The Huntress Bloodlust (Pt2 )

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Chapter 52

For a moment, time stood still. Everything froze. I didn’t breathe. I had forgotten how to. I wished I had a heart of stone. Then I wouldn’t have felt it breaking inside of me with his death. In my mind, I begged him to stand up, but he didn’t hear me anymore.

My tears overwhelmed me. I sobbed loudly. My cry of rage filled the church. The ground beneath my feet began to shake. It even made the cheering creatures of the night fall silent. I dropped to my knees and moved to Father Michael. I shook him, trying to make him wake up. I kissed him, thinking of the fairytales I had read as a kid, telling me princesses and princes were brought back to life by just a kiss. But this wasn’t a fairytale. It was real and none of it worked.

I collapsed over him and sobbed. Beneath me, he was already getting cold. I moved closer to him to warm him. It was useless. The more time passed, the colder he became. I sat up and looked down at Father Michael. Even in death he was beautiful. Realization of what had happened felt like a stab in my heart. I stood up slowly, only then understanding what I had done. I had moved! There was no magnet pulling me,no power paralyzing me.

My eyes moved from the Father to the vampire standing outside. He smiled, showing me his sharp teeth. The fact I had broken his spell didn’t seem to bother him. He rather relished in his triumph. He scared me, but I was determined not to let him control me. I must pull myself together for what I had in mind. For Father Michael.

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