “What a waste!” I thought. It was a shame she was a nasty demon in reality. As a human being she was truly splendid. But why did I muse about the dark creature any longer? There were more important things for me to do. First, I called the clean-up team. Then I fetched back my sword and started to run and returned to the door, where my hunt had begun. The naïve guy still lay there motionless. He didn’t even budge when I shook him at his shoulder. I put my fingers on his neck, feeling his pulse. After a few seconds, I felt it. It was beating very slightly, but still it was a sign he was alive. I quickly called the emergency doctor and told him about my discovery. Now, he had to take care of the naïve guy, even though I knew he would never be the same again. The survivors of these attacks never became the same person again. They were alive, yes. Their hearts beat and their eyes blinked. But these people had become an empty shell, as a part of their souls had been stolen from them. They weren’t able to live the life they knew.

I thought about covering his nakedness by pulling his pants up. But I thought better of it and left the scene of the crime as it was. In the distance, I heard the sound of sirens. Soon, the emergency ambulance would find him and then I had to be gone. When I got up a couple of firecrackers exploded, turning the night into day. I looked up. A whole sea of stars rained down on me. It was midnight. New Year’s Day. The unknown was lying in front of us again and another twelve months of hunting were waiting for me.

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