The Huntress Bloodlust (Pt2 )

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Chapter 35

The bastard of a monster had knocked me down. I had hit my head hard. My shoulder hurt. I had several abrasions in my face and on my legs. My butt stung as I had slid across the asphalt.

“Damn, Father! Where are you? I need you here!” I said between gritted teeth, unwinding from a tree I just had landed on. My body was battered. Gradually, my strength failed me. I pushed me off the trunk, swaying across the lawn. When I held up the sword, my hands were shaking. Something simple as that caused me pain. I saw dancing stars before my eyes. Confused, I shook my head to get rid of them and looked around, searching for the monster, which was tormenting me. When I had discovered it, I saw smoke coming from its nostrils. That was new to me! Maybe it was because of the heavy thumps on my head why I saw things that weren’t actually there. Then the yellow spot, in which I could make out a black outline, just above the monster’s shoulder wasn’t real, too.

“Get in here. Quick!” the yellow and black spot yelled.

How could it be it was able to speak? But the way it had spoken told me, it wasn’t something we could negotiate about. Of course, I didn’t want to annoy the spot. So, I pulled myself together and started to run.

Too bad the monster was still there. It barred my way. I just missed it by turning and running around the creature to make it feel dizzy.

It worked! The monster started to spin around in circles. Before it could stop me, I ran towards the yellow and black spot. When I was almost there, the black outline stepped aside and I could dive into the yellow color. Again, I flew through the air and slid across the floor length-wise. I heard a hissing sound and a disappointed sigh behind me. I turned around and froze.

With its arms in the air, the monster stood in front of the portal, looking like someone knocking at an invisible wall. Its gaze was frozen. A well-known arrow stuck in its chest. I looked at the black spot, who was Father Michael. Even he had stepped back from the monster, but he still had the bow in his hands, a second arrow on its string. Did he not trust the church’s protection? There was no reason to do so as the creature of the night had not been able to enter the church. Instead, it bounced off the invisible wall, fell to the ground, ending up on its back, lifeless.

Finally, I dared to breathe. I didn’t know whether I should laugh or cry as I had escaped death at the very last moment. The omen had not been fulfilled, but only just.

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