The Huntress Bloodlust (Pt2 )

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Chapter 38

“Look, what I got,” I said when I returned to the Father’s office. He was sitting at his desk, looking at the white box in my hand. I couldn’t help grinning like mad and winking at him.

Father Michael leaned back in his chair, putting his fingertips together, hiding his face behind his hands. With narrowed eyes he watched me cross the room. “What is it?”

I sat on his desk, leaning over the tabletop so I was almost laying on it. “Come on, Michael. Can you not guess?”

For a brief moment, he let his gaze wander over my body’s curves then he looked me in the eyes again. He didn’t say a thing, but looked at me expectantly. I rolled my eyes and sat up. “You said there would be no lover’s trysts unless we have the possibility to prevent me from getting pregnant,” I began, showing him the packet with the pills. I saw his eyes moving, when he read the letters on it. Then he looked at me. I knew what the church thought about these things, but didn’t the Padre say, even this institution couldn’t resist the innovations of the modern world forever?

“Well, now we have a possibility. Look!” I said, presenting the packet to him.

Father Michael closed his eyes, shook his head and sighed. “You’re incredible, Ada,” he said, looking at me reproachfully. Still, he couldn’t suppress a smile about what I had done.

“You can thank me later,” I replied. I leaned forward and pushed his hands aside. Close before his face I stopped. “He gave me something for you, too,” I whispered. I let a second packet drop into his lap. Quickly, I kissed him on his lips, which had opened in a surprised Oh!, jumped down from the desk and walked to the secret door, that led to the underground rooms. In the doorway, I stopped and turned around to the Father. “Don’t you want to come with me? We must try out our gifts,” I said.

Father Michael smiled and took his own packet. Without saying a word, he got up and straightened out his chair. Slowly, he came over to me. He sighed. “Well, if we really must –.”

“Yes, we must,” I interrupted him severely, grabbing him by his cassock and leading him to our hidden world.

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