The Huntress Bloodlust (Pt2 )

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Chapter 53

My face became an emotionless mask. I stepped over the Father’s dead body. Hatred and anger let me see the world colored in red. I felt like I was in a tunnel, with the vampire, who was responsible for my being alone now. He had to die, that was for sure. But first, I had to get rid of his slaves.

I took the sword, which I had leant against the wall to leave it behind. It wasn’t mine. It was a tool, which I had been allowed to use as huntress. Someday it would serve the next hunter or huntress. It was the same with the gun and the small knives, which lay on a wooden bench in the last row. I put on all weapons, but kept two sharp blades in my hand. I placed them between my fingers and stepped forward. Now, I stood completely outside of the church. Its sanctified ground couldn’t protect me anymore. Oddly enough, I was no longer afraid. I threw the knives into the crowd of monsters. Satisfied, I smiled as I heard my victims sigh. Then the rest stood before me, and I killed and destroyed. That was all I wanted to do. They would feel the same pain I was feeling.

If you love someone with every fiber of your heart and this person gets hurt, you want to take revenge. You develop a kind of power and strength you never knew you had. Power and strength added to my ability to move forward without being seen at night, plus the extra speed my rage gave me made me a deadly machine. My victims saw me only when my sword sliced through in their bodies. One after the other died. It was a bloodbath. They had no chance. Some tried to flee like the cowards they were. I caught ninety percent of them. The ones that could escape I would hunt. I would terrorize them. No matter where they would go, I would follow and find them. And then I would kill them.

It didn’t take me long to do what I needed to do. In the end, only the vampire and I remained. The air smelled of dread, blood and death. In the vampire’s face I saw fear and amazement but also admiration.

“That was very impressive, huntress. I would have never thought you could overpower my servants. You are indeed very talented, more talented than the priest,” he said, grinning.

He wanted to provoke me. I didn’t allow it. There was only one thing I had to do. It needed my full attention. I didn’t miss the vampire moving backwards. He got ready for flight. I put the sword on the ground. While I squatted down, my fingers moved to the gun that I wore under my coat. The metal cooled my hot skin. I clasped it and straightened up.

The vampire smiled and began to speak. “I underestimated you. You are more talented than your predecessor. I could use your blood.”

Yes, I can imagine, I thought, snorting.

“Not for the obvious reason, my dear,” he said, rolling his eyes.

I bent my head to the side. The hand holding the gun moved, too. Still, its barrel aimed at his chest.

“I could mix your blood with the monsters blood. I would create a new species, half human, half claw-monster. Or would you prefer to be crossed with a smallpox monster?”

Was he really asking for my opinion about such an incredible idea?

“It would be fantastic if I could create new monsters with your gifts. The opportunities that would open up for us – just wonderful!” he said, clapping his hands rapturously. After a moment of enthusiasm about his apparent genius, he got serious. “Join me, Ada. Give me your blood and you will live – forever.”

I interrupted his mad speech. “As what? As your living, breathing blood bank, ready for you at all times?”

“Oh no! What do you think of me? You would be my partner,” he exclaimed, pretending to be disappointed about my words.

Oh boy! I couldn’t stand it anymore. That’s too much! I grinned at him.

The vampire misinterpreted it as enthusiasm for his offer.

“If you join me, you would be my partner, my wife and queen.”

It gets better and better!

“You just need to take my hand and all would be good again. You would have a new home and somebody who takes care of you. You wouldn’t be alone in this world, my dear,” he breathed.

His words hit the point inside of me that I had locked and sealed during my massacre. Now, it was torn open and I remembered whose memory I kept. I would never agree to such an alliance!

I lifted the hand holding the gun, which had lowered involuntarily. The muzzle aimed at the undead’s chest. “Never!” I said between clenched teeth.

The vampire’s face didn’t change. Maybe he hadn’t really expected me to agree.

He shrugged as if saying: “Well, alright.” His indifference was a bit too artificial for my taste. I prepared for what would happen soon. I held my breath, forcing myself not to blink. There was an icy wind blowing. The vampire whirled around. His coat billowed. At the same time, I shot him in the back. Just like he had done with Father Michael.

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