The Huntress Bloodlust (Pt2 )

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Chapter 34

I hid behind a thick tree trunk, carefully taking a look, trying to judge the situation. Okay. There were three of them. That was two less than the last time. A slight improvement. I pulled out my sword, holding it before my face. My hot breath steamed up the blade. My heart was in my mouth. I had to force myself to inhale deeply through my nose and to exhale through my mouth. I couldn’t do anything about the thoughts coming up again about the creepy shrub and its white leaves. The stupid thing was still playing its magical game, changing its color. Great God, was now the time? I whispered a prayer. Then I took a deep breath. I lowered the sword, emerging from behind the tree. My heart beat wildly, when I ran over to the monsters. They hadn’t yet seen me.

I was about twenty meters away from them, when one monster turned around and looked at me with its glowing eyes. It grunted to which its friends turned around, too. I stopped. My eyes narrowed, as I watched them taking up their position, hearing their constant grunting. Maybe they were discussing their tactics?

I watched them and they watched me. Minutes passed, which felt like hours and the monsters formed a triangle. The fattest of them was at the top and got cracking. Its weight made the earth beneath its paws shake. A muffled sound could be heard. As the monster came closer, my breathing got faster. I was panting now. If you thought about the mass of monster that was coming up to me, it was pretty clear, that the fun part hadn’t yet begun. But I was ready and knew I was in great shape.

It didn’t take long and the first meatball lay dead on the ground. Well, buddy. It’s not your lucky day, isn’t it?

When its friends saw it, they both came at me at the same time. I also started to move. With the tip of my sword pointing directly at them, I jumped between the two, trying to hit them with the sword. One monster rammed my shoulder, making me stagger. I could catch myself quickly and attacked them again. Happily, I heard a painful squeak, as I hurt one monster with my sword. Its friend took revenge on me. I was flung into the air and ended up between some bushes and trash cans. It was amazing that not a living soul turned up because of the fight’s racket. Not even Father Michael came outside though he must have heard it, if he was sitting on the wooden bench in the nave of the church, waiting for me to come home. But what if he has gotten tired of sitting and waiting there and has found something new to do instead?

I shook my head to get rid of the thoughts. I had to think about how I could get past the creatures. These two didn’t act as rash as their friend, who had gone to the happy hunting grounds. They took calculated steps, but they didn’t want to hurt me that much, so I would die. Even when I lay on the ground, they spared me and waited for me to stand up again. It was very weird. I didn’t understand the reason why, but it didn’t change the fact, that I wanted to see them dead. Only a dead monster is a good monster, right?!

I got back on my feet, looking at the church’s portal, longing. In my mind, I tried to call the Father, telling him to open the door for me, as I couldn’t fight and use the keys at the same time.

The sound of a monster running and coming nearer yanked me from my thoughts. At the very last moment, I jumped aside. The creature ended up on its hind legs, sliding on its massive backside across the asphalt. Its pure corpulence tore off the trash cans, leaving only two metal rods in the ground, to which the containers had been attached. The monster turned around to face me. It still looked dumbfounded. Before it knew what had happened. I had killed it.

Number two just had fallen.

I whirled around to take care of my last enemy. “Now, it’s just the two of us,” I said, letting my sword circle in my hand. Unfortunately, the last one was the worst!

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